The secret to living is giving
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EPISODE 126 of a Daily Dose of Greatness Quest with Trevor Crane


I think our job here is simple: ​Find your gifts. Give them away.

There’s always more. More ​love​. More ​money. More ​happiness​. More ​abundance​. 


What is your SUPERPOWER? Where are you BEST at?

“Want more? Give more.” – Trevor Crane

Want more? Give more

“If you want more abundance, give your greatest gifts away for free.” – Trevor Crane

If you want more abundance, give your greatest gifts away for free


Whatever it is, whatever you do best, FIND YOUR GIFTS.

Then give them away.




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Welcome back to another daily dose of greatness quest. Today we’re going to talk about the secret to living.  

What is the secret to living? 
I know you’re gonna love this show. 


So I don’t know who’s the first person to ever say this. But I think I learned it from  Tony Robbins for the first time. And he had interviewed a really successful one of the  richest men in the world, Sir John Templeton. 

And I think that’s the first time I heard this phrase. And it’s it’s one that’s overused  probably, but it’s one that I completely believe in. And we’re going to jump into it real  quickly. Today is going to be a short episode.  

But the secret to living is giving. And I remember watching this interview with  Tony Robbins and Sir John Templeton. And he was interviewing Mr. Templeton, when he  served Templeton, for john templeton. Not allowed to say his name.
Other than that when he was in the 70s, maybe 80s. And the guy was so happy,  happy. It blew my mind. And this is a multi billionaire a very successful, rich man and  was like the biggest sweetheart.  

He’s like this the epitome of the grandfather that just made you feel warm and  fuzzy. And while Richard was talking to him. I just what I can’t. What I will never forget  is about how Sir John Templeton smiled the whole time like he was a little kid honestly.  

And thinking about right now. The guy was smiling as much as my son. Now my  son is a baby. He’s six months old. And ever since he was born in like a first expression  on his face. I don’t even know how kids learn this. But he was smiling.  

It was almost like weirdly uncanny. I’m like, Where did he get this? Like, I wasn’t  always smiling at him. Like who taught him to smile, but some kind of like youthful  innocence. And youthful he’s like a week old. This like complete innocence of this little  kid was just smiling like a like a.

And have you done that if you’ve been in a bad mood, you’ve been out at the  grocery store, and you’re threatened and thinking and worried and Russian and trying to  get the bread that you use, or the milk or the beer or whatever you’re doing, and you’re  in line and trying to. And you see this little kid and his mom can’t see him. It’s a boy or a  girl looking at you. And you just can’t help.
But gosh, I’ve seen real assholes in this world from time to time. We’re just being  jerks, and like, threatening. I mean, I’ve done it. And I’m sure you’ve done it, too. And I’ve  seen how they light up when they see a little kid. And there’s nothing like having your  own little kid and get to walk around and catch other humans making goofy faces at this  kid.  

But like, I bring that up, because that’s what I saw in Sir John Templeton. And  maybe I’m wrong. And that’s not the first place I heard that the secret to living is giving  but what I but I but I truly believe it. And that’s what Sir John Templeton that’s what I remember from the interview the Tony Robbins did with him years ago.  

And that if you find a way to you know, I’ve got a I’ve got a program in a book that  I wrote called, What’s The Gift and I’m giving it away.
So I on every one of my podcast episodes we have as part of the intro and the outros. I think it’s the intro where we say, download my app, and you you text  messaging, and you get my app, and you can put it on your phone.  

And I have a link in there to download my book. And my book is called What’s The  Gift and it’s how you find the gift in things. It’s a core question that you asked him to  keep asking until you find it. 
Now the secret to living I believe is giving. So here’s my advice to you. And my  challenge to you. And like I said, I’m going to keep today’s show tight and short. So you  can take some action with it is find your gift. Whatever it is, whatever you do best, find  your gifts, and then give them away. 

The first book, I finally wrote the first book I wrote, I wanted it to be what’s the  gift. But that book never manifested itself. It was a confusing book for me to start with. I  didn’t really understand the messaging and the marketing. And maybe it still is even  confusing, because it’s just not really clear about what it is and what it gives you. But I love it. And it was a passion of mine.  

But the first book I ever wrote was, that was what I thought was my greatest gift.  At the time, what I did best I help people attract and sell high paying clients. And I do  that like in a one on one fashion that as I’ve advised, improved and modified my system  more and more. I do it every day. And every week. And every year I get better and  better.  

So there’s there’s new great stuff that I have. But this original book I put  everything I had into called high paying clients. And the result you get out of this book  was High Paying Clients. And my big fear was to give this away like, Well, my, oh no, I  can’t give this away. I can’t give away the secrets. 

Well, what if I give you all the secrets? Then you might not buy something from  me. And I was so scared. And it was such a scarcity minded belief. And my daughter has  thought this my daughter had had this false belief that when we had a son when when  we had a little baby that she was going to not receive as much love and she was scared  that she cried about it.  

And we, my wife, and I actually want to adopt and we hope we have another kid  and rather make my wife and saying that we actually did both. And I we adopted and  another good. But but but there’s this false belief that my daughter had that she would  have to compete and there would be less love to give. 
Here’s what I will promise you is if you give your gifts away, if you give your  greatness away, you will find more than you ever bargain for. There is more abundance.  There is always more love, there was always more money.  

And when we hoard and when we live in scarcity. And when we live in fear. That  is not when we make our best decisions. That’s not us at our best self. I have this  incredible that I do. And if you buy if you get my book, What’s The Gift, you can go to​.

If you don’t find can’t find on my app, or that’s confusing for you. And I have a  30-day goal-setting challenge. It’s my gift to you.

I’m writing a new book called Get Any Goal. And I’m interviewing people for this  and some experts and some potential new clients that I can help set and get any goal like how freakin awesome would that be live to live in a world where you can create  anything and no matter what you say that you want to do. You can just set it and go get  it. Like I’m fascinated by the subject. I’m inspired by people who have more and have  done more and have given more than me.

And I want to decode that and give it to you and I have certain knowledge about  this already. I’m giving it to you in my book the gift it starts with your mindset and the  secret to living the secret to living is giving and if you can find your greatest gifts and just  give them away with no intention of receiving anything in return. Your life will be more  rich than you can possibly imagine.

And that’s all I got for you today. Make today magnificent. And I can’t wait to see  you tomorrow.

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The secret to living is giving