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EPISODE 82 of a Daily Dose of Greatness Quest with Trevor Crane


“Say yes and you’ll figure it out afterwards.” – Tina Fey

Say yes and you'll figure it out afterwards.


Want to know my kryptonite? Something you can use on me to get just about anything  you want? Just ask me for help. And if you’re nice about it… I’m yours.

KEY: If you ask me “nicely,” typically… no matter what it is you ask, ​my answer is YES​.
WARNING: IT MAY NOT BE THE “YES” YOU ARE LOOKING FOR. ​(Checkout today’s  Greatness Quest podcast for details.) 

DAILY QUESTION FOR YOU:  When do you say YES? Where in your life are are you scared to say YES? 


Find more ways to say YES. More ways to say yes to your kids. More ways to say yes to  your goals. And your dreams. And your hopes and your vision for what you want to  come true?


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Welcome back to another daily dose of greatness quest. This is your boy, Trevor  Crane and we are here on greatness quest.  

And guys, you’re here because you want more, more in your life and more in your  business. And today we’re going to talk about the most important word I think that we  have in our human language and the subject of today is ​MY ANSWER IS YES.

And there we go, I just gave it away. The most important word is yes. And, that’s  what we’re talking about today on the show. 


So have you ever seen that movie with Jim Carrey I think it was called “Yes Man”  and he went to this seminar or event and speaker and trainer at the event was saying  that all you gotta do is say yes to your goals your dreams The doing what you know that  you should be doing whatever it is and in the in the movie he was kind of brainwashed  somehow or something weird we’re everything they came up he said yes to like it was a  challenge again themselves or something funny, and the whole movie he just was saying  yes to opportunity. Yes. Here we go out and get drunk. Yes, he would take drugs. Yes, he  would do this. Yes, he would do that.  

And I found it to be a very fun movie. And again, Jim Carrey, whatever the  character’s name was in the movie, like a variety of lessons that he never would have  gotten because he was running a pattern of saying no to everything now know is actually  another powerful question. We could probably talk about that on another show that  there are things you should absolutely be saying no to. But I found myself for a lot of  years trying to say yes.  

I remember when my daughter was first born I had the idea this is kind of a nutty  idea for those of you parents out here but i thought you know what i what would it be  like if I raise my daughter and never told her No, now will probably happen as you  would have burned her hand on the so and run into traffic and you name it so it wasn’t  the best idea I’ve ever had to just only only only ever, ever, ever say yes. 
But here’s the thing. I have found so much joy and so much richness and so much freedom with just the answer yes when I’m not sure what to do to just answer yes and  when I’m approached by somebody and they asked me a question and they’re really nice  about it see I have a kryptonite and this is just crazy kryptonite and maybe you have  something similar if people ask you in a certain way for help it’s like you have no other  choice but to help them and serve them.

So like the here’s the question and it’s actually a question for you today: ​What has  to happen for someone to come to you and have you say yes?​ Now for me they have  to be nice that they have to actually just ask nicely Can I get your help now when my  daughter asked this it’s complete kryptonite and like she’s got my help my wife asked this  question is complete kryptonite and it’s got she’s got my help. If you ask this question to  me, you’ve got my help.  

All you gotta do is ask nicely as long as you don’t expect like be like there’s a big  difference was set up for someone to take advantage of this and just assumes that they  can just get my health that’s that’s this Like they’re forcing me or manipulating me. But if  someone genuinely just says, “Hey, Trevor, could you help me?” ​My answer is yes​.

