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EPISODE 130 of a Daily Dose of Greatness Quest with Trevor Crane


Here’s some coaching I received from a new friend who makes $5,000,000 a year, and  only works 8 HOURS A MONTH. 

Here is his advice to me:

The key thing is, ask yourself is this, ​”What is the one specific activity that makes  me most of my money?” Simply do more of that and less of everything else. It’s a  very simple model. Not really a lot of discussion about it. Just do that for 2 months  and let me know how it works out for you. Then we’ll go from there.


Ask yourself, “What is the ONE SPECIFIC activity that makes me most of my money?”

Simply do more of that and less of everything else.

“What’s the one thing that makes you most of your money? Do more of that and less of everything else.” – Trevor Crane

What’s the one thing that makes you most of your money? Do more of that and less of everything else.


Ask yourself, “What is the one specific activity that makes me most of my money?” ​Make a  list of all your money making activities and figure out which are the best ones. ​Then simply do more of that and less of everything else.


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Good morning, good afternoon, or good evening. This is Trevor Crane and  welcome to another daily dose of greatness quest. 

Today we’re going to talk about money making activities. In fact, what’s the best  money making activities for you to focus on, so that you can build your ideal business  and live your ideal life. 

I’m really excited about today’s show. And I hope you are too because I’m bringing  you a story from a friend of mine who makes $5 million a year and only works eight  hours a month.
So if you want to have an idea how he does that, it’s a very simple process, you’re  going to be disgusted by how simple it is. But I’m excited to share it with you and and to  apply it in my life and help you apply to apply to you.  


Okay, so I’ve had a really good fortune of speaking with some of my mentors  lately. And I’m talking about my mentors from from the years past, that the people that  probably you have followed and studied with, just imagine meeting your mentors and  being able to sit down with them and have a conversation. 

So I’m involved in this mastermind group. And the idea is to get together with  people who are like mine. And we get together and we talk about the things that are most  important to us, and then how to make those things happen.  

And one of the things that we do in this one group is we’ve been introduced to  some of our of our mentors, that people who are leaders in our industry. 

The other cool thing about this is that in meeting them, they what I found is that  they’re super cool, like super, super, disgustingly nice and amazing. I met Jeff Walker,  who someone I followed for years, and I’ve always felt really compelled his message and  I really liked what he shares.
And I got a chance to meet him a few times and chat with him here recently, and he was just such a sweetheart you made you want to throw up in your mouth? And I say,  no, not not in a bit. I mean, not in a bad way. Oh, I’m just saying like, he made it was  inspiring, because he was so nice and so cool. And so successful at what he does. And just  so, so humble pie was just awesome. 
And the same thing when I met Brendan Bouchard, Brendan Bouchard, I met  recently and got the chance to talk with them. And for some reason, I got nervous. When  I was talking to Brendan, I’ve been following him for so long as well. And he was so nice.  And that was with everybody, not just with me. Now, he didn’t look at my pretty face,  and was just nice to me. 

Now, the interesting thing is speaking to both those gentlemen, Jeff Walker and  Brendan Bashar. They shared with me some really cool things. And I asked questions,  and I shared with me some insights. And they said, Hey, if you do this, and if you do that,  it’s going to create this result of that result. 
And it was awesome and always loved these guys. And it’s not like, they told me  that much different than they told me on their products and programs, videos and  trainings. But it’s just completely different to go ahead and hear from them from from  their mouth to speak to them, and look them in the eye and whatnot. 
So I can mention to you about a half dozen more guys and gals that I’ve talked to  that have been, it’s been a transformative experience, to be able to connect with them  and communicate with them. 
But my new friend that I’m going to tell you about today, makes $5 million a year  and works eight hours a month, I don’t know, if you’re making eight hours a month, or  work eight hours a month, eight keeps 53% of what he makes.  

So he has some costs and expenses. But holy Toledo, like of every of all the all the  mentors I’ve talked to lately, like, this is a guy who you wouldn’t look at and think is, like,  super successful. He’s just, he’s not like driving a Maserati and, and Lamborghini and  whatnot. And he is just a, he’s just a good old boy. 
And, and I want to share with you the strategies he gave me because I want to  interview him and put them in my book, I’ve got a book I’m writing called How to get any  goal. And I’m doing a 30 day goal setting challenge.

