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EPISODE 48 of a Daily Dose of Greatness Quest with Trevor Crane


#1 – We’ve all been given ​gifts​ in life.
What are you doing with yours?

#2 – We’ve all been given ​challenges​ in life.
How are you using these setbacks, and transforming them into setups for your success?

#3 – ​What’s your story going to be about?


“With great power comes great responsibility.” – Uncle Ben, from Spiderman

With great power comes great responsibility.


STEP 1: Write down one of the challenges you’ve had, one of your biggest screw-ups or  mistakes, that ended up being with of your greatest gifts. 

STEP 2: Share that story with someone you care about. 


Run your race. Today, I want you to hear about a race.  

Before the start of the race, some kids were given a 2-step head start for every statement  that applies to them. The kids without a head start have almost no chance to win the  race.  

Listen to today’s story, for the lessons it teaches you. Fact is, some people have been  given a head start. And some people have suffered significant challenges and setbacks.

But you (and they) still gotta ​RUN YOUR OWN RACE​.

Decide what your story is gonna be. 


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Trevor Crane here, 11x number one best-selling author and the founder of Epic  Author Publishing. And today’s topic is ​RUN YOUR RACE​.

The fact is, we’ve all been given gifts in this life. And we’ve all been given  challenges. But ​regardless of whether or not you’ve gotten a head start, you still  gotta ​RUN YOUR RACE​.

Now, today I’m gonna play for you a little audio. I got it from a video I watched on  YouTube. And I’ll put the details about this in the show notes so that you can go ahead  and get that. And watch the video if you want. But right now, I want you to listen to  what’s going on here. There’s a bunch of young kids that are all lining up on a football  field or soccer field or like that. And they’re about to run a race and I want you to listen  for the lesson in today’s show. 


Shoulder to shoulder, take off your backpack, basketball. Hang on, we’re about to race. We are racing for a $100 bill. The winner of this race will take this, a $100 bill. 

Before I say go, I’m gonna make a couple of statements. If those statements apply to you, I want you to take two steps forward. If those statements don’t apply to you, I want you to stay right where you’re at. Take two steps forward if both of your parents are still married. Take two steps forward if you grew up with a father figure in the home. Take two steps forward if you had access to private education. Take two steps forward if you had access to a free tutor growing up. Take two steps forward if you’ve never had to worry about your cell phone being shut off. Take two steps forward if you never had to help mom or dad with the bills. Take two steps forward if it wasn’t because of your athletic ability that you don’t have to pay for college. Take two steps forward if you never wondered where your next meal is going to come from.
I want you guys up here in the front, just to turn around. Look, every statement I’ve made has nothing to do with anything any of you have done, has nothing to do with decisions you’ve made. Everything I’ve said has nothing to do with what you’ve done.
Well, now, people here have a better opportunity to win this $100. Does that mean these people back here can’t race? No, we would be foolish to not realize, we’ve been given more opportunity. We don’t want to recognize that we’ve been given a head start. 

But the reality is we have. Now, there’s no excuse. They still gotta run their race. You still gotta run your race. But whoever wins this $100, I think it’d be extremely foolish of you not to utilize that and learn more about somebody else’s story. Because the reality is, that this was a fair race. And everybody back on that line, I guarantee you, some of these black dudes will smoke all of you. And it’s only because you have this big of a head start that you’re possibly going to win this race called life.
That is a picture of life, ladies and gentlemen. Nothing you’ve done has put you in the lead that you’re in right now. When I say go. On your mark, get set, go! 

Picture this real quick. With all these kids on this field running at the same time  and the ones at the back have almost no chance to win the race. If you didn’t learn  anything from this activity, you’re a fool.

The fact is, that ​some people have been given a head start​. And ​some people  have suffered significant challenges and setbacks​. But you still gotta ​RUN YOUR  RACE​. And you get to decide what your story is gonna be.

My daily question for you today is, what is your story gonna be about? Is your  story going to be a success? Is your story about you winning? About you over overcoming  all odds? About you taking your setbacks and challenges and failures and turning them  into the reasons why you create success? Or are you gonna make excuses and quit and  sell yourself short? 

My quote of the day is from Mr. Stan Lee and the amazing movie Spider Man  where he says, “​With great power comes great responsibility.” 

My challenge to you today is ​to write down one of your challenges​. One of the  things that sucked in your life. One of the things that was a setback that ended up  becoming one of the greatest gifts, you’ve ever received. 

That’s all I got for you today. I can’t wait to see you tomorrow on another daily dose of greatness quest.
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