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EPISODE 15 of a Daily Dose of Greatness Quest with Trevor Crane


Sometimes you have to wade through a pile of shit to get what you want. Yeah, it’s going  to be a messy job. Yeah, it’s not going to be much fun. But you know what? There’s still  that jewel inside of that pile of shit. – Trevor Crane

Sometimes you have to wade through a pile of shit to get what you want.


What’s the gift? (No matter what the world throws at you, find the gift.)


My challenge you today is to FIND THE GIFT, no matter what happens.

And get my book so you can take my 30-Day Challenge.

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On today’s show we discuss what to do when life gives you a “Shit Sandwich.”

Trevor talks about his Bankruptcy… Life beyond bankruptcy…
And shares the question that saved his life: ​“What’s The Gift?”


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The day that I filed my two point $2,000,000 bankruptcy, believe it or not, was one of the happiest days of my life. In fact, I believe it was the day, I made $2.2 Million Dollars. (Because I didn’t have to pay it back.)

Today we’re going to talk about bankruptcy and be life beyond bankruptcy and what to do if a life gives you a shit sandwich.


All right, welcome back. I didn’t know I was going to go ahead and give a, the, use the shit sandwich analogy there, but that’s what it felt like a vacuum in 2007. I was on top of the world. I was experiencing life in such a way that I thought like I was meant to be there. I was making a lot of money. I finally was successful in business. And what I mean by successful at the time as I was making good money, I was making millions of dollars and I thought that was cool and I thought I could buy just about anything I wanted.

I was spending money in a real stupid way in a lot of ways. I was trying to invest in things that didn’t have any idea as investing in. I bought some real estate, I bought a part of a gold mine, I invested in a bio-matrix company… and one would think that everything was going really cool and it was. I was in love with this Gal, who I got pregnant… and my daughter was born into my hands in my backyard in my hot tub.

Then, within the next two years, everything collapsed. Sure it was through a whole bunch of series of bad decisions on my part… And the girl I was with was not happy. (I’m not going to get too much into that story, but she was not happy. Not happy with me, not happy with her or not happy with the quality of our life. And I saw everything collapsed. I lost the house, I lost my investment property, all my investments in biometrics company and in the gold and everything, everything collapsed.

I even brought some family members down with me. Nice, caring people who trusted me and, and I, and I said, “Hey, put your money here! And put money there!”

And I lost everything. In 2009, I filed a bankruptcy and I found myself without a place to live because I. I intentionally tried to push the bankruptcy bankruptcy through to foreclose on the house and to get everything beyond like done. I, I didn’t want to. It was two years of what I felt like was suffering. Now in 2009 when I filed bankruptcy. Here’s the thing, that entire time frame, even when I was homeless, that’s what you call someone who does not have a house to live in. Now. I had friends and family and sometimes they let me stay on their couch so I had a place to stay. I wasn’t like under a, a back porch with a piece of cardboard or something like that.

I was staying in people’s homes or couch surfing, but I’ve felt like the biggest loser on the planet. Now here’s the thing. I felt that way and there were definitely times I cried and I was. I looked in the mirror and I was not happy with the man that was showing up, but during that entire time I actually was one of the happiest bankrupt guys. You’d ever would have met and was happy because I chose to be happy. Now. Granted, I, I chose to experience the emotions that I was going through. Like if I’ve felt sad, I cried. If I got mad I would throw a fit, been went, but then I would get through the emotion.

Years ago I read this book called the Way Of The Peaceful Warrior. And in that book, I think the author’s name is Dan Millman. He describes a time when, uh, and the, the author, the author writes this book as though he’s the protagonist and he’s going through these challenges and he’s learning from these different mentors that show up in his life and he has a mentor.

He called in Socrates in the story and he was following this guy around and kind of following him as his guru and mentor and trying to follow his advice, I guess. And one of the people that he met through his journey had a business and that business was a sandwich shop I think in the story. And Dan went to go to go meet his friend and go have lunch at this place. And the business had burned to the ground and he saw his friend walk up, I’m going to give us really scared that he lost his friend, but he had his friend walked up and he saw his friends expression on his face and experience and watched him reactive business having been burnt to the ground. And what he saw was the guy who, the guy who, uh, they saw the shock on his face, he saw him fall to the ground and he saw him weep and just rail and he said he’d never seen a man experience so much pain in that way in his heart.

