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EPISODE 152 of a Daily Dose of Greatness Quest with Trevor Crane


Today, I share the three secrets to powerful storytelling. 

So you can get ATTENTION, and ATTRACT people you want to help/serve, and get them to  start BEGGING to take ACTION and work with you. ​(also called… BUY YOUR STUFF)


How would you like to become a ​powerful storyteller​ and turn your ​adversities​ and  challenges into your ​advantage​ and setups for success?

“Powerful stories evoke powerful emotions and allow us to connect with and relive our own stories.” – Trevor Crane

Powerful stories evoke powerful emotions and allow us to connect with and relive our own stories.


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How would you like to become a powerful storyteller and turn your adversities  and challenges into your advantage and setups for success?  

Today’s subject is about becoming a powerful storyteller. In fact, I’m going to give  you the three secrets to powerful storytelling.  

I know you’re gonna love the show.  


Okay. I’m going to give you a template today, a tactical piece that you can use  when you’re crafting a story and a message, whether it is something you hear on a  podcast, whether it is something that you read a blog about.  

If you make a video, if you’re creating a course or program and you want to  influence someone, I highly suggest that you use this template, so my promise to you is  that today you’re gonna learn these three powerful storytelling secrets so that you can  gain the attention of the people that you most want to talk to, so that they understand  that you exist. 

Number two, so that you can go ahead and attract the right people so that not only  do you get their attention, but you get the eyeballs of people that are going, Ooh, hold on.  I think I like that and repel those who would have no interest whatsoever in this core  subject matter. This is a good thing.
And then compel them to take action where they’re like, oh my God, where have  you been all my life? Like attention, attraction, action. That’s what I’m going to share  with you today on the show.  

Now I want to tell you a quick story about this first. I used to suck at sales. I used  to be so scared when it came to sales and storytelling and public speaking and telling  stories in such a way that we get people to take action with me, like scared me to death. 

In fact, at one stage that almost closed one of my businesses. I was running a  parasail business. And my first year in that business we grossed $89,000. That was how  much money you brought in. Sounded not bad except that we owned a parasail boat that  had a lot of insurance and a lot of gaps and a lot of bills. And we had more bills and he did money.  

So I lost money and I needed to learn how to sell and influence and it came from  the power of storytelling. And I had to learn how to tell stories on that boat and how to  use my words and communication and get over all my own fears and failures when it  came to sales and influence and to try to make enough money. 
At one stage I had to go get a job to support my business habit. Like I was some  kind of crack addict, like I was smoking heroin on the side or whatever you do with  heroin. I don’t, I don’t know, some kind of practice type stuff on the side.  

And I would go. I had to go get a job waiting tables at night. It was so hard for me  to make enough money in my business and I didn’t understand how to sell. I didn’t  understand how to communicate in any way they gave people permission to or not even  less a desire to want to give me their cash.  

And so subsequently I almost lost everything and it wasn’t until I’d reached the  stage of going out of my mind. I couldn’t, I wasn’t sleeping, I was working wait tables all  night. I’d only sleep a few hours a night. I get up in the morning and go run my boat all  day out in the sun and then I would shower on the beach again and I would go back to  the, uh, her shower on the beach at night. 

I’d run across the street to wait tables until the wee hours in the morning and do  that again and again and again. And after four months or five months of that, I thought I  was going to die, especially when I had mechanical challenges with my boat and I had  even got even less sleep because I had to go deal with it in the middle of the night and try  to bribe people to mechanics to help me so I could try to run my boat all day to barely  make enough money to get by.  

And what ended up happening is I found one guy, his name was Jerry and Jerry  helped me sell a tee shirt. What I was doing is I would only make about $100 a night  waiting tables. I don’t know if that makes me a bad waiter, but I wasn’t making much  money and I was looking at it and I’m like, I’m going to die if I don’t figure out how to do  something. 

I need to figure out like all I really needed to do was to make an extra hundred  dollars a day. Like I could do that on my boat when I was out there for eight, 10 hours a  day, then I didn’t have to work in the evening job and I looked around and once a week I would have jerry come out on my boat and on that day he came out of my boat.  

He would sell 10 shirts and, and I had t shirts on my boat and they weren’t selling  very well. I don’t know if it was a design or a variety of things. I wasn’t quite sure I would  try to pay an artist to make me a new design of the new t shirt. I try a tank top, I try a tie  dye shirt. I did a whole bunch of things to try to sell t shirts, but I couldn’t do it. 

