Money From Your Book

Aired On The: “The Mind Aware Show” – with host, Dana Wilde

Who: Trevor Crane – Ten time, number one bestselling author and founder of Epic Author Publishing

What We Talked About: How to make money from your book BEFORE it’s even written. Trevor shared how when you start promoting the book before it’s written, you not only build your platform, but you make it easier to finish writing it. In this interview, Trevor shares the FOUR QUESTIONS you must ask yourself BEFORE writing your book.

And the THREE THINGS you have to have if you want to start making SALES right now.

If you’re ready to finally finish that book you’ve been working on or make money from a book you already have, then this interview is for you!

Dana Wilde interviews Trevor Crane about how to make money from your book BEFORE it’s written! Check it out:

Learn How To Write A Book & Grow Your Business: