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EPISODE 37 of a Daily Dose of Greatness Quest with Trevor Crane


Where do results come from?


“Results come from one of two places, MISTAKES OR MENTORS. Choose wisely.” – Trevor Crane

Results come from one of two places, mistakes or mentors. Choose wisely.


Find a mentor.
Pick an area in your life that you need one. Find one. Hire them.


On this episode, I talk about how to create amazing results. And where results come from. You can either make MISTAKE after MISTAKE after MISTAKE.

Or you can follow a proven path by choosing a MENTOR.

Choose wisely.


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Where do results come from? It comes from someplace. People are creating incredible results every single day. And my question for you is, how do you create incredible, amazing fantastic results?

I think you’re going to love today’s show.


All right. I’m recording this at about 4am. I’m pushing my stroller around my neighborhood with my little baby inside the stroller who got up this morning about 2:30-3 o’clock and decided “I’m not going to sleep.” He’s not teething. He’s not pooping himself. He’s just awake and didn’t want to go back to sleep.

So I am up pushing my baby around the neighborhood thinking about how I can best help you today with creating results may be you’ve never created before. And I’m thinking about the results that I’ve created in my life. I heard this a long time ago that results come from one of two places.

Definitely, in order to create some cool results, you gotta take some action, that’s pretty obvious. It’s not really one of the two places, that is just like you can think about stuff, you talk about stuff. But until you actually put one foot in front of the other, get out of bed at 4am, push your baby around, whatever it is. To get out of bed and go to the gym, to step up and turn that video camera on yourself and take a selfie video and talk about what it is that you’re passionate about. Until you take that action, nothing happens.

But you do get some choices. Like you can go ahead and try to beat the jungle down with your own machete and carve your own path. And it’s kind of exciting to do so sometimes. I’ve always loved to explore. And the adventurous soul can like that a lot like, “Hey, let’s go check this out. This will take territory that’s never been discovered before.” But the truth is, that there is a path through the jungle.

Even when Alice landed in, that’s Alice in Wonderland. It was the other, Dorothy. When Dorothy landed in Oz in The Wizard of Oz, and she wanted to go home. She landed there, and she said, “Hey, how do I get home? You know, my house got carried away. I come from a place called Kansas.” And the little people talk to Dorothy and said, “You know what? There’s this great and powerful Oz. And if you go check him out. He could probably help you. But there’s a big jungle between here and there. So what we suggest is that you stay on the path. There’s a yellow brick road little people have, we carved a path to go ahead and help you get to this final destination that you want to go to. And be careful because if you stray off the path, you’ll get lost. Remember, there was a lion and tigers and bears, oh my, in the woods. And if you stray off the path, you might get carried away by flying monkeys or the evil witch or fall asleep in a field of poppies.”

If you guys remember the story on this one, that my grandmother while I was growing up, and I think she had me. First time I watched it, it was black and white before they made it technicolor.

But the thing is, that you can create amazing results. But you’ve got a couple of choices. You can either create results by taking action and just making MISTAKE after mistake after mistake. Or you can follow a proven path by choosing a MENTOR, in the case of Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz. She just, the little people were the ones that pointed the way.

Oftentimes I use that analogy when I’m speaking with my clients because I believe that the real power in someone’s results is not me telling them what to go do or me helping. I’m not the hero of the story. I am the guide. I am the little people. I’m just pointing the path. I know there’s a golden path. I’ve been down it. I’ve helped a lot of my clients create amazing results.

So I just try to outline the path for you or for them as their mentor. And as I go to seek new results, new things I want in my life, I try to find the next level MENTOR, who’s already been there. And that just saves me so much time.

And I remember the first time I went to a Tony Robbins event. You may have heard me tell the story before. When I went to the first event with Tony Robbins, my plan was to get my money back. I already consumed some of Tony’s tapes and CDs. And so I thought, man, the program that I was going to was called UNLEASH THE POWER WITHIN. It was a four-day event. And I thought, “ I’ve already listened to the CD set on this, man. Why would it be any different?”

I’ll tell you what, I wanted to see this guy before he dies. Yeah, that was my thought process at the time. Like I’ll see who this guy is and then after two days of the event, he promises a money back guarantee. I don’t have a lot of money. I had popped some, the cost of the ticket. It was 1000 bucks or 2000 bucks but it was this over 1000 bucks and I was able I got some kind of deal. It was buy 2, get 1 free.

And I decided to bring my sisters to the event. I live in Florida at that time, but we’d never been to New York City. And I said, “Hey, my treat. I’ll bring you out to New York.” Oh, you know. Well, I think I made them pay for the tickets because I didn’t have that kind of, that can of fly cash that could have flown them out. But I said “You want to come out, we can hang out. We’ll go to this Tony Robbins event together. And then we’ll quit halfway through the event because I’m sure it’s not gonna be that awesome. We’ll get our money back and then we’ll have a grand that we can spend in New York City. We’ll do some cool stuff.”

