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(The ONE thing you need to

EPISODE 14 of a Daily Dose of Greatness Quest with Trevor Crane


“Your rituals create your results.” – Trevor Crane

Your rituals create your results.


What new daily action are you willing to commit to for 90 days?



What new daily action are you willing to commit to for 90 days?

What would be good for YOU? The PEOPLE you care about? And the GREATER good?

Start your new action TODAY. And stick with it for 90 days.

If you want to SUPER-SIZE things, answer these questions as well:

  1. WHO are you going to be ACCOUNTABLE to?
  2. What’s your REWARD going to be for yourself when you finish?
  3. And what’s your CONSEQUENCE?

Make today magnificent!



2-words for you today: ​STOP WAITING!

(you’re ready)

I was talking with a client today who said, “I’m not sure if it’s premature to finish my book at this point. Perhaps I’m just not ready yet.”

Not ready?

I thought he must be freaking kidding me.

He’s a lawyer with BIG HIGH-PROFILE cases. (Like TRUMP high-profile…) And guess where’s going to be this week?

He’s going to be LIVE on Good Morning America and Anderson Cooper this week!

Not ready?

What has to freaking happen for him to be ready?

It’s hilarious.

But I get it.

I thought the same stupid shit.

When I called him on this, he laughed and admitted it was kinda ridiculous…

Then he said,

“But Trevor, I just don’t think I care that much. A book the “Ultimate Form Of Self Promotion.” I don’t really care about that right now. I’m just not passionate about it.”

That too, I understand.

I used to think the same stupid shit.

But it’s SELFISH thinking.




A book…

No, YOUR book…

Is not about you.

It’s not.

It’s about the people WHO NEED YOUR HELP.

Just a few weeks ago, a past client and friend COMMITTED SUICIDE.

He left behind a wife and kids and family who will NEVER read his book.

Or hear his voice.

THE REASON YOU NEED TO FINISH YOUR BOOK – is that there are people hot there who  need your help.

Get it?!


Unfortunately, most of us don’t get it.

And we make excuses.

I know, because for 20-years, I made excuses.

Until I made it a priority and got it done.

And made it a #1 bestseller.

And helped people who needed me.

And more important than that – PEOPLE NEED YOU.

And your story.

And to hear your voice.

He had other BALONEY he told me today…

“I don’t have the TIME…”

“I’m too BUSY…”

“I don’t want to use a WRITER to help me, because it needs to be MY VOICE…”

I asked him if he lives in a house.

He said yes.

I asked him if he likes it. If he’s proud of it.

He said yes.

I asked him if he built it.


If he designed it.


I told him that I typically work with 3 writers on EVERY book I write.

And that it’s STILL my voice.

I shared that NO WRITER…

No GREAT writer does it alone.

Not J.K. Rolling,

Or Steven King,

Or James Patterson,

Or Tony Robbins,



And that’s what you’re here to do.

Your MORAL RESPONSIBILITY on this planet, is to help make someone else’s life better.



How about you?

Wanna get your book done?

Ready to tell your story?

I’ll hook you up.

I’ve written 3 books on the freaking subject.

Buzz me here, and I’ll GIVE you any one of them.

Cause I’m a sweetie.

Want my help PERSONALLY?

Buzz me her, and I’ll jump on a quick call with you.

Cause I CARE about you.

And your message.


I care about the people who need your help.

MESSAGE ME HERE – and I’ll send you a BOOK.

Or jump on a quick CALL.

But you OWE it to yourself and to the people you CARE about to figure out how to SHARE YOUR STORY.

You’re ready.

And your message could CHANGE THEIR WORLD.

Be great,



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Hey, hey, hey, welcome back on today’s show of greatness quest. ​We’re going to& talk about the one thing that you can start to do every single day that will help you create the results that you want.​ So today show is about routine plus rituals equal your results.

I know you’re going to love this show.


All right. Welcome back.

Hey guys. I was looking at my calendar this morning and I’m looking at my day as I keep track of how many days in a row I’ve actually been exercising. And today it’s 2692 days in a row.

