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EPISODE 80 of a Daily Dose of Greatness Quest with Trevor Crane


“The more difficult the journey, the sweeter the rewards.” – Trevor Crane

The more difficult the journey, the sweeter the reward.


Who do you need to ​BECOME​ to have all the things you want to have?

When you make a commitment, own it. Do what you say you are going to do.



My daughter’s cat died today. WE ARE NOT HAPPY. 

But the truth is, life is hard. But often the most challenging things that happen to us can  create our greatest rewards. 


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Hey there, it’s your boy Trevor Crane coming to you for another daily dose of  greatness quest.
And today I have something sad to report. But it’s going to be a good lesson, I  think, for everybody. My daughter’s cat just died. And actually two of her cats are  missing one definitely got eaten by a coyote. And then the other one, another one is  missing.  

And on today’s show, we’re going to talk, just talk about just how things are hard  and how that’s not a bad thing. The stuff that our kids go through. The loss that we go  through. There’s a blessing on the other side of it. I’m in the middle of some of that with  my daughter right now and some of the challenges that I’m going through so I’m sure  you’re going through challenges. 

I think you’re going to love the show. 


Right, so welcome back. I just got back from a bit of travel so I was out of town for  a couple of weeks. One week in Vegas for do that have a conference I’m part of a  mastermind group to up my game and Business and Marketing. And then I went to  another business and marketing conference just immediately thereafter. And I was in  California part of the warrior, the wake up warrior movement and working with digital  marketer and the war room movement and there’s a lot of work and my wife and I’ve  been traveling a lot. 

I mean and quite frankly as much as that might sound cool and we try to have a  lot of fun when we go and do these things when we do you know, it’s also a lot of work  you know, with take our little babies is four months old. We’ve got an 11 year old  daughter, we’ve got to figure out all the logistics to leave traveling back and forth across  the country, with your family or on your own. It’s just a hell of a lot of work and you’re  going to conferences like my wife and I’ve been doing lately and you’re trying to take  care of business and you’re trying to take care of family it’s hard you know.   

Last night when I flew back to I flew on a red eye and I got smashed into the tiniest seat you’ve ever imagined on this little plane if I was in this little can opener and I  didn’t hardly get any sleep and I woke up this morning. And it’s hard and I haven’t slept  all day. They took a little cat nap while I was home with my family today. That was five  minutes. I timed it. And now I’m out. And it’s about 10 o’clock at night. And I’m not  nearly done with my day.  

Like, I’m recording this training for you today. I still got to get my exercise in. I  still have to do my 22 push ups because I’m still in the middle of my 22 day push-up  challenge. I’m still going to do a Facebook Live, I still have to connect with my daughter  and put her down and I still have to, you know, connect with my wife and my son. And  there’s some business things I got to take care of. And there’s the personal things to take  care of. And life is hard. Like let’s not let’s not let’s not beat around the bush here. Life is  hard. And my daughter is all in tears because her cat died. And life is hard.  

And the thing is, is I think it’s supposed to be see when you and I live in frickin  comfort which is where we want to be. Holy. I don’t want to go do the recording right  now for you. I’m gonna make the most of it. I’m going to enjoy it. But I would much  rather be doing other things that are comfortable. I’d much rather be sitting in front of  the TV, watching a movie, hanging out and cuddling with my daughter. But instead, I’m  up with you. And then the next thing I’m going to do is I’m going to do my run. The next  thing I’m going to do is the next thing I’m going to do.  

And here’s the thing. I wish nothing bad whatever happened to anybody that I  love. I wish nothing bad ever happened to you. I wish nothing bad ever happened to  your family. I wish to be in bed. I wish my daughter’s cat didn’t die. Like I can wish and  hope and pray that like bad doesn’t happen. But the truth is, it’s the tough stuff. It’s the  difficult stuff. It’s the challenging things that actually help create our greatest rewards. 

And I’m not saying it’s a happy thing to go ahead and lose a loved one or two to  fail. It sucks to fail. It hurts to sail but life is not fair and my life is hard and to go ahead  and tell you that everything is going to be sunshine and rainbows or to tell my daughter  that is just absolute total and there’s too much coddling and and lies and an eighth place  trophies that are out there trying to make sure that nobody ever experiences any pain  and as much as I’m totally sad for my daughter that her kitties died or ones missing and  one’s gone and we know that for a fact. 

I’m grateful for the life lessons that it’s giving her because even though it’s  challenging for her it helps build How’re you know I’m up today doing what I gotta do.  I’m not probably doing it as good as you are today. That’s okay. A lot of other people have  created much bigger results and I’ve created but I made a commitment to do some simple  things and the hard part is just following through. 
It’s not like 22 push ups is difficult for me like I can do 22 push ups but I have to  do it on Facebook Live because I committed to it. And it’s more of my commitments. It’s  not hard to go work out. I’ve got 20 minutes. I need to do with exercise. I’m going to jog  around my neighborhood. It’s a beautiful night. I can be out with my dog, it’s not hard.  The hard part is getting off of my and doing the simple thing it because my mind wants  to with me and not have me do it and my daughter is upset right now.  

Also this is late at night you just mentioned it to me today that she’s not thrilled  that she has to do some math homework now she’s on summer vacation score she’s going  into the sixth grade but it’s because he’s going into some kind of advanced math class  they’ve given her some instruction that she has to do some homework she has to prepare  and she’s not happy about it and quite frankly meter I don’t want her to do stupid friggin math homework go were matched shows up to help me all that much these days. I use  calculated everything and I’m not a scientist.  

