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EPISODE 73 of a Daily Dose of Greatness Quest with Trevor Crane


“Failure is not failure. Failure is fucking FUEL.” – Trevor Crane

Failure is not failure. Failure is fucking FUEL.

“When people succeed, they tend to party. When they fail, they tend to ponder.” – Tony Robbins

When people succeed, they tend to party. When they fail, they tend to ponder.


What does FAILURE mean to you?


Think about what failure means to you – today.  

Consider a new POSITIVE meaning behind failure, that serves you. 

You deserve to – HAVE IT ALL.


Today, we talk about redefining the MEANING of failure .Because failure is not failure. It  is fuel to help you move forward. It is a setup for your success. Today, you’ll learn how to  create a meaning for failure that SERVES YOU. 


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My fuck-ups are my fire-ups. Today we’re going to talk about failure and what it  means to you and how you can transform the meaning of failure in your life. I know  you’re gonna love the show. 


All right, I love failing sometimes owns it. I love it all the time. But I haven’t  listened to a lot of Gary Vee lately. And he talks about how excited he gets how fired up  he gets when somebody doubts or when he frickin just loses or fails. Because he knows  that the world is judging him. It doesn’t matter when he told the story about his grandma  who was was calling on him and giving him a hard time when he failed at something he  was saying, what an opportunity to put this into, to smash it into your face later, when I  when I see Tony Robbins told me years ago that when you succeed seed, we tend when  we succeed, we tend to party like we we par today we get drunk. We think that’s  awesome. We’re all proud of ourselves to pat ourselves on the back. But when we fail, we  tend to ponder and I find that the faster than more eager we are to seek failure, the  faster it is that we can create success. Failure is not failure. Failure is fuel. That’s your  daily quote of the day, failure is not failure. Failure is fuel to fire you up, I failed so many  times. It’s not even funny. I felt in my relationships. And I’m talking about my intimate  relationships. I’m in one relationship and love of some gal, and then screw it up, or find  myself in the wrong relationship and fail in that thing, then fail again, fail again. And I  failed in business. So I’ve decided that there’s a certain thing I need to do in business or  the certain marketing decision that I need make. And I failed, I failed so bad in business,  a file to $2.2 million bankruptcy, I failed, I failed, I failed. I failed and lost everything  twice in my life. And then that could set me off to thinking to being cynical man to saying  I hate to fail. But the truth is that my ability to go ahead and be willing to face failure  accelerates my success. I only wish that I had more association to more desire to, to fail  an eagerness to go out there and hang it all out. If I look at my past, and I’m trying to plan  for my future. And I look at those things that have given me the most value and given me  the most growth and created the most success. It’s when I had the courage to stick my  neck out the courage to potentially fail. So I think we need to redefine the term failure.  

So my question for you today is to think about what failure means to you? Is it something that you’re truly scared of, and if it is, that’s fine, just be authentic about  where you are with it right now, if you are scared, if you are fearful of failing that is  probably holding you back. 

And I would challenge you to redefine. Yesterday we talked about the whole these terms on my podcast about how you can redefine the meaning of different words  for you. I gave you some examples of the word discipline for me, and I redefined it. I  gave the example of the word try. And I redefined what that meant to me. And then I  went in to the definition of man, woman self, how you own something, what power is to  you?  

That’s was on yesterday’s show. Today is about failure, or really like, what does it  mean to you. So that’s my challenge for you today is to try to discover a positive meaning  behind failure, so that you can start to seek it out more so that you have more courage to  stick your neck out. And to challenge yourself to go to the next level. Be it in in your  business or in your life.  

And when I was with my wife, and we were dating, we almost broke up because I  was too scared to move forward. I didn’t want to up again. I was so fired up. I felt so  much that I wanted to make sure I was making the right choice. I was scared to make  any choice. And we almost broke up because of it. In business. I find myself doing this in  marketing, I find myself doing this. I am not like telling you, I own this. I am not scared. I  am not fearful. I do not up. That is not the truth. I fail. I up. And I have fear I’ve all of  those things. Now. I’m trying to master them as but as best as possible.  

But my challenge for you today is to figure out your definition of failure so that  you can redefine it, maybe try to actively seek it out even more and even faster. Because  failure is not failure. It is fuel to help you move forward. It is a setup for your success.  Every single one of my failures, I believe has been that it is it is something that I have  learned from and I am a seeker who seeks to find better ways to do things, better ways to  improve my life, better ways to improve the people that I get the privilege of helping and  hang out with and I’m sure to a certain degree you are to maybe a massive degree if  you’re still paying attention to my podcast today. 

So that’s all I have for you today. Please do yourself a favor and do the homework  today. Follow up with the challenge today and please make today magnificent we don’t how know how many more days we’re going to get on this planet. Today is a precious  day you’re going to precious moments make the most of them. And I I wish for you more  failure because I know that if you have the desire to and the ability to end the the the the  willingness to fail that you will succeed more than ever.  

All right. Make today magnificent. 

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