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EPISODE 90 of a Daily Dose of Greatness Quest with Trevor Crane


Today, is episode #90 and I share a strategy on how you can get more done in less time. 

While making this podcast, I was applying the strategy to myself just to show you how  effective it can be. 

So I made the deadline. I don’t have to face the consequence and I get to chillax in my jacuzzi as a reward. Cool! 


“Work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion.” – Parkinson’s Law

Work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion


“When you give yourself a period of time to get something done, you get it done.” – Trevor Crane

When you give yourself a period of time to get something done, you get it done


Do you have problems getting more work done in less time? 


Think of something that you have been putting off doing or is taking you a long time to finish. Apply these steps and see the results.

Step #1: ​Set a deadline

When you set a deadline, you can get something done within a really tight timeframe.

Step #2: ​Set a negative consequence

This is a self-imposed consequence that you are going to apply to yourself if you do not  accomplish what you set out to accomplish.

Step #3: ​Set a reward

This is a reward you give yourself as a form of celebration for accomplishing what you set out to do. 


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So I am excited for you. Today we’re going to talk about how to get more done in  less time. And you’re going to love today’s show, because it’s gonna be short, it’s going to  be sweet. And I’m going to share with you a funny little story that just happened. 

All right, I know you’re gonna love the show. 


So how to get more done in less time? This is a question that is often asked to me  in a lot of different ways. Like, I have a publishing company now how to help people  write books, and they’re like, Hey, man, How’s it? How long does it take me to write the  book? How long does it take me to publish the book? How many people need to buy it to  become a bestseller? You know, how long does it take me to lose weight? How long is it  going to take me to start this business? How long is it going to take? How long is it going  to take?  

And there’s an answer. And it’s an answer that is tried and true, this is just a  proven fact things will take as long as you give them there’s something called Parkinson’s  Law. I think I’ve shared this with you before, but is it that that your, the task will expand  or the time will expand in order to, uh, to fill the time that you’ve allotted, I think it’s  called it’s an adage that says “work expands so as to fill the time available for its  completion.”  

So the secret to getting more done in less time.

The number one thing is that you ​set a deadline​. So when you set a deadline, you  can get something done within a really tight timeframe. But you need a couple more  things with this deadline. And I’m going to share those with you right after I tell you this  story.  


So I was trying to record today’s podcast for the last 40 minutes. So it’s a 10 minute  podcast. And they spent 40 minutes getting it done. And that I’m basically sharing with  you how I failed to get my podcast on in a short period of time. Why? Because I did not  pick a deadline to get it done. Now I’m in the car. I’m coming back from the chiropractor’s office right now. And I’ve got to drive from the chiropractor’s office to my  house. And in that time frame, my deadline is to get my podcast done. So you and I have  to finish this the next few minutes, or I’m gonna have to suffer the consequences. The  consequences for today.

And this is my tip number two there is that you ​set a negative consequence​, self  imposed consequence that you are going to apply to yourself in order to if you do do not  accomplish what you’re going to accomplish. And so my consequence today is, if I don’t  get it done, by the time I pull up into my driveway, I’m going to shut it off, someone out  of a half finished podcast is going to be out there.  


And then I’m going to look stupid right in front of you. Because I did not get it  done within the time frame that I had, or what it is that I didn’t get it done. I just press  stop. And I didn’t finish. And I’m also going to do one more is I want to go ahead and give  myself a third thing helped me get more done in less time, which is that I’m going to ​set  up a reward​.

So let’s assume that I’m able to get this podcast done in a time frame that I now  have. What I need to do is also set up a reward now this is how to supercharge your  behavior. You know, I think that there are success principles that we learn and that we  can apply it what a ton Ronson, Tony Robbins said that success leaves clues.  

If you study some of the highest performers that are out there, they set deadlines  to get things done, they have negative consequences that will show that they don’t get it  done, because they’re typically committed to other humans. And then that means that  they will let them down or look stupid, or whatever it ends up being. But we also have a  reward.  

Now, the reward for hard work typically is the reward that you get, like, when you  go to the gym, you build muscles, and you look sexier in the mirror. That’s cool. But I’m  talking about a reward that you can give yourself that you can is more of like a  celebration. That’s a compliment for yourself. 


