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EPISODE 156 of a Daily Dose of Greatness Quest with Trevor Crane


Here’s a little morning routine, and LIKE HACK, I think you’re going to love. I’ve been  testing it out now for over two weeks and I love it.

It’s improved my ​happiness​, my ​productivity,​ my ​profitability,​ and I’m finding new insights inside myself​ that have been ​profound​

CHALLENGE: Test this out for yourself and let me know how it works for you! 


What is your morning routine? How could you improve it? 


“By simply changing the way you wake up in the morning, you can transform any area of your life faster than you ever thought possible.” – Hal Elrod, ​The Miracle Morning

By simply changing the way you wake up in the morning, you can transform any area of your life faster than you ever thought possible.


Check out the book, ​The Miracle Morning.​ ​Look at your morning routine and see what  you can do to improve it, to add to it. ​Take it on for a week or two, as a test, to see if it’s  something that can give you more value. ​Oh, and try my, “Walk and Talk” idea. ​And let me know how it works for you.


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Good morning. Good morning. Good morning. I am on my morning walk and talk  this morning today.
That’s what our subject is going to be about – my new routine. And what I’ve been  up to in the morning. And how you might benefit from something just like this as far as a  new morning routine.  

I hope you love it. 


Okay, maybe I should have that titled this episode on morning routine instead of  walk and talk, maybe that actually makes a hell of a lot more sense. So it’s very possible  the by the time I did this, I’ve renamed it morning routine.  

But what I’ve been doing for the last 14 days or no, it’s like going on 15 1617 days  is just getting up in the morning. And I love getting up before the sun comes up. And you  know, even if I’m tired, I like getting up before the sun comes up. I just feel like my day  becomes so much better if I get everything done in my morning routine before the sun  comes up.  

And if you haven’t been using this time in your life, go ahead and also get some  really important things done in your personal or professional life. This is also super,  super cool. definitely get up about 4am for 4:30am. And then I start my day. And one of  the first things that I do is I get out of the house pretty much as fast as I can. And I’ve  been doing this walk and talk now. 

This is something that Garrett Jay White shared with me years ago and didn’t  exactly call it that. But he was just saying that every morning or every day he likes to  actually coach himself he actually has a conversation with himself. And he’s like the best  person that he can talk to, to help him get what he wants is to just go ahead and and rant  in the morning.  

Now Garrett has tendency to sometimes happy sometimes he’s mad angry. But  like so for what when you first were sharing this, he’s like oftentimes that Tim person  and yelling and screaming at himself and like beaten and beat himself up a little bit,  probably also celebrating and I’m doing a horrible job here as far as like, what he calls it  in the morning. 

Well, here’s what I’ve been doing. And I didn’t want to tell you about this until I’ve  had some experience with it. And it’s only a couple weeks in. So it’s not that much  experience.  

But I’ve seen a huge transformation and just how much more productive I am  how much happier I am, how this is helping me process and how I’m using this time to  kind of multitask as well, which is not my forte. I typically can do one thing at a time. Barely and focus on it. But lately, this has been really cool for me.  

So all I’ve been doing is just getting up in the morning and going for a quick walk, whether it’s 10 minutes, or 20 minutes or 30 minutes. And all I’m doing is talking to  myself.  

And I’m talking to myself about what really just the first thing that comes up from  being the day so it could be that I’m tired. It could be that I’m excited. It could be that I’m  lethargic, it could be that I’m sore from yesterday’s workout. So pretty mundane and  routine as far as just me talking to myself. 
But here’s what I do is I do went out loud. And I’ve also been recording it now I’ve  been recording it for a variety of reasons. It feels like if I don’t record a conversation like  this that I’m having with myself, then what happens is I just tend to, I’ll stop speaking out  loud and it’ll be a conversation starts happening in my head. And then I just kind of lose  focus can go anywhere.
So when I speak out loud and I record it and I’ve used a variety of different pieces  of technology to do this, you can use, I use freeconferencecall.com, that’s a free service.  And I’ll just dial that up. And I’ll talk to all kinds of conversations with myself and like  imaginary people or whatnot.  

When I’m when I’m coaching myself, I’ve shared this before of my my a war room  or Central Intelligence Agency, my roundtable that I have in my head of my different mentors, and I’ll do that out loud or have a coaching call with Tony Robbins and I’ll talk  to him and he’ll talk to me back and speak it out loud.  

