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EPISODE 46 of a Daily Dose of Greatness Quest with Trevor Crane


What’s a dream you’ve always had, maybe one you’ve given up on, that it’s time to make come true?


“Never leave the sight of a goal without doing something towards its attainment.” – Tony Robbins

Never leave the sight of a goal without doing something towards its attainment.

“It’s often the small decisions that change the trajectory of your life.” – Trevor Crane

It’s often the small decisions that change the trajectory of your life.


Think of something that you may have given up on, or a dream always wished to come true, or pick something that you’re passionate about…

And write it down in your success journal.

Dream a little. Pick something that seems like it would be fun, or bring you joy… and then go do something towards its attainment TODAY!


Today, I talk about a decision I made when I was 18 years old that changed my life. I decided to become a scuba diver. At the time, I lived in the desert in Phoenix, AZ.

The ocean was a long ways away…

But that decision that I made, sitting at a party, and looking at a coffee-table photo-book of Jacques Cousteau’s underwater world… changed the trajectory of my life.

How about you?


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I just realized something. Scuba diving changed my life. I didn’t even know that before. I was thinking about how I could go ahead and help you today. How I can help you take your life and business to the next level. And I realized the decision I made when I was 18 maybe 19 years old to become a scuba diver changed my life.

And I want to talk to you about how simple decisions about your dreams that you go after can then help change your life and the trajectory of what you’re going to do and how you’re going to live the call of your life.

I KNOW you’re going to love today’s show.


So I’m going to take you back to when I was 19 years old and I was at a party. I live in Phoenix, Arizona and I picked up a book that was lying on a table. It was one of those coffee table book with too much pictures in it. And instead of hanging out with everybody drinking here and doing their thing. I dreaded that. So I sat down at this table and I looked in and I watched this stuff. I looked at this underwater book about scuba diving and all these amazing creatures that lived under the ocean.

Coming from a desert, coming from a hot place of Arizona and looking at this whole other world that was underwater, it just fired me up, man. I created these dreams. I wanted it. Like I think that, you know, the dream, I knew we can live on land. Yeah, I could do that. But the idea of breathing underwater, man, was just like, it was like flying in the air, another dream of mine and go into space. Like we have so many choices, right? You can go underwater, on land, in the air and fly or go into outer space. I have not done the outer space thing yet but that is on my itinerary.

Let’s get back to this. Sitting at a party that day, I decided I wanted to become a scuba diver. And I ended up within a year or so. I don’t know exactly the date on this, but I went. And I took scuba lessons while I was in Arizona. It means I had to do all my lessons in a swimming pool. All my lessons in a lake. And I love the whole idea that I was breathing underwater and it was a dream.

Like I decided, I was just young enough and just stupid enough to think that if I wanted to do something that I could do it. And maybe I could, you know. Anybody can learn to scuba dive, to breathe underwater. I just had to go take the class and go find somebody to teach me to do it.

And that decision changed so many things in my life. I ended up buying a ticket to Australia when I finished college. I graduated college, I was 20 years old, and I went to Australia. I went for 3 months. I was in Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and Hawaii. And one of the core things they all had around them was water.

And I wanted to make sure I had been trained to scuba dive so I could go scuba diving when I was there. I did my first open water scuba dive off the coast of Australia on the Great Barrier Reef. And it blew my mind. And now I’m 20 years old. I’m spending my time in Australia. I’m in the most amazing adventure of my life.

I never felt less alone in my entire life when I just took a backpack with me and I was traveling alone. I met the most amazing people. And I decided that I wanted to share this amazing-ness with others. I decided that I wanted to become a scuba instructor, so I could teach that to others. I decided that I wanted to start a tour company and take my friends and family out and show them the world. I learned so much.

When I came back home from that trip, I ended up staying back in Phoenix, Arizona for a little while. And then I decided that I wanted to make the dream come true and finish all my travel. I ended up buying within a short period of time, a one-way ticket that took me from Phoenix to Paris. And I ended up staying 2 years in Europe.

See the lessons that I learned from being able to do something that was seemingly impossible, like just learning to scuba dive and facing a fear and then embracing it and then experiencing the joy of it changed the trajectory of my life. I became this guy that sought adventure. And maybe it was always inside of me but now I was living it. I was finally an adult, barely an adult, and traveling the world and living the dream, so to speak.

When I came home, my sister, my younger sister was graduating from college or 2 years later. I came back from having spent a year or more in Europe to see my sister. I had to go get a real job. I’m gonna go get a real job?