If you download my app, I’m giving you a chance to join me on a 30 day free goal  setting challenge, reset and get any goal but as I’m doing research for this book, I’m  trying to interview the coolest people I can find and find out from them. How do they set  goals? How did it make get gold, things like that.  

But this one new friend of mine, I’m not dropping his name right now, because I’m  not sure that he wants me to to, to share exactly his story. I’m hoping he does, because  we’ve been talking about me interviewing him for the book. But just check this out.  

So here’s what he told me. He said. And I’m just going to share with you the exact  system that we’re going to talk about how I’m applying this personally. And if you’re  hearing my baby in the background, yes, I’m carrying my son this morning. I’m walking  around with you.
Okay, so check this out. He says he’s on a road trip for another eight days, because  he chooses only eight days a month that he works. And he says, The key thing is ask  yourself this. So this is the question of the day. It’s a phenomenal question and one that I  suggest you ask an answer it’s also my challenge to you.
So just take let’s let’s take his advice and and see what you can do to put your time  and energy into the best money making activities you can you can find. So here we go.  The key thing is this, ask yourself what is one specific activity? No, excuse me? What is  the one specific activity that makes me most of my money? 

Okay, that’s the question. What is the one specific activity that makes me most of  my money period? Or question mark. And that’s it. Like,this is where he spends most of  his time he goes in simply in a follows up with another like genius statement, which just  is so frustrating, because it’s so easy he goes and ​SIMPLY DO MORE OF THAT AND LESS  THAN EVERYTHING ELSE​.

It was just a very simple model. Not a lot of discussion about it. So do that for two  months. And then let me know how it works. And then we’ll go from there. 
Do you see you see what he does did me this guy in like one or two sentences. Oh,  and I even in just sharing it with you right now. I just learned it at another level. And  even what he just did to me, and now what he and I am doing to you.  

So here’s the deal. I and I have like we can you know, Tony Robbins here. This recipe with me. He said, he came up with the phrase success leaves clues. So like, model  people who are successful and do what they do, you can get what they get. And then it  gives an example of his events. 
And he calls it up making chocolate cake, like the world’s greatest chocolate cake.  And he and he asks you the audience, he asked me, he’s like, hey, if you if you fall, if I  give you the world’s greatest chocolate cake recipe, and I teach you how to follow  instructions, can you make the world’s greatest chocolate cake? Like maybe, maybe take  a little practice, but can you do it?  

And the answer is yes. Like basically, you know, you can heat and all that and say,  oh, maybe that guy’s got the special touch in it. And what but baloney. If you get the you  get the instructions, and you can just follow them, you know, you’ll get a chocolate cake.  

And I like to say I use all the time when I’m talking to my clients is I’ll say, Well, if  you just choose to not follow the instructions, let’s say you decide well, I don’t want the  money that I wanted to put in tuna fish, because I think to inefficiency, really good idea.  No, you might you’re any follow recipe recipe.  

But if you’re on tuna fish, you’re going to get something else. One of those  chocolate cake tuna fish mate, maybe it’s the new masterpiece of of desserts. I have no  idea. But there’s no doubt you’re not going to get the world’s greatest chocolate cake.  

So what my buddy just shared with me here is he gave me a challenge who a two  month challenge. So check this out. I’m just realizing this. And I sent him another  methods like, Oh, I would like to talk to you next week. yada, yada, yada.  

But I didn’t actually even listen, that’s even embarrassing is a new friend of mine.  And he’s giving me specific marching orders. Just like I’m giving you the same marching  orders. I’m sharing them with you. 

So this is this, ​simply do more of that and less of everything else​. It’s a simple  model. Not a lot of discussion about it. Like he doesn’t want to mess around with me on  the phone, doing interviews and a variety of things.  

You just like, dude, do more of that. And less than everything else. Do that for two  months. Let me know how it works. Let me know how it works out for you. And then  we’ll go from there.  

So what he’s doing is he’s challenging me, I’ll bet you $1 that he’s he doesn’t even  want to chat unless I will take them simple actions for a couple of months, and then  report back to him. Because just check it out.  

