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EPISODE 69 of a Daily Dose of Greatness Quest with Trevor Crane


“Being grateful attracts abundance.” – Trevor Crane

Being grateful attracts abundance.


Do you need to be a better GIVER or RECEIVER? You can’t have one without the other. 


Find a willing partner and go get yourself some 69.  


Today’s show is a SEXY SHOW. 

On today’s show I talk about what you can learn from the 69 position.

Yes… I give you some sexy “homework” as well!


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Today is episode ​69​ of a daily dose of greatness quest. And you know what they  say about ​69​, it’s a pretty sexy position. So, today we’re going to talk about what you can  learn from the ​69​ position. It’s going to be a sexy episode.


Hey, welcome back. And today, we’re gonna talk about the ​69​ position. I don’t  know about you, but for a long time, I have not been participating in the ​69​. I love it. We  talked about it. It’s a jokey type of thing that people typically snicker when I was a  teenager, which I don’t feel much older than now. I used to, you know, it’s one of those  funny things we could talk about. And also something that you look forward to doing if  you’ve never done it before. And I have done it. I’m sure you have done it. Or and if not,  for God’s sake, for the love of all that is holy, you got to find a willing participant and  partake in some ​69​.

In fact, that’s my challenge for you today. If you haven’t done it yet, or if you  haven’t done it lately, my challenge for you is to try it out. I’m going to take up, I’m going  to take my own advice on this one. And I do not mean figuratively, I mean, literally find a  willing partner and engage in some ​69​ and see what you learn.

Because there is a back and forth, give and take, give and receive. So my power  question for you today. So think about what are you,​ are you a better giver or are you a  better receiver?​ Because I have found that one of my bigger challenges has been to try  to become a better receiver. And I want to even train that in my kids. 

So, my daughter and I, my wife and my little son just went to New York. And we  did this amazing trip. And we took my daughter to go see her girlfriends that she used to  go to school with and that was her present. And then we took her to go see Hamilton,  which is a pretty expensive musical. And she got all kinds of gifts. And we found that she  wasn’t terribly grateful. That’s not exactly accurate, I’m sure she is grateful. But she  doesn’t say thank you that much. 

Now, she certainly doesn’t wrap up the present we give to her. Because we’ve  trained her in that. But I don’t know that as humans, we did the gratitude and being a  really good receiver is something that we’re all just natural at. And so I would challenge you to, maybe you want to become a better receiver. Because the more gratitude that you  have, the more blessings and abundance you’ll receive. So say that again. So you have it  for the quote of the day “​Being grateful attracts blessings and abundance.​” And so, are  you being grateful when you receive gifts in life? Now, maybe that’s a present that you  receive from a friend or in this case, a family member when we gave it to my daughter.  But we also have these gifts in life like your health, your ears, your eyesight. One of the  things that I try to focus on every day is my job.
And I just take a deep breath and look around me and I stay. And I asked the  question about what am I grateful for. And I look up in the sky and right now when I’m  doing that, I look up and I see a cloudy day. In fact, I’ll probably get caught in the rain  while I’m recording this podcast. And I’m grateful for, I’m grateful for the grass that I see  around me. I’m grateful for the fact that I, you know, I will sometimes focus on my body,  the fact that I’m walking around. Like, I don’t know, if you ever met a bummed knee  man. You’re grateful for walking, I’m grateful for running. I’m grateful for what I can  see. And I don’t know that we do this often enough. And when it comes to our kids, ​are  you training your kids to be grateful and to be appreciative and to become really  good receivers? 

Because I saw this happen once with Tony Robbins. So check this out. I was doing  a lot of volunteering with Tony Robbins when I first went to my first event. For the next  couple of years, I rarely missed an event that Tony put on whether it was paid and I paid  to go see him around the country around the world sometimes or I just went to  volunteer. And then I was also interacting with a lot of his trainers and coaches and  different people that were in the organization because I bought all the Tony stuff. I  wanted to get more insight into myself and what I wanted. And I wanted help. So, what I  did was, I practice what I preach. In this case, I just hired somebody. And then I wanted  to consume all their information.  