What I find is when I dial freeconferencecall.com. Or now I’m using a new tool  called otter, otter.ai. And this is a free app. And it goes right on my phone. And it’s pretty  cool. It syncs with my Google Calendar. So it’ll just kind of prompt me to click the button  and start recording and it doesn’t automatic transcript.  

So this has been really cool. When I’m doing my morning walk and talk. Not only  am I talking myself, just at the beginning of the day to just kind of get focus after I after I  just do the random stuff like I’m so carefully before 30 this morning, then I get into like,  what am I going to accomplish today? What am I grateful for?  

In fact, I start with typically with gratitude, and I’ve got this incantation, I do  called what’s the gift and ask this question is this poem that I go through, which is really  cool. If you haven’t downloaded my app yet, and gotten that in the 30-day challenge of  the 30 days of programming your mindset in gratitude, and focusing on the gift and in  setting and getting any goal, you totally should do that.  

And I don’t listen to myself speak it as much as I used to in the past, because I had  a little audio file that I gave you. And you can listen to me actually speaking through this  poem, this focus of what’s the gift that’s kind of the 30 Day Challenge. But pretty soon,  you’ll start to know it by route. And I know it by route. 

So I’ll start with that in the morning. And I’ll repeat that, and it runs and it’s a  poem. So it’s a, it’s kind of cool. And then I’ll focus on like, what I’m going to accomplish  for the day and also have some moments of silence. Like I’ll do sometimes I do my  meditation. And I know that you’re supposed to sit down and say, ohm and cross your  legs, Indian style or yoga pose or whatever.  

But I find myself really just enjoying silence, especially when it’s still dark outside,  to just listen and walk and focus and be present. And what I have been finding in these  conversations with myself in the morning on this walk and talk. I’ll discover new things  that I call the voice inside of me, is calling me to sort of bring my attention to stuff I  wasn’t really considering it was it’ll bring my attention to just new insights and  revelations. And that’s been really cool. 

Listen, so I’ve been recording it on otter I get an automatic transcript of what I’m saying. So my revelations are captured and then I’ll be discovering something like oh my  gosh, I have this idea like no way maybe I should challenge myself here maybe I should  stop doing that maybe we should start doing this it’s really cool stuff and it’s  automatically been captured recorded and transcribed for free. Like how cool is that?  

And I can immediately save this recording and save this transcript and like  download the transcript and copy different parts of it and then I can put this in my  journal so this is also backing up backing me up for a consistent memoirs and journal  tape looking for my revelations are captured in the morning during my morning walk  the talk now this is all celebrate Tori and sharing with you how I feel. 

Like this has been working for me really well. And it’s been giving me more  clarity and more inspiration, motivation, just feeling good to start the day except for one  thing yesterday I didn’t do it. 

And I got up. I didn’t set my alarm. I was trying to look at something on my phone  and I went to sleep and I should have known better because I just fell asleep the phone  went dead in my hand or somewhere on the bed. And I didn’t get up in the morning at  my normal time. 
And I got up after six and that’s okay. Because on the weekends I’m not trying to  get up at 4am I don’t mind sleeping until five or six but what happens up was now I’m up  at six 630 in the morning and the first thing my wife wants me to do is take care of our  son and then I’m on daddy duty and then do you know 123 hours go by and put him to  sleep I’m a plan and doing a lot of things and my morning routine was all out of whack. 

Now I woke up in the morning feeling good feeling energized plug in my phone  they’ll be deal sharpening the kid happy happy but by like nine o’clock I was getting  frustrated by these little things silly little things and I wasn’t just I think I’ve shared with  you before that I believe you should experience your emotions so if I get pissed off like  I’ll person get angry and like at the drop of a hat. 

And my wife and daughter notice that we went to go play tennis yesterday and I  was just annoying. I was just kind of like a whiny little bitch and and for and just get  annoyed at the smallest little things didn’t hit the ball right. And I’m all angry and  wanting to throw my racket like john McEnroe. So I and it took I was probably pissed off  from nine o’clock till noon.  

And what I’d also not done is my core four and something that I call the stack or  they’re in the warrior program that I’m in like, we it’s a series of questions that you ask  yourself and sometimes then kind of help you celebrate something or challenge  something if you’re grumpy about something or it’s called an angry stack. And it really  helps you reframe the meaning of things.  

