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How self reliant are you?
And how do you define it?

EPISODE 72 of a Daily Dose of Greatness Quest with Trevor Crane


“The measure of a man is what he does with power.” – Plato

“The measure of a man is what he does with power.”

“Mastering others is strength. Mastering yourself is true power.” – Lao Tzu

Mastering others is strength. Mastering yourself is true power.


What does it mean to you to be self reliant? 


1. Define what these words mean to you:

  • man – 
  • woman –
  • self –
  • self governing –
  • independence –
  • ability –
  • access –
  • own –
  • power –

2. Take the “SELF ASSESSMENT” I got from Garrett White copied in this PDF below. 


Question: Are you self reliant? Really? At what level? Have you DEFINED it? I’ve found  that by REALLY THINKING about the MEANING of words, can give you incredible  perspective.

Today, we talk about SELF RELIANCE.​ I also challenge you to ​DEFINE​ what some  simple, but POWERFUL words mean TO YOU. And I share a ​SELF RELIANCE ASSESSMENT​ with you that I borrowed from Garrett White, and the Warrior Movement. 

ASSESSMENT (*copied from a Wake Up Warrior assessment I got from Garrett White)
Self Reliant:
A man characterized by his self governing, Independence and his ability to access his  own power.  

Level 1, 2, 3
You truly experience that your life is not your own and at the end of the day you feel  your results are always a function of “Others” willingness to do for you, serve you or  assist you with you. You lack personal awareness and power with yourself and unless  others are “Watching” and “Holding You Accountable” you struggle to actually create  anything that matters. You are driven by the opinions of others and thrive on the  acceptance of others as “Motivation” to do what is necessary in your life.  

Level 4, 5, 6
You are aware that your life is not working at the level it could and that your need for  “Acceptance” from others is destroying you from the inside out. You are aware of this  dependency on others for Power yet are rarely able to do anything about this fact and  still find yourself leaning heavily on the power and certainty of those around you in  order to DO what you know you need to DO. You are starting to see the light at the end of  the tunnel when it comes to your Independence but still lack the belief in yourself  sufficient enough to actually live in that reality.  

Level 7, 8, 9 

You have finally given yourself permission to ACT and to DO regardless of the Opinion’s  and Acceptance of those around you. You are discovering intimately the actual power  that you have inside when you slow down, block out the noise of the world and simply  lean on your own Personal Power and certainty as the standard. 

Your trust levels of yourself are starting to skyrocket and your level of personal  responsibility is actually starting to be noticed not just by you but by those around you on a day to day basis as you begin to settle into the reality that you ARE THE CAUSE of your REALITY.  

Level 10, 11, 12  

You KNOW without a shadow of a doubt that no one is coming to save you from yourself.  Your level of Integrity and ownership of results and reality is beyond anything you could  have imagined in the past. You recognize in every moment the teaching and the truth of  your action or lack there-of. You KNOW that liberation is the game and the keys to  accessing it are driven by the level of self governance. You experience a level of Power  and Freedom that few will come to understand as you settle into a life of Independence,  Accountability and Trust in Self. 

WHAT’S YOUR SCORE? ______________/12


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Today we’re going to go deep and we’re gonna redefine what ​self-reliance​ means  to you. That we’re going to get really deep about the definition of that and the definition  of every word in ​self reliance​. ​Because when you get deeper into the question, you  can actually get more clarity about your answers. 
I know you’re going to love today’s show. 


So I’m going through a program with Wake Up Warrior right now. This is a  program put on by Garrett White and the whole team now of brothers. And one of the  things we’re doing is we’re going through a personal assessment of where we’re at with  our wealth and our body, being, balance and business like where are we really strong  and where we’re still showing some weaknesses or areas that need massive  improvement. And today I want to go into just the concept of ​self reliance​ because I do  think it is a key to us having everything that we want. 
And what was really cool today is coach Sam is in the group of Wake Up Warrior.  And he was leading himself through this assessment. Like, how does he go ahead and  show up? And one of the things he dug into is the definition of the terms. And he started  breaking it down where there’s a definition of every single words. I want to read it for  you now and I’m going to go into the meaning of these words for me. 
And so what we’re going to do today is not just read the definition and then do this  self assessment. And I’m actually copying the assessment that he gave me for self  reliance. And I’m sharing it with you, so you get to go through and on the downloadable  pdf that I have for today’s episode. You can go ahead and read the little assessment and  you can give yourself a personal assessment of where you show up. And it’s actually  from a scale of one to 12. And I’m going to spend some time with you today on redefining  terms.  

Now. I did this years ago when I was, I realized that I was making excuses for  things and part of my language pattern around it was that ​I TRIED​. Hey guys, ​I TRIED​ to  show up on time. I tried to do this. I try to do that. And I started looking at it really more  specifically like what does​ TRY​ mean to me? And I know this is very simple, but it can be  very complex if you look at the meaning of words. So there’s a difference between what  it means to you and what it means in the fricking dictionary or on wikipedia.
So, TRY. What I realized what I was really saying when I was saying I TRIED is I  was saying I FAILED. And it didn’t feel good for me to say I FAILED. But like that was the  reality, you know. Yoda talks about it and he says there is no TRY, there is only doing it  or not doing it. And I realized that every time I was using the word TRY I actually meant I was FAILING.  

Now TRY was a softener for me, though. It kind of lets me off the hook. And I was  saying it sometimes out loud and sometimes to myself that I TRIED and I was justifying  that it’s okay for me to have not get done whatever I said I was going to do. Okay? So  what I did is I challenged myself for a period of time. It was a number of weeks that I  just, I replaced the word FAIL for TRY. So I never used the word TRY for like, let’s say it  was weeks or a month or something like that. I always put in the word FAIL and this is  challenging because if I talked to somebody and I had screwed up, I now had to say I  FAILED to get here on time.  

So what it did is it changed the meaning of the word for me. And even right now,  when I say that I TRIED, I didn’t go. I said I don’t use that still, that pattern of language  anymore. I’ll still say I TRY, you know, whatever. But it triggers an emotional response in  me because it means I FAILED.

So what I’m going to talk to you today about ​self reliance​ is giving you the  challenge to go ahead and define the term for you. And I did this one day. I’m going to  tell you one more thing. I did this with the word DISCIPLINE and it shifted things for me.  I realized when I was asked the question and it just mentioned the word DISCIPLINE,  that I didn’t know my definition of it. I didn’t like the word. I didn’t want the word in my  vocabulary.  

I thought it was going to limit me. I didn’t want anybody telling me what to do, not  even me. And so it took me days to figure out my own definition of the word DISCIPLINE.  But it became something that was very powerful for, became very powerful for me. Now  I believe I am a very disciplined man. I made a significant amount of improvement in  this area. I exercise every day and it’s been over 2000 days in a row because I defined it.  A DISCIPLINE meant for me that I have to do something every day. And I’m not talking about brush my teeth or pee or poop or something like that. But something that is what  I’m committed to, something that is good for me, good for my family and also the greater  good. And so, I just decided that that was the meaning for me and that in order for me to  demonstrate DISCIPLINE, I had to do something every day or else I wasn’t DISCIPLINED  and they just needed something really simple.

So let’s get into this because today we’re going to talk about ​self reliance​. So let  me give you the definition. First. This is how it was given to me. A man characterized by  his self governing independence and his ability to see his own power from an repeat that  a man characterized by his self governing independence and his ability to access his own  power.  

Now again, you can go ahead and take this assessment. You can just download the  pdf that I include with this podcast and you can take this assessment yourself and there’s  phenomenal definitions about what level you’re playing. At and I strongly advise you to  go into that, but what I’m going to do here is we’re going to define the different terms  because this is what coach Sam did for me and it was transformational. All right, so let’s  just look at self reliant.  

Now he’s defining that whole thing with this long sentence, but what is a man to  you or a woman to you? If you’re a woman, like what? Who are you? What is a man?  What is a woman? And I’m focused on this man thing and focus on, excuse me, on this  warrior thing, and I believe a man is somebody who is his word and I don’t know what  you would define a man being or a woman being, but I believe that as a man, it is my  responsibility to be my word. 

I love the movie with Tom Cruise, the last Samurai where the concept was that  your word was your bond and that your word and your, your honor, and loyalty and  integrity was all around your word. And I had this idea of me being this, having the  identity of a Samurai because it meant I held myself to a high level.  

