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EPISODE 117 of a Daily Dose of Greatness Quest with Trevor Crane


If I could give you TWO things that you could do on a REGULAR basis, that would  CHANGE your life for the better? It’d be RUNNING and READING. 

Today I talk about why it’s important that you have both in your life every day (or week).  


How often do you RUN? How often do you READ?

What would happen if you did more of both?


“Want more? Do more.” – Trevor Crane

Want more? Do more.


Try RUNNING & READING every day. Make sure you ​sweat​ and make sure you ​learn  something. EVERY DAY. 


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Hey guys, welcome to another daily dose of greatness. quest. Today is an  audio-only podcast. So don’t go look for it on YouTube.  

I just finished my run this morning. Actually, it’s not this morning. It’s this  evening, for the time I’m getting around to this.  

So today’s title, subject for today is running and reading and why it’s important  that you have both in your life every day or every week. Alright, let’s get into it. 


Okay, for the last 2000 plus days, I’m not going to be specific. I’ve exercised every  single day in a row. And I’ve done that when I traveled. I’ve done that when I’m in sick.  I’ve done that times when I’ve had injuries, surgeries, variety of things. But I just set the  discipline of getting it done every single day.  

And today was a tough one. We were on an airplane late last night, flew all night  on a red eye. I got in early this morning and had a fully packed work day, plus a little kid, then life is real busy, and my daughter just got back. And now it’s nighttime.  

And I’m out with my son in a stroller with it, and a little jogging stroller getting my  run in. And specifically, I’m running every day right now. Also, because of an injury that  I had earlier policy last year, a year ago, year and a half ago, I messed up my knee and  skin or some kind of stupid accident, doesn’t matter as horsing around and I messed up  my knee and had to go in for surgery in December. 
And what happened is for whole year, I was basically out. I was avoiding the  surgery like the plague. I didn’t want to go. And then what happened is I wasn’t able to  run in that time frame. And for the years previous to that I was running about 20 miles a  month to 20, 30 miles a month, real consistently, not every day.  

But I gotta say, as looking back on like one of the coolest things that I do for myself  personally and professionally. Like, if I was to go ahead and just give you two things to  focus on every week. Or if you have the chat harness for every day rich running and reading. 

I read every day. I don’t necessarily track that. I mean, I study every day, whether it is through video, audio, or the written word if I’m reading the book, or just listening to  an audiobook or whatnot. But it’s like the thing I am just so disciplined with it. And it has  had the biggest benefit for me and I specifically saw it or recognize the lack or the lack of  my life when I stopped running and had an injury.  

So what are you gonna do? I was my knee was hurting. I needed the surgery and I  didn’t get it for a long time. Then I had to go through rehab. But in that time frame that I  was injured and I stopped running, I saw changes half my body when I started running  back again, or getting back running on by the way, those changes that equal that’s fat. 

Why am I avoiding saying that? Yeah, when I lift more weights during that time  frame, I kept exercising but my cardio went to nothing. And when I started my cardio  backup after my surgery, and after I started feeling, lo and behold, I’m struggling now I  can still run and I but I can’t run as far can’t run as fast. and can’t isn’t necessarily the  word. I’m just I feel lethargic almost all the time when I run. 

Excuse me. So right now I’m in the middle of a 90 day Blitz running every single  day for 90 days. And it made me realize how freakin awesome it is. I’m feeling better.  Even if I’m coughing right now. I feel there. I’m starting to look better. I’m losing a little  bit of the extra donut that I’ve got on myself. And it really made me realize this is one of  the coolest things I do. 
So this show is about helping you take your life and business to the next level.  Well, what more can I give you than these two simple things. Sweat every day.  

You know, I hit the Stairmaster run around the block, whatever it is. I’m only run  two miles a day right now when I get it in. So I’m getting it in every day or I’ll be on the  Stairmaster and then I’m reading every day. If you just do those two things, I know you’ll  improve your life and business. 
That’s all I got for you today. If you want to have more, you got to do more. Right?  To be smarter, figure out ways to get more. And what better way can you learn to having  the discipline of learning every day and educating yourself every day. Specifically, I’m  also on a diet or I’m not consuming any fiction, audio books, which I was doing a lot of  for a while because I totally got into stories and books and sci fi and this driven. 

I’m doing only stuff that’s about leadership, sales and marketing and I’m loving it  and I’m going to challenge you to do the same thing. The challenge to you and me is to do some running and some reading every day. Make sure you sweat and make sure you  learn something. 

That’s all I got for you. I hope you make today magnificent. And I can’t wait to see  you tomorrow on another daily dose of greatness quest. 

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