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…​faster than you ever thought possible

EPISODE 178 of a Daily Dose of Greatness Quest with Trevor Crane


Today I talk about how to get what you want faster than you ever thought possible. 
I go into detail about the three secrets to having it all: 

1. C________________
2. C____________________ &
3. C___________________ A_____________.

And one fun part to CELEBRATE with you what it’s gonna feel like when you become the person who makes it happen. 


If you could have ANYTHING you wanted, what would it be? ​I’m talking about BIG LIFE GOALS here… ​Not just a new car, or “thingie…”

What do you REALLY want, that you don’t already have?
CHALLENGE: Write down WHAT YOU WANT in your success journal. (be specific)

“Be careful who you choose to listen to.” – Trevor Crane

Be careful who you choose to listen to.


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How to get what you want faster than you ever thought possible. That’s a subject  for today.  

In fact, we’re going to cover three secrets about having it all having what you  want. Yeah, we’re going to talk about the active process of getting what you want. But I’d  like to actually celebrate with you about what it feels like to having what you want and  what has to happen in order for that to happen.  

I think you’re gonna like today’s show. 


When I was 18 years old, I read a book, a self-help book about what it takes to go  ahead and have everything that I want and one of the things that I learned I I don’t  remember who the mentor was call it Brian Tracy? Maybe it was Zig Ziglar. Maybe it was Napoleon Hill from ​Think and Grow Rich. I don’t recall which one it was.

But there is this success strategy about writing down your goals every day. So I  was just 18, 19 years old. I was in college. And I thought this made a lot of sense. I’m like,  wow, I’m talking to somebody really successful right now. I just read their book, I just I  listened to the recording of them talk about this subject. 

And I’m gonna go ahead and do what they say they’re gonna, that I should do. This  is a crazy principle for me back then, to actually take action with something. And so I did  it. And so for the next, yeah, I’d say a month for the next month. I can’t remember exactly  how many days it was. But it was 20, 30, 40 days in a row.  

I was writing down my goals every single day. And I was starting to feel  momentum and success and pride in the fact that I’ve been taking this consistent action  from my new success, secrets to success secrets that I thought were going to give me  what I wanted.  

And so I shared my progress with my mom. And she came to visit me when I was in college. And she was asking me what I was doing and what I was excited about. And so  I told her that I was writing down my goals every day.  

And instead of celebrating with me and congratulating me, she basically the  comment that I remember her saying was something about it being that sounding like a  significant waste of time, like, like, she was surprised I was doing it and says, Wow, like,  that seems like a really big waste of time, I’m surprised that you’re doing that.  

And so instead of listening to the millionaires that I had learned from in the tape  program, or the book that I had just read, I went ahead and listened to my mom.So that  day, I stopped writing my goals out every day. 

If you look at some of the success principles of those people today, who are the  most successful in the world, they’ve got strategies that the masses do not have the  willingness to do the, the the aren’t necessarily the most ingenious and the most  profound secrets of the universe, what they are simple strategies that people apply  foundational strategies that they apply consistently.  

And I think all too often we find ourselves looking at our environment, looking at  the people that are around us, and letting the people that are around us dictate how we  are going to spend our time, what it is that we’re going to do, and will allow them to go  ahead and crush our dreams, our hopes. 

And the thing that’s crazy about this and sharing this story is though my mother  was the sabbath tour of my success back then, which is not accurate. I’m sure she said  other things that I don’t remember. 

I’m sure she was probably complementary and patted me on the back a little bit.  What I heard was her cynicism. And what I adopted was that and I allowed it to go ahead  and derail me from secrets to my success. 

Some of my greatest mentors today Grant Cardone like a really cool guy, by the  way, I got the chance to meet him and talk to him, interview him, he interviewed me on  the show power players few years ago.  

And one of his core principles is writing down your goals every day, something I  gave up, you know, 30 years ago because my mommy said something that didn’t make me feel good about what I was doing.
So it’s really important, I think, for you to listen to where you’re getting your  information from, where you’re getting your success strategies from, and pay attention  to the person that has the results in that area that you want.  

