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EPISODE 55 of a Daily Dose of Greatness Quest with Trevor Crane


”I’m sorry I wrote you such a long letter. I didn’t have time to write you a short one.” – Unknown

“You don’t really know something until you know how to teach it and teach it well.” – Trevor Crane


Q1: Where in your life do you need to SIMPLIFY your life? 
Q2: WHY is that important to you? 
Q3: What could SLOW you down or STOP you? 
Q4: How can you make it FUN, so you FOLLOW THROUGH? 

Answer these questions in your Success Journal, and then take an ACTION towards  simplifying this area in your life… TODAY! 


Answer these questions in your Success Journal, and then take an ACTION towards simplifying this area in your life… TODAY! 


On today’s episode, I share about the things I learned from a workshop I did with my  daughter’s 5th grade classmates. We have actually made a book during that workshop  and it’s called ​THE ATTACK OF THE PICKLE PEOPLE​.

I realized that it’s really our responsibility to find out how to make what we want to  share with the world really SIMPLE to understand. And the only way we’re going to get  there is through practice and repetition.  


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Man, oh man. Oh man, I love working with kids. Yesterday I got done teaching a  super kids book writing course to my 11-year old daughter’s 5th grade class. And today’s  topic is about the ​ATTACK OF THE PICKLE PEOPLE​.

I know you’re gonna love the show. 


So what is the ​ATTACK OF THE PICKLE PEOPLE​? It is my daughter’s new book  that we wrote with 38 of her fellow classmates in 5th grade class. And I learned a ton  during the creation of this story. What we do during this class is, I like to teach a  workshop with my daughter. I’ve done this a few times now. And I lead the kids that are  participating and this is either virtually or in this case, obviously it was her classroom.  And we actually help them create a book while we teach them the process. 
And here’s why this is important for you to pay attention to today. Is that I learned  that even though I’ve been doing this for a few times, I still kind of suck on making this  simple. Because I believe that simplicity is the example of genius. Like, the more, the  smarter you are at something you don’t, ​you don’t really know something until you  know how to teach it and know how to teach it well.  

And what I learned is a room full of 40 kids who are all about 11 years old can be  a very confusing place. And I realized that my amazing skills at teaching kids, and my  daughter and I’ve created this, we’ve got a book out that we teach people to to kids to  write a kids book. And we’ve taught several workshops now. And my daughter teaches  this with me. She was mostly silent at this training. She did about maybe 5-10 percent of  it, but she was a little maybe embarrassed in front of her classroom.  

But what I realized is that it’s really our responsibility to find out how to make  what we want to share with the world really simple to understand. And the only way  we’re going to get there is through practice and repetition. 

Last night, I was watching some videos on YouTube. My wife’s out of town right now so I’ve got a couple of days to myself. Which just means I stayed up all night and  doing a little bit of homework. And I was trying to pretend I was doing homework. 

Actually I was. I was watching some videos from different people on YouTube  that I follow because I wanted to track their storyline. And Casey Neistat is a pretty  popular guy on YouTube. You should check him out, if you haven’t done so already. You  probably have already seen his videos. If not, then you can follow his channel and then  you’ll get a lot of values from it.  

What I was doing is, I was following Casey and I was trying to find out the  storytelling things that he puts into his videos. Because his videos on average get 1 to 3  million views. And you’ll oftentimes post for a long time. He’s posting one video a day  and now he’s posting maybe 3, 4 or 5 a week, something like that. So he puts a lot of  videos out there.  

And I don’t know if you know this, but when you get that many views on YouTube,  YouTube likes to pay you. So they’ll pay you money for that. And yet they call them a  vlogger, so a video, blog or vlog. And I was studying with Casey and he was really helping  me help you and help my clients and help these kids ​simplify a message​ and make sure  that ​stories have clarity​.

And there’s this magic with how to tell a story that interest people, that captures  their attention in a way that they actually like to consume as well. And it’s an art and a  science.
And here’s my challenge for you today is, actually I’m going to start with a  question for you. Where in your life are you being too confusing? Where in your life  actually, here I’ll ask a better question. Where in your life right now, do you need to  simplify your life? Maybe it’s personal or professional? Where do you just have too much  complexity, there’s too many things going on and it would just benefit you and  everybody else if you go down to some really simple clarity in what you’re sharing with  the world or in just what’s overwhelming you right now. Where in your life you need to  simplify?  

And then, question number 2 is: Why is it important for you to actually create  some simplicity here?  

And I just spent all day with one of my assistants. And she, her name is Karen and she helps with our personal business. And she helps with my, she’s my executive  assistant right now in our publishing, with our publishing company, Epic Author  Publishing. And Karen and I worked for a long time today to further simplify just the  signup process for people to join our super kids book workshop. It took us hours to come  up with this. We overcomplicated it. It’s so simple and yet it took a long time for us to  actually get this done.  

There’s a quote I heard a long time ago and I actually don’t know who this is from  so I’m going to put in unknown as the who, but I heard it about people who write. So  imagine a letter being written and there’s this phrase that I like to use it is “​I’m sorry I  wrote you such a long letter. I didn’t have time to write you a short one.”

