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EPISODE 118 of a Daily Dose of Greatness Quest with Trevor Crane


Today you’ll hear the tale of 2 authors: ​a STARVING author an an EPIC author.

Which would you like to be?


How would your life be if you “clarified” your message, in such a way that your ideal  clients not only LISTENED… but they LINED-UP to buy your products and services? 


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Hey guys. Welcome to another daily dose of greatness quest. Today we’re going to  talk about two different journeys of an author.  

One of the journey is going to be a starving author. You’ve all heard of starving  artists? Well, there are definitely starving authors.  

We’re going to hear about the tale of an epic author, someone who has an epic  book launch and really make something magical happen with their message.  

I know you’re gonna love the show. 


Alright. So for years now, I’ve been helping people tell their stories, write books,  build their brand and make magic happen with their message and with their stories and  their books. And every single year, I meet hundreds of people, thousands not hundreds  of people who are already authors and have written their books. 
And there are core challenges that come with that. And some have done well with  their books. And they’ve been accepted by traditional publishers and were very excited  about that. And sometimes they’ve sold a lot of books. 

I have one of my, I’m going to do a podcast interview here very soon with a new  friend of mine who sold over a million books, 1.5 million books overseas. And he actually  made a little bit of money with his book. But he recognized that he made a gigantic error  in getting that book done. 

And that he is actually when we became friends. And he sold more books than I  have. He looked up some of my trainings and teachings on how to help people with their  book and their message and their story and how to build marketing and whatnot behind  it. And he said, Oh my god, Trev, not just the marketing but the monetization and the  turning your message into something that can make a difference and make you money.  And he said, I made a gigantic mistake.  

And I can’t tell you how many times this has happened. I’ve trained some spouses  like I’ll have a husband-wife team and one of the other has written a book published  multiple books and then they’ll come to me and say, Oh my goodness, like we use the starving author method for my first books and I want to use an epic author method. 

So I’m gonna tell you about this. I’m going to do it kind of in a silly way about once  upon a time. So once upon a time, there was an author or someone who wanted to be an  author. And they had a great idea. They said, I want to write a book.
And so they went out and they got all inspired and excited and they took some  action. And very few people who, very few people will follow through with their their  ideas and start implementing. But this person did. And they spent some time writing  their book. And they got up a little bit early. They stayed up a little bit late. They would  donate some of their, are designated some of their weekends to writing this book. And  eventually after a long period of time their book got done.  

Now this is another unique situation for most authors as most people start a  project but don’t finish. Most authors who start writing don’t finish their book and then  but this author this new author got their book done. Congratulations! And but they found  that they had a new problem. 

Because now they had this book in their hand. They weren’t quite sure what to do  with it. And they’re very proud of it first, and some friends and family said, Hey, good  job! And give them a pat on the back and an Attaboy been added. Boys weren’t enough.  

And so then they thought, you know what? I’ve got this amazing book. I’m very  proud of it. Maybe I should do some marketing. And so the starving author goes out and  decides to do some marketing and they start to tell people about their book.  

And at best they get “Oh my gosh, that sounds great. That’s really nice.” You’re  like, okay, so they do some marketing and some people say, That’s nice. That’s nice. I put  my heart and soul into this book. I have this great idea. I followed through. I finished it.  And you say, “That’s nice.” 

So I thought, Hmm, okay. You know what I really want while I do have some  people that now know about this book, it doesn’t seem like they care that much, even if  they compliment me. Doesn’t really seem like it matters like you know what, maybe I  should it would be nice to make some money with this book. I mean to put in all that  time and energy, why don’t I make some money? I wish my marketing lead to money. 

What ends up happening for this starving author is somebody says they don’t like the book. Somebody says they’re not happy with the cover. Somebody says, and they can  just get the feeling that as they market it and as they talk about it and what people fail to  give them lots of money because as they go out and sell their book, they might sell it for  $10. And maybe they made $1 profit. 

And they sold another book. And they sold hundreds of books and they made  hundreds of dollars they’re like, huh I’m making as much money with this book as I want  and you know what, I don’t feel good about this. I wanted to feel happy. I wanted to feel  proud. I wanted to make a difference with my message. I wanted to make sure that my  story and my book helped me forward my mission.  

But you know what? I think what happened is instead of having a happy smiley  face at the end of this, instead of having a whole bunch of people that you’ve helped and  serve and feeling good about themselves, this starving author realized they’re not  meeting their mission with their message. They didn’t make any money, their marketing  is the wrong marketing, or they don’t know how to market it.  