Because the people that I was listening to, before I talked to my mom had significant amount more abundance in their life than I believe my immediate family. Did  that make sense?  

Alright, so let’s get into some secrets of having it all the morning, my wife and I  are Will she is and she gets up, she’ll probably get up another hour or two. We have a  day of mastermind today. My wife had this idea to run a next level mastermind for her  current group of women that she works with.  

For the last few years, my wife has worked with female entrepreneurs. And she  created a little movement called female empowered moneymakers. And she has blown up with her success. And more importantly, the success of the women that she gets to work with.  

It is frickin incredible what these women have done together. She stopped  working with men, she likes men. But she decided that she wanted to work with women  and these women together and unleashed are just changing stuff.  

They almost almost across the board, I don’t think there’s anybody that’s joining  my wife program wasn’t made significantly more money and change just about  everything in their life. Like it is fascinating what I’m Litecoin made over $6 million  working with her. And like the first six months, something like that is insane.  

So my wife decided that the next level of her success in the next level of success  for her clients. And she really wanted to choose the the best of the best that that would  join her mastermind group that were really applying the principles that she teaches and  preaches and tries to live every single day.  

And so what we’re about to go do today is just a fun day, she invited Let me see  about a dozen of her ladies to join her on the mastermind journey. And to give them an  example of what we’re going to do by coming together with us.  

And we’re going to go to Clearwater Beach here in Florida for a couple of days.  And we’ve got a nice hotel that she booked it at, we’re going to go on a wave runner tour  adventure today and go do all kinds of fun stuff today. 

Today is just like a play day is what she wanted to be with the people that she  most wants to work with, for the next 12 months to to create some phenomenal results. And as I’ve been working with my life towards helping her craft the protocol for that  mastermind that she’s put together to plan today. And to plan the following day where  she’s going to get together and the ladies are going to work on creating a result.

I have come up with three success principles that I think my wife has been using  to create the massive results she’s created. And I’m looking at my life. And I’m looking at  four categories of my life, body, being balanced, and business.  

And recognizing these three secrets I’m about to share with you are the thing that  helps me get everything I’ve got in these areas, and will help me get to the next level of  what I want. I want to start the show. 

I talked about there being a difference between getting what you want, and  having what you want to getting what you want is cool, actually, that’s a really important  part of the process is most the time we are in the beginning. 
Most of time we are in the journey, you know, the journey of 1000 miles has, you  know, miles zero, when you’re deciding to get started. And then you you take a whole  bunch of steps, there’s a most of your time is the journey and you only reach the finish  line at the end of the thousand miles.  

And then that’s like, one second one moment. And it’s done. But there’s also this  pride and power and whatnot. Like the getting I think is really important. But isn’t it cool  to have what you want? 

Like when I when I have food in my refrigerator that feels a lot different than, oh,  I gotta go get the food at the grocery store. It’s not that big of a pain. Yes, actually, I’m not  liking going to get anything from the grocery store anymore.  

I’m so accustomed to now ordering things from Amazon, they just show up on my  doorstep. So then maybe that’s changing too. But I want to give you these three secrets so that you’ve got them and you can apply them because I am super stoked that this is a  formula that’s helped me and just about everybody I know, get what they want.

Okay, so secret number one is ​clarity​. Now, when I first started writing books  myself, this was a gigantic gap for me, I know I wanted to get a book done. And I knew  that it was going to be important to me. But I didn’t really know what the book was going  to be about. 
So I spent 20 years writing or thinking about being an author and taking some  action and but without having clear clarity about getting it done. And I use the example  of like building house building a dream house, you know, you don’t just go to Home  Depot and buy wood. 

And then start slapping pieces of wood together in your backyard with nails  thinking you’re building your dream house, you might be building a fort let you without  the perfect clarity of the blueprint and plan on what you’re building. It’s just confused.
And so all too often, I think we we start taking action without clarity. And one of  the beautiful things about a mastermind because this is what my wife has put together or  even just the vision for what that mastermind needs to be the most important first step is  clarity of action or clarity of what you want. Excuse me.  

