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Success Hacks – Customized just for you!

EPISODE 70 of a Daily Dose of Greatness Quest with Trevor Crane


“We rise by lifting others.” – Trevor Crane

We rise by lifting others.


What’s GREAT – right now? 

What’s your FORMULA?
What’s your personal recipe for success?
Extract your own PERSONAL success system, step-by-step. 

Apply that formula to an area of your life where you want to see improvement.


You are probably MASSIVELY successful in at least one area of your life. What is it?

Today, I help you ​reverse engineer​ your own success formula. So you can apply it to  other areas of your life, that you want to kick-ass. 


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Today’s show is all about ​hacking your own success​. We’re going to talk about  areas of your life that you are doing freaking awesome. And areas of your life that you  need to improve. And I can go ahead and model a recipe and a formula. Oh, lightning  and thunder at the background! Where you can model a formula that works for you.  

I know you’re gonna love the show. 


Okay, so I’ve had a morning run. And I was thinking about all the areas in my life  that are awesome. And all the areas in my life that I’m not proud of. It’s June 2018. Have  you noticed that, but that’s month 6. We’re in a 6th month of the freaking year. I can’t  believe how fast it’s going. 

And I’ve looked at some other areas of my life that I’m grateful for. And I’m really  grateful for them. I talked about gratitude all the time. And I think it’s important for us to  do it. And I realized I was a little pissy this morning, a little upset. I’m a little  overwhelmed. I’ve got a whole bunch of shit I’m not proud of. I haven’t been doing the  things I wanted to do in my business. I’ve got book funnels and videos and a whole  bunch of things that I have committed to getting done that aren’t done. I got emails that  are unopened. I’m sure you have a lot of shit on your plate as well. 

And so instead of just bitching and whining about it, I decided to look at first the  things that I’m grateful for, which freaking cheered me up by the way. So, if you’re not  already doing that, you need to spend a little bit of time being grateful every day.  Especially if you get pissy about all the blessings that you have in your life. That shifted  things for me. That’s my first off. But then I was looking at the areas that I’m doing the  best. 

So for example, I think you guys know that I have a daily discipline of this  podcast. So, today is day 70 that I’ve done this podcast every single day for 70 days. I’m  pretty good at that. And I’m doing a good job, at least with the discipline of getting it done  every day. I exercise every day, and it’s over 2700 some odd days in a row, or whatever it is now. So I do that pretty well. My wife and I are really well-connected. My relationship  with her is really great. So these are things that I can be proud of. 

And I was looking for the formula because there are areas of my life that I haven’t  been succeeding. Like some things in my marketing are not going the way that I want  them to. Which means that, that’s a very that’s a softener. I’m not generating enough  qualified leads right now. There, I admitted it. You know, it would be great to say that I  am. I certainly do have leads. And I do make sales, but not nearly the amount that I set  for myself when I was creating my goals this year, like, not even close. 

So I’m like, I got to change that. You know, it’s not like, I’m not on it. I am focused  on it. But not with a recipe that’s creating success. There’s got to be changes. Not that I  can go ahead and excuse the shit away, which I’d like to do. Or I can tell the truth. That I  needed to shift my offer. So I have some things now that are more expensive. I have  some things now that are less expensive. I just took something that was really expensive  of what I have done, used given people in the past. And I made it really cheap and  affordable for more people. So I can impact more people. 

So those are great. And I can give myself a pat on the back. But when it comes to  hacking your success, what I would challenge you to do and here’s the question for you is  where in your life right now are you doing something great. So what’s great right now,  what are those areas of your life that are really great, because let’s hack your success.  

And I’ll share with you, I’ll hack mine a little bit. And some of my new action steps  with it. Okay, look. For you, it’s important for you to look at your life and say, “Oh, you  have a great body.”, you know, your diet and nutrition really good. Are you connected  with your spiritual creator? Are you really good at journaling? You have a great  relationship? Are you a great parent? Are you a great friend? Are you killing it in money  or business? What is it? What’s the area that you are freaking phenomenal at right now?

And then the second thing is, ​what is the formula? What are you doing right  now in that area of your life to create that abundance and that phenomenal result?  And that’s the hack is that you figure out what is the recipe. Because there is a recipe.  You’re following it, you know. Results just don’t happen accidentally. Success actually  comes from a formula. So why don’t we find what works well for you. 