And I went to start a business. And I went this, and that was going to be okay. I worked at waiting tables for a little while. I was transitioning into a new career. I have a business degree in marketing. And I didn’t want to go work for a pharmaceutical company, which is where I was going to make the most money as a salesperson or what. I didn’t like all my job options.

What I also found was that you can become a scuba instructor and still travel. So what I did is I took a class to become a scuba instructor. And within 2 to 3 months, I became a scuba instructor. And what I decided to do with my life was when I found something that was really cool, that I enjoyed, I wanted to share with others.

And then I really became a scuba instructor, so I could continue to travel. But I also did it because I wanted to share with my friends and my family and with people I care about most. And so I ended up becoming a scuba instructor.

And then the first job that I went to go get is working on a cruise ship. And there, I just went into a whole nother world of what I would learn and learn to share with people. And I came up with my next business idea. I had done a couple businesses when I was younger and I decided that I wanted to share this adventure with others.

So then I started this scuba thing. This water sports thing. I learned to swim, snorkel underwater. I learned to drive the parasail. I learned to ride wave runners. Do all these amazing things on the water in the ocean that I’d never grew up with.

I’m the son of a horseshoer and it was just a hot Arizona day is my recollection of my childhood. It was sweaty friggin, hot, Africa hot.. And now I’m living the dream. And I left that cruise ship in order to start my own adventure tour company. My company name was Adventure Guides, Inc.

And I ended up starting a parasail business off the Gulf Coast of Florida. and I ran a watersports business out of Naples, Florida for years.

Now here’s the thing. For the last decade, I’ve been doing, it’s been a more than a decade, 15, 16 years now, I’ve been a coach and consultant, has been my primary business. So I started to have some business success. And when I learned that, I decided, “Well, why not share this with others.”

So I became this accidental coach or consultant. I didn’t set out to be a coach and consultant that help people grow their business and make money. But when I started to have success in these areas, I did the same thing I did when I learned to scuba dive, I enjoyed it. I thought that it would be valuable to others. And then I want to learn how to share it with others.

I did the same thing when I started my tour company. I was loving traveling so I wanted to share it with others. And I started a tour company that took people on trips to the Bahamas, took people to Turks and Caicos, in the British Virgin Islands. And I shared with them how to scuba dive so I could show it and learn with others.

And recently, I learned to publish books and this is a few years ago now. And when I finally published my first book, which I struggled to do for years, I 10x my income. And what I’ve done for the last 15, 17 years of my life is basically, if something worked for me, I shared it with others. And all of that began for me when I was 18, 19 years old and I picked up that book and I became, and I decided I was going to become a scuba diver.

So here’s my question for you. What’s a dream that you have, something that might seem outrageous, something that you might love, something that you haven’t yet done? What’s a dream that you have always wanted to go do that you could just set a goal and go do? See because when I was 20 years old, it wasn’t that big of a deal to just go to scuba class. What is a dream that you may have given up on that it’s now time to go ahead and revisit and go do?

Maybe learn to snow ski which I’ve had to do, learn to do karate which I wanted to do, learn to fly a helicopter or an airplane which I’ve learned to do. I don’t have a pilot’s license for neither of those but I’ve enjoyed it and I wanted to do it. So I did it because I believe that if you make that choice, it can change the rest of your life.

So if you if it’s time for you to rekindle that dream go do it. Go do something today. That’s a challenge for you. Think of something that you may have given up on or a dream that you have or something that you’re passionate about right now. And then go do something towards its attainment today. As Tony Robbins puts it “Don’t ever leave the side of a goal without doing something towards its attainment.”

So as you take a moment right now, to think about something that you would love to do, maybe a dream that you’ve given up on in the past or something that just be really, really cool for you to do. I want you to write that stuff down in your success journal and then do something toward it’s attainment. Book the tennis lesson, book the scuba lessons, book the tango lessons, whatever it is. Buy your plane ticket, buy the T shirt, post on social media, do something.

Because the decision that I made when I was 18, 19, years old, holding that scuba book in my hand changed everything for me. And it changed the trajectory of my life about how I’ve now been committed to helping people. And basically to show them the path of where I have been and what I’ve already done, the mistakes I’ve made, the successes that I have had. And I share with passion around the things that I’m most excited about with the people that I care about most.

Make today magnificent. And I can’t wait to see you tomorrow on another daily dose of greatness quest.

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