Now here’s the thing. It may not be the yes or the help that you’re looking for. But  my answer is 99.9% of the times. Yes. But that doesn’t mean that I’m going to do it for  you. That doesn’t mean that I’m just going to give you the answer. That doesn’t mean that  I’m just going to give you money. It doesn’t mean that I’m going to give you a discount. It  doesn’t mean that I’m gonna do I’m not your. 
When I say yes, it means that I’m going to do something to help you. I’m gonna  work out I’m gonna reach out and I’m going to give you a hand up I’m gonna be your  cheerleader and I’ll cheer you on I’m gonna reach out I’m gonna give you a push up if  you need to be pushed. I’m going to give you a heads up if you need it but it’s up to you to  rise up and I might you know I love working with people who have the same mentality  who say you know what, I’m going to find a way we had a babysitter who was a nanny  who was working for us at one stage and I asked her whether or not she actually signed  up for the job and knowing that she’s going to need to do some cooking for my wife and I  said when she was here at the house the baby sleeping she’s going to do a little cooking  she’s going to do a little cleaning and the crazy thing about this gal is when she got the  job she said yes like whatever it is you need some help yes I will clean yes I will do some  errands yes I can cook for you. And then she was in the in the kitchen and I was just about to boil some eggs and she just showed up for work is the first week she’s working  for us and I said could you you know make some hard boiled eggs for me Could you cook  these eggs and her answer was no like no I don’t know how to do that I don’t know how  to make eggs I honestly I’m sure that some of the podcast as I did it right after it  happened like I try not throw under the bus but you gotta be freaking kidding me. Like  she didn’t know how to boil eggs? like honestly there’s there’s water and there’s a eggs  and I think there’s this little thing called Google and like she was not a yes man or yes  woman in this case. She had the issue is really easy and really fast for her to just say no.  Now the nanny that we’ve got working for us now you may guess that this gal still not  working for us she said no she didn’t want to do this type of job notion will do that want  to kind of job no she didn’t want to do it and that’s fine like I think you should set  boundaries and there’s definitely things you should say no to but she wasn’t the kind of  person that could come up with a solution. Like we have Alexa in our house you’re going  to just ask Alexa How do you boil eggs? Like it’s not that complicated I think the eggs are  already in the pan and never turn on the fire but she was it was not her patterns she’s  scared already told you on previous episode how much people who are scared scared the  out of me like you’re dangerous to sell use to shake which is holding her baby. 
Now I love this girl she’s very sweet gal. But come on. I need to have people in my  life and that is surround myself with the try to come up with solutions. And I think yes, is  a very powerful question. I talked to three people today on the phone three people today  that I’m helping with their books. 
I’m going to share with you the crazy thing about all these three people want to  them said yes. Like, let’s go. Let’s find a way let’s make this happen. Let’s let’s go ahead  and I challenged him massively on what he has with a vision of this book what he has  with the vision of his brand what he has for the vision of the difference he wants to make  in the world probably challenged him more than anybody else at all he did was tell me  Yes, the other two dudes, let me see. One of them was in the process of writing a book  about poems. And he’s extremely excited about leaving his legacy. And he’s got this book  that he’s written and he’s very excited about what’s next for him, and he can’t wait but  he’s scared. He’s scared of the unknown. It was very difficult for him to say yes to me. In  fact, I didn’t even make him an offer. I loved him. He was very authentic with me. He  asked for my help. So I gave him a yes I will help you but I did not offer him a chance to work with him and help him get his book down.  

Instead, I gave him a challenge because I want to make sure that the people that I  hire are going to create the results that they want any had kind of a weird.He just was  looking at it in the wrong way. He was doing the Kevin Costner thing that came up in the  field of dreams. He was like, Yes, I can do it. Yes. Which was kind of cool. I can do it. I can  write a book. And I can become real successful in this book of poems. I’m gonna make all  my dreams come true. And he wanted one of the missions that he had with the book is to  go ahead and give it as a gift his grandchildren, which you know what, that would be a  phenomenal gift. And he could do that. But he also thought that this was going to catapult  his career and catapult is speaking business but he’s not really sure he wants to be  speaker. He’s not really sure he wants to be a coach. Not really sure he wants to be a  consultant and not really sure he wants to be a trainer. He’s really not ready to sell any  of that stuff because he was so uncertain I was like dude, I interviewed him I talked with  him and I’m like this is not the right fit for you. I will challenge you and he was very very  very scared to just give me a yes and even take on my challenge. Now he did ultimately  did.  

