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EPISODE 67 of a Daily Dose of Greatness Quest with Trevor Crane


“My momma always said, ‘Life was like a box of chocolates. Ya never know what you’re  gonna get.” – Forest Gump

Life was like a box of chocolates. Ya never know what you’re gonna get.


What’s the most important thing in life? 


Write down in your journal the things that you learned from today’s show.  

And then take some action whatever that action is for you. Do one step towards the goal  that you want to get.


While walking through the woods in Bethel today, I interviewed my wife, three  22-year-old girls and, Sarah and Adam, who are our new friends who rescued us on the  lake, kayaking in the rain.

The subject of the interview? WHAT’S MOST IMPORTANT IN LIFE


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On today’s episode of greatness quest, I’m here with my mini me. I’m carrying my  baby, Maverick through the woods in Bethel, New York. We’re on a little adventure.  We’ve got some new friends with us today.
And today’s show is all about what the most important thing in life is. So today’s  question is: ​What’s the most important thing in life?

I know you’re going to love today’s show.

Trevor: So the first person that I’ll interview on my walk today, is my wife Robyn. And  the question Robyn is: What is the most important thing in life? And try to get  close enough to me so that it doesn’t seem too weird with us walking through the  woods at the same time we’re recording this.

Robyn: Okay, I’m gonna go for one word that came to me here. And that word is…you’re  ready? You’re ready for it? It’s ​FULFILLMENT​. But the reason I chose that word  is because I feel like I can choose a lot of things under that word, such as ​what  makes me feel fulfilled is to spend time with my family​ like what I’m doing  right now. And that’s really important because if you just work all day, make  money and then just work all day and make more, not much of a life. But if you  spend time with people you love, then it’s very rewarding and fulfilling. So that’s  important to me. And also ​WHAT YOU DO​. So for me, ​I love what I do​. I teach  service-based women entrepreneurs, for their businesses and the seminars. And  it’s like, every time I do a seminar, I’m so fulfilled. And I love it. And it’s so much  fun. Fun, fulfillment. F.F.F. 

Trevor: You got one more? 

Robyn: And family, fulfilling a family. 

Trevor: I know we’re spending time with family today. That was Robyn Crane. So, the  question again to you today is what’s the most important thing in life to you? I’m  going to be interviewing our amazing guides today and the 11-year old trio  because we’re still on our adventure for her birthday. So all right, so we have our next guest today to give you the insights of what the most important things  in life are. This is Sarah. Sarah, your last name is? 

Sarah: Fairchild. 

Trevor: Fairchild. You can look up at sarahfairchild.com because she’s an amazing artist. 

Robyn: And @sarahfairchildstudio on Instagram. 

Trevor: Boom! Check her out on Instagram. All right, what’s the most important thing in  life? 

Sarah: For me today? 

Trevor: Right now. 

Sarah: For right now? 

Trevor: Not drop the baby.

Sarah: I’m gonna say ​ALLOWANCE​.

Trevor: What? To get allowance from your dad or something like that?

Sarah: No, I’m gonna say, ​allowing things to be as they are in the moment​, like  tromping through the woods in flip flops and it allows for no judgment. It’s  being present because you’re just allowing things without judgment. 

Trevor: Uh huh. 

Sarah: I also think it is 

Trevor: It’s also like climbing through the woods and being videotaped at the same time 

Sarah: and allowing it 

Trevor: and allowing it 

Sarah: and not being upset at the person who 

Trevor: pulled out a video camera. Oh, what’s that? These little litter bugs. What do you  have here? 

Sarah: mushroom 

Trevor: mushroom. 

Sarah: So I’m gonna say allowance. It’s being in the moment, non-judgment and  allowing what is and enjoying it. 

Trevor: I like that. When I speak,
Sarah: That’s all I got. 

Trevor: I think that was pretty profound out of your 12. That was really good as we walk  through the woods. When I speak, when I was going through my speaker  training programs, one of the things they shared with us is that if you’re on  stage, and you’re trying to teach your three points of content, or whatever you’re  trying to teach, one of the things that early speakers will do is they will get all in  their head and they’re trying to look cool and they’re trying to sound cool, man  Yeah, and they’re not really present in the room. So one of the things that the  trainers teach and I now teach this because it’s I think it’s very real is just be  present in the room and it’s there’s something also called as isn’t it so if  everybody’s bored, and you notice because you’re speaking and you’re like, pay  attention and got the energy in the room and to the room like as as it goes. Hey  guys it up. Notice I’m kind of noticing you’re bored. Or if you’re scared. If you’re  nervous to say, You know what? I’m a little nervous right now. Or whatever. The  room is a little hot. 

Sarah: Acknowledge what’s going on. Being vulnerable enough to do that. Not trying to  be perfect, you’re in an allowance. 

Trevor: Are you throwing in more? Don’t try to be perfect. I never took 

Sarah: Oh no, are you still recording? 

