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EPISODE 62 of a Daily Dose of Greatness Quest with Trevor Crane


“Do one thing at a time. Do it right. Finish it.” – Mark Yarnell


What’s the ONE THING that you could and should be focused on that will give you the  biggest WIN? 

What things in your life do you need to delete? What are those things that you need to  just stop doing and stop focusing on?


Pick the ONE THING that you should be focused on to give you the biggest WIN.

If you have a list, narrow it down and then come up with the ​ONE THING​ that you need  to ​FOCUS​ ​ON​.

Take a look at everything in your life and discover that the only way for you to get more  time is for you to do less stuff.  

What is it that you’re doing that you should not be doing that you should delegate to someone else? 


On today’s show I talk about ​ONE THING TO WIN​.  

That we need to FOCUS ON ONE THING ONLY in order to get the success we want. Which  means, we need to DELETE or DELEGATE all the other things.  

My tips for you today are 7-3-2. And what can you delete or delegate? And then just focus  on that ONE THING that you can and should be doing and putting your energy into it so  you can have more success and have more time. 


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Welcome back. The topic for today is ​ONE THING TO WIN​.

My brother from another mother, Mr. Steven Napolitan actually shared this with  me as an idea, and a concept that he teaches his clients. And he has found that ​focusing  on one thing at a time creates the most abundance for himself, in business and in  life​. And I’m going to share with you some stories and some real examples about how to  make that happen. 

I know you’re gonna love today’s show, 


Alright. Welcome back. As I said, today’s show is about ​ONE THING TO WIN​. And  I gave a personal example about this. In the last few years, my wife and I have been  focused on writing books. I shared with everybody. You probably heard this before that  when I wrote my first book, it helped my wife and I 10X our income. I wrote a book and  she wrote a book. She didn’t really start writing a book until she saw that I was getting  started. And then she beat me to the punch. And she wrote a book first or something like  that. Anyway, we wrote our books, and we 10X our income. 

And then because I’ve been a business consultant helping people make money in  their business, that’s typically what they hired me for, was how to increase their  revenue. I looked at it, and I thought, “Gosh, if I 10X my income, maybe my clients could  do this as well.” 

So I started a little publishing company on the side. Because I’d like to share with  people the results that worked for me. Now, here’s what I did. I also decided that because  I was new to this area of publishing, I needed to build around myself a team to help me  help you get your book done. 

So one of my second book, I think it was called, I think it’s my second book, is  called ​Your Epic Book Launch ​ . And I wrote that book with a team of other authors and  publishers who helped people publish their book. So I partnered with social media experts. I suppose I partnered with other people in the publishing space. And we  published a book with 22 other authors around, helping create ​Your Epic Book Launch ​ .  It’s an amazing book. We tell all those stories in the book, and there’s massive amount of  value that you could get. 

Now, what I decided to do as well, since I wanted to build this hybrid publishing  company to support you in getting your book done. I decided that I needed to publish a  book and all the cool ways you can do it. So I turned the podcast into a book. I wrote  some kids books with my daughter. I just, I really focused on creating, creating, creating. 

Now what that did is I was able to write some books. I was able to publish some  books. I was able to get some success both personally and I felt good about myself and  make a difference. That was great. And I was able to feel conviction that now I knew a lot  of different ways to publish books. And I’ve now got 11 number one best-selling books,  great bragging rights.

But in that same period of time, my wife focused on ​ONE THING TO WIN​. And  she built her own business around just working with women. And she wanted to work  with women as the financial advisors and service professionals and just a lot of different  entrepreneurial types of women that are in service businesses. 

And as she focused on that, the first year, I think you’ve heard this from me  before, she struggled. And she only made $500 in a coaching practice. Not that awesome,  nothing really to brag about there. But she was making progress. She’s building the  foundation of her business and her brand. And one of the first thing she did, was get a  book done. And not only that, but we had a structure for her business so as she got her  book done, she can make some sales. 

So the following year, she made $150,000. Now the year after that, when we  improved her brand and when we improved the way that she was to broadcast her  information to the world. She went ahead in with the same message, the same  communication style but now just doing a hell of a lot more of it. Like I mentioned a  broadcast, a blog, you know, a podcast video we partnered with Grant Cardone did all  kinds of things. My wife made 500 grand. So check that out.

In two years, she went from 500 bucks of income to $500,000 of income. ​ONE  THING TO WIN​. In that same period of time, while I made decent money, my wife made more money than I did. I would love to go out and tell you and brag about. And  oftentimes, I’ll talk about this subject in such a way so that it sounds like I have made a  lot more money than my wife in that capacity. And that would not be accurate. 

