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EPISODE 133 of a Daily Dose of Greatness Quest with Trevor Crane


A great friend of mine wrote a phenomenal book, called PEOPLE FIRST, by Jack Lannom.

For the sake of your ​friends​ and your ​family​, and your ​business​, I HOPE and PRAY that  you use the lessons I’m going to share with you today.

Jack calls this your Pyramid of People Power:


Thank you.

I need you.

I believe in you.

I am proud of you.


The people who matter to you most NEED you. And YOU need them. Who in your life  needs to hear how much you appreciate them? 

To DRAMATICALLY improve your relationship with your sweetie, your kids, your team,  your boss, basically… all HUMANS.

“Dream while everyone else is sleeping.” – Trevor Crane

Dream while everyone else is sleeping.


Use the language of the pyramid of people power every day, for 10 days.
Find someone in your life that you can say these words every single day.
Thank you.
I need you.
I believe in you.
I am proud of you.

Then… let me know what happens.


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Welcome to another daily dose of greatness quest. Today we’re going to talk about  people before profit.

There’s a great book out there called ​Profit First. And I think it’s a great book. But  a good friend of mine also wrote an amazing book called ​People First. And he uses the  people first principle with these phenomenal, gigantic companies. And he transforms  them. And the way he transforms them is helping people change their own lives.  

It’s really an amazing strategy. I want to share with you some simple things today, I think you’re going to love it. 


Okay, so I go back and forth on trying to give you something that’s helpful about  your business, and also helpful about your life. I see a ton of crossover and this is going  to be one of them.

But I would ask for you to look at the ​people first principle​ like from a personal  perspective of just how you can use this to improve your your communication with  others. I think communication is one of the most important things you can learn to  master in influence is one of the most important things you can learn to master.  

And that is that if you’re going to influence someone who it’s a someone, it’s a  person. And all too often, I think the world and corporate america and, and people are all  focused on profit, man, we got to make sure its profit, profit profit. I love that. I love to  create results in business. However, it’s the people that drive a business and profitability.

And my friend Jack Lannom, and who’s the author of ​People First ​ , which is a great  book called Building subtitle is ​building lives and passing on the legacy ​ . This is something  that I have studied, this is something that I have, I feel like I am body in my life every  single day.  

And he has a communication period pyramid or something called the people  pyramid that I want to share with you today. And I’m going to do it briefly. But this is  something you can use right away.  

I started using this with my wife with my daughter with my friends. And I read the book and I tried to apply the principles and now I just have this past language  ingrained in me. And I found I found that this pattern of language lifts people up, it  makes them feel better, it makes them strive to be better.

And the whole principle of ​people first​ is, is that if you’re going if you’re running  a corporation, which is Jack Lannom is a consultant to big corporations that he comes in.  He teaches this as a leadership principle that from the bottom up and top down, like  everybody should be treating others like this. 

It comes down to you and me being becoming better leaders, becoming better  mothers, becoming better fathers, becoming better people, and actually treating every  human in our organization. And every human it’s one of our clients as the most precious  resource that we have. That’s a little bit of the build up for it.  

Jack works with gigantic billion dollar companies and some million dollar  companies. But I just think it’s a phenomenal principle I pulled out his book today to  share with you the pyramid and people power so I’m once you just go ahead and draw a  little triangle or big triangle on a piece of paper. And we’re gonna go ahead and I’m  gonna have you section that up and a little buckets here and give you the people pyramid  here in one second.  

So up at the top, if you can just draw a line and like take, maybe you’re gonna  draw 1, 2, 3, 4, 4 lines are going to split that pyramid, that triangle into five parts is going  to be four lines, it’s gonna be a little top part, then a little bigger part. And then all the  way the bottom is going to be the bigger line.  

So the lines going horizontal, from left to right. And then up at the top. I want you  to just write in the word YES, yes. So YES, is one of the most powerful questions you can  use with communicating with others. Like when your wife or your boss or or when I  have an employee or whatever, and I asked them to do something, what I’m looking for  is a YES. YES makes us feel good.  

All too often, I think people approach, no, are very pervasive in our world,  especially in corporate America. And especially at home. Like, I think some of the worst  communication and I’ve often seen is with, with siblings, with family, I mean, with the  stuff that my family that I or my wife or my sisters or whatnot that I have heard us say to  one another is so much different than what we would say to the public.  