So, uh, years ago, and I can’t believe that it’s actually been years now, but I was reading a book, uh, I think it’s called the 177 Secrets Of The World Class. And I’m one of those chapters basically that was like a daily type of thing to you read each chapter and there’s only like a couple of pages per chapter. It was asking me questions about discipline and giving me some challenges about what I wanted. Discipline meant to me. And here’s the thing, I completely froze up. I wasn’t even sure what discipline meant to me. I didn’t like this, but I didn’t want anybody telling me what to do, not even me. And so it took me a couple days just to define what discipline meant and I decided that it was committing to do something every day.

It actually. I’m so slow with this answer. It took me a couple of days to come up with and then I had to figure out what was a daily activity that I could commit to doing every single day that would serve me, serve my family, serve others, and I decided that something that would be like a demonstration of me actually now being committed and doing something consistently and actually demonstrating discipline that I commit to a daily activity for 90 days of just exercising every day. And I figured that this would give me more energy, more health, more vitality, and it would just be something they could finally prove to myself that I had turned over a new leaf. Because at the time I was coming out of my bankruptcy. I was trying to rebuild my life and my career. And when I came up with this decision and I was like, all right, well I gotta do this, I gotta I gotta decide what it is that I’m going to do that will serve me, serve others and uh, be something that would demonstrate discipline in my life.

And like I said, I came up with exercising and I wanted to set myself up to win because I figured if I was in the gym every day just only doing bicep curls that I might not, might not be the healthiest choice. Right. So I decided that it would be a variety of different activities of exercise. It could be yoga. At the time, I didn’t think he was going to be yoga by the way, but now it is. It could be stretching, it could be running, it could be just about anything that would mean that I can’t. I intentionally went to exercise each day. And so now this is 2000, 608 days. That’s Today we 2,608 days where I’ve exercised every single day in a row. And that means exercise when I was sick. Actually, when I was traveling, I’ve been, um, I’ve been on airplanes before where I’ve been on long trips and I’ve actually been in the aisle doing, um, like these little press ups, putting my hands on, on the armrests in the middle of the aisle and having be a flight attendant thinks I’m crazy and tell me to stop exercising on the plane.

But here’s the thing, the secret I think that it can set you free is just quite simply consistency. And in the past I had this phrase that I used to say all the time, you might have heard me talk about this before, but I’d say I’m consistently inconsistent and I would say it like I was bragging. I would say it, you know, like I could do for a short period of time and then I would quit. So I would uh, exercise regularly and then quit. I would, I would focus on my business regularly and quit. I focus on my relationship regularly and then quit and I quit after a day, a week, a month, whatever my thing was. And I, and I just didn’t want it to be consistent. But I, as I look at my life now and as I look at the next level of what I want to go to, I realized that what I need to keep adding to my life are just new routines.

Quite simply. It’s just, what’s the new ritual that I will come up with it I’ll do consistently every single day. Like I bought this program, uh, from the iceman. I don’t know if you’ve heard about this guy, but he actually has gotten worse. He’s, he’s set world records for being submerged in ice and will do it for like half a day or something crazy like that. He has set world records where he lived in, uh, in nothing but shorts and tennis shoes. I don’t know if he was wearing tennis shoes if he was barefoot, but he ran a marathon in Antarctica or something like that. Like crazy things. He, um, I’ve seen him swimming with like almost naked with nothing but like a small pair of shorts under like frozen glaciers and frozen ice and stuff. So it’s crazy. But what this guy has done is through a combination of cold water therapy.

And uh, and breathing exercises, he has trained his body to fight diseases, so now the scientists have done all these tests on him and they have found that the combination of, um, of cold therapy as well as the breathing has enabled him to like be able to fight off all these massive diseases and it wasn’t just him. He’s now teaching this course and training with other people and they’re having similar results and you don’t have to be completely insane. You can just do something like I’m a cold shower. So at the end of, uh, at the end of your normal shower, you just turn on cold water for up to a minute or as long as you can take it. And then my pool has been really cold in my house in Florida. And you’re thinking like if you’re in cold country, like I don’t know what cold is, but let’s say it’s been 50 degrees in the swimming pool.