Like, I just don’t tell the story about exactly how much I have made on different  times in my life. I have made millions of different things. But at that time, I was not. Why  was I not? Because oftentimes, I spend more of my energy creating the assets, creating  the books, creating new funnels, working with new clients. My focus was on a multiple of  things. 

In the same period of time, I helped my buddy Steve Napolitano publish his book.  And he had known that I was writing my own book. And he and I have talked about his  book 5 years before I’ve written mine. And then when I wrote my book, and became a  number one bestseller, and so did my wife and so did my daughter. And I started  growing in this capacity. He said, “Trevor, I know a friend, but I think I need to hire you.” 

Like it was tough for him to kind of swallow his pride and hire a friend. Because  he thought were buddies, but he’s like, you know what? He hires mentors in every area  of his life, so he finally hired me. And so, what we did is, he was just coming back to  rebuild his career. He’d made a business change in his life. He moved from California to  Australia. And he went through a situation where he didn’t lose everything but he lost  the entire business he had built. And so then he was building it back from scratch. And  he approached me to help him with his book. 

And he said, “Trevor, I’m doing kind of doing better right now. I’m starting to  grow things back. But the challenge is I want to write this book. And I know what’s going  to become a powerful tool in my marketing. But dude, I can’t take away my time from my  family.” And his biggest concern was to get a great book done was going to take him a  bunch of time. 

So I assured him that with my system, and with our process, and with my team,  that we could get it done really quickly. I made him a promise that it would take him that  our goal together would be to get this book done in less than 24 hours of his time. And he  was very skeptical. He didn’t think this was a possibility for us to do. 

So I had him actually record videos of himself and keep time of the amount of  time he was spending working on his book. And long story short, he got his book done. In the actual content creation of his book took in less than 24 hours, he freaked out in the  middle of it. Because he’s like, “Dude, we got a deadline. How am I going to get this  done?”  

And he was kind of freaking out about it. And I just talked to him. And I said,  “Steve, that’s the old pattern that you’ve been using it. In order to create phenomenal  results, everything is going to require your personal effort.” And that’s not this in this  case that got a text message, like, copied our back and forth on the text message thing. 

And I put it in a case study because Steve became a number one best-selling  author in 3 different countries, and a whole 22 different categories or something like  that. He made more money just in the promotion of his book before it ever even came  out than it would cost him to do our program. It’s a significant amount more. 

One of my favorite stories is about somebody sent him a $5,000 check and just  said, “Dude, I know with your new book coming out, you’re going to be real busy. I just  want to reserve some of your time.” And sent him a check, unsolicited. And he just said,  “Here’s money, I want to reserve your space.” 

So here’s the thing, Steve is my friend that both came up with this concept of ONE  THING TO WIN. At one point, Steve and I are working on project together called Project  Restaurant. And we were partnered with it. And he went ahead and said, “Trevor, I quit.  I bail out. This is not my passion.” We were building a TV show around it. We had a lot of  cool clients. We’re helping a lot of people. And he said, “Brother, I’m out.”  

Now I’m going to share with you that he didn’t do that with a conversation. He  didn’t do that with a text message. All of a sudden, just one day, he poofed! disappeared.  Because he realized that he and I were, he was spending time on something he didn’t  want to put his energy towards anymore. And he didn’t even know. And he just didn’t  want to waste any more time on it. So he shut off everything else he was doing, including  me. So I knew he was out when he just never responded to me anymore. Not the most,  the coolest, most elegant way to deal with it. But I get it. 

He apologized to me years later, or, you know, maybe six months later, whatever  it was. And he said, “Dude, I just had to focus on taking care of my family. And I needed  to bail.” And what he did is he came up with this concept of ​ONE THING TO WIN​.

And that same time that I’ve been growing my publishing company doing a lot of other things in my business. Building a lot of foundational things that I’m thrilled to have  with my brand. And with my daughter. And with my family and a million things. My boy,  Steve, has built a multiple million-dollar business.
He generates a significant amount of income. And he maintains a phenomenal  quality of life where he doesn’t always have to run around and work like his father  worked. When he grew up, his father was never around for family. And that was Steve’s  big fear. So he has 10X, I don’t know if that’s exactly accurate. He has a massive growth  in his business, because he focused on ​ONE THING​ to work ​TO WIN​.

So here is my question for you today. And I’m going to give you a little insight into  something you can do so that you can have more time and you can have more success.  First of all, I said pick the ​ONE THING​, my challenge for you today is to pick what’s the  ONE THING​ you couldn’t do anything else. What’s the ​ONE THING​ that you could and  should be focused on that will give you the biggest ​WIN​? What’s that ​ONE THING​? Not 2  things, not 10 things. If you’d started the list like that, that’s fine. But I want you to  narrow it down and then come up with what’s the ​ONE THING​ that you need to ​FOCUS  ON​.