I would sell one or two tee shirts a month. Jerry would come out on every Friday  he’d work on my boat and was just a retired guy just like to come out on the boat and he  was. He was my captain or my mate on Friday and he’d sell 10 shirts a day like  clockwork and I was looking at it and I made a $10 profit per server.  

Probably did a little bit better than that, but guess what? That just made up my  hundred bucks all add to figure out how to do was to sell these tee shirts everyday during  the week instead of only when Jerry showed up.  

So what I did is I finally got desperate enough to go ahead and ask Jerry, I’m like,  brother, how are you doing this? And he said, here you go. And he showed me his  system, which was basically a process of step by step system and it was one that he told  stories and he asked questions and he taught me about powerful influence and when I  first heard it, I hated it. 

I didn’t like anything about it. I thought it was sleazy slimy, she a cheesy, but it  wasn’t until I was almost at the stage where I thought I would die if I had to keep going  and running my business all day, but I was finally able to listen to them and I listened to  him and I took notes and I went out there.  

Then guess how many shirts I sold on Saturday after he gave me the plan on  Friday and I took notes and I was finally willing to do this. Guess how many shirts I sold  on Saturday. Just curious to come on to answer the question that I saw one. Did I sell 10?  Come on. Those really motivated guy. I sold none. Zip, Zilch. Zero.  

I didn’t sell another shirt until Jerry came back the next Friday and I was  completely confused and disenchanted and thought that sucked and I had learned the  wrong system and I was pissed at Jerry and pissed at myself, but Jerry came on so  another 10, 12 shirts that next day and what I ended up doing is realizing as much as I  had gotten the system, I was still missing it. 

I wasn’t, I’d had not become a powerful influence or had not used the power of  story and this happened again with me when I started doing public. Now hold on. Okay,  here’s what I did, how I cracked the code on this.  

I’m just going to tell you another story, but let me enter what ended up happening  and basically begged me to come out and work with me for two weeks on the boat every  single day. And what he did as my mentor is I got practice actually telling them my story  and talking about these shirts and the combination in the formula.  

I’m going to give you a formula today that is gonna make you a very powerful  storyteller. If you understand this formula and they give it to tactically. It only has three  parts. It’s very simple. There’s three secrets to attracting the right type of people who, uh,  getting their attention, attracting them and getting them to take action. 

But I didn’t know it at the time and what I needed to do with practice this. And it  took me two weeks. And what happened is two weeks working with Gerry. I just paid  him anything to get into, sat with me every day on the boat. I finally cracked the code.  

I figured out the system and the script and storytelling and what happened is not  only did I learn how to sell 10 shirts a day, I learned how to sell 20 and then I didn’t just  learn how to sell them myself. I learned how to teach my crew to sell them, so regardless  of whether or not I was in the boat or had a brand new hire in my business. 

And I started to expand and become more successful because once I learned the  power of influence and storytelling in one part of my business, I was able to implement it  elsewhere and I made my first million dollars working in that business, that water sports  business, and it all came from down to the power of storytelling and learning how to tell  a story and I started off sucking at it and then when I tried to get good at it, it sucked  even worse. 

It took me a while to figure this out so it’s okay if you haven’t figured this shit out  yet and it’s okay if you don’t feel comfortable with this yet and did it end there? No,  didn’t end there because what happened is when I chose to now communicate in  different ways, let’s say you communicate as a public speaker and I was up on stage. 

And I’m speaking and I’m teaching and I’m training and I’m trying to make sales  at the end of it, Isaiah, I’m a good public speaker. Some people would argue with that, but let’s say that I. I would get compliments on my gosh, that was so nice. You told such good  stories. We like you. How many people bought my shit? None. Zip, Zilch. Zero.  

Which is a whole nother lesson about learning how to use the power of story in  such a way that got people begging to take action with me and then when I went to go  ahead and learn of that one. 

By the way, now that’s not an issue. I can get people to buy from me on stage. I’m  not going to get into the details on that, but now I can do it and it took me a. There was a  path and there is a magic to doing it in their secrets to doing it. I’m going to give those to  you today.  

It happened again to me when I went to learn to sell things online and when I  learned to what, what will message I was going to put inside my book and what message  is going to put inside my webinar and what message is going to put in an email or a sales  letter or it changed the method of communication again and I wanted to put it into a  video sales letter. Every time I changed the mechanism, the delivery mechanism, I had to  relearn how to use these variables. 

Now I want to make this super, super, super, super simple for you and you give it  into in a little plan here. Okay, I cracked all the codes on all of that. Now I can write a  number one best selling book. I can go ahead and I know what to do, what to say, and I  know how to get people begging to take action with me and they’ll know how to just do  that myself.  

