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EPISODE 53 of a Daily Dose of Greatness Quest with Trevor Crane


“A confused mind says no, and does nothing.” – Trevor Crane

“When you’re confused, you’re ready to learn something.” – Tony Robbins


I’m curious… what keeps you up at night? What are you “worried” about? Or do you feel  the most overwhelmed or confused?

Is it in your personal world? Or professional? Is it your marketing? Money? Your health?  Your relationship? 


Write down these 3 steps in your success journal, so you have a FORMULA to overcome  and OBLITERATE any time you have feelings of “overwhelm” or “confusion.”

FIRST​ – Celebrate the confusion. (It means you’re about to learn something)

SECOND​ – Fast action = Fast results. (And no action, equals no results.)

THIRD​ – Find a mentor or coach to help and guide you. 


On today’s episode, I talk about how to overcome or ​OBLITERATE​ OVERWHELM.

The OPPOSITE of “overwhelm” is “clarity.”

On today’s show, I show you how to get there… all in 3 steps.

I’ll give you a little hint here… ​1. Celebrate, 2. Fast Action, 3. Coaching.

We all get overwhelmed. That’s not the problem. It’s what you’re going to DO… when you  do get overwhelmed. (Heh, I said “do-do.”) 

In short, when you get overwhelmed and confused, it just means you’re ready to learn  something. This feeling is not a BAD thing. It’s just a MESSAGE for you… if you’re ready  to listen. ​Are you ready to listen? ​ We’ll see…

Listen to today’s show to learn a simple strategy to get you into the RIGHT action! 


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One of the most common problems and challenges that entrepreneurs face, that  people face, I believe, is ​OVERWHELM​. It’s one of the things that comes up as like, “What  am I gonna do next?”

Today’s topic is about ​OBLITERATING OVERWHELM​.

I know you’re gonna love the show. 


All right. How do you ​OBLITERATE OVERWHELM​? It started with a no, so I use  that as the title for today. I think we all fall into this. Our phones are buzzing 7, 17  thousand times a day. We’ve got a million places we could put our energy. There’s social  media. We could and should be doing here, there and everywhere, you know. How do  you know what to do next? And oftentimes we have a big TO DO list. I don’t know about  your TO DO list, man. But my TO DO list is gigantic and it grows everyday. 

And how do you get away from this overwhelm? If you’re running your own  business, forget about it. Now you got people you got to manage and other expectations  from clients. And there’s just so much stuff and you get overwhelmed and you don’t  know what to do. And here’s what happens. ​We get confused​. We can get confused.  We’re like we have too many options. We have, we only have 24 hours in a day. And  there’s all these things we could and should be doing. What should you put your focus  and attention on? 

Oftentimes our focus and attention is on the things that we shouldn’t be focused  on. We move to things that are ​distractions​. We move to things that just take us away.  That’s why, I think, we do all the drugs and all the alcohol and get distracted by the next  Netflix Special because we want to put our attention somewhere. And it’s just we want to  have some kind of reward somewhere so we’ll do something. But I want to help you with  this strategy today. I believe all of this overwhelm and all of this confusion can be shifted  with these 3 pieces I’m going to give you. 

Now, I went to my first Tony Robbins event years ago, he shared that people  would stand up in the audience and say, “Tony, thank you for sharing what you just  shared, but I am confused.” Now this is my first observation of what I’m about to share  with you in action. So what Tony did is, ​he transformed the meaning of confusion  from something negative into something positive. 

So what he would do is instead of going down the sob story path of this person  asking their question about it, “Oh, I’m confused.” He didn’t go down that path. Instead,  what he did is, he said he would cheer for them about them being confused. He would  say, “Great! Ladies and gentlemen, she is confused!!” And he raises his hands up in the  air and then they get everybody in the audience. Music would start playing and  everybody start clapping their hands. 

And what he did is, you see in the past, this person would say they were confused  and they’d be upset about it. Like you and I probably get upset and overwhelmed and  confused and we’re upset. We’re like, “Shit, another day just went by, another week just  went by, another month just went by. Aargh! I’m overwhelmed, too much stuff to do.  Aargh! I got too much stuff to do. I don’t know about you, but I want to take a nap, wanna  go watch TV. I want to go do something that’s going to take me out of this pain because  I’m not sure what to do.”

So here’s what Tony did. And my first step to you is to ​celebrate your confusion  and overwhelm​. Transform the meaning of it. See, what Tony helped us discover that  day was that, ​when you’re confused, you’re ready to learn something​. Like it’s finally  opening the door for you to make a shift.  

And so, if you’re overwhelmed and this is a pattern that has been going on for you  for a long time, you could beat yourself up about it. But that kind of sucks. It’s going to  suck for you. It’s going to suck for people you hang out with. And you’re not going to be  in a very empowered state after you’ve done that because you’re going to beat yourself  up. And that’s fine to use pain. Man, I like using pain. But for the most part here, baby,  just celebrate the fact that you’re confused and overwhelmed. Because if you can just  recognize it and tell the truth, you’re now at the stage finally where you can do  something about it. 

And then I move into step number 2. And I remember the story that again Tony Robbins told me about General Schwarzkopf. And what he told me was a story about  when General Schwarzkopf was just a private. And he was an assistant to a general. He  was working really hard, trying to do good in the armed forces, whatever that means.  And he was following the general around. 

And he saw this general makes a really difficult decision that had taken years of  scientists and reports and all these charts and graphs and stuff then that in this general  looked at the content, looked at the two options that he had, and he made a definitive  decision. He’s like, “This is the right way.” He looked at all their information. He let them  give all their reports. And they’d been fretting about this question for years. 