And Steve and I wrote a book about this subject to a certain degree, it’s called ​One  Hour A Day To Six Figures. I’ve wrote this with my wife and with Steve. And we taught  a course around this rule, book around it. And we actually decided to put the content of  the course into the book in like a conversation way. So people get a lot of value from this  book.
If you want to get that book for me, you just got to reach out to Trevor Crane, you  know, send an email to ​support@trevor crane.com​. Reach out to me on social media  and ask for it. And I can get you a copy of that for FREE. If you just put the subject matter  that I promised you to do that, all right? Just put the subject line to say, “Hey, can I get a  free copy of that book, ​One Hour A Day To Six Figures.”

And I’ll hook you up because that is the daily discipline that you can use to  generate six figures. For example, if that’s what you want to do, you need to be in an  income generating situation, then you might want that.

Alright, so ​what is the one thing that you should focus on​? I don’t know what it  is for you but I do remember, I learned this from a guy, a marketing guy, his name is Mark Yarnell. Now, and it was a formula of 7-3-2. So write this down. So I’m going to give  you a little tip, this will help you more success and give you more time. 7-3-2. And what  that means is I’m going to give you a 7-word sentence, a 3-word sentence and a 2-word  sentence to go ahead and just stay focused on.  

When I think of trying to be more effective and more efficient, I think of 7-3-2, and  it’s “Do one thing at a time.” That’s the 7-word sentence. “Do one thing at a time.”,” Do it  right.” and “Finish it.” Those are the three sentences. “​Do one thing at a time. Do it  right. Finish it ​ .” And that’s by Mark Yarnell. That’s my quote for the day. Do one thing  at a time, period, do it right, period, finish it, period.

And I find myself getting overwhelmed. And I realized that I need to ​DELETE OR  DELEGATE​. So my next challenge to you today is to ​look at your life and discover that  the only way for you to get more time is for you to do less stuff.​ So what in your life,  if you look at everything, do you need to delete, you need to just stop doing and stop  focusing on?  

Steve Napolitan stopped talking to me for one period at a time. It’s not that he  didn’t like me. He just was like, “Dude, I couldn’t focus on that business any longer.” And  he just bailed out. Wasn’t the most elegant way for him to deal with it. No, but he did it.  It’s no big deal. Like, it happens. It’s not a big deal.  

What do you need to stop? What do you need to delete? And just take off your to  do list? I have a goal for myself that I said every week and every month to look at my to  do list and just take stuff off of it. What do you need to delete? And then what is it that  you’re doing that you should not be doing that you should delegate to someone else?  

And basically, I would challenge you to look at everything. I was cooking dinner  the other night. And I realized that after making dinner for my wife and family and then  cleaning up afterwards, as much as I enjoyed it, it was a significant waste of my time. I  looked at it and it was over 3 hours to prepare a meal, eat a meal, and then clean up the  meal. Okay, I’m a big slob. And maybe I’m really slow. 
But I was like 3 freaking hours! Like, I could do something so much better with  that time. Why didn’t I just order over eats? We are becoming, we are entering or we are  in an economy where ​our most precious resource is our time​. What do you need to  delete? And what do you need to delegate to others?  

Another one of my mentors, Frank Kern teaches this and has talked about it lately  on social media. I haven’t spoken with him personally about this. But it drives me insane  because I know he’s right. And every seven figure business that he has helped scale in  the last several years did so in one way. They did less. They did fewer things.  

So my tips for you today are 7-3-2. And what can you delete or delegate? And then  just focus on what that one thing is that you can and should be doing and putting your  energy to so, that you can have more success and have more time. So let me see if I have  anything else for you today. What’s the one thing you should be focused on to give you  the biggest bang for your buck? 

I think that’s all I got for you today. I’ll tell you what, here’s what I want you to do.  I have a new 30-day challenge that is coming out, that I’m about to start. And this would  be a great and I’m about to start this publicly where you can join me with this. I’ve been  teasing this on some of my podcasts here lately.
But in the next few days, this is going to come out. So if you haven’t yet  downloaded my app, make sure you do that. And I’m sure that the little outro we have on  the podcast here will remind you of it. But just text message my first name, which is  Trevor ​to the phone number ​36260​. That’s ​36260​. Download my app and look for the  30-Day Challenge button or call to action on there. Because I want to invite you to  commit to a 30-day challenge. I can help you set and get and goal. 

If you haven’t heard me talk about this yet, then I am publishing a new book this  year about getting any goal. And I want to showcase new case studies and results that are  inside there. Which is why I’m giving you my new 30-day program. It comes with free audiobook and get the T shirt. I’m telling you this is gonna be badass and I want you to  join me so make sure you do that. 

And then join me tomorrow on another daily dose of greatness quest. I can’t  wait to see you there and make today magnificent.