So, I went to the events. And what I saw, there were some trainers in the  environment. One in particular on this one day of this one event that everybody loved.  I’m not going to name his name right now. But everybody loved this guy. And they kept  complimenting. They’re like, “Oh my God. Dude, you’re changing my life. Thank you so  much.” And they were so grateful. And not wanting to receive the praise and wanting to  give credit to the people who were taking action, the guy was like not receiving the compliment. And I’m right, I’m getting caught in the rain right now. So my prediction  came true. 

So to wrap this up, my buddy was just an awful receiver. People were begging  him, a whole room full of people were complimenting. “Hey, dude. Thank you. I  appreciate you. Thank you.” And he was deflecting, deflecting, deflecting. And what I  noticed was how everybody who’s giving him compliments, everybody who was trying to  say, to be appreciative and they were disappointed. They were crestfallen because they  had wrapped up the best present they could possibly give to this guy and he wouldn’t  receive it. Instead all he did was kept deflecting it and reflecting it. 

Now what happened on the same day is, that Tony Robbins was in front of  thousands of people. And the events and all of the crew members were up on stage with  Tony. There’s a couple hundred of them. And Tony is leaving the stage walking through a  literally a sea of people that are all on stage, couldn’t get through unless you bumped  into, like it was just like very, very tight quarters. And security is right there to make sure  nobody like messes with Tony. 

But what I saw Tony do is he smiled at people. He looked them in the eyes and he  shook their hands. And he just walked through the sea of people. And what he did is he  received their gratitude. Sometimes people had a moment to talk to him and they said,  “Hey, thank you.” Sometimes they know that they might have said a longer sentence or  two. Sometimes they just shook his hand. And what I saw Tony do was take a moment to  squeeze their hands, look into their eyes. And if he couldn’t reach them, he still would  pick someone, look at them and receive their thanks and gratitude. 

And all he would do is smile. That took him a second, maybe took five  seconds. But in five seconds, he gave them a phenomenal gift​. And what I saw in the  ripple effect that was in the room of the people that he had, that had just complimented  Tony and said thank you. These people were elated and overjoyed because Tony had  acknowledged them and received their appreciation​.

So, my question for you today again is: ​Are you a better giver? Are you a better  receiver?​ What I found is most people are that is giving, it’s easy, makes us feel good.  But there’s two parts of the equation when you’re in the ​69​ position. There’s the one  that’s the receiver. And it’s fun, man. Come on, get home. I want it. Now hit it. Get it deeper. You know, you’re better. Hey, no teeth, right? But then there’s the giving part.  Are you more focused on the giving or the receiving?​ I don’t know which is better. I  like a little bit of both. How about you?

But my challenge for you today is go get yourself some ​69​. Seriously, that’s your  job is to go ahead and ​find a willing partner and then engage in some literally 69​. And  if you want, extend this into your business, into your life and into your kids’ lives. 

What my wife and I realized is that my daughter is not this ungrateful little  spoiled brat. Although she’s pretty spoiled because we give all kinds of cool stuff. But we  have not trained her about how to be properly appreciative and grateful when we went  on this trip. And so, we’re going to do that. It’s not her fault. She’s a sweetheart and she  was really appreciative. She actually feels a little guilty about how much stuff we’ve been  giving her. And she knows how expensive it was to take trips like this. So, we just haven’t  shown her how to show the appropriate appreciation. Because when you are grateful  and you share that with the universe, you will receive more blessings and gratitude.

That’s all I have for you today. Or so ​blessings and abundance​, right? Like  attracts like. And if you’re fucking bitching all the time and complaining all the time, and  your nose is caught on someone’s asshole because you’re giving them a 69, you think  you’re this shit. Stinks. I get it. I get it. But if you’re gonna bitch and complain, you’ll  probably get more bitching and complaining all your life. And if you’re going to be  grateful and find, I mean, you ​practice the skill of becoming a better receiver you can  give a massive gift to others. 

That’s a big gift for you today on a daily dose of greatness quest. I can’t wait to see  you tomorrow. What I’m going to share with you, what do you think? Time management  principal like a little hack or about how to hack your success. I haven’t decided which is  going to be the next show yet. But those are my tunes and I’ve got a plan how to hack  your own personal success or some time management secrets that are going to be  awesome, to give you double the time, a little bit more time in the day to do the stuff  that’s most important. 

So I’ll see you tomorrow. Make today magnificent. 

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