So when my wife and I were talking about this, this took her some days is took  weeks for her to get clarity around when I now help people with a book. And when my  first book mentor helped me get my book done what ended up happening is, I spent  weeks and I think it might have been months it might have been two months of me  getting clear and clarity about what I wanted.  

And then I got it done in less than 24 hours. Because the next two steps that I’m  going to give you are the the next part. But we need to make sure we have these events in  sequence. And so I was looking at my wife’s new mastermind she put together and the  other things she’s creating their life. 
And I’m like holy crap like she had, what happened is she got clarity about the  vision that she wanted, which was this mastermind at this next level, just like I shared  with you clarity about a book or clarity about what you want in your body, or clarity  about what you want with your Creator.  

And the relationship that you want with your family, with your significant other  with your kids with the people that you care about. Most got she got clarity about this  mastermind.

And then she employed secret number two, which was ​communication​. She then  didn’t sit on it, she then communicated she didn’t write a website about it. She just picked  up the phone. And she started communicating and selling or, or sharing with excitement  and enthusiasm, the clarity of vision with the people that you wanted to get on board. 
And out of the dozen women that she shared four or five, I don’t know exactly  how many are coming today are joining us for the first event. And these four or five  women probably made the best choice in their lives, I believe, because I know the power  of that my wife has already created with the groups of women that she has worked with.  

So I can’t wait to see what happens. But check out what happened. just  recognizing it, she got clarity. And then she communicated. She communicated with  herself. She started communicating with others. And, and lo and behold, we are here and  that is needed.

Step number three, which is she needs ​consistent action​ like the what I’ve built  in my body would like I I decided years ago that I would have that clarity that I wanted  more energy, more vitality and more health. So I communicated to myself, I  communicated to my wife I wrote down in my journal what it was I wanted the total  clarity.  

And it was very simple. I just work out every day. And because I wanted to be  alive and have energy to do all the things that I want to do. And so then I needed  consistent action not going to the gym once but to be consistent with it every day.  

When my if I look at my relationship with my life wife when it comes to having it  all having versus getting and there’s both its actions here. Notice the action of consistent  action of the getting every day. But my wife doesn’t want me to be nice to her once she  doesn’t want me to be cool to romantic twice.  

What she appreciates is the consistent action of me being the man that loves her  worships her communicate well with her is with her every single day. That’s what my family wants when it comes to the relationship I have with them. 
And that’s what has to happen for my body. I’m up this morning so that I can do  my morning routine, I can exercise I can do the things that I need to do to fuel myself for  the day it is the act act, an action of getting this is going to take some work that consistent  action.  

But the result is that as soon as we get in motion, here’s what I’m recognizing. As  soon as we’re in the motion of the active pursuit of that which we want, we begin to have  what we want a little bit different than the milk in the fridge like I just mentioned, that  you. You’re all comfortable that you’ve got it you don’t have to go get it.  

This is kind of they happen at the same time since most of our life is going to be in  process and in journey. And rarely Are we going to only reach the finish line at the end  of the race. Then what I love about this concept about clarity, communication and  consistent action is I just believe that the things that I have in my life today came from  that formula.  

The things that I’m most proud of, the things that I’m most grateful for came from  that formula. Not from me listening to the naysayers around me. Like I mentioned the  story about my mother who God love her, she’s great.  

And I can’t wait for her to visit again. She’ll see her grandson here next month.  And this is not knocking my mother. But people that are around you that people that  have been around me for my entire life oftentimes will will rain on your parade will not  be as enthusiastic about your plan.
When you have clarity and you start to communicate, they can knock this out of  your hands, they can go ahead and then it’s not gonna work. But you get to choose who  you’re going to listen to. You can choose to listen to me right now.  

And these this phenomenal three step secret strategy who is currently living a life  that I never would have dreamed was possible with the most amazing relationship with  a business and my wife’s business and this year structure of our finances now are better  than anything I’ve ever had before.  

I am more grateful and on purpose than I’ve ever been in my entire life. I had the things that I want in my family and things that I want in my body that and I had, there’s  another level to it, I’m not trying to brag to you saying I’ve got it all and a bag of chips.  