I had my daughter made about a thousand dollars a couple of weekends ago when  she taught a little class and program. She’s 11 years old. She made thousand dollars on a  weekend and in two hours. Okay, so I can teach this to kids now, so I’m going to give you  the template. It’s in one, two, three and then you can fill in the blank. And my coaching to  you is that if you want to learn how to master this, you need to seek help. 

Just the fact when I got this, this formula from Jerry, it was difficult for me to  implement on my own when I got the formula of how to write a book on my own and  went out to go do it, or I got the formula of how to publish it or not. The formula on how  to do my marketing or my video sales letter or whatever it is. 
For some reason, I need more help than the average guy or the average gal. I need  a mentor. I need someone to sit there and help me and hold my hand and hold me accountable, and now that is my entire business. Yes. I will put my. I’ll give you my  secrets on my podcast. Yes, I will give them to you in my webinar. Yes. I won’t hold  anything back.  

You can read it all in my book, but the core of my business, the core of how I grew  up every morning and live every single day is to help people to hold their hand through  the process to make sure that they implement, just like Jerry did with me just so that not  only do you get it intellectually, but there’s a big difference between learning something  and living it. 

Then there’s a whole nother world when it comes to leading. It is, excuse me,  learn it, live it, lead it, and then they’re. T he fastest way to do that is to find a mentor  who’s already excellent at this and then helping you. I volunteered to be that mentor if  you’d like to work with me and help me to help you craft a powerful story that can  change people’s lives.  

I’d love to tell you more stories. We’ve got to wrap it into the content because  you’re like, dude, where’s the damn secrets? Let me give you the template. Promise is  number one.

Number 1 is ​promise.​ Number 2 is ​terrible problem​. Story number 3 is ​proof​.  Promise, problem, proof. Now the problem solving, good and give this to you. I’m going  to break it down on actually the content of today’s episode could have done this in a  variety of different ways that just rip this though, and I wrote down these, know these  names, promise, parable, problem stories. 

Number two, proof is number three, and then actually a call to action at the end. It’s like a bonus. It’s making sure that I give somebody what I tell you what to do next. 
Now I break this down for you at the beginning of the podcast. If you go back and  listen to it, I asked you some questions and I asked you if you would like to become a  powerful storyteller and then I promised you that I gave you three secrets to do it. 

And I told you that what these secrets would give you, the secrets would help you  get people’s attention, and one of the ways you do that is by asking questions. That’s one  of the ways that you can do it. It’s not. The only way is one of the ways you can also put  bouncing boobs on trampolines if you’re trying to tell bud light or something like that,  right? 

You knew there’s different audiences. You need to be clear about who you’re  helping and there’s a lot of things about getting people’s attention, but the biggest  problem most people have is they live in obscurity. Meaning nobody knows you.  

They don’t know what you do. They don’t know what you’re great at. They don’t  know your stories, they don’t understand. The second thing to get attention and get  attention from people that gets into suck in to come inside your world is to tell a  powerful story or a parable. 
It could be your example which I like to lead with your own problem. It’s a  parable problem story, a one where you get to tell them an example of you were used to  suck wind. Now it doesn’t have to be you. I use the story of Dorothy and the wizard of Oz  all the time about an issue that is a parable. 

You could use George Washington chopping down the cherry tree. It doesn’t  matter. You can use a famous story. You could use scooby Doo. You need to introduce a  parable problem, story that matches with your audience that they can go ahead and  understand, see what happens when you tell a powerful story.  

I just was on a podcast today and they were talking about adversity. That’s the  podcast name is from adversity to advantage and we were talking about how you use  your adversity or vulnerabilities story, your problem, story about how you overcame  insurmountable odds.  

What happens when you learn how to tell a powerful story is people don’t just  listen to your story. There’s a second story going on inside their head and it’s their story.  When you tell a story from the bottom of your heart and from your soul and as a story of  your truth, what happens is people go into a hypnotic state and they experience their  own universe, experienced their own story. 

You want to tell, remind somebody of where they grew up, when they were a little  kid and how it felt like to be a little kid or how it felt like to go through failures. All you  need to do is talk about your stories of, as a little kid.
You want them to visit their home, go ahead and tell them the story about you  going back to your home. You want them to experience their pain and problems and  suffering, tell a story about how you went through a pain and problem suffering story. And what happens is they will experience their own.  

