For Episode 59 of The CareerMetis Podcast, I’ve been their guest.

During our interview I was able to share my insights on improving your personal branding by writing and publishing a book.


1. Trevor starts by telling Nissar a bit about the success he found, as well as the roller coaster of a life he navigated to get there.

2. He talks about the benefits of writing a book, as well as shares insights on branding, marketing, sales and communication.

3. Trevor talks about why people should write a book, and what they should write about. He give amazing examples that frame the things that hold most people back.

4. He shares 4 questions that will help people at the beginning stages of writing their book. Who is it for? What is it about? Why are you writing (what results)? And finally: What comes next?

5. He concludes the interview by talking about the business behind books, and how the adventure happens after you publish your book, not before.

For the rest of the interview, click here.

How To Make BIG Money With Books:

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