Danny & Scotty, are hosts of the Cult Classic Horror Show, and in less than 12 months, these guys achieved every entrepreneurs wet-dream…Learn how Danny & Scotty, turned their PASSION for movies and horror films into a full time income through E-commerce and broadcasting.

Danny & Scotty are actual twin brothers and business partners (a.k.a the “Blood Brothers”). They are Colorado natives and so of course they enjoy “outdoorsy” crap like hiking, camping, skiing, and snowboarding! Their desire to never answer to a “boss” has taken them on a journey through the excruciating, magical land of network marketing where they encountered the “failure fairies” for the first 2 years of their quest.

They finally found the gates to the “e-commerce” kingdom and have wooed the princess to achieve success! They’re very positive dudes and would love for you to get to them on their new podcast at http://cultclassichorror.com.



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