On today’s podcast, I went, I, I opened up an old wound for myself when my dog  died and when she died I felt a lot of grief and a lot of guilt because she died right outside  my house, right outside my yard and she ran across the street and got hit by a car and  I’m sure that’s happened to me. 

Probably someone you know, maybe something you know really well. Maybe  looking back into the mirror if you’ve ever lost a pet. It’s a very yucky time. But what I  did is I told that story and I associated to how it made me feel at the time and what I  learned from it and the gifts I got on the back end of it because it was a focus of there’s  good things and gifts that come. 
Even the stuff that sucks and as I told that story and I associated to the questions  and the problems and the fear and what I learned from it. What happened is the gal that  was interviewing me and Ms Petra, amazing gal, she experienced her own story. 
She went back to experience the feelings that she had. Animosity and challenges  that she had with her stepfather now was talking about a dog, but she went ahead and  was almost near tears and got emotional about her relationship with another human. 

When I’m talking about a dog, when you tell powerful stories, what you do is not  only do you get people’s attention, you get to pull them in and attract them to your  message because what they end up becoming attracted to is what they see in you and  what they feel, what they recognize in themselves. Have a belief that we can’t see  anything and another human that we can’t already recognize inside of ourselves. That’s  good or bad.  

So if you see evil in someone, if you see good in someone. I think the reason that  we cry when we see, when we see an amazing movie or someone win at the Olympics  and then over under overcoming all odds that what we do is when we see greatness in  them. 

We get emotional than choked up because we see greatness in ourselves and  learning how to become a powerful storyteller and having this craft and make a big fat  promise that gets people’s attention. 

Ask questions, see if they’re in it all interested to coming in and being attracted to this message, and then instead of jumping in and telling people how fricking cool you are  and how awesome your shit is and how good your car looks and all that crap. Tell a story  that reveals your authenticity and vulnerability and then what you want to back that up  with in step number three is proof.  

Notice at the end of my story, I told you how I made my first million dollars in the  business that I almost shut down and felt like a crack addict. So I pulled in. I made a  connection between the promise, the problem story and the proof, and then I went on to  talk about the other times that this has shown up for me and other mediums because  most likely you’ve been a powerful storyteller in some part of your life. 

You’re probably married or have a girlfriend or you sold. You got the job or the  dog or the house or you were able to negotiate something with someone and you  influence people and in some ways you’re probably already a phenomenal storyteller.  

Even if it’s just that you’d like to tell cool jokes are dirty jokes or whatever it is, but  in the context of influence and getting everything you want and taking your life to the  next level in publishing your booking, publishing your podcast and monetizing your  mission, you probably need some help.  

And so what I did is I aligned with you potentially and I said, hey, when I changed  my message here, I needed help. When I changed my message there, I needed help when  I had the same message, but I’ve put it on a different channel. I needed help.  

So now I have someone helping me with my instagram and if someone to help me  with my facebook and I have someone to help me with my linkedin and I have someone  to tell me with my youtube videos, each one of those is different. 

They have someone to help me with my email copy and the copy that I write. See  I’ve surrounded myself with people who are expert at these different things and I’ve  crafted simplicity of turn, a lot of complicated things into simple things.  

I now have people like run some of that marketing for me so I don’t have to. When  it comes to the powerful storytelling I’ve surrounded myself with have systems and  protocols and I’m giving you one of them. 

And then so I’m proving it to you with the reality of where my feet have walked  and then I tell you stories about the results that I’ve created for my clients and to add that into the. I’m going to uncover what I’m sharing with you right now. Proof is telling  you a story about someone else who I have helped to create that result. 

And didn’t I tell you about my daughter Phoenix and I said, hey, she just did that.  She’s 11 years old. She made a thousand dollars last weekend or a couple of weekends  ago. 

And then I could open up the story and I could tell you about how Lisa Chastain  and came in and did not know what her book was going to be about. She just knew she  needed one. She needed one for her credibility. She needed one so she could get on stage.  She needed one so she could build a following. She didn’t even have a facebook account  with more than five people on it. She had no following whatsoever. 

And I shared with her a strategy of how she could go ahead and start telling her  story that day, like not right now and make a declaration to the world that she’s going to  publish her new book. And what she did is she was able to, through understanding,  working with my wife a little bit as well on the path to cash on having a path to monetize  your mission. We’d already done that with her.  

So all I had to do was give her the script and she could go out and over the next 30  days she made over $12,000 because she had a new clients. And you’re like, what do you  mean? How did you sell her book? Her book, I don’t understand. How did you get that  done?  

