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Today’s show is about Operation Lost Wedding Ring, Don’t tell my wife but… I lost my wedding ring.

In the Bahamas. On a water slide.
Join me as I “seek” to retrieve it with my daughter.

Plus, you’ll learn what to do when YOU lose something precious.

Whether you find it, or it’s lost forever. 


What do you do when you lose something that is precious to you? 


“The most precious things in life aren’t things.” – Trevor Crane

The most precious things in life aren't things.


Write down in your journal a time in your life when you lost something special to you, and now you realize that you’re better off without it.

Then share what you learn or discovered with someone else. You don’t know it, if you can’t teach it. 


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Welcome back to another daily dose of greatness quest. This is Trevor Crane, founder of Epic Author Publishing and Super Kids Books Publishing.

And today, I’m still in the Bahamas. So if you hear background noise, it’s because I’ve got cars driving by. I’m trying to find a quiet place to record our episode today.

But the subject today is Operation Lost Wedding Ring. Yes, I lost my wedding ring yesterday. And we’re going to talk about how when you lose something precious to you, what are you gonna do? I know you’re gonna love this show.


Okay, so we were at a waterpark. We’re at the Atlantis Hotel. And we’ve been making, I’ve been doing a lot of videos for my podcast lately. Today is just an audio podcast. I will put up the videos that I think are a lot of fun.

Being in the Bahamas this last week has been just really neat. I wanted to share it with you in video form rather than just audio form. From all the cool stuff that we’ve been doing and the things that I’ve been learning.

But yesterday we’re at the Atlantis Casino. It’s called Paradise Island over in Nassau, Bahamas. And if you’ve never been there, I think it’s a really cool place to definitely look at least look at it online. Because there’s this beautiful aquarium and they’ve got this waterpark with water slides and stuff. And it’s probably not the best waterpark in the world. But it definitely is in a great location.


So my daughter and I are on one of the rides with these inner tubes. And she likes to go in the double inner tube one so that we can ride together. And of course, I’m messing around. And when we go down the the, the exciting part where you’re up and down and bouncing around like, that was all fun. But there were kind of just like a low on around like, this ride basically had this really slow part. And we were just floating real slowly down the ride. And I’m always looking for more ways to have fun.

So there was this little waterfall thing that was we’re approaching. And so I tried to wedge our, our float in such a way that the waterfall was crashing on my daughter’s head. And I thought it was hilarious. When I was messing around and doing that. And she noticed what I was doing. She’s like Daddy, and so then we were kind of both wrestling a little bit right there. That’s daddy having fun.

And my wedding ring slipped off. And you know, I, I noticed it in the moment that it slipped off. I could feel it. And so I was grasping for it. And we’re in this one frickin ride. You know, there was nothing much to do. But I jumped out of the inner tube because I was my wedding ring. Like this is a precious thing for me.

And so I’m my daughter screen keeps going. And I’m standing now on this water slide thing fishing around in the water. And the water is pretty strong. The current is pushing me away. At one point. I felt like I could feel it and then it brushed away wedding ring gone. But is it gone?

You know, I’ve lost a lot of things in my life. I’m sure you have as well. I came home one day, and my my daughter’s turtle had crawled out of the tank and it was lost somewhere in the house. Oh, no. My wife was like, Well, what will smell him her eventually will find her you know, but I grabbed my flashlight and took me about two hours.

But I crawled through every nook and cranny that I could think of this turtle being and I finally found and in my office, he’s an aquatic turtle, by the way. And he was underneath my bookshelf. I found the turtle like when you lose something that’s precious to you. And I knew that this turtle was precious to my daughter. I didn’t just give up right away.

You know, I mean, and I’m sure you’ve done this as well, where you’re at you, you you have something that you’ve lost. That’s precious to you. I was when I broke up with my daughter’s mother. And we never got married. We had my daughter was two years old when my ex and I split up. She didn’t think I was a great guy at that time.

And shortly thereafter, she sold all my belongings like I had put all my stuff into storage. And instead of hiring a storage unit, because we were kind of broke that stage in my life. We had all put it in air at her parents place. And when she thought I sucked, she sold all my stuff.

And I was just like I had traveled around the world doing all kinds of cool stuff. And when I would travel, I’d always buy something that was like a keepsake. You know, when I was in Fiji. I bought these Warhammer type things. And when I was in Indonesia, I bought these they wouldn’t masks and I decorate my house or my apartment or wherever I was with all these cool things.

And she sold all of it. She took all my stuff. I didn’t find out necessarily for a couple of years. And I was trying to get my stuff back. But I was so upset and so off. What do you do when you lose something that is precious to you?

And in the case of my my wedding ring, this was totally operation wedding ring. Like I walk up and down that slide two or three times we kept going back on the ride because I was like, I gotta find this thing. I was committed to finding something that was precious to me.


Now, this isn’t the first time I’ve lost my wedding ring. Unfortunately, when the first time I lost my wedding ring that my wife was gonna kill me. And we even want to watch my wedding ring yesterday. My daughter was like, well, Daddy, you know. Are you frustrated? And I was like, I’m not frustrated. Are you angry? I’m not angry. Are you sad? No, I’m not sad.

Like, I think it’s a bummer. She’s like, well, let’s do something to get you in a good mood again. I’m like, Well, I am in a good mood. She said what? Well, it isn’t Robyn. Robyn’s gonna be mad. And I’m like, well, she she might be she’ll probably be more upset about it than I am. So just give me a hard time.