And then this other guy was talking to his his is a website developer and he’s done  a lot of websites. He’s a fulfillment guy for years. And he was asking me about getting  booked on and starting his course and having a training program and I and he was  perfectly poised. He has a high ticket offer on the back end, he wants to shift this offer  and I was like, dude, let’s get this done. Do you want my help? This is what I would do.  Phase One of getting your book done is the same for you. And I told them the same story  it’s the same for my my client who just called me up and said he wants to get a book  down on poems and it’s the same for the first guy just told you about who said Yes Give  me a firm yes like let’s go man. Let’s go anything you name it. I mean I’m on board I’m  ready to go. He’s an influencer on Instagram that has millions of followers on Instagram  the most successful the other three guys by like about 1000, 10,000 fold. He’s got access to  an Instagram influencers through his resources and his media company that he has 500  million people he can reach now when I was talking to him about The vision of his book  and everything else nothing but like smiles and yes and let’s go get them yes yes yes yes  yes let’s do it. Everything was on fire with this guy he’s ready to go because he’s ready to  say yes he was ready to take the leap and jump in to becoming an Instagram influencer. When he when he had a speech impediment when he was in college and couldn’t even  speak he found a different way to like use his voice and connect and communicate with  people and he like said yes and he took the leap and now he’s positioning his brand is  being a luxury he actually worked with a lot of luxury hotels luxury brands around the  world helping them use social media influence and new ways of communication to that  and have an impact in the world this one of them said yes the other two dudes scared  said no I’m not sure I didn’t think about it and I get it if you’re not sure you shouldn’t say  yes but I just know my kryptonite I want the most powerful words you can use is the  word yet. 

Yes, leap. Yes. Go. Yes. Yes. Yes. 

And if you want to know how to get something from somebody who is successful,  and I think I’m a little bit successful in the few things that I do, then I think asking a  really good question. I’m just asking for help from somebody who has an experience of  getting results where people you know what, that 10 what tends to happen is if you ask  successful people for help, and you ask them nicely, and you really are committed to  your result, what you can do is you can get a yes out of them. Now, you need to ask  without an expectation of receiving if he asked how much people you know, someone’s  going to tell you so I’m just going to tell you know, but I think Steve Jobs said it that never  wants in his life. Did he ever ask someone for help, especially successful person who  never said yes, he was always a little bit scared and hesitant to do it. But it didn’t matter  how young he was. He asked for help he reached way way outside of this box way  outside of his comfort zone and asked for help or guidance or support, he always got it.  

And the core value that I give people like when I’m interviewed on podcast, and I  think I was interviewed on like 50 of them last year in the planning another 50 or 100 of  them this year, and I’m planning a much bigger reach that I’m doing on my podcast or a  virtual book launch tour that I’m doing for myself. And I’ve hired a booking agent and I  want to speak, speak, speak, speak, speak after one tip. And that is, if you if people  listening to my podcast will talk about all kinds of different things, especially when I’m  being interviewed. But I offer one thing I’m like, if you know what you want something  any of you want a result you’ve never gotten before. Ask for help.  

And when you ask nicely, honestly think that you can get Yes, I Tina Fey send it  home. I wrote it down because I want to give you the daily quote of the day, “Say yes and you’ll figure it out afterwards.” The same thing of like leap and you got to leave before  you can soar was another one of my podcast that I did.  

So that’s all I got for you today. My challenge for you to try to find more ways to  say yes, more small ways to say yes to your kids, more ways to say yes to your goals and  your dreams and your hopes and your vision. And I promise you that is going to tell a lot  more truth on some of these podcasts. I was going to share something vulnerable here  with you today and I can’t remember what it is.
So instead I don’t I just got went off on a tangent I wanted to give this to you  because I was excited about this question because I love telling my daughter Yes, I should  probably do another podcast at some stage it’s all about my I love saying no, because our  times it is appropriate to say no one thing that I will not tolerate in my life and hopefully  you are of the same opinion or frickin maybes. Yeah if you are living in a land of try and  maybe and other like wishy washy grey you gotta rip that out of your your language  pattern and your pattern of communication with yourself and your pattern with world  I’m probably doing you know what I’m gonna do that I’m going to do another podcast on  yes read it this one on yes it is another one on no and on maybe because I met some  people recently that I got some powerful value from with the answer of maybe and this  really cool things of morning more than anything and then also on knows that’s gonna be  coming up here real soon make sure you check follow me the rest of this week and I can’t  wait to help to see you on another daily dose of greatness quest today your challenges  find more ways to say yes and tomorrow my challenge for you is show up on the show so  you can see what I got for you. tomorrow’s episode is called when I give a shit I give a  shit. I’m excited about this one. I hope you’re gonna like it. I can’t wait to see them all. 

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