And probably what happened is they wrote the wrong book. Or worse, they think  that books aren’t good anymore, and that they wasted all of their time. And then maybe  or maybe not, this person has a new idea that what they need to do is write a new book. 

And then the story continues. They spent a significant amount of time, energy,  money and resources to write a book after a long period of time, and a significant  amount of money and energy. They now have a new book with a new problem. They got  to do some marketing to try to make some money to meet their mission. And the story  continues.  

Now I share with you the difference of an epic author, an epic author. So once  upon a time, there was an epic author, someone who had the idea that they wanted to  start writing a book. 

So the first thing they did was meet with a mentor who helped them create a plan,  a blueprint to create this amazing book that met their mission, made a difference, help  them make some money, created a phenomenal marketing plan before they wrote one  word of their book.  

So the epic author takes a little bit of time, energy and resources and puts it  towards creating a blueprint for an epic author launch campaign. So when this message gets out to the world, it is one that makes them money and they actually begin promoting  that plan.  

Once at the blueprint in hand, they start promoting the plan which equals  marketing and they start marketing the message that they have about what this book is  going to be about and the mission of this book.  

And they start making offers to people to see if they would like some help with the  same content and they only start writing the book that people pay them for. They only  start writing the message that people will exchange money for before a single word of  the book is written. 

And so what happens is, the epic author feel so much conviction and is so  congruent around their message that when they finally get down to writing their book,  they do it based on a story and a book that is a proven marketing that proves their  mission. That is a new message slightly different from their original idea because they  have tested their marketing and their message with the world.
They received money. In fact, sometimes hundreds or thousands or 10’s of  thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars to get paid for their message because  their message makes a difference. They’ve received a significant amount of money.  They’ve mastered their marketing. And now they make a book, oftentimes in 30 days or  less.  

And they don’t make it on their own because now they have some extra team.  They have some extra clients. They have people who have bought into their message,  who have exchanged money for this message and the mission that they’d help them  create. And they had a team of people help them get their book done in record time.  

And when they launched their book, it becomes an epic number one best selling  success. And they now have a book that becomes their most powerful marketing tool. In  fact, the epic author has an epic marketing tool from day one by beginning with an idea. 

And so what they did is they first got a blueprint for how to handle their  messaging and marketing and money making and making sure that this message met  their mission. They promoted the hell out of it before they ever wrote a word. And then  they created their book in record time with the team of people who helped them make it  more awesome than they ever could have done a lot. 

And this is a journey of both two authors. One’s an epic author and one’s a  starving author.  

My question for you is which one do you want to be? And my challenge for you is  if you have ever wanted to write your story and make a difference with your message,  that you go to ​epicauthor.com​ and you check out the training that I have.

The brand new webinar that I created to basically just give you a 90-day plan to go  from blank page to bestseller and help you make this happen. Where you go through 3  epic launches, are 3 phases of getting your book done:  

No. 1 is blueprint
No. 2 is promotion​ and
No. 3 is creation

blueprint, promotion, creation, blueprint promotion, creation. 

And that’s the way you can make a difference with your message. And if you want  some help, that’s what my business is designed to do – is to help people get their message  out, make sure that it’s the right message that connects with their market. To clarify your  message to make sure that it makes a difference.
And this is a, I’ve got no apology here, I am making an absolute call to action to  say go check out my webinar. And if you like it, buy something from me, get my help.  

And let me help you make a difference with your message. Because you get to  choose. You’re gonna make a difference with your message and you can go down the  epic author route? Or you can become starving author and do it your way. 

I remember I was met with T. Harv Ecker years ago. T. Harv Ecker is the founder  of Peak Potentials which is pretty phenomenal training company. Made millions of  dollars every year with that, and he sold the company.  

And he used to teach two different systems for creating different things in your  life. And he would give you a system like I just gave you one today, and he would say  “You’ve got 2 options. You can try it my way or your way.”

And he’s like, all I know is that if you can try it my way first, then you can go do it  the wrong way on your own at another time or something like that. I don’t think I nailed  it right.

Okay, that’s all I got for you today. ​Make today magnificent.

And I challenge you to make a difference with your message because your voice  and your message counts. And I know that it can change people’s lives. Let’s maybe work  together and as we help you craft a message that makes a difference today.  

Have a great one. 

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