Like if he’s going to become friends with someone. And like I asked for his advice.  I said, Hey, I really appreciated what you share it. I wanted to talk to you a little bit a  little bit further. He’s like, Here you go, man chocolate and put it in the bowl. Who will  stir it up? Do that and get back to me on your results.  

So that’s my challenge to you. Now, here’s what I’ll tell you how I’m applying this  and how I think I’m maybe complicating it. But maybe you need to do something similar.  I don’t know. So what I did is I sat down the other day in a panic, pull out a piece of  paper.
And I wrote down all of my money making activities because here’s the question,  what is the one thing that makes you most of your money? And so I wrote it down and I  and I have a few things that make me money. 
So I’m like, Okay, well, when I’m talking to a human one on one who’s asking  permission to work with me, like they’ve I’ve created curiosity. They bought a book, they  subscribe, subscribe to my podcast, they’ve done something. It’s a one on one coaching  call or strategy session. And that makes me money.
There’s no doubt like, that’s a gateway where people can buy from me. And I’ve  done this really well. In the past, I wrote the book called High Paying Clients. If you ever  downloading the transcript from my episodes, and trying to give you a book for free  constantly, okay, what you do that by this book here, or get this free book and just giving  it to you.  

But I know that if I jump on the phone with people and talk to them, I’ll make  money. So I wrote down the other money making activity. So what are they? I mean, the  promise for today’s show is that you find the best money making activities, the real  answer to that is not one that I’ll give you. It is one that you Whoa, that’s Maverick  talking to you, as someone that I’m going to give you.  

That’s one that you need to discover on your own, like, what is the best use of your  time to make you the most money. And so I realized in another one, so I wrote down like five of them, one of them is public speaking from off on stage, I’m speaking to a group of  people, I definitely that’s a chance for me to influence them, and then give them the  permission to work with me.  

Another one would be webinars I’m currently working on to do webinars, and I’m  want to be sharing and those teach a lot of valuable information. And then it gives people  permission to come in so made this list and there’s like five things.  

So for me, it’s webinars videos, then I’ll make little like little mini webinars or trainings that say, Hey, here’s a, here’s some secrets and strategies to apply this. And if  you’d like permission to work with me here do that. I guess another thing that makes me  money is having a campaign funnel, excuse me to having a funnel that’s actually all that  other than it working. 

And then the other thing that makes me money is just making sure that we’re  running paid advertising. Now, the nice thing about that for me, is that I have decided to  hire a couple of people to help me with Ryan well, so my job is to do more of like, just  making sure that they are running the paid ads to my different things to bring people in.  

Okay, so now here’s my, here’s my advice to you, I make a list of all your money  making activities and whatever they are, and then just figure out which is that which are  the best ones. And the ones that are what the the one he said v1 faster, he’s challenged  me, I’m not having five because you can’t do five things not once you do one thing at a  time, probably really well. And that’s about it.  

So here’s what I did. I made my list of my money making activities, I picked five of  them. And then I started looking at my calendar and I started scheduling when I’m going  to do each of these five things. But I’m gonna share with you now that I’m down going to  improve my plan. Because what my body just told me I in reading it to you now.  

And in teaching it to you. Now I just realized at a deeper level, how to understand  the one or two sentences of his recipe of success for spending time in my money making  activity to create the most result he said, pick the one thing that makes me my most  money and do more of that and less of everything else.  

So I’m just going to take the his advice, I’m picking the one thing and I’m going to  do that for two months. And then I’m going to get back with him and report. 

And if you’re willing to take take me up on this challenge, you know, for the next  30 days, you can download my app and I will work with you with some accountability on  taking some action towards that set a goal get any goal. 

And that’s all I got for you today. You know, either follow my buddies advice and  don’t, don’t join me on my app, and 30 Day Challenge. Or if you’d like some support, then  join me because my new app is really badass if you if there’s a challenge with you getting  the app on your phone and how you follow along with all that. Just let me know shoot me  a message. You can always email me or reach out to me on social media.  

That’s all I got for you. My little kid is we’re trying to make noise. So I’m gonna go  ahead and talk to you soon and see you tomorrow. 

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