So I don’t even understand all the math stuff. I got to relearn it when I try to help  my daughter. But what I’m grateful for is that she’s been given a responsibility that now  she gets to own it, you have to step up and get it done. Or she will not. And to oftentimes,  I think we’re caught on to oftentimes we think that the goal is to do whatever we got to  do. So we can have freedom, guys. This is our number one of our number one goals,  things we seek and have comfort, freedom and comfort and complacency. And these  things are killers.  

Like I didn’t have to go across the country for the last two weeks to go to these  conferences. I didn’t spend the thousands of dollars enough to do that. But I’m doing it  because I know it’s the right thing to do to build me to the next level. Because the  question that I have for myself, the question that I have for you today is: ​Who do you  need to become to have all the things that you want to have in the future?  

Now, if you’re just freaking satisfied with what you’ve got right now today, and you don’t want your business any better and you don’t want any more money and you  don’t want to have a better relationship with your spouse and you don’t want to improve  your body and you don’t want to be a better father, a mother to your kids, and you don’t  want to set bigger, better goals. You don’t want to make a difference in the world. And  this is not the podcast for you. There’s another conversation for you. If you’re happy with  the way everything is, then take that in, you know, smoking. That’s awesome. You go, be  happy and complacent. But I see a life that’s going to make a difference. And I’m sure you  do too.  

And too often I find myself falling into wanting to do what’s comfortable and it is  not going to be a comfortable run for me today. I’m extremely sore from a plane flights  and workout the other day that wasn’t that hard, but it was different muscles being used.  And so now my whole body is the sore. The hard part is just make is having the discipline  to do it anyway to do it, even though it’s 10 o’clock at night to do it just because I said I  was going to do it.  

So my challenge for you is to just get clear about what it is that you say you’re  going to do and make it. When you make a commitment, frickin own it. Own the  commitment and do what is hard because when you do, when you do the hard work  you’ll get the results and the rewards that few other people will​. The more difficult  the journey, the sweeter your rewards. Just remember that.

That’s your quote of the day, “​The more difficult the journey, the sweeter the rewards.” See, when you get things really easy and life is easy and you didn’t frickin  really need to earn anything you know what then you things pretty much you use this.  They suck. They stay the same. They don’t improve. You don’t improve. You know, in  order to build a stronger muscle, I gotta break it down a little bit in order for me to  improve who I must be to hit my goal. See, that’s the goal. My real goal or not the goal.  

My goal is to make a little something on a certain amount of money and drive a  certain car and and to have a vacation and it has some financial abundance and have  some of this and have some of that because real financial goals right there. So that one’s  a pop right up into my head. But it’s not about the money and it’s not about me getting  those goals are driving that car that doesn’t even matter.  

I’ve yet to have a car that I own that after a short period of time I was like it doesn’t matter to me anymore. It’s just a car. Might have been cool me for about 10  minutes or maybe two weeks tops and then I’m like now it’s just my car it’s just the thing  to get me from here to there. cars aren’t really my thing although I think the kind of cool  but for you today. The tougher the journey, the harder the journey, the more sweet the  rewards. I’m sure you’ve got things in your life that we’re doing right now that you had  to work really hard to get. So what are those things? I mean, think about the things that  you value most today. Typically those came through some type of hard work. 

And I’m grateful that life isn’t easy. And that it is hard because it forces you and I  to grow and it forces you and I to expand. And I think that’s our purpose. And my goal is  to go out today and not to frickin hit a home run. My goal today is just to come meet me  meet my commitments that I made yesterday or the commandments that I made to  myself today. That’s about it. And I’m doing that not for you. Not even for my daughter  and my son and my wife. I mean that like there’s a huge part of it that’s there. But for the  most part, I’m doing it for me so that I can become more so that I can have the capacity to  go ahead and become a man that has the meets all the goals that I have.  

See, I’ve met myself in the future. I’ve met the me that’s 10 years older. I’ve met  the me that’s 20 years older and he’s a powerful man. He’s a man that knows that the  foundation of of who he is. The guy that’s that’s me in the future knows that the that the  foundation of that is the me of today and he is telling me to just do the work it’s not hard  work it’s going to be a simple simple things I need to do but I just need to finish. 

So that’s all I got for you today. You know, life is hard. It’s not easy. And there’s  always on the back of my daughter’s cat dying. You know, we can’t hide our kids from  pain or clients and people that we love. It’s gonna happen. What we can do though is  prepare them. And the thing that would be really scary for me is have my daughter have  not experienced any pain of loss, any hardship and then turn around the world  expecting her to go ahead and be able to hang when batch it’s going to happen when ugly  going to happen because it’s common and I wanted to be prepared. I want to be prepared  so that she can win and become the woman that she’s meant to be.  

And that’s all I want for you as well. That’s all I got for you today. Hope you  enjoyed today’s show. I’ve got a whole bunch of truth I’m going to be spitting out yet in  the next week or two like I’ve been doing some soul searching and some personal  development work and I’ve done a lot of that lately and I want to share with you some of the things that I just discovered about myself and some of the lies I was telling I didn’t  even realize I was telling some insights so I you know, this week please stay plugged into  the daily dose of greatness quest. 

I think you’re going to learn a lot. I’m going to share some of the that I’ve been  going through or have gone through and the things that I’ve learned and I’m going to give  you the best I possibly can right here as you do your daily mentoring with me. So that’s  it. Have a phenomenal day will you listen to this morning, afternoon or good evening.  

I can’t wait to see it tomorrow on another daily dose of greatness quest. 

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