And I’m sure you’ve experienced this before that, you know, brothers and sisters  can just say one little thing, and they can set one another off. And same with spouses and  same with us to our kids.  

And so I think it’s a really powerful reminder that just what we want to hear is  YES, and, and, and some acceptance that this is a good idea, and that I that I’m going to  support you that I am going to try to find a way to give you a YES. And I it’s up at the top  of the pyramid because it’s just to remind you that it’s one of the most powerful words  that you can use for yourself. Can I do it? YES. Try to come up with YES. 

I remember when my daughter was born at one stage and decided that I didn’t  want to ever get tell her the word, NO. I thought, What a cool What? How cool would it  be if all I did was ever give her a YES. 

And if I could just find a way to never say NO. Well, I wanted to make sure she  survived. Like, no, don’t jump into traffic. And don’t burn yourself. So that was kind of a  pie in the sky idea. But the idea is still, you know, use use the word YES. Get somebody  give you the next part of the pyramid. Just a step down from that one is the word THANK  YOU. 
And again, all too often in our personal lives, and in our professional lives. These  two these three words now, YES, and THANK YOU are words that often go unsaid. You  know, it’s oftentimes with our kids, I’m sure you probably do this, if you have kids,  you’ve reminded them that there are times they need to say thank you.  

You know, our kids come sometimes come to us, and they demand this that or the  other thing, dad gave me more ice cream or, but or my daughter. We just gave her a  whole bunch. We traveled that all kinds of great stuff this summer. And I had to remind  her, she’s very grateful. I can feel it. But did she actually say the words, THANK YOU? 

And so I am training her to do that. And if you’re listening to me right now, you’re  probably like, I have trained my kids to do that. Great. That’s not what I’m saying. I  know, you use the word YES. And I know you use the word THANK YOU. I’m not saying  that you don’t, I am meant I’m reminding you of this, to practice it.  

And recognize that other people need to hear you say these words on a regular  basis. And it’s a need it is like oxygen, you know, it is like water is like food. If you go too long. without food, you’re going to start without water, you’re going to drown. And  without air. Yeah, you had a couple of minutes.  

So we need to use these words powerfully. And as often as possible. Just remind  ourselves to challenge ourselves to say the more obviously, you say these frickin words,  but just some challenging to say more. Okay, the next one, I NEED YOU. 

I NEED YOU, just think about how powerful that is. Who wants to be in a  relationship with someone, whether it’s a friend, a family member, or a significant other  that you feel like you’re unneeded? Like, if you’re unneeded, you’re useless to this other  person. It feels like shit, that’s what it feels like. 

And so it’s an important reminder for us to just remember to use this language  with others. Imagine if you’re a boss, talking to your team, and you say, Hey, I, it’s really,  I need your help with this, I NEED YOU. Without you, this would fail.  

Now, I use this all the time, I am very much a team oriented guy, I will oftentimes  take some personal credit for what we accomplished. But even right now, I’m saying we,  it is my team, it is the group it is I would look I much prefer to give credit to my team  than to take it myself. Because it is a wee it’s just a lie that I did it all myself.  

And so it’s really important to to just remind yourself to use these words. And  what’s really freaking cool about these, this Pink Purple pyramid is that you can use all  these one after the other like, I’ll use them in one sentence or two sentences back to back  with friends with my family and with my my clients and with my my team. 
Okay, so I NEED YOU very important. Three words. Next one. next rung on the  ladder our forwards, I BELIEVE IN YOU. See, imagine saying this to your team. I BELIEVE  IN YOU. I NEED YOU. THANK YOU for your help. And YES, we can do this.  

Now, these are just some simple words. But they’re powerful ones. And my friend  consults billion dollar companies with this simple language pattern. Because all too often  people are watching negative news. They’re bitching and complaining, they’re telling  their boss or they’re telling their staff, you need to do this, you need to do that. Fuck you. 
You got to do this, you got to do that. And we’re not treating people with dignity,  respect that they deserve as opposed to approaching them saying, look, I need your help.  I NEED YOU. You’re amazing. I BELIEVE IN YOU. YES, we can do this together. And THANK YOU so much for your time, energy and and focus Do you see you can use these  back back to back? 