And General Schwarzkopf who’s not a general at the time, was watching his  mentor make this decision, analyze the options and then pick. And he picked with  absolute certainty one of the two options. Say he picked option A. And when everybody  left the room and the private at the time, General Schwarzkopf said to his mentor, “How  on earth did you choose? How did you know the right one?” And his mentor told him, he  had absolutely no idea. What he did know is that ​choosing nothing was just going to go  ahead and cause them a lot of pain.​ It had already taken years to get this to the stage.

And he said, one of two things is going to happen. Either, I’m going to have chosen  right, and this will all work and everything’s going to win, or I’ll have chosen wrong and  within a short period of time will now know that we chose wrong. And then we can  move on to the other thing. But I know that not making a decision is still making a  decision.

So what I remember is that ​fast action equals fast results​. So even if you choose  something wrong, choose something. So that’s my second go to. You’re overwhelmed?  First thing you want to do when overwhelmed or confused, ​celebrate it​. You’re  overwhelmed, yay! You’re about to learn something! 

Now you get to look at all of your options and choose something. Choose the best  thing. Choose the hardest thing. Choose the thing that you’re scared to choose. And if  you’re worried about the email you should write, just write something. If you’re worried  about the video you should make, just make something. If you’re worried about what  business to start, just make and start some business, you know. 

Because along the path of making the wrong decision, you will probably find the right one. And don’t, just don’t do what you did freakin yesterday, man. Because if  yesterday didn’t get you the results that you want today, then you need to do something  different.

Which gets us into the third step, which is ​you need coaching​. You need help and  support. You need a community. You need a mentor to talk to, to ask for advice. You  need a community of people you can talk to, so you can commiserate with them and be  like, “Hey man, I’m trying this. I’m not sure it’s working. I know it worked. My mentor or  my coach told me to go do this thing, but I need some help.” And so it’s really nice to have  that combination of coaching from a mentor and also a community of people you can  chat with who are on the same journey. 

Which is why I designed my entire business right now, is around a community.  When people join my business for either mentoring from me, when I help them with  books, or help them with business, they get their coaching and consulting and mentoring  from me. And then they will get community and coaching and consulting and  commiseration and help and support from the community. 

I very rarely do private one-on-one calls anymore. Those are pretty expensive to  do with me. I priced them in such a way so that only people that really want to pay the  extra money can go ahead and will hire me for that. And I would love to give them that  help. But the problem is, is it’s just me and them. The real value comes from when I can  connect with the group and I, whether that’s at my events, or that’s in my course or my  mentoring program. And I have a 6-month program and a 12-month program that I work  with people and I mentor them. But what I do is, I do it in a format that they can connect  with one another and they create a community. And I’m joining communities that are  like that. If you have not done that yet, baby, then you need to do this. 

So if you are confused and overwhelmed and not sure what to do, you’re  basically scared. You’re fearful of making the wrong decision​. And I’m telling you, I  get it. I’m there in a lot of ways, in a lot of different areas of my life. And I’m doing  everything I can right now to follow this process myself. To be more specific and just to  take fast action and to do something versus nothing on the post that I make, on the  podcast that I create for you, on the courses that I’m going to create, the books that I’m  writing, the people that I’m going to interview, the phone calls that I’m going to make. 

And instead of me just being willy-nilly about it and just go, “I don’t know, maybe  I’ll just choose this.” I chose to follow, to hire people as my coaches, consultants and  mentors to support me and making sure I have clarity. See, the opposite of confusion is  clarity, knowing specifically what to go do. So what I’m looking for my right clients, I’m  looking for people who are committed, coachable and cool. Are they committed? Are  they coachable? Are they cool? 

So if you’re committed, coachable and cool and you’d like some support with your  book and or business, give me a shout out. Right now my app you can download for free  and put that on your phone. You just text message my first name ​Trevor​ to ​36260​ again  the number is ​36260​. Put my app on your phone and download some of my cool stuff.  I’ve got some couple of books I give away. You can follow me on, in a lot of places on  social media, reach out to me, ask for some questions and help. And let me go ahead and  support you in some way. 

I want you to make today magnificent. Your job and the whole purpose of  greatness quest is to help me and to help you to help everybody that wants to plug into  this to become our best. That’s my challenge for you today, become your best. Oh let me  see, I gotta give you an actual challenge. Let me see when we go give you for a challenge.  You know what? I say plan this out, do this, write down these 3 steps in your success  journal. 

So here’s my challenge for you today. Write down these 3 steps in your success  journal. If you’re confused or overwhelmed, then ​number 1, you want to celebrate.  Number 2, you want to go to fast action​. ​Number 3, is you want to find some coach  or mentor to go ahead and support you,​ so that you can not just make the first step, but  you finish. I don’t want you to start as much as I want you to finish. Which you can’t  finish, if you don’t get started. So don’t be scared. But reach out and get some help. 

If I’m the right source for you, then reach out to me, I guess. Step number 3 in this  challenge would be find a mentor or coach that you can follow, that you can go ahead  and take their advice. And if you want to hire them, I think that that’s the best choice.  Find out what they sell, buy their biggest thing from them so you can get their most value  and most support. And they can help you with their biggest transformation if you just  invest in them. 

And if you’re in a position where you can’t afford that right now, then go follow  their books, their programs, their courses, their videos there, whatever it is. And apply as  much of it as possible. And see if you can create some results. If you can create some  results with their stuff, then that might be a good person for you to hire. Because if their  free stuff gave you some, a lot of value then you might appreciate hiring them and  getting their personalized help to make sure they take you to the next level. 

That’s all I got for you today. I want you to make today magnificent. And I’ll  see you tomorrow on another daily dose of greatness quest.