Trevor: I am 

Sarah:  It’s under the umbrella. 

Trevor: under the umbrella of allowance. We’ll allow it. Okay. Okay. We’re now going to  interview two 11-year old girls. Arguably best of friends. Hold on. Gotta get their  faces in here. So who wants to go first and tell me the most important thing in  life? 

Liz:  to have fun 

Phoenix: friendship. 

Liz:  with the people that you love 

Phoenix: and friendship. 

Liz:  Yes 

Trevor: Okay. So this is Liz, 

Phoenix: and happiness 

Trevor: 11 years old. Her secret to living a great quality of life. Secret to life is, repeat it,  honey.

Liz:  Okay, is ​to have fun with the people you love​.

Trevor: Have fun with people you love. I love that. And my daughter, Phoenix?

Phoenix: ​friendship and happiness

Trevor: friendship and happiness. Did you ever dedicate a book to anybody that you  cared about? 

Phoenix: that person and her name is Liz 

Trevor: Right. You wrote a book about happiness or about friendship. And then you  dedicated it to. Thank you, Phoenix. Insight and life wisdom from 11 year olds.  Okay. So the next person we’re going to interview is Adam Aite. 

Adam: Heite 

Trevor: Heite, Adam Heite, he is the one. Adam and Sarah saved us yesterday when we  were on the lake caught in a rainstorm. So, Adam, you live a pretty cool life. This  is a hike that you’ve done. You said you do 12 months a year. What would you  say is the secret to a good quality of life? 

Adam: I think there’s so many answers to that question. 

Trevor: Well and I want to go ahead and share also Adam is telling me that when he was  in his 20’s and early 30’s one of his primary goals was to win in business. And  we’ll be more specific when I do a real full on interview with you but that you  thought once you achieved a certain level of success and sold your company and made a certain amount of money, that everything would be cool and you’d be  happy and what was the reason? 

Adam: It didn’t work. I was very successful. I built a company. I sold the company. And  no, it was a hoax. And yeah, I was not happy. And it led me down a different  path and actually led me to meet this one, my fiancée. 

Trevor: Cool. So you’ve got a unique insight because a lot of people that want to create  financial and business success and that are achievers which a lot of people that  watch my show think that once we’ve achieved a certain level of success, that  that’s going to mean you’re happy. And I love that when yesterday you were just  sharing that was not the case. So, I’m really, I wanted to give that as a frame  because this is going to be a really great answer. The best in the world! No  pressure. 

Adam: And I’ll clarify even more on that, you know. I wasn’t happy building the  company, I, it was, I drive every day was I push through, make it bigger, better,  badder. And knowing that at the end of it, I was going to be happy because I’m  going to be successful. And so, I was not happy along the journey. I was not  happy at the end of the journey. 

Trevor: And I think he said that you had some challenges spent like your family time  wasn’t what it probably could have been or should have been. 

Adam: And no I didn’t. I, you know, tended whatever I could with my children. But no, it  was not it. There was a lot of time missed. And so, you know, I guess to answer  your question, ​FOLLOW THE ENERGY​. Sometimes it leads you to great and  wonderful experiences and sometimes it leads you down a different road. But  it’s still an experience. 

Trevor: Follow the energy, brother, I would, that would be an answer that would drive  me absolutely insane. When I interviewed a friend of mine who is a one of the  first millionaires I got to be in a mentorship with. What are you looking at? 

Adam:  There’s a great toad. 

Trevor:  And he told me that the secret to success in business and in life was love and I  wanted to choke him. Coz I was like, follow the energy, love. And here’s the thing, I actually now believe that he was absolutely spot on when it comes to  love because he wanted to do things that he loved. He wants to start companies  that he loved. He wanted to find people that worked in his organization that  loved what they did. And then everything was a joy. So, you’re going to have all  the challenges and struggles but you’re not going to struggle like you were when  you weren’t happy building that company. So what does it mean to you to say  follow the energy? What does that mean?

Adam: And I’m going to use Sarah’s terminology because she’s taught me so much. ​If it  feels light, that’s the right way to go. If it feels heavy, it’s the wrong way to  go.​ And you know, so if you’re walking down a path or you decide whether you  go left or right or do I do this in business or do that and in my life does it feel  easy? Does it feel light? Then it’s the right thing to do, at least in that moment. 

Trevor: Okay 

Adam: And if it feels heavy or you’re struggling to go uphill that’s the wrong way to go. 

Trevor: So now how about so I’m going to call bullshit again because I like that to a  certain degree but I can also just sense that someone watching that goes you  know what that just sounds like quitting when it gets hard. So what do you  mean because to create anything phenomenal 

Adam: Hard and heavy are different. 

