Value & Results are the only 2 things that people want. People will pay YOU, in direct proportion to your ability to deliver… this episode will illuminate ways you can deliver both. Award Winning Executive Coach, Mero Samuel has trained, coached and mentored with the world’s most distinguished educators and though leaders, Mero continues to develop his legendary strategies, that have proven to create lasting change in the shortest amount of time for people from every walk of life, by uncovering the emotional triggers that influence behavior, then applies the most cutting edge change tools and technologies to create long lasting, time tested, results.

Mero continues to work with and consult to top 500 company CEOs, Government officials, Company executives, business owners and entrepreneurs from all corners of the earth to create, develop and implement strategies to maximize, performance, growth and profitability.

Mero has dedicated his life to helping people discover and create simple, yet powerful strategies, to move from their present state, to their desired state. Mero uniquely focuses on un-educating people by providing them an opportunity to assess and reevaluate their personal; stories, beliefs and philosophies that create debilitating limitations and repeated patterns of behaviour that result in unfulfilling outcomes. Once these breakthroughs begin to be realized, Mero then integrates on the deepest level all the new tools, resources and strategies that create extraordinary results and amazing levels of personal fulfillment. Over the 15 years, Mero has directly impacted the lives of more than 250,000 worldwide, with his work in the areas of; human behaviour, leadership psychology, sales and negotiation, business growth and turnaround.



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