Went out to him and he saw his whole life collapse that in the last five years of his life, of everything he had created. And then Dan saw him stand up, took about a minute, maybe two, where he just felt total grief. Then the guy stood up, he brushed it off and said, well, I guess that’s it. You know, I guess I’m a meant to do other things. And Dan was blown away. Dan wanted to commiserate with them. Dan, one of the, put his arm around. And Dan wanted to go ahead and wallow in the sadness, Dan, one of the commiserate in the sorrow of everything that this guy had lost. And instead what he saw was the guy brushed it off, he was ready to move on. He saw life beyond it and he actually saw the guys like peace come over the guy’s face. And Dan said that was the first time he’d ever seen someone truly be a peaceful warrior and that that’s what he aspired to be.

Or at least that’s the message that I got from the book. And I was probably in my twenties at the time when I learned it, when I read that book and I thought, well, what would life be like if instead of pretending to not feel a certain way, like if I felt mad, you get mad if I felt sad, get sad, but then get through the emotion, like not hide from inland, like pretend that it’s not there, but to get through it. And so from that moment forward, I chose to experience my emotions and to not hide from them. Not pretend like they’re not there. And now I can’t say that I’m always great at it, I have gotten better time, but what I did is I also, during the time that I was experiencing my bankruptcy, I also started asking a core question in my life and it’s one that came up because it was the one that seemed like it was survival to me.

See, in the darkest times that I’ve ever had in my entire life, there was always a gift behind what was happening. Like it doesn’t matter whether I got beat up or whether it’s something bad happened with my family or my dad or my dog or whatever it is that my dog died. My Dad beat me up. Something happened. There was always a gift behind it. And diamonds are created under pressure. And so I just decided to choose to ask a question. Every time something happened to me, every time that I walked out the door, I just chose. What had happened is, um, I was doing Tony Robbins events and I started going. I went to. So what happened is I went to my first to a Tony Robbins event. When I don’t remember the year, now, it’s been like 15 years ago, but I went to this event and I had a core question that I was asking at the time when I showed up at this event and it was about achievement.

It was about success. It was, how can I get more, how can I have more? When I was growing up and that was the. I’m the son of a horseshoer. I grew up in what I felt was scarcity. We didn’t feel like there are oftentimes they didn’t have money. There are oftentimes when my parents couldn’t buy stuff, when they didn’t pay the electric bill, I had to take buckets of water from a swimming pool that was green and algae infested and take that to go ahead into the house to wash my dishes. I grew up thinking that I wanted more and it didn’t matter what what it meant. It didn’t matter if it was money, if it was sexist was relationships. If it was winning a race. I thought this question of how can I have more was guiding me. The challenge is I wasn’t very happy because I would with nothing was ever enough.

I had literally taken the word satisfaction out of my vocabulary. I didn’t even want to be satisfied because I wanted to have more and when I went to this first Anthony Robbins event, I didn’t have enough money really for the event. I planned on getting a refund when I went there because Tony offers a money-back guarantee if after half the time you’re there, you’re there for four days. That is a event called unleash the power within and he says, if you don’t like it, you can just get your money back. And I planned on getting my money back because I didn’t have the money. I put a thousand dollars on a credit card. That was the last thousand bucks I had. I brought my two sisters with me. I’ve got some kind of buy two, get one free and I said, let’s just go to New York for the first time. I flew from Florida to New York.

I brought my sister’s in there. We’re going to go party in New York, have fun in New York state. A friend’s house and halfway through the event I had the chance to get my refund and I didn’t want it back. In fact, when I was there and I only had $17 left on my credit card, I then signed up. I spent. I signed a piece of paper for me to give him, give Anthony Robbins $10,000. I had absolutely no idea how I was going to do it, but I knew I needed a new reality. I knew that Tony sharing with me was going to go ahead and change my life and I knew I couldn’t stop the journey that he had shared with me. Things that were absolute total truths that I wish I would’ve known before and I had no choice, but what I learned with Anthony Robbins for the next few years as I hung out with him is what changes our world are oftentimes the questions we ask ourselves.

