Trevor is live on stage with the owners of Speaking Empire, Dave VanHoose and Dustin Mathews about how you can add massive value to your clients, and dramatically increase your profits by giving your prospects real results before you try to sell them something… also, of course, they’ll talk how you can best sell ONE (that’s you) to MANY (lots of your ideal customers).

The #1 problem most business have is a dysfunctional sales process. They don’t have a systematic, predictable way to close sales on demand to their ideal client. In this interview you’ll learn ways you can 100X your business.

Dustin Mathews is an Internet Marketing Genius & Branding Expert. Having earned over $10 Million Dollars from multiple product launches, Dustin shares simple (yet advanced) marketing strategies you can use, ninja-style… behind the scenes. *You don’t have to be a showman (or woman) to get paid.

Dave VanHoose is a professional speaker, trainer, marketer and mentor. Starting from the back of his truck Dave built his previous company to 100+ employees and $14 million in revenue, and joined the Inc. 500 and became the leading provider of foreclosure investing information & training. By 2007, Forbes rated them as the 35th fastest growing company in America.

During that time Dave gave over 2000 presentations, selling a $7000 product to the general public. Dave’s success was largely due to mastering the art of persuasion from the platform, and today his calling is to teach his secrets to other presenters whose message deserves to be heard by the world.



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