What I’ve been doing is going into that cold water dip. Now here’s the thing, it’s really cool that I did at once. It’s really cool, but I did it twice. But if I’m not consistent with it, then my results are going to be completely inconsistent and it probably doesn’t really matter that much. So the challenge that I have to make for myself and that I challenge you to today is to decide what’s a daily activity that you can commit to that you can make it a new part of your routine because your routines and your rituals will equal your results. If you eat pizza and wings every day, that’s going to deliver a result. If you only do it once in awhile, then it’s, you know, it’s going to deliver results as well. Like, you know, the other day, this weekend I had wings twice, my wife was out and she brought home pizza and wings and so I went and I ate these wings and the next day I woke up.

I was actually, this morning I woke up and I’d like, where the hell is that white head coming from like, well I’m not a teenager anymore. What am I getting a white head on my face? And I look back, I’m like, I haven’t eaten a whole a lot of ice cream. And eat a whole lot of junk. Like what happened? Like what’s all. I wasn’t eating sugar. The only thing that I ate yesterday was a big plate of wings. And then, hey, next time, next thing I know this big zit shows up on my face. So our patterns and our rituals will equal our results. And when I don’t eat all that crap, I don’t wake up with a acne face. So my challenge to you today again, is to consider what’s a daily action that you can take that you commit to, not necessarily for the rest of your life.

You might want to do that if it went ahead and serve you, the people you care about and the greater good if you’d come up with something like that, that’d be awesome. But my challenge with you is just to stick with it for 90 days and you know, uh, so here’s the question, what daily action are you willing to commit to for 90 days? And if you like my little formula there that would serve you, serve the people that you care about and serve the greater good, what could that be? And for me, it was exercising and uh, just mentioned that cold water plunge, that’s another thing that I am committed to, uh, to finishing his course, which I have taken. I bought it and I don’t admit to you guys, I haven’t been consistent with that one. I’d like to tell you I have and I can brag about it, but I just felt caught myself in the middle of a little piece of bullshit.

But here’s the thing, I will commit to you guys that I will do that shit for 90 days and I can’t even believe I’m saying this because really no frickin want to do it. But here, this is part of it. So if you want to make it even more powerful, instead of just committing it to yourself, whispering it in the mirror, which is kind of what I was just going to tell you to do, like, Hey, just decide on your own journal. That’s bullshit. If you make a public declaration that you’re getting this done and you’re going to commit to it and you have some kind of accountability, then you’ll, you’ll get this, you’ll make this happen. So son of a bitch, here’s what I’m going to do cause I got to make a public declaration, I gotta add to it a reward and a consequence because I know my formula.

So here’s the thing, if I commit to something and I think it’s cute or fun or good, uh, may or may not do it, but to make a public declaration and someone is counting on me and then I’m letting them down. If I don’t follow through, then I know that’s my formula for creating a result that I’ll stick with it. And because it’s gotta be something that’s bigger than me. So make your whatever your daily action is, make it bigger than you. And what I’m gonna do is I’m going to add a reward. Something that I really want that I’m going to be able to celebrate, whether it’s like a big ice cream trip or thing to Disneyland or buying something, whatever it is, a massage, something like that. I’m going to give myself a reward that I can go ahead and celebrate, but I’m also going to give myself a consequence and I’m not going to take that time with you right now to go ahead and have me figure those two things out.

But what I will commit to is I am going to talk to my team because I have an internal team with epic author publishing and with our company. Step up strategies and I will make the declaration today about a new 90 day goal and discipline that I’m willing to commit to and I’m going to add to it a reward and a consequence. So if you want to supersize this commitment today, then go ahead and do something similar where you come up with an accountability partner or team or somebody that is. Now. I’m going to hold you accountable to it and I’m going to try to tie this into something that will meet my criteria of serving the greater good sort of in me. And I’m serving the people that I care about. And then I’m going to do it in some way. That’s going to go ahead and have a negative consequence if I don’t follow through to some people that I care about.

I’m not really sure how I’m going to do that just yet because I came up with it while I’ve been recording this, so I’m going to maybe report back to you on my progress over the next 90 days. So if you keep following the show on the daily discipline, I promised to celebrate with you 90 days from today. Holy Monkey. I just made that promise. That kind of sucks because now I’m hung. But notice I made a declaration. So I challenge you to do that today.

Make today frickin amazing. And remember, your rituals will equal your results. So what are you going to be committed to this next 90 days? See it tomorrow!