In 30 days she didn’t write a book with guys. She used the power of the fact that  she was writing the book to open the conversation to get more people to buy your  products and services because we had already done the other thing that you need to do is  figure out the path to monetize your mission.  

And we’d already done that with her. And we explained to her the process and the  storytelling and the scripts to use and what to say. And then to make it her own. And she  went out and she nailed it. And if you think that’s a unique thing, right. 

But actually what happened as a Lisa now has her book out, it’s a number one  international bestselling book. It’s been featured in entrepreneur magazine and in Oprah  magazine, and she’s been asked to be the keynote speaker at major events. 

She averaged $15,000 a month in 2017 in her income. Like the chick is a badass. She’s an implementer. She learned something and she does it, but she learned it and was  able to master it because she jumped in with both feet and she spent a lot of time with  me and a lot of time with my wife and she entered our mentoring program at our  mastermind program to spend more time with us so she could master the skill. 

Just like Jerry did. Notice I am providing proof of what it takes to go ahead and  take action. Now, there is a call to action that’s coming, my call to action to you almost  almost every podcast that I give is to do something you write in your journal.  

So talk to a friend and do some research to find a book, to write a book or read a  book to download this. To do that. I’ve been training you. I want you to go do something.  I don’t want you to be passive. I want you to write notes. I want you to learn. I want you  to grow.  

I want you to get some experience of implementing something instead of just  listening and being entertained and if you think my daughter is unique, then that’s fine.  She’s blood, but there’s Lisa unique maybe because she went on and took actions. 

But I have a new friend and client who I just interviewed on a six month program  that I work with authors and business owners and and he’s part of that group now and  my coaching session with him and module one of my epic author publishing course.  

He went out and in the next 30 days generated $17,000 in recurring monthly  income from the first module in my course. I’m their first blueprint coaching session  with him and this just happened. 

I just interviewed him on Monday of this week. When you’re listening to this  podcast, so this is a recurring theme, so what I do, I just recapped and I’m just  deconstructing.  

This podcast went a little longer than I wanted, but there’s coaching and training  and so fricking much in this. I wanted to give it to you. Promise, problem proof, and  you’ve probably heard me say that before. I’ve done this on previous episodes, but I  modified the parable problems. Story to be inserted before you teach a point. 

It’s really important to talk about a parable that overcomes the problem story and  I showed you that you can tell that story about yourself and you can share story about  others and both provide that proof and gets people to almost at some stage, hopefully be begging to take action with you.  

And now my call to action is all you gotta do is reach out to me and ask for help. I want help. That’s it. 

I want you to, I want you to reach out and say hi. I would like some help. That’s it,  and if you don’t want to help, don’t ask, but if you’d like my help, you reach out. They’re  like, well, how do I reach out? You should download my app on every one of my  podcasts.  

I gave you the the call to action to download my podcast so you can have all my  cool stuff that’s there at the end of where she was. I stopped talking. We were going to be  a trailer that goes out and like download my app, get my app on. There is a way to go  ahead and book an appointment with me. I have very few personal one on one  appointments, still available, but you can just send me an email. You can send me a text  message. You can reach out to me on social media. 

You can come knock on my front door. I don’t know how you want to  communicate, but pick your methodology, send smoke signals, you know, maybe I’ll pick  it out. You can meditate about it and maybe I’ll show up and your dreams. I don’t know,  but all you gotta do is say, brother, I would love to get your help with that. I’m powerful storytelling. 

I’m publishing my book on Jim, proving my marketing on, on taking my life to the  next level and getting some help with the challenges of going through. I don’t know if I  am your guy. I don’t know if if my program for this, that or the other is going to be the  perfect fit, but if you want help, I care about you are investing time with me. I want to  give to you. If you don’t reach out and ask for help, ain’t nobody coming to your rescue. 

I tell them the amazing story about that, but hopefully you got some value out of  today. Promise, parable, problem, story proof, and a call to action, a CTA that’s the bonus  here of like my bonus to you is to do something.  

Go download my book. Go read some history that you can go get more content  from me. That’s not going to be a problem. Ask for help. Find me through the app. Find  me through one of my programs. Join us for a 30 day goal setting, goal setting challenge,  and I can’t wait to help you with your book, your message and make a difference in the  world.  

So I’ll see you tomorrow. I’ve got more coolness coming at ya. I don’t remember  what tomorrow’s episode is going to be about, but I’m sure it’s going to be. And I’ll talk  about that here really, really soon. I’ll be talking about tomorrow. All right. Have a great  one.

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