Trevor:  Okay. So given the distinction about that, because a lot of people would say this  is difficult, I don’t like it. I want to quit and then they quit. They quit on a lot of  things 

Adam: Let’s go right back so I was retired for a lot of years and two, two and a half years  ago, I chose to re enter the space I was successful in and and was miserable in  and and was successful in and I opened up 16 months ago, and it is hard and  there’s no no BS here. We’ve had every challenge possible confronted to us,  whether it be in compliance issues or regulations that are against us, or just in  regular business, getting people to work hard or to work smart. And right now  I’m up to like 65 employees, 16 months. And it’s hard. But even when the world  is falling apart, I’m smiling.
Trevor: So what’s the distinction there? Because it’s hard. And I think you just said that  you entered the business industry that you had created success in but had  caused you you did enjoy incredible husband misery. So what’s the distinction  here? How can you be in that industry now for the last 16,18 months and have it  be light and yet difficult? Because that’s a cool distinction.
Adam: It’s really hard. The business is not easy. The margins are smaller, the  competition is greater. The difference is I’m choosing to be there not because I  need to make money. I choose to be there because I’m helping people. And it’s  fun and it’s a challenge, you know. I actually liked the challenge. I liked the  no-win situation. I’ll use Star Trek, you know, Captain Kirk was given that  no-win situation “T​here’s always a way to win.”

Trevor: So, this sounds like it’s a difference of perspective then to a certain degree.  Because now you’re in the same industry doing the same thing. But you’re now  enjoying it. And I know you helped people in the past. But I got a different frame  that one that you had before was for one when 

Adam: I wanted to make money before. That was the difference. It was all about, can I  be the most successful person 

Trevor: Man, that can also piss off people that are trying to make money because it’s like  that’s the best thing to focus on, but it’s still happening. 

Adam: But just to clarify, I’m not making money 

Trevor: Right 

Adam: I’m still there and we’re still making money but that’s not my goal anymore. 

Trevor: It’s a different mission so you got a different why. And now feels different when  you’re fighting all the battles. 

Adam: Correct. And it’s not like all I’m doing this because there’s the destination.
Trevor: Yeah. 

Adam: I don’t know what the destination is.  

Trevor: So you’re enjoying the journey, you rat bastard.

Adam: I am 

Trevor: Okay. 

Adam: And I don’t even know where it’s going. 

Trevor: That’s pretty cool. Awesome. Alright, well, those are words of wisdom for you  from Adam Heite. We’re going to do another in-depth interview with him real  soon, because I want to share with you his whole journey. Like I said before on I  think yesterday’s episode. He’s Adam and Sarah, the ones that saved us on the  lake and then have now become new friends. So that’s all. I’m going to share  with you my insight. I guess that would be the last one for the day. So I’ll do that.  Okay, we’re here with Molly. She did? Molly Metard, who is a lacrosse player, a  swimmer, a soccer player, and all-around sports person, 11 years old. Molly,  what’s the most important thing in life?

Molly: It’s to ​live life to its fullest​.  Trevor: To live life to its fullest. Great. What does that mean to you? 

Molly: It means to do everything you can make your life fun and enjoyable. 

Trevor: Fun, friends those are for you. What was your first answer? You said what? 

Liz:  That we should always have fun with people that we love. 

Trevor: Alright, awesome words of insight, words of wisdom a job. So, to wrap up  today’s show, guys, I think that the most important thing in life is to have  gratitude. I used to never be satisfied and never be happy regardless of the  result. I didn’t want the word satisfaction in my vocabulary. I learned how  important it was just to be happy for all the gifts that we have. Imagine that  you’ve got somebody who is just ungrateful for what you give them. How you  would feel if you have given them something? So, whether you believe in God or  the universe or anything, and then you are just an ungrateful receiver. And I  realized that I needed to just be happier with everything that I’ve got, to be  grateful every single day. That’s why I created my What’s the Gift. That’s why I  wrote the book. And that’s why, I actually created a 30-day goal setting and goal  getting challenge. So, if you haven’t done so yet, make sure you download my  app. Because very soon, I’m going to be unleashing and revealing my free 30-day goal setting challenge to set and get any goal. And one of the main things I focus  on is on mindset and on the question of what’s the gift. You’ve probably heard  me talk about that already. I hope you have. If you haven’t, then you should  check it out, download my app and then join a 30-day goal setting and goal  getting challenge. I would love to tell your story in my new book about How to  Get Any Goal. And that’s at least the working title we have right now. With that  I’ll give you one last view if you’re watching this on video versus a podcast of  this beautiful Walker on. I want you to make today magnificent. And your  challenge for today is to write down something in your journal that you learned  from today’s show. And then take some action whatever that action is for you.  Do one step towards the goal that you want to get. Alright, be great. ​And I can’t  wait to talk to you tomorrow. 

To get even more awesomeness, which means all my best stuff, download my app by texting ​Trevor​ to ​36260​. It will show up right on your cell phone.