The question that I was constantly asking myself was about how can I have more? How can I achieve more? It was always presupposing that I didn’t have enough, and so what I did is I. I finally just decided that I needed to come up with my own incantation that’s using Tony Robbins language, my own language that I would use a personal mantra that I would say all the time and and, and change the questions that I asked myself. So I came up with different answers and what I came up with was the question, what’s the gift? And so the question of the day for you is what’s the gift? Eventually wrote a book about this. It’s called what’s the gift and I’ll give it to you as a gift. If you just go to what’s the gift? You can go pick up the book. In fact, that’d be my challenge to you today is to get that book, download a free copy order, a free paperback version, and I’ll send it to you if you just cover for shipping, but to ask the question, what’s the gift and to create the discipline of, of, of looking at the world with gratitude.

See when I was going through my bankruptcy, yes. Things suck. Yes. I lost my two year old daughter and her mom took her away from me. Yes, I was homeless so this shit had happened, but the day that I decided to take my own responsibility for that stuff and look in the mirror and say, the only person that is responsible for this is you and stop blaming others. Everything shifted for me and then I needed to add to it this core belief in question that there is a gift in this and on the back end of that relationship that I lost, I met the woman of my dreams that I’m now married to. On the back end of that business that I lost. I ended up starting my new business. That became I’ve I, I went full time as a coach and consultant for business owners to help them through some of the challenges and struggles, challenges that I had gone through.

I shifted everything. See, I found my destiny after I had went through the pain and so while I was going through the pain and through the crap and through the shit, I decided to ask this question. This core question saved my life. What’s the gift? What’s the gift in this? And instead of seeing things as being bad that were happening to me, even the stuff that most people would say was bad. I got robbed at one stage and someone stole some of the last of my shit that I broke up with and she left me at after I lost everything, she took all my crap and sold it, whatever I had left. She’s two, so the liquor friggen garage sale and I lost all my shit. I traveled the world and saved all this stuff, this cool, all this cool art and all these things that I had and I lost it all.

But instead of getting pissed off about it, like I got pissed off and I went and I cursed and ranted and raved for just a little bit. But then I moved through it and I asked the question, what’s the gift in this? So that’s my challenge to you today, is to ask what’s the gift than to go download that book, download the incantation. That became this poem. But I repeat time and time and time again over and over in my head. I do it all the time. Every single day, but it started with the discipline of asking this question every day and then if you get the book, I also give you this goal getting challenge. It’s a 30 day challenge to ask the question, what’s the gift every day, but I walk you through a little goal getting a 30 day challenge and I’ve got a few people that have gone through this program so far and they’ve created extraordinary results in short periods, periods of time based on this discipline of looking at the world with gratitude saying thank you.

And then t definitely taking some actions towards, uh, some extra steps towards getting what you want. So it’s got this get any gold challenge that goes with it. It’s a 30 day challenge. I invite you to take me up on that. I’ve got a new book I’m writing this year on a goal setting again, and goal getting. It’s called getting any goal and that’s coming soon. I’m looking for New People that I can showcase as a result in my new book because I’m interviewing some of the most amazing people on the planet that created incredible results. Whether it’s won the Super Bowl or Nobel prize or or become a number one New York Times best selling author. Those are all people that I’m interviewing for my book, but I also, what’s more important is me showcasing results from people who set big goals, who are who are moms and they get them and a big goal who are dads and they get an big goals that are business owner and they get them and they go and live an ideal business so that they can create their ideal business so that they can live their ideal life.

That’s what I want to showcase in this book and my challenge to you today is to go out and I’m ask this question. What’s the gift the book go to? What’s the gift? [inaudible]? Check it out and if you’re willing to take me up on the goal getting challenge and you want to become one of the case studies that I showcase in my new book, get any goal, please reach out to me. You’ll find me on social media. Look up Trevor crane and let’s engage in and you can probably figure out a way to go to my, one of my webinars, book a free call with me. I still sometimes make myself available on the back end of my webinars. You can get through to me or you can just reach out to me on social media and they’ll respond and I would love to help you create some kind of big goal in your life and just if you do nothing but just start to be more grateful for all the stuff that you have, I think that that would be a big win.

And maybe when you’re going through the crap and they’re eating a shit sandwich, then you find a way to find the gift beyond it.

If you drop a diamond into a big pile of shit, there still a diamond in it. Let’s face it, sometimes you have to wade through a pile of shit to get what you want.

Yeah, it’s going to be a messy job. I get it. Sure, it’s not going to be enjoyable. I know you don’t want to do it, but you know what? There’s still that jewel inside of that pile of shit.

So that’s my, challenge you today:

FIND THE GIFT, no matter what happens.

I can’t wait to go ahead and see you on another episode of the daily dose of greatness quest – when you show up ​tomorrow​.