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ROAD CLOSED? Bullshit!

EPISODE 68 of a Daily Dose of Greatness Quest with Trevor Crane


“You are more than enough already.” – Trevor Crane

You are more than enough already.


Where in your life are you waiting for somebody else’s approval? 

Where in your life are you listening to other people to tell you can’t? 

(Mom, dad, siblings, friends, doctors, lawyers, cops?) 

Do something totally outrageous that TOTALLY commits yourself to moving forward –  WITHOUT anybody else’s “permission.”


Figure out whose permission you’re waiting for, and then do something outrageous to go  ahead and totally commit yourself. 


Today, I talk about getting past that​ ROAD CLOSED ​sign.

Too many times in our life we are told by other people that there is a barrier that you  can’t get through that there’s something that you cannot do. 

That’s bullshit because YOU CAN. You can get past the barrier. You just need to commit  yourself totally to it. 


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Road closed​? Honestly,​ road closed​? I do not think so.

Too many times in our life we are told by other people that there is a barrier that  you can’t get through that there’s something that you cannot do. And today’s episode of  greatness quest is all about what to do when somebody tells you, “​You can’t.​” And give  you some fun tips about how ​you can​.

I know you’re gonna love this show. 


So, today I was trying to do a Facebook Live and record my day 7 of 22 push-ups  in a row, 22-day push-up challenge. And so, I was trying to do a Facebook Live about this.  And then the reception is so horrible in this community here that I just lost it. And I  wanted to go ahead and finish the episode of the podcast for you today as well as for the  seven push ups, day 7 of my 22 push ups. What the hell am I saying?

So, my question for you today is also my challenge to you. ​Where in your life are  you waiting for somebody else to give you their approval? Where in your life are  you actually having, allowing somebody else to tell you that you can or cannot do  something?​ Is it your mom? Is it your dad? Is it a doctor or lawyer? Is it the way that you  were brought up? Is it the story that you’re telling yourself? Is it some kind of internal  conversation?

That’s ​step number one​, ​to just get clear about what’s holding you back​. What  are the barriers that are in your way that are stopping you to get where you want to go?  Because there’s a lot of ways to go ahead and get there. And then ​step number two​ is ​to  do something completely outrageous, potentially dangerous. To commit yourself to  moving past the barrier beyond your previous belief that you could or could not do  something. 

For myself, when I was 20 years old, I wanted to go to Europe. Nobody did that. I  wanted to go abroad. I was one of the first friends I knew that got a passport back in 1993. And I bought a one-way ticket to Paris. I was living in Phoenix, Arizona. I bought a  one-way ticket and I was committed, baby. I bought a Lonely Planet travel book. This is  pre-internet to date myself. Yeah, it was a little bit ago, even already gave you the date. I  bought a Lonely Planet travel book and I read. I had no idea where I was going. I had no  idea what I was going to do. I just knew I was going to Paris and I started reading it. I  didn’t even start reading it until I got on the airplane. 

That’s pretty dangerous. For those people who want to potentially write a book,  one of the first things that I advise my clients to do and one of the first things I did when I  finally got my book done is ​I declared to the world that I was getting my book done​.  So, if you want to take that on, you should, you could and should declare to the world  today that you’re going to publish a book. 

And that’s a dangerous thing. A lot of people get scared by that. But it commits you  and potentially you might think that it’s crazy and might hang you. I love it because  you’re kind of screwed. Because once you tell other people and you commit that you’re  going to get something done, now you look stupid if you don’t get it done. Now, with that  said, I’m going to go ahead. And for those of you who are watching this on video, I’m  going to finish my push ups today at this silly road closed sign. 

There we go. Now my last little story for you is about fear. Because when I met  with Tony Robbins years ago, I was with him at his private resort in Fiji at a relationship  seminar. I think the first one that he did called ultimate passion. I was there with a  girlfriend of mine. And I was scared. I was scared because it was the biggest personal  development seminar I’d ever been to in that it challenged me.  

I wanted to blame the girl I was dating for the challenges we’re having in our  relationship and that I wanted to just ditch. But instead I realized it was me. When I sat  down to talk to Tony. It was in front of a small group of people. There were 25 couples  there. And he asked me a question of what was really going on. And for me, it was “I’m  not enough” which he shares is one of the core challenge questions that we ask ourselves  is “​I’m not enough and I’m not going to be loved​.” But truly, that’s what my fear was.  And so, standing in front of him in a small room of people, he challenged me to ask the  truth, he said, “Trevor, what’s the truth?” 

So, here’s my quote of the day for you. This is what I came up with on the spot, and I think it’s relevant to everyone. It’s relevant to you is that “I’m more than enough  already.” That there’s no reason to wait. There’s no reason to listen to my bullshit or  anybody else’s about why I can’t do something. My quote of the day for you is “​You are  more than enough already.”

And with that, I’m going to finish up today’s show. One more thing real quick. I  forgot to tell you that, well, my dad was told he was given an assessment that he wasn’t  smart enough to be anything but a ditch digger. What ended up happening is my dad  became a horseshoer. He went ahead and said, “I’m gonna find something to do that I  love.” He ended up going to vet school. He ended up trying a lot of things in his life. He  ended up teaching polo, which is one of the things that he loved to do. And he still plays  polo to this day. And he’s actually a phenomenal musician and plays almost every  instrument you can imagine with. 

I have nothing else for you. I just want to see you here again on another daily dose  of greatness quest tomorrow.

And do the challenge today. ​Figure out whose permission you’re waiting for,  and then do something outrageous to go ahead and totally commit yourself. 

I can’t wait to see you tomorrow on another daily dose of greatness quest. 

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