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EPISODE 185 of a Daily Dose of Greatness Quest with Trevor Crane



Signs warn us of lurking unseen DANGER, my man… Let’s be INTENTIONAL… and try to  get better at paying attention to the “signs” all around us.

The subject for today’s is “signs.” What are the ​signs​ showing up in your life or that you need to pay attention to?

And… I’m going to show you a freakin alligator! And why there’s a reason they post a  sign to BEWARE OF ALLIGATORS!

AND NO! I did ​NOT​ almost get eaten by an alligator today.


Q1:​ ​What are the signs that are showing up in your life, that you should be paying attention to?
Q2:​ ​What’s ONE action step you need to take, that will help you take things to the NEXT  LEVEL and IMPROVE YOUR LIFE? 

“When you ignore the signs, you’re blind to wisdom.” – Trevor Crane

When you ignore the signs, you’re blind to wisdom.


Take a moment…

Pay attention to the signs around you.

Breathe… look around. Evaluate… What are the FACTS that surround you right now? Not  FANTASY… but he FACTS?

Where are you TODAY?

In your ​personal​ and ​professional​ life?

In your ​BODY​?
Your ​BEING​?
And your ​BUSINESS​?

What are those signs, those FACTS, telling you?

Now… what are you going to ​DO​ about that wisdom?

Write down your answers in your success journal.


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Welcome to another daily dose of greatness quest. Today’s episode is a video  episode. And I’m sitting in front of a sign that says notice alligators are common in this  area. And I’m about to show you an alligator swimming in the open water here.  

The subject for today is signs. What are the signs that are showing up in your life  or that you need to pay attention to? 

I know you’re gonna love the show. And I’m going to show you this freakin  alligator right here. And there’s a reason why they say why they post the sign.  


So my question is, are you paying attention to the signs now? What are the signs  around you? What are the signs that I’m talking about here?  

For me, the signs that I’m talking about are the metrics. Like, what are the  specifics? What are the facts that are going on right now?  

So this I want you to think numbers. And I want you to think tracking the reality. I  want you to think about looking in the mirror. And let me be more specific. Let’s say that  you get on the scale.  

And one of the signs that you’re going to find there is the number that shows up  like, what is the number where are you starting like I do? Why would you, wait, what do  you weigh 100 and something 200 and something 300 something like where are you?  What is the number telling you? What is the sign telling you? What is the sign telling you  now? 

All too often I see signs like this and I’m like, I might go swimming. Anyway, that  was before I saw the alligator. I don’t think I’m going swimming like this here. I  apparently you can go swimming in the middle of the lake, they say.  

But that was pretty open water for this alligator alligator. And they will I’m  awake. Alligator in the lake. There’s an alligator right there. 

You see that? Holy crap. That’s scary. 

So my question for you is where the real dangers for you in the signs that are  showing up for you? What are the things that you need to pay attention to?

So this might also be looking at the reality of where you are in your relationships  with your significant other. I think all too often we’re not paying attention to really that  relationship or to the relationship you have with your kids. It was really cool. 
Just the other day my wife mentioned to me how she has felt that she’s, excuse me,  drifting away from our 11 year old daughter. That her communication pattern with her  lately has been more about cleaning up her messes, more about talking to her about  what she’s eating with her diet and saying that the food she’s having is not healthy. And  she’s feeling like she’s more of a nag with her.  

So it was a very vulnerable conversation for my wife to have. Because I’m  typically the good guy, the nice guy, the fun guy, fun dad. And Robyn’s been playing the  role of being the one to come down on rules.  

Now my wife and I are very similar rules, we have different ways of  communicating. And the fun thing is, is that by my wife, acknowledging her relationship  with my daughter, which is not a stranger bad in any way, but just the she wants it to be  better. 

Now that she saw the sign, my wife can pay attention to improving that  relationship. So what are the signs for you? Are they in your business and in your  marketing, in your balance sheet and your income statement? 

Or in my example, the lack thereof. We’ve got our accountant and bookkeeper  who helps us do all of our stuff. And we haven’t been happy with the way that that’s been  going down. And quite frankly, I’ve been ignoring the signs and the metrics.  

If you saw one of my more recent podcasts, I acknowledge that I was not looking  at the signs or the metrics at all in any way, shape, or form, I let my wife count the  money other my wife pay the bills, and I ignorance is not bliss in this case.  

So the alligators that are potentially going to sabotage what I have are there and  they’re lurking. And it’s important for me to now start looking at all the numbers and the  metrics which are now shifting.  

So, what are the signs that you need to pay attention to? And then what is the  action step that you need to take so that you can go ahead and improve? 

Whether it’s the relationship that you have with your significant other, with your  daughter, with your son, with someone else. That it’s time for you to look at and make  sure that you clean it up because if you jump in. 

If you ignore the signs, go swimming right here near the beach, near where  they’re friggin alligators Are you going to get munched? I don’t want you to get munched  up. 

So that’s it that’s all I got for you today. Pay attention to the signs.  

One sign might be looking in the mirror. I did this the other day. I took a video of  myself physically and I let it all hang out, showed all my little back fat belly fat whatever  because I wanted to see the truth of where I’m at, where I’m starting. 

I just started at the gym, I met with a new fitness instructor and we are doing fat  tests and measuring like where I’m at today so that we can go ahead and see the progress  over time. So I just need the road sign. I need to see where I’m at right now. And then I  can improve. 

I hope you got some value out of that. Let me see how it got two more scientists  more of the know diving know swimming and oh you’re not allowed to come into this  number. So that’s a whole and I’m gonna show you one more sign the sign that shirt. 

That’s all I got for you today. Can’t wait to see you tomorrow on another daily dose  of greatness quest. 

And pay attention to the warning signs around you. What are the metrics that you  need to be looking at so that you can go ahead and improve your life and your business? 

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