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EPISODE 192 of a Daily Dose of Greatness Quest with Trevor Crane


Are you using the best and most up-to-date tools and technology?

Here’s my advice to you: ​Pick CAREFULLY.Choose WISELY.

And always… choose your tennis racket carefully.

Seriously, are using OUTDATED tools and technology in your life (and your business) that  should be updated?


Are you using the best and most up-to-date tools and technology?

Are you using funnels, and emails, and text messaging, and chat-bots and books, and  blogs, and podcasts… to communicate when it comes to your ​marketing​​?

How about when it comes to how you are tracking your ​time​? Even your grocery shopping list?


“Phenomenal tools enable phenomenal results.​” – Trevor Crane

Phenomenal tools enable phenomenal results.​


Step 1​: Assess your life and your business.

Where do you need to upgrade your TOOLS to improve?

Step 2:​ Schedule time to implement the change.

Step 3:​ Get naked and rub chocolate all over yourself.

“Trevor, WHY in the hell would I do that?” Is what you might be thinking.

Cause – I think its funny. ​And… I’m TESTING YOU.

Send me a message about NAKED CHOCOLATE… and I’ll send you a FREE GIFT just for paying attention. ​And I get to see who really reads this.



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Welcome to another episode of greatness quest. Today the subject is pick your  tennis racket carefully.
What are the tools that you are using today? Are they the right ones for you to  use? I know you’re gonna love the show.

Okay, so I’m sitting outside the YMCA. This is my new hangout for both gym stuff  and also tennis. I’ve been talking lately on my on my podcast about how I’ve started  tennis.  

And I brought my old tennis rackets to my instructor. And I said, Hey, brother,  actually, we started off and I just said it does. The club does does the YMCA right there?  Does it have tennis rackets we can borrow and so the answer is yes. 
So this is my new tennis racket it’s club racket. This is what I’ve been using lately  and they didn’t want to go out and buy a new racket yet. I’m just using the club racket  and my actually my goal is to go ahead and beat everybody in the club with this racket  that’s that’s kind of ridiculous since I’ve never really played before. 

But then I brought in my old records. Now check this one out this is like Bjorn Borg john McEnroe time this is gonna This is a wooden thing so here’s what I did is I  lined up all these rackets because I finally found them in my garage, right? 
And I’m sure I got this at a garage sale. I don’t think I actually ever played with  this thing that’s good, says Chris Everett, which is a woman tennis player way back in the  day and he’s and I said, you know, is this which is the best racket for me to use. 
Now, I assumed the newer one would be right. And but I had all these other  rackets. Like I had played tennis when I was in college, and that isn’t like I was a college  tennis player. I took a class and play tennis.
And so I showed him this racket, which is a friends racket that I had adopted, and  it’s got like an aluminum casing. And then I’ve got this one Wilson racket, another  aluminum racket, and then another one here, and I have all these rackets. 

And so if you line them up, you’d think I played tennis, but I guess I just collect  tennis rackets because I never really played but when I showed him these, and I said,  which is the best tennis racket for me to use.  

And what he said is that in 1990, this was the best technology at the time. This is  the technology that was amazing. Back in 1990. In 1970, this was the best technology they  had. He’s like, in as much as those rackets are great. He grew up my tennis pro grew up  playing with this racket.
He said, this racket puts all those to shame. This one is going to make everything  you do in tennis easier. These rackets are going to make everything you do in tennis  harder, so it’s really up to you, which you would choose.  

So my question for you today is, what are the tools and tennis rackets that you are  using in your life? Like, are you are you using the most up to date tool to communicate  when it comes to your marketing? when it comes to how you are tracking your time? 
Do you need a smartwatch? Absolutely not. I have absolutely no idea what it is  that you need to upgrade. But I would look at the tools that you are currently using this  as my wife’s racket. This is also a borrowed club racket, and I’ll bet you there are better  rackets out there right now.
We just wanted something so that we could learn to play and maybe what you’re  using right now, maybe your website looks closer to this if you’re not using funnels. And  if you don’t have a book in your business. 
And if you are not broadcasting with a podcast, and if you do not have an online  program, and on and of course, if you are not on demand in somebody’s hand 24 seven,  then maybe you’ve got something that still works really well. It’s phenomenal technology  and tools and all that and congratulations.
But could you spend a couple of bucks and upgrade to 1990s? Could you spend a  couple more bucks or borrow a tool that’s a better tool that’s going to make everything  easier for you. You don’t even have to buy the damn thing.  

Because half the time these days, you can use free software and free technology  and a whole bunch of stuff that’s for free. Think about it. Facebook is free. LinkedIn is free unless you buy an upgraded account. Unless you’re running ads on Facebook. It’s  three Instagram is free.  

Are you using these tools? Or are you still trying to use your business card and go  networking and having that be the core part of your growing of your business. So again,  do an assessment go into the garage look at what you’re using in your life, whether it’s  personal or professional.  

Recently, I just upgraded all the light fixtures and things in my house and I tried to  I’m smart house thing it actually I’ve got an episode coming out called Smart Home dumb  husband because I shouldn’t have done that home.  

But But I wanted to upgrade the tools in my life. I was using these things and is  awesome. It works. I’m guessing you can still hit a tennis ball. But I actually haven’t even  swung it yet. 
Because first day I went out and I asked my instructor maybe not first day. I didn’t  even know where that one was. Right. But you get the gist. I went out and asked  instructor what’s the best racket to use. He told me this one.  

If you’re not using the best tools out there. If you’re not using a book, please let me  help you craft a message for them. It’s nice.Let me help you craft a message that will help  you meet your mission and grow a movement and help you monetize that movement  and monetize that mission.  

This is what I’m about. This is my purpose to help you become rich and happy to  help you improve the quality of your life. And and by building an ideal business so you  can leave your idea. Here’s my little Batman Maverick is eating dirt. 

And this is my wife. And yes, the way she’s gonna make cancer smart house dumb  husband mad why that’ll be a good podcast says stay safe into smart house dumb  husband, mad wife. That’ll be actually excellent. 

And that’s all I’m going to do for today. Make sure you are looking at the tools  you’ve got in your life and and seeing if it’s time to update them so that you’re using the  best technology to help you get what you want today. 

And with that Maverick says What do you wanna say but, bye you know saying Do you see this he’s a walk in man he only takes a couple of steps now and then but he’s still  walking at eight and a half months and he loves my hat. 

Alright hope to see you again on another daily dose greatness question. We’ll see  you later. 

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