I want to give you the last one here. I AM PROUD OF YOU. You know, I don’t know  if you’ve ever done this for someone that you care about. Maybe it’s a friend. Maybe it’s  spouse, maybe it’s one of your kids from me. What comes up for me is my kids. And my  wife. And I use this all the time.  

And like I said, this is now just been ingrained in me as a pattern language. Like, I  want to use it all the time. Because I am proud of the people that I care about. I am proud  of my daughter who’s done this or done that.  

And I can’t wait to brag about the fact that she’s right now she’s a 10 time number  one best selling author. And we’re just finishing the edits on two of her new books. And  we’ve got a third another book that she’s going to write in a couple of weeks.  

Like the girl is going to finish the summer a 13 times number one best selling  author all things going right. Like, I am freaking proud of her. I’m proud of her how she  spends the day. I’m proud of her. When she says thank you. And I don’t and I and I use it.  I share it. I say it. I don’t just think it in my head. 

Sometimes my wife and I play games with each other. And we’ll say did you say  that with your outside voice? Because there are times I don’t know if you’ve ever done  this, you think you said something. But instead it was in your head? 
How often have you been really appreciative are grateful for a staff, a friend, a  family member, and then you just kind of you said it behind their back? You said it to  yourself. You said it in the shower, you said it in the morning. But you didn’t necessarily  share it with them. 
So every opportunity you’ve got, if you can use these words, I’m proud of you. I  need you. Thank you, I believe in you. And yes, these are the the pyramid of people  power. And if you start using these on a regular basis, I promise you, your relationships  will get better.  

I went to dinner with some friends of mine when I was moving out of New Jersey,  actually, it’s not true was about a year or two before I left New York, New Jersey area.  And we’re moving to Florida, and I haven’t done it with this married couple.  

My wife and I and at dinner. These people I really like for a whole bunch of  different reasons. But we were hanging out. They just seem to bitch and complain. And I  finished dinner with my wife and I bailed you know, this was on a double date.  

I guess we left and I was like, I don’t know that I want to hang out with them  anymore. I mean, I care about them. I I like them. But that was not pleasurable. He’s  bitching about this shit. She’s complaining about that shit. They they backed by it against  each other. I’m not hearing a pattern of language that I want to familiarize myself with.  Like, this sucks. It feels shitty.  

So I never went out with them again. I mean, I talked to them from time to time, I  invited them to one or two things that were going on when I could be around other  groups of people. But I didn’t want to go have a private dinner with them.  

Because hanging out with them just kind of sucked because they didn’t use this  pyramid power. And why don’t you start at the bottom? Okay, fine.

So here’s my challenge for you​ use this pyramid of people power to do it for  like a 10-day challenge​. And go ahead and just find someone in your life that you can  say every single day. I am proud of you. And then tell them why because you believe in  them. And then you can use the phrase I need you. Thank you. 
Yes, you can put them all in one phrase. It’ll take you three minutes to just say to  your son, your daughter, your spouse, a staff member. You know what I’m really proud  of. You did a great job today on blank. And I believe in you and how amazing you are  and how you’re going to help us get to the next level.  

Because the truth is, I need you and I want to thank you so much for your time  and energy that you put into this. And yes, if there is any way I can support you, please  let me know. Just test these and see if you like it.  

All right. That’s all I got for you. Today. There’s a little bit longer than I wanted.  But I feel really passionate about this. See if you put people first versus profit first, the  profits will reign in the number one challenge.
One of the number one challenge is the business owners have these days is  turnover. Most people are unhappy with their jobs. They’re not happy with what they’re  doing. They’re not happy in the relationship and not happy with their bodies. And they’re not in an environment that people support them be the leader that supports the  people around you and lift them up. 
And giving you the formula I just wish that every home in America every home  around the world would use this pattern of language with one another is as opposed to  fuck you, screw you, No I don’t want this. Why don’t you do that for me? Why did what  about what have you done for me lately? Blah blah blah bullshit. 
All right, when I’m a little bit more but I’m excited about this. I can’t wait to talk to  you tomorrow where we’re going to give you another who I’m excited about tomorrow’s  episode.  

Support please. Join me on a daily dose of greatness quest every single day and  give me some love on iTunes. If you want. I need some iTunes reviews. Really nice. 
Alright. Have a good one. 

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