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(What’s the most ​dangerous​ place
to be in your business?)

EPISODE 195 of a Daily Dose of Greatness Quest with Trevor Crane


Today, I rode my bike up to a flock of ​vultures.
They were right on the road FEASTING on fresh roadkill…

And it reminded me,
“Most business owners are too scared to MAKE A STAND.”

Here’s what I mean…
Most people don’t know how to properly POSITION themselves in the marketplace. ​They try to be everything to everybody.

The result? Of being IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD???


How about you?

Are you positioned as high-end?
Or low-end?
Both are fine.

There is ZERO judgement here…

But, where things get ​DANGEROUS…​ is staying in the middle of the freaking road!

What were these vultures eating?

A dead armadillo.

*Don’t be a DEAD armadillo.

Make a stand.

Don’t end up like roadkill. Dead, in the middle of the road.


Ask yourself,
“How am I positioned in the marketplace? How do other people perceive my value? Is it,  high-end? Or, low-end? Or, do they not have a clue? What do I want it to be?” 


“Be bold. Have an opinion. Take a stand. Piss someone off. Don’t be a lukewarm, wishy-washy bitch.” – Trevor Crane

Be bold. Have an opinion. Take a stand. Piss someone off. Don’t be a lukewarm, wishy-washy bitch.​


Choose. Take a stand.

Decide what side of the road you want to be on.

Be ​bold​​.​
Have an ​​opinion​.​
Take a ​​stand​​.​
Piss someone off.​

Don’t be a lukewarm, wishy-washy bitch.​ 


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Welcome to another episode of greatness quest. Today the subject is roadkill.
I’m about to go over and see those vultures who are feasting on some roadkill.  We’re gonna talk about the most dangerous place for you and I to be in our business. I  know you’re gonna love this show.


Okay, so welcome back. I’m riding my bike back from the gym. I actually just had  three workouts this morning. Worked out with my trainer, trying to get my body more  powerful and strong. I want to be like The Rock, you know. I’m small and white.
And then I went to private tennis practice and tennis lessons, because I want to  get better at tennis. And here I see the carrion Oh my god, this is this research. I have no  idea what critter this is. I think I know it’s probably an armadillo.

Alright, this is a dead look at the carrier. Look at this. Holy crap. That’s what  vultures feasting on an armadillo. I’ll bet you dollars to doughnuts died in the middle of  this road. In fact, I can tell right there in the middle of the road.
So here is the lesson that is reminding me of let me get back on this bike and start  writing again. Alright, and the fact that that reeks.
So here’s what happens. Most people are too scared in their business to decide  what side of the road they want to be. And there’s actually you’ve got you got a choice  you can go ahead and go right left or stay right in the middle.
Now where do all the animals get killed? Where is that? Where’s roadkill? Where  is the most dangerous place to be? Because as I’m writing this bike over here on the side  of the road, relatively safe, as long as I don’t murder myself with this other bike that’s  coming. Maybe you’re not supposed to be doing podcast while you here’s my wife. 

Okay. So one of the ways to think about this is where you’re going to position  yourself in your business. A lot of people are too scared to position themselves on the  right side. What do we have here for Truck?  

Okay, so which of those is a better car, you know, there’s an Acura, there’s a  Lexus, there’s a Tesla, would you though this is a better car just based on the branding  those those car owners have made a decision saying which side of the road today we  want to be on. 
Now, let’s go far right. Let’s say that is a premium product to sell premium quality  products, as most people will go ahead and say, Well, I’m too scared to go the most  expensive maybe they say for places going to go really cheap. 
But then they know that if you go to the dollar store to buy something, unless it’s  like, so for your store, you know, you’re buying something that’s crap. You know, you’re  buying a low quality product when you position your pricing and who you’re going to  serve over on the left side.
Now, what most people do, most people don’t want to be considered that they’re  the cheapest, so they won’t go all the way on the left. They’ll try to go somewhere in the  middle and then they’re dancing in between where they, you know, they, they they they  really don’t appeal to the high end they really don’t appeal to the low end instead, they’re  just dancing.
It’s fine. They can go ahead and it might feel safe. There’s all this space in the  middle of the road. We’re like, Oh my gosh, look how much room. It’s so nice.
And in your marketing positioning. Most people were scared to make a stand. My  challenge for you today to make a stand, decide, make an opinion.
I just recorded a training yesterday media secrets for authors. And one of the  things that my buddy Jess Todtfeld who wrote the book, ​Media Secrets ​ was talking on was  created a little program for my all my epic author clients.

He said, ​you need to have an opinion, don’t be wishy washy.​ And say well, this  is kind of maybe the greatest thing ever know. You make a decision and you own it. You  say this is the shit whatever it is, have an opinion somebody is going to like it. Someone is  probably not going to like it. 
And in fact for the more powerful part of our brands is who we repel versus who  we attract. I also just saw Joe Rogan last night do his stand up and Netflix special freakin hilarious. Totally advise that you check that out. 
But I guarantee you that there are a lot of vegans out there that are gonna like Joe  Rogan, a lot of cat lovers out there that are going to like Joe Rogan, I am sure he pisses off  so many damn people.
So my challenge to you is twofold. Number one, decide what side of the road  you’re going to be on, you know. Are you going to position yourself and your brand is  being somebody who is high end and then you’re going to serve people that want this  premium product or service? 
Are you going to position yourself as low end and it’s okay, there’s people to make  millions of dollars selling low end cheap stuff, that’s totally fine. But the dangerous spot  is here in the middle. That’s question number one.
Challenge number two. And question number two is along the lines of of making a  stand having an opinion about something so make an opinion actually, here’s challenge  number to piss somebody off. What is it?
I think it was Dan Kennedy. remember who it was. That said, if you haven’t pissed  off five people before lunch, then you’re not doing you’re not marketing hard enough. So  I don’t know what that means for you.
That’s all I got for you today. Make sure that you make a stand don’t end up like  roadkill dead in the middle of the road. All right. So that’s all I got for you today. Make  today magnificent. And I’ll see you tomorrow on another daily dose of greatness quest. Later.

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