But when I lost my wedding ring the first time and I never did find it. My original wedding ring, which I thought I’d never lose. Thank god men, at least my wedding rings worth less than 100 bucks. My wife’s is worth five figures. I don’t know exactly what it’s worth.
But that’s my daughter said to me. That’s because men don’t matter. And then she laughed and thought that was very funny. But like it wasn’t that important. Like, I think ultimately the the thing about losing something that’s precious to you and you can’t get it back is what’s really important. See, because sometimes you lose things.

I was at a Tony Robbins event one time and I have a friend there who lost her purse was stolen. And she was really upset not for the money enough about the credit cards, but about a little photo album she had in her purse. And it was going to be it was of her grandson.

And she was really upset that she had lost these keepsakes. And what we what I helped her find within about five minutes was the gift of what she was given when she lost her purse. And obviously it sucks. Obviously it’s an inconvenience. Obviously she’s going to miss those pictures. That’s not it.

But what we looked for. And what we found inside of five minutes was a gift a gift of how precious it is for her to have those memories of her grandson a gift of now she can call up her grandson and her son and she can go ahead and connect with them at a level deeper than she ever did before. She recognized now that every what we did is we just I just kept asking the question of what is the gift in this.

And by the way, if you hear any background noise, and I hear cars and I hear chickens every once in a while. There’s also my baby dangling from my chest. But what we found when we went to her last right, she lost her purse. But when we found and we asked the question of what’s the gift in this, she found many.

In fact, she was almost she was in tears about how grateful she was that she lost her purse. Not that she lost her purse. But that she took them the time to find the gift is something that she was precious to find the gift and when when she lost something that was precious to her.

When lost all my stuff in my ex sold all my belongings I was really upset. But what I found it as far as a big gift in it was that I didn’t need all that stuff that it wasn’t that important to me that I could live without it. And that I’m better potentially without it.
In fact, I’m going to go ahead and maybe record another podcast about the bare necessities. I think that that’s an important song. I love Disney song. And I want to talk a little bit more about that in a minute.

But back to operation lost wedding ring. So if you lose something this precious for you, what you might find is that it’s probably very near where you lost it.

So what I did is I talked to the life that was working that slide that was making sure nobody drowns on this silly little lazy river. And he said that at seven o’clock when the when the rides shut down, they turn off the water. And then I was he was he said that I could go walk back up the slide and see if I can found find it.

So that’s what my daughter and I did. And fortunately we have a happy ending. I found my wedding ring. And it was within about five feet of where I lost it. And you know, it’s funny how things happen that way.

We I was in a boat one time with my friend in the Bahamas. And he dropped his watch in the ocean. And it obviously went down to the bottom of the ocean is about 80 feet down. And then so we went back and we got some scuba gear. And we went and we’re looking all around for it. We have searched and searched and searched like I started this little search pattern. And we you know, has searched like a maybe 30 feet radius.

And my buddy went down. And he was just snorkeling. He wasn’t on scuba Hey, good morning. Good morning. He wasn’t on scuba he was just snorkeling. And he just snorkel down and he went right to the point we had marked it with an anchor.

And he found the watch within about 12 inches aware of where we dropped the anchor. It was just in inside this little piece of coral like it had just fallen right there. Like instead of doing this huge radius, and I searched all over for my wedding ring. The one place I found it was about five feet from where I had lost it. Yeah, the water move that it went five feet down.

So if you lose something precious to you, the first thing I suggest you do is commit to searching for it because you just might find it. Whether it’s a turtle, it’s a watch, it’s a ring, it’s your stuff, whatever it is. And then sometimes you are definitely going to lose the things that are most precious to you.

And you know, there are people they’re animals, there are those that you love the most, you’re going to lose the things that are precious to you. When it comes to some of your physical belongings. You know, when your purse or your wallet gets stolen, what are you gonna do? Are you gonna have a bad time? Or you’re gonna have a good time? Is this going to suck? Is it going to ruin your day?
You know, my daughter suspected that I was going to be really upset and I was inconvenienced. I was maybe annoyed that I had lost it. But you know what, I searched for the ring and found it. And I searched for the turtle and found it. I searched for the watch and my buddy found it.

So, you know, my challenge for you today is to just think of something you know, here. Here’s my challenge journal journal, a time in your life when you lost something, and you’re actually better off without it. When you lost something as precious to you. Or when you lost something, maybe someone and you found gifts in it that are well beyond what you ever had before when you had this thing or this person or this whatever.

Like when I lost my daughter’s mother and when I lost my house when I lost my cars when I lost my self respect. You know what I found was my my wife at the one of the worst times in my life when I thought I had lost everything including my daughter and my yada yada yada the money in the things I found the woman that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with.

So sometimes you have to lose everything in order to find what you really need. I don’t know that’s that’s what I think about it. So anyway, that’s my challenge for you today and hope you make today magnificent. I’m going to shoot one more podcast for you. So tomorrow we’re going to talk about the bare necessities. I love that song for the bare necessities. That’s a little idea. I’m not going to sing to you too much tomorrow on the next podcast.

Alright, if you love this the show please go ahead and give us some love on iTunes. And can’t wait to go ahead and see you tomorrow. Alright, have a good one.

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