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EPISODE 120 of a Daily Dose of Greatness Quest with Trevor Crane


In today’s episode, I share with you a special milestone in my 6-month-old son’s, life…
>>>>>>>>>HIS FIRST TOOTH!!!<<<<<<<<<<<< (FYI – his name is Maverick) 

What does this matter to you?THREE THINGS​. ​Find out what they are on the show!

HINT​: ​And celebrating the benchmarks of your life with your loved ones.

(I kinda made a mess of that little lesson, because I ​failed to tell my wife the good news  when I first discovered Mav’s first tooth.)


How do you CAPTURE and CELEBRATE the special moments in your life? 


“Everyday we make deposits into the memory banks of our children.” – Trevor Crane

Everyday we make deposits into the memory banks of our children

“Memories warm you up from the inside.” – Haruki Murakami


CHOOSE to capture the special and significant moments in your life by writing them  down in your journal, and sharing them with someone you love.


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Welcome to another daily dose of greatness quest. This is Trevor Crane. And today  we’re going to talk about and celebrate in detail my son’s first tooth.  

Yes, it came in. We’re going to talk about firsts and what you’re doing to capture  them. And I know you’re going to get a lot out of today’s show, even though it’s all about  my baby, Maverick is for tooth for tooth. 


Okay, welcome back. Just this weekend I was at a war room event for a group of  business owners and marketers and it’s this mastermind event and I was in California  with my baby and he’s five months old. Actually just turned six months old just a day ago. 

And what in but a few days ago and other this event I was carrying, carrying him  around in this little mini me get-up which is I think it’s called a Baby Bjorn, any sags from  the very front of me and the two of us walk around and everybody tells us we look like  twins. And that either means I look like a fat five month old baby or he looks like a 46  year old man. I’m not sure which one it is. It may be a combination of both.  

So I’m carrying him around. And you know he, what’s nice is that he’s just  entertained when he’s dangling from me there. And what’s nice is that I get to live a life  where I can hang out with him all the time. You know, we traveled with him. As you can  see, we were at this event he’s been all over the places in the Bahamas history has been  on maybe a half a dozen trip so far on airplanes.  

And what’s also nice is that I get to work out of my house and so I get to see them  all day long. Now, it’s not my job to watch them all day long. It is we have a nanny to help  us with that. But I’m, I’m with my kid. So I’m just grateful that I have the ability to be  back and forth with him and my daughter who’s 11 years old on a regular basis.  

But at any rate, I’m carrying him with me and that’s what’s making him  entertained and it’s entertaining to be hanging out. I’m the only guy there carrying  around baby Episode. I don’t give a shit about, you know whether or not anybody thinks  that’s appropriate or not.

I’m in this business event and actually we were networking at that stage and just  having a glass of wine and stuff like that. But, um, what my son likes to just basically  grab everything and put it in his mouth. If you’ve ever had kids, you probably know  what I’m talking about. 
And I put my finger in his mouth because he’s reaching for everything. And he  bites me now this is he’s obviously gum to me in the past, but he bites me and one of the  teeth that he had on the very bottoms, they’re broke through. And so I was pretty excited.  

And so I hollered it out, so there was a gal serving as wine and another new friend  of mine was standing there that I had just met, we were kind of chatting and networking  and I was like celebrating like my son just have you just be pop this verse teeth and what  I failed to do was go find my wife, I celebrated in the moment I get pretty excited. 

And so I was yelling down his tooth as if it really matters to you or anybody. cool  to me, and it would have been a pretty exciting for my wife except because I’d gotten it  out of my system. My God. Yes. And I looked around, I wasn’t sure where she was. She  was interacting with other people in another place. And I didn’t go find her.  

And so what happened about an hour later, maybe hour and half later, my wife  was with the kid, I forgot to even say it to her. And she comes up and as soon as she finds  out, Who does she go to celebrate it with me? And I’m like, Oh, yeah, I already know that.  

Well, this didn’t go over too well, not necessarily in trouble. But she’s like, What  do you mean? I’m like, I know I figured out a couple hours ago or an hour and a half ago  and she’s like, what? And you didn’t come find me? And I was like, Huh, I did celebrate it  with the the gals pouring our drinks.  

Now, here’s why I’m bringing all this up today. First of all, it’s capturing a moment  in time, but I think he’s pretty precious. We have these benchmark moments. And my  son is six months old and I experienced it. 
And I think I’m a pretty emotional guy. I’ve you know, been I’m more in touch  with my kids and maybe other men or maybe that’s not exactly accurate but I kind of feel  that way and I also celebrated it in a moment but I failed to celebrate it with my family. 
And it makes me realize my son is six months old, how many little benchmark  moments we’ve had. And some we’ve captured and some we haven’t.

