My daughter, Phoenix Rose Crane, is 10 years old.

She amazes me every day.

Last week, I mentioned how while being interviewed for a podcast, the host pointed out I was teaching my daughter how to make her DREAMS COME TRUE.

Just by encouraging her.
It got me a little emotional.

She made the video below for a school project.

It was extra-credit to come up with a creative way to talk about a book they read in class.

It’s called, Wonder, by R. J. Palacio

It’s a pretty great book.
Kids love it.
I’m pretty sure it’s being made into a movie.

Phoenix got her friends involved. (See it below.)

She shot the video.
Recorded the audio voiceover.
And helped pick the music.

It’s about 90-seconds.

I think it’s riveting. (But I’m a big cry-baby)

Here’s her script, and some of my commentary:

“August, what’s wrong with him? He eats ice cream. He plays video games. He does everything a normal boy would do…”

The first thing out of her mouth is her making the point he’s similar to the other children around him.

Only then does she mention a difference.

“…but something is wrong with him: his face. It’s deformed, which means that he doesn’t look normal, but on the inside he does.”

In her video, no fancy effects are needed.

Often, I wish grownups were more like kids.

That they could understand a truth like Phoenix put it, “I like this novel because it shows me that no matter how you look, you will succeed and be happy in life. The way August does it is he has friends to help him through his problems.”

I’m so grateful that my daughter believes she will succeed and be happy.

She learned that we just need friends to help us get there.

We all need help.
We all need friends.

It’s a NEED. Not a want.

It’s like food. Or, water. Or AIR.

A baby giraffe can run within about 20 minutes of hitting the ground, right after birth.

We, humans, are a little different.

I’m 45, and once I’m done writing this, I’m going to call my mom.


Because I NEED and WANT some love.
And I want to give it.

We all need it.

In our personal life.
At work.
With our friends.

Since I’m going to be moving from NJ to FL soon, I’m urgently planning some “fun” things to do with “fun” friends here before we leave.

Stay tuned for Mankinis and Margarita’s”

*My friends INSIST pictures will not be posted on Facebook.

But worry not!


I don’t want to give away any more AWESOMENESS from the video.

Watch it yourself.

Maybe leave my little Phoenix a message and tell her what you think about it.

As always, I invite you to share this with your kids.

Check out the book Wonder, by R. J. Palacio, or visit: to join my daughter’s FREE BOOK CLUB, or learn how to help your kids become authors.

I double-dog-dare you to start a conversation with your kids that changes YOU.

(And them.)

Don’t tell them.
Ask them.
Then listen.

It’ll take you to a deeper part of your heart and their mind.

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