Every day I wear a bracelet around my wrist, a little rubber thing that says,”Wake  up warrior” to remind myself of my identity of who the fuck I am. But let’s define the  terms of this. So I’m, man, one of my challenges for you today is to define these different  terms. So what does a man to you, how do you define that? What is a woman to you? And  again, we’re going into how you can discover your own level of self reliance just by digging into these terms. Okay. A man characterized by his self governing. So we need to  actually define what does self mean to you. And for me, self, my self means who I really  am at a deeper level more, I’d like a spiritual or soul level. And how do they come up  with these definitions? So first of all, I paused like I’m asking you to pause today to  consider the answer and the meaning of these different words. 
I actually started googling these different terms, so I want you to Google or figure  out for yourself what it means to be a man, what it means to be a woman, and what it  means, what the word self means to you. To me it’s my true self and sometimes I’m not  even aware of, but it is my soul and it is my spirit. That’s who. That’s what that defines  for me. So you need to do that for yourself.  

Now let’s go on to self governing. What does it mean to have a self governing? To  me, self-governing means the exercising of control, like I have the ability. When you  have the self governing, governing means control that I can turn it on or I can turn it off.  Self-Governing. So what does it mean for you? Then let’s go into independence.  Independence. I believe independence is freedom from dependence and this is really  important, man.  

I don’t know if you’re getting this or not, but it gives me a deeper understanding of  what it means to become ​self reliant​ and then it makes it easier for me to assess where  I’m at, in it right now. Okay. Let’s go on to the next one. So, define independence for you.  Define the word ability. So I’ll read this first sentence again. ​Self reliance​, a man  characterized by his self governing independence and his ability. What does it mean to  you? To me it’s power. You know, ​if I have the ability, I have the power​, I have the  ability to go ahead and impact others and it’s the ability to affect change. And we’re going  to talk about that in a second because the ability, you know, it means I can, I have access  to this power. It doesn’t mean that I’m necessarily going to use it.  

So I’ve access to power. It’s going to access because that’s another part of their  sentence here. A man characterized by self governing independence and his ability to  access his own power. But let’s go one word at a time. Access. See, I believe that that is a  right and a privilege, that you have the ability to reach inside yourself and to make use of  this access like you have the door, doesn’t mean that you’re going to use it. You have the  ability, means you have the skills and the power to be able to and then you have access  because you, you, you, you can dip in. Now you’ve got to choose to access his own. Let’s talk about own for for just a minute. I know this might be a little crazy. You’re like, dude,  you’re going to break down the meaning of every word and the answer is yes, except for  like the word, like a buy, stuff like that, but own.  

See, this is what does it mean? What does the word own? When you own  something, what does that mean to you? See the. I believe this means belonging to one  self, like I own it. It is mine. This belongs to me. I own myself and in this case I own my  power is the sentence finishes out. A man characterized by his self governing  independence and his ability to access his own power, so define, own, and then define  power. What does power mean to you now? I just said that the ability is my access to  power and now let’s define power. For me, power means my. The first thing came to  mind and I looked this up on wikipedia and I’m looking for different meanings of these  words so that I could choose what the definition meant to me, not what it is on wikipedia  and the dictionary. 
What came up for me is my ability to effect change. That is power, but it’s bigger  than that. It’s more than that. I believe that ​power is fuel​. It is the heat, the raw fire and  raw energy that I have the ability to impact that change.  

And so, that’s my challenge for you today is to just define these terms for you and  then to take the self reliance assessment. Again, I didn’t create it. You can just go ahead  and make sure you read it on the pdf and then give yourself an assessment. I give myself  a strong 12, which is crazy. Now that I redid this, I might go ahead and say, “You know  what? I have room to grow here.” But if you read the definition of the final, like level, not  10, 11, 12 on this, like I just owned that fucker and I just admitted to you that, you know,  there’s still room for growth because I sometimes don’t like to give myself like the top  score because I still want there to be room for improvement, but I’ll just take it to a  fucking, another level of 12, whatever that is for me.
So let me give you a real quick quote of the day or two. I was reading this thing  about Plato and the measure of the man. “​The measure of a man is what he does with  power.”

And then there’s another great quote here by a Lao Tzu. I think he’s the author of The Art of War. And he says “​Mastering others is strength. Mastering yourself is true power.”

Today’s ​self-reliance​ focus of today’s podcast is just all around ​power​, man. At  least that is for me, I don’t know what it means to you. So, that’s my challenge for you  today, is to figure that out. Give yourself your own assessment. 

And then make today magnificent. I can’t wait to talk to you tomorrow on  another daily dose of greatness quest​.

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