Because well, I guess there’s part of me that is saying that I do feel like I have that  to a certain degree. But I’m also so hungry for the next level, I’m so hungry for the next  level of contribution and connection. And, and caring that I can go ahead. And, and I  know I’m capable of.
And so the beginning of that is to meet for me to support my life’s journey and  vision that she’s creating. And so we’re going to be doing that today. And it’s a  combination of getting and having getting is the action that consistent action that she  took to go ahead and communicate with those ladies to bring them here and plan the  next two days.  

And they’re going to be transformational for us as a family. So we can have what  we want to have. But it’s going to the cool thing is as we get to earn it through the  consistent action is going to help us make it come true.  

And so I hope you like those three secrets. I am just not finding a flaw in them. I  didn’t necessarily know before today’s podcast in conversation that I was going to share  with you those three things. And that those three things with specificity is are the secret.

But as I was studying Napoleon Hill and ​Think and Grow Rich, and the mentors  that I’ve had over the last several decades that I have followed. And as I’m looking at the  people that are around me now that lead these three secrets are present in all of them. 

Because if you don’t have the courage to communicate with clarity, what it is that  you want with yourself with the decision of the people that are around you. And then to  to to to drop the naysayers like, that’s a whole thing.  

I brought up the focus for my wife, you know, to make sure that you can move  past the obstacles that are going to come up because it will take that consistent action.  

The day that I stopped writing my goals down in my journal was the day that I  bailed on that plan. The Daily the day I bailed on myself, and the day that I stopped  receiving the benefit of what I was feeling when I was just going through the consistent  action of writing my goals down every day. 

So I don’t know specifically what it is that you need to do. But I do highly suggest  that my challenge for you today is to get clarity about something you want. What is it  that you want that you don’t have?
What is it that you want, what is something that you want, that you don’t already  have and get crystal clear about it. That’s your only homework for today. And it may be  something you could write down right now, your total clarity, that’s totally bad. 

If you have that, just make sure that you get really, I guess the next step would be  get really clear about why that’s such an important win for you. Okay, write that down in  your journal, get clarity around it.
And now you know, the next couple of steps I don’t have to tell you because, you  know, I just gave them to you today about communication and about consistent action. And then you get to choose you’re going to communicate with and who you need to get  on board your team when it comes to your mastermind, who you need to approach to  help you get clarity about your plan.  

When I work with people in their books, I do not recommend that they figure out  their entire blueprint for their house and book and plan and business and mission on  their own. That’s what architects are for. That’s what the next level mentor is for. To help  you get clarity around the how to get it done.
This isn’t the how to get it done. I’m not giving you the action plan on exactly the  how and giving you the framework of making sure that you know you need clarity first  see my clients is needed come to me saying I know I’m going to get a book done to me  know what it’s about. 
They don’t need to know how they’re going to go do it they just need I’m getting  the book done. That’s it I know that this book is the next level of my success for my my  my my community my contribution how I’m going to make money I’m going to position  myself how I can start off today getting the value and communicating that value to the  world how I can launch my new course. 

I know this book is going to be a lead magnet you know whatever they just need to  know that they need it and now they come to me and I helped them with them next level of clarity that comes to the communication part right so your homework hope that was  clear is to just get clear about what you want write something down and then you can  start to deploy the rest of the steps. 

If you want my help with anything all you have to do is reach out and say hey you  can follow me on any of the social media channels and just communicate to me there I  would love to connect with you personally have a brand new web are the tower it’s  called ​Blank Page To Bestseller.

If you’d like to join that I’m super stoked to go ahead and train you like mad on  really what I think is a phenomenal masterclass but also give you an opportunity to help  you get your book done. I’ve got a new program that is phenomenal with that and that is  a little piece of my communication to you to check that out.

You go to ​epicauthor.com​ see the most recent version of that webinar and training  and doing that live now like every week to really connect with you and help you and  communicate man that was really cool. Hope you like the three secrets to having  whatever you want.
I’ll talk to you tomorrow on another daily dose of greatness quest.

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