So now that I’m saying that, I got to think of one because I didn’t come up with one Mr. came up with a deadline of get this podcast done in the time frame that I’ve got. And  then it came up with the consequence that I look silly in front of you, they have to finish  it before I pull up into the driveway and just cut it off and mid sentence. So I needed a  reward.  

So what could be a cool reward you don’t want, the reward will be I’ll go in the  pool when I get home. Now, that’s a that’s I know, that’s a minor one. But if I don’t get the  chance, if I don’t finish my podcast in that time frame, I don’t get to do that. I won’t get  my pool, jacuzzi. So I’m going to be able to chillax in my pool and jacuzzi for a little bit  before I start my day if I finish my podcast.

So there we go. I have a ​deadline​, a ​consequence​, and the ​reward​. Now a lot of  people come to me with getting their books done. And they’re like, dude, how long does it  take? And I’m like, well, it’ll take as long as you get it. And I start with their date and  deadline, when do you want this thing done. And this puts pressure on people.  

Now, some people don’t like deadlines. Maybe you don’t like a deadline. But if you  set a deadline to get your book done, to lose weight, to study for the test, to to make  money, whatever it is, you need to get a goal in a deadline. And so when I what I do with  books, and I’m like, and when you want this book done. 
Now, one of my buddy said he was booked on in like three months on my book  done well, no. So we reverse engineered what he had to go to. And then what happened  is he went out any practice some of my marketing strategies to go ahead and pre sell and  tell people about this book that was coming out. And what he really wanted from the  book was to position himself as a speaker and to start booking, more speaking gigs, or  some speaking gigs. And he wanted to pre sell some of his books.  

So it came back with Jimmy three days later. And he said, Trevor, I got a problem.  He goes, I got a little celebration, but I got a problem. He’s like, Hey, I use your strategy.  And it worked. I booked the gate. It’s actually a really big one. Like, that’s awesome. And  he goes, but I got some bad news is like, what is it? And he said, Well, I pre sold 250  books. I’m like, that doesn’t seem like that’s bad news. 
And he goes, dude, this thing is in a month, I have to give the talk in a month. And  I have to show up with 250 books that I’ve already pre sold. I haven’t written a word of  my book. Well, guess what happened. We got his book done in 30 days.  

See my my clients and I will work together and you reverse engineer what you  need. ​When you give yourself a period of time to get something done, you get it  done.​ My first book took me 20 years to write Actually, that’s a little bit inaccurate. I  thought I was going to write one book in my 20s, I thought I was going to write another  book in my 30s, I thought I was going to write another book in my 40s.  

I finally decided I had to get this book done. I hired a mentor he started helping  me we set a deadline and I kind of was like wishy washy about it to the deadline was  approaching. And when I will often do to help people get their books done is we set a  firm deadline on Amazon. So to really screw you to really put the pressure on.  

And this does feel like pressure when you have the pressure building inside of  you. And and you have partnered with a billion dollar company, which is Amazon to get  your book done. And your book is coming out by a certain date. See Amazon, once you  put your book up available on Amazon, people can preorder it they can free by it. But  that also screws you or it holds you accountable. Because the accountability is that they  give you 30 days to get your excuse me 90 days, get your book done.  

So I’m about to pull up into my driveway. And I’m finished with today’s podcast.  basically giving you a challenge. I’ve given you a little strategy. And what I will use with  Amazon is the last little pieces. My as my wheels pull up on my driveway is that when  you pre launch a book on Amazon, all that means is you ready to give them a cover in a  description of your book, still rolling slowly rolling into my driveway where I’m going to  finish this before I come to a complete stop.  

When you pre launch your book on Amazon, they give you 90 days to submit your  final manuscript. So really, what ends up happening is that I have yet to have a client  miss that deadline and they get a phenomenal book done within 90 days or less, because  they set a deadline. They have consequences, because Amazon blackball you I’m doing  my CFO, Amazon will blackmail you blackball you, you don’t get your book done and  within that time frame and then they will you you you get the reward of you actually get  to deliver your book to everybody. you preorder it before it came out.  

How to get more done in less time. 


Make today magnificent. I can’t wait to see you tomorrow on another daily dose of  greatness quest. 

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