When I’m coaching and mentoring and consulting somebody, this is the first place I like to start. And I’ve hired some people lately. And this is the first place they start with  me. They’re like, “Hey, man, where are you already killing it? And then let’s reverse  engineer that.” 

So I’ll give you my example. And I’ve taught this for years. And I just did it again  with myself today. Which is why I think it’s relevant for you. Because you can and should  do this multiple, multiple times. So I looked at all the areas of my life that I’m doing really  well. And I saw the formula. And I’m going to give you that formula for me. So very  briefly, I needed to be simple. I need to have a simple clear goal. 

Now the cool thing is, is that relevant to when I show someone how to make an  offer or how to make a sale. It’s like they’re going to go ahead and redesign their offers  and improve what they’re giving people. It needs to be a clear, concise, and compelling  message. ​CLEAR, CONCISE ​and​ COMPELLING​.

If it’s not clear, you’re not going to do anything because a confused mind says  no and does nothing. If it’s not concise, we’re not gonna pay any more attention to you.  Because you’re not paying any attention. Because they moved on to the next thing. And if  it’s not compelling, meaning there’s not a reason to do it right now, you’re not going to do  it. They aren’t going to do it. 

Now, that’s the same thing for me. If I create too complex of a goal or an action or  something, I just don’t do it. And so I looked at my goals and I was like, I haven’t been  specific enough. It’s not simple enough when I can have a simple action that I do every  day. Because that’s what I found is that, hold on, I’ll give you the second part. And that’s  the first thing is I gotta have simple clarity around it. Like, what the action is that I’m  actually committed to. That you hold maybe that is relevant to you guys as well, I have  no idea. It’s important for you to hack yourself. I’m just giving you my hack for me.  Okay? 

The second thing is that to ​make a public commitment​. Now, I don’t have to. It’s  not like I haven’t created results, or I haven’t created a public commitment. But if I’m  looking at the areas of my life where I’ve done the blah, it’s where I made a public  commitment. And so that’s really important.

The third variable for a recipe is that ​I have other people that are counting on me​ because I’ve done this before. And I’ve done this before where I’ve made a public declaration or commitment, and then not done shit. Like why? What happened? What  was my thing? I had clarity. I made a public declaration. But since other people weren’t  counting on me, and it was just about me and the results I wanted, I didn’t get it done. 

So, if I have other people that are counting on me, and more specifically, they’re  going to be hurt if I don’t do something, then I felt I’m gonna have to do it. I’ve almost  done that. The other part or the fourth part for me that is a recipe for my success, if I’m  to hack where I’m best at in my life right now, is the ​daily action and accountability​.  And the daily action and accountability comes from like, I exercise every day, I made a  public declaration. I made it more about other people than just about me. And I’ve now  added every day. 
But I also have a daily action. I know what I have to do. I have to exercise for 20  minutes every day. And I have some accountability. Because at the end of the evening,  every single night, my wife and I do evening questions. And one of the things we talked  about is, what are we grateful for? And what did we accomplish? And those are some of  the questions we ask ourselves. I think I’ve got that on another podcast. If you want to  check out daily questions or end of day questions I shared with you exactly my wife and I  do each day. So that’s my hacking of my success.

So here’s the thing, we rise by lifting others. That’s my quote for you today. “​We rise by lifting others.” I don’t know that that’s the only thing that makes a difference in  my formula. My formula needs all four of those characteristics. But one key element is  that, if I’m going to make sure I get something done, it’s got to be about something bigger  than myself. But for me, re-hacking my entire formula for success. And now I can go  ahead and apply it towards an area of my life that I’m not doing as well, I now have the  formula. 

So what I’m going to do is I’m going into my house right now. And I’m going to sit  down. And I’m going to be specific about rehashing this formula. And applying this in an  area of my life where I’m not doing as well or haven’t created the results that I want to  create. And that’s what I’m going to go do next.

And that’s my challenge for you is to figure out number one​, what’s going great in  your right in your life right now. What’s great right now? That’s the challenge. ​Number two​, what’s the formula or the recipe for your success? And then ​number three​ is to apply that into an area of your life that you’re not doing as well right now

So that’s all I have for you today. I can’t wait to see you tomorrow. I’m going to go  over a hack about how I save time. I’m really excited about this. I think it’s going to be  powerful for you. So join me tomorrow when I talk to you about some time management  secrets so you can get a little bit more time in your day. Get some more stuff done. I love  this hack. 

And I can’t wait to see you tomorrow. Make today magnificent. 

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