And I hadn’t done my gift incantation, which is my mini version of that that I’ve  been doing for years. just focusing on asking the question all the time. What’s the gift in  this? 

Yesterday just pissed off from from from nine to noon, and just wanting to get just  wanting to just fight somebody. And, and, and it took me till the afternoon It was  probably about noon or one or two that I realized I want to change. Like, what why was I  having such a bad day, there was really no reason to be complaining and bitching. And  being just on a short fuse. Sounds like I’m a real jackass. But the I kind of was yesterday.  

And I noticed that the difference is I didn’t do my morning routine, which  included my walk and talk and Mike four and my stack. But I think the shift for me has  been this walk and talk where it’s just taking a moment. And doing that with you. 
Today I’m just kind of extemporaneously just sharing with you my my my  findings what I’ve what I’ve enjoyed about it, where I found that I screwed up, and it has  not worked and didn’t work when I didn’t do it. Big surprise. So it’s like giving me more  value. I like it. It’s working.  

And I think this has happened to me before. Maybe it’s happened to you where  something’s working. It’s getting your result. And then you stop doing it like you learned.  I don’t know why we do this to ourselves. But I’ve seen it happen.  

And so this is just a reminder for me and also a gift for you to start a morning  routine that serves you if you don’t like to walk and talk and you want to record yourself  and you don’t want to look at your transcript that don’t say you have to do that. But I  challenge you to look at your morning routine.  

I’ve got a friend named Pat Petrini, who co authored one of The Miracle Morning  books with Hal Elrod. And he’s a friend and the client and he wrote the book with Pat  called or patent and how l Ron wrote the book, Miracle Morning for network marketers. And Pat’s been real successful in some real estate stuff. He has been a training course.  

And because he’s he made a lot of money in real estate helps train people to do  that. And then he’s been real successful in network marketing as well when he was really  young. And so he wrote this book. And this book is all about​ The Miracle Morning  obviously helped, Hal Elrod now has 5, 6, 7 of these depending on what industry you’re  in.

So my challenge to you guys is whether or not you look at ​The Miracle Mornin ​ g. I  think it’s a pretty cool book. And you can you can check it out and look at this formula.  And I like the stories and stuff in there. It’s kind of like Chicken Soup for the Soul for  people who want to master their morning routine and game and to start the day. 
So it’s got a really cool protocol in there. So you could look at that. Or you just start  the walk and talk like, just get up in the morning when you do 10 minutes, or 20 minutes,  or whatever it is and speak out loud to yourself. If you’ve got the curiosity really to  record yourself doing this, then use any recording function on your phone. 

I’m sure it’s got many or you can look at the download otter or you know, get a  free conference call account, something like that. You can just dial it in. And I challenge  you to do it for you know, try it for a week. Try for two. It took me two weeks.  

It typically takes me about two weeks to kind of experience like, is this something  that I want to keep doing, and I’m sharing with you that it is absolutely something that I  want to keep doing and keeping in my morning routine. And I’m often at it today.  

So my challenge to you is this look at your morning routine and see what you can  do to improve it to add to it. And what can you take on for a week or two as a test to see if  this is something that can give you more value.  

For me, the new thing has been this morning walk and talk right talk to myself,  Coach myself, look myself, it’s a combination of meditation, a combination of now  turning this also into my journal and my revelations. And I’m finding a lot of value from  it.  

So if you like that, try it out, give me some feedback. And let me know if that  works for you in any way, shape, or form. Or if you find something else that will help you  become more productive and more happy. I believe my job is to help people become rich and happy.  

So if you got another insight into their into the richness or the happiness and you  can define rich however you want and includes financial abundance, obviously, but it’s  also having a rich quality of life so that you do the things you want to do and avoid doing  all the stuff that you It sucks then then let me know I would love to hear that.  

So comment on this podcast. Comment on this YouTube channel. Comment on  Facebook post. Because I kind of put this just about everywhere so I can get some  feedback from you. 

And hope to see you tomorrow on the daily dose of greatness quest. I’ve got some  really cool stuff that’s cooking. I can’t wait to go ahead and bring you so make sure you  stay tuned. bunch of new videos coming out as well. Talk to you soon. 

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