Because it actually takes time to make things simple. And when you and I are  starting something new or we want to improve on whatever we are doing, or you find an  area of your life that you want to improve, it’s going to take some time. You can find an  area of your life you want to make simple, you’re gonna suck at first.  

Even though I’ve written the book, even though I’ve taught this work, push up to  other kids before, even though it’s just 5th grade kids, I still found that we had many  ways that we should have done it to make it even easier and simpler. Because I saw the  kids eyes roll back in their head or them just get confused when we were teaching.  

And the only way to get there, what Casey Neistat was saying is the only way to  become a master storyteller, the only way to master any craft is just through  CONSISTENCY​. And I tried to teach that on a regular basis. I find it If I do something  daily is the only time that I really have any chance of mastering it. That’s why I exercise  daily. That’s why I now have my daily podcast. Then do several other things that are  daily commitments so that I can make sure they improve.

So now the follow up question. I said question number 1: ​Where in your life do  you need to simplify?​ Question number 2: ​Why is it important?​ Question number 3 is:  What’s slowing you down or stopping you?​ What’s slowing you down or stopping you  from taking this overwhelming, confusing part of your life? The area that you need to  simplify and just what’s slowing you down or stopping you? Are you distracted by  YouTube videos? Is it you don’t have time enough in the day? Are you out there looking  for a job? Are you buying things on Amazon? Are you visiting, spending too much time on Facebook? I don’t know what your distractions are or what’s getting in your way but  it’s important that you know.  

By the way, this is a part of the process that we go through with our kids and I go  through with our authors is what are the distractions and things that are getting in way  the things that could slow you down or stop you. And I asked the kids in the classroom to  go ahead and give us some of those and they mentioned sports and video games and  school and homework and a variety of things. It’s important to know what the things are  that are going to potentially get in the way.  

And then, question number 4 for you. And that my challenge for you today is just  ask and answer these questions, put them down in your journal and your success journal  and then commit to doing something towards moving something forward. You know,  you need to actually take some action. the beginning part would be write these down and  answer the questions.  

So I’ll give you a question number 4 is: How do you, now that you know what you  want, the area of your life you want to simplify, you know why it’s important you have  an idea of what’s going to slow you down or stop you and get in the way? Now I want you  to go one step further and design something that is fun, like a fun reward system for you  so that you finish. Like what is it that you can set up that is a better win for you.

I like to do this. I think on one of our podcasts here, we called it ​consequences  and rewards​. And I like to set up both. So on this final one, and when we win for  question number 4 is: ​How do you make this fun so you can finish?

Like, I don’t know about you, but I love having fun. You know, I like to enjoy the  process. If I’m doing something that sucks, I still try to find a way to have fun. I don’t like  to do dishes. But if I have to do dishes, and sometimes I do because the kitchen is crazy  and my wife is busy. And she doesn’t always clean up after herself. And we have kids.  And we have people over and then they’re just there. And I don’t have the assistant to  clean that maybe one day I gotta do it.  

So I do it with a smile on my face. I play music, I find a way to make it fun. I find a  way to make a lot of the things that I don’t like in my life fun. And if I find myself not  getting stuff done, because it sounds like I’m just such a finisher. And so I do everything. I  don’t have any problems which is complete baloney.  

Okay, so I do the same exercise myself today I’ve gone through the similar process  of my gosh, even though I don’t want to do it even though it’s going to take a lot of time I  sat down with my assistant and we figured out a simpler system to go ahead and roll  people into our super kids book workshop program.
By the way, you can just message me on social media and if tell me that you want  to potentially become a super kids book author or have a kid that you’d like to get  enrolled in our super kids but program. Oh my gosh, you’ve got to check it out. Go to  superkidsbooks.com​. You should be able to find the details there about becoming an  author and you can just message me personally, and I’ll go ahead and invite you to the  next virtual book workshop we have. It’s normally $127 and we write a book during the  program. and then we publish the book.  

So everybody who’s part of it, all these kids that were there yesterday and their  book is called ​Attack Of The Pickle People​ which is where that comes from. Today  exactly The Pickle People will become a published book because we created it during that  class and you guys could join us. I think we discounted it. We have a huge discount right  now. It’s like 27 bucks. And you can join, you can either pay $127 or you can join our  membership program and it’s 27 bucks.  

You become a published kids book author. And I teach you. You get access to our  course. There’s all kinds of cool things. Kids are given scholarships every month that we  have in our program. So it’s pretty cool. At any rate, hopefully you got some value from  today’s episode of the ​Attack Of The Pickle People.​ Actually, I thought I’d talk more  about that today but I didn’t. Instead I talked about simplicity and the importance of  these questions. 

My challenge for you today, go ask and answer those questions. Put them in your  journal and make sure you do something. Do something today towards towards making  your life in that area that you chose simpler. Alright, take some action.  

I can’t wait to see you tomorrow on a daily dose of greatness quest. 

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