And what I realized is and this is my kind of my realization of having my wife and  celebrate this with me right away and how I didn’t. That I was the jackass. I tend to still  make mistakes like this and not remember how important it is to capture these moments  and memories.
And my son is six months old like he’s not going to remember this moment by any  stretch although I now have it captured in perpetuity if you ever listen to you know be 10  years old and listen to the podcast that made you know years ago you know you might be  into it but but other than that he’s not gonna remember.
However, the truth is, is my son’s learning so fast every day, I recognize that we  are making deposits into the memory banks of our children, you know that I’m doing  that every day with my daughter. Now, she’s 11. Now, her memories that she creates  today, moving forward is going to last a lot longer than those that were created when she  was an infant, or one or two or three.  

But I think this is an important thing for us to remember as parents. And if you’re  not a parent yet, you probably will be someday and you probably know kids. So you can  still get by on learning from this. And also try to figure out how you can take my little  lesson about first tooth and figure out like how you want to deal with the breakthroughs  in your life. 
Because we’re also seven months into the year you know this we’re halfway  through 2018 and there’s a lot of benchmark moments of things that have come and past  and whether or not we have captured them now. 

I have a goal to write in my journal every day. Part of my journaling is also this  daily dose of greatness quest. Ron just capturing what’s going on in my life. And that’s  like a little auditory journal, the capture things of what’s going on and what’s important  to me and how things are making a difference in my life or life or business.  

And then I’m sharing those with you as I progress. But I’m also recognizing, like in  the last six months of my son’s life, we have, my wife and I kind of have forgotten  something. We don’t, you know, there was a point where he was, my son, my son had his  first smile. Did I write it down to I remember how old he was? I don’t think so. I didn’t  write it in the little book. 

And we have a little memory book we you know, people give you gifts when you  have a kid and want a little books that either we bought, or someone gave to us as a little  memory book of all these firsts and yet I don’t know that I’m as have been as disciplined  of capturing them.  

And I know that some of these things are getting lost at some I heard my wife  talking to her mother the other day on the phone and her mom asked her what she said  you better write that down about when your son was lock for the first time because he’s  sitting up and he’s not walking yet.  

He’s only he just turned six months old but he’s he’s standing out but he wants to  walk like he’s stepping. If we hold his hands he’ll walk around that’s not that that’ll  happen but like us I mean we’re pretty impressed. You know, we have this advanced kid.  We’ll see if he ever stands up and walks on without our help or when that happens.  

But my wife asked her mom she’s like “Do you remember when I walked for the  first time or when I broke my first tooth or you got my first tooth?” And her mom said no  because she didn’t capture it, didn’t write it down like it may or may not be in a memory  book going your mom’s you made maybe it is but I think it’s important for us to  remember to do a couple of things. 

Number one is to celebrate the benchmark. The what do you call there’s there’s  another word for benchmark here it’s a um. I don’t know the this the different  transitions in our life the capture them, we want to celebrate them. We want to capture  them and I think we want to share them with people that we love.  

Because I don’t know that the gal pouring my wine would be someone who’s going  to remember this for forever that I had my son through and does it really matter I don’t  know managed to me. And it certainly matter to my wife. And I certainly miss they  certainly had an opportunity to score with my wife. 

And I mean like you know just a point go to run during the could have celebrated  his first tooth but instead we have the memory of me being a jackass and not sharing it  with her editor coming there shortly thereafter and sharing it with me.  

So I don’t know what the lesson is in this is for you. I know that for me, I’m one of  the things I am doing today and I haven’t done it yet but I am going to go find this doggone book that we have to capture the firsts of our son. 

And I’m going to contribute to writing some of these memories down so that I can  remember and then I’m going to take that to my wife and I’m going to celebrate it with  her and I’m an experienced it with someone that I love.  

So here’s my challenge for you today at least give you what I’m going to do. Maybe  you need to make a decision on what you are going to do. But I think the important thing  when we have these benchmark moments in our life is that we celebrate them. That we  capture them by writing them down.
So today I’m writing in my journal about this and then we share them with  someone that we love. And if you’ve got a significant other and your baby gets his first to  her first to go to tell your wife right away or your husband.
And that’s all I got for you today. Tomorrow, oh my gosh, tomorrow, we’re gonna  talk about how you go from invisible to in demand from invisible to an instant expert.  My wife is going to speak at this conference that’s coming up and we’ve been talking  about the content that she’s going to teach and the challenge that most business owners  have in the most people have is truly invisibility, its obscurity.  

It’s that nobody knows you. Nobody knows your stuff. And we’re going to talk  about what it takes to instantly go to someone who is an expert and consider next where  in your niche and what will help you become visible instead of invisible? I’m pretty  excited about it and I can’t wait to share with you tomorrow.  

Please go and review our podcast. Leave us something positive comments, share  this with someone else you know, love and care about so we can help them take their life  and business to the next level. Let’s do this together, brothers and sisters. 

And I’ll talk to you tomorrow. 

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