And that was my plan. And after two days at the event, I couldn’t stop. Like I was, like I was truly blown away. I was truly, I truly felt like someone was talking to me at a soul level for one of the first times and that somebody should have been given me this information in my entire life. And I was like, why would, Why didn’t somebody tell me these truths that I get to make some choices for myself? I don’t have to live the way that I’ve been living.

And so I went ahead and I decided to stay the next two days at his events. And then he gave me the chance and said, “Hey, Trevor if you had a choice…” and like he was only talking to me there’s, you know, thousand people in the room. He said, “Trevor, if you have the choice to keep working with me for the next year or two, would you join me? Do you think you’ve gotten some value out of this weekend?”

Man, I was blown away. My voice was so hoarse from yelling and screaming and my legs were so sore from jumping up and down at his damn events. Never something that I thought that I would do. I was like, “Man, you got me. You got me.” He’s like, “Will it matter what it costs? Like if money wasn’t an object, would you do it?” And I was like, “Yes!” I raised my hand. And money was an object, I tell you. You know, I didn’t have like $17 left on my credit card. And he offered me a $10,000 package to go to some events over the next couple of years and I found a way.

First of all, I had to make the decision to raise my hand when he asked me the question because I knew I needed a MENTOR. and I chose to work with him. That’s another story about how I came up with the 10 grand in a short period of time because I truly didn’t, couldn’t make a deposit. Not even like I said I told them, I told the people at the desk who were taking my credit card, they’re like, “Well, would you like to put down a $2,000 deposit?” And I’m like, “Dude, I hope you understood. Like I got $17 off on that credit card right there. And that’s it.” Like I don’t charge anything on it because I still need to be able to buy a sandwich.

And they gave me a baseball cap, a Tony Robbins baseball cap, a bonus I got that day for signing up on the spot. I think they actually made a mistake. They weren’t supposed to give me the hat because I hadn’t put down a deposit, but they gave me one anyway. I still have it to this day. One of my favorite hat, by the way.

But here’s the thing, over the next decade, it didn’t happen overnight. Over the next decade, I made several shifts in my business. I made several shifts in my personal life. I went through more than one love lost. But I ended up changing everything because I started working with not just Tony, but a series of mentors that helped guide me.

My business started blowing up. I shift business. I shifted businesses several times. And each new business that I got into, fortunately, I found a new MENTOR who was able to help me and guide me to the next level. And I created faster and faster results instead of constantly being out there trying to do it all myself. And trying to beat my way through the jungle all by myself. I had to swallow my pride. So a little bit of this frickin crazy ego that we have and then basically just be coachable even every time in my life when I found a new phenomenal MENTOR.

Now there’s a whole, another thing about how to pick the right mentor. In fact, I’ll probably do another podcast episode about that will give you my two cents about how to find a mentor, but let me wrap today up. I know probably four o’clock in morning for you. I want to be concise here.

So my challenge for you today is to just look in your life and say, “Okay, where do I need to improve?” and then whatever that area is, if it’s personal or professional, find somebody, a mentor that can help and lead you. And I highly suggest that you hire them. It’s a big difference between like reading the book and watching the video and then like hiring somebody and giving them some of your money and your time and your energy.

And like typically dude when you pay, you pay attention. And when you get something for free, you know, it is not serving you, or someone else. Because typically we just don’t, for some reason we just don’t value it the same as when we have to go through blood, pain, tears and suffering to make it happen.

That day, Tony Robbins didn’t say, “Trevor, you know you only have $17, don’t worry about it. You don’t have to pay me anybody. I will just give it to you.” You know what happened? I had to come up with 10 grand or I couldn’t participate. I couldn’t play with all the other kids.

So that’s my challenge for you today, find a mentor. Pick an area in your life that you need one. You don’t find a mentor today but like, start looking for one now.

And if you want to reach out to me and work with me personally in any capacity and typically I help people with their book. That was what I’ve been focused on a lot with my new publishing company called Epic Author Publishing. And I really help people that are service professionals, business owners doctors, financial advisors, you know, turn their book into the most powerful marketing tool. Because for the last 15 years, I’ve been a business consultant helping people win in business.

Typically, I’ve just been that mentor that said “Hey, I’ve already made some of those mistakes.” I’ve seen some of my clients make these mistakes like, “Stop! Don’t do that. That one will suck.” Instead “Why don’t you come over here? Why don’t you go do this?” And then I’m able to also share the results that I’ve got in my life or that I’ve had some my clients get. And then I implement those same systems and strategies with my other clients.

And anyway, that’s it. I will create another, perhaps today or tomorrow’s episode will be about how to pick the right mentor. I think I’ll do that so that I can help you out with that. Because I think that there’s a real challenge with that oftentimes people hire the wrong person. But anyway, that’s where results come from, in my opinion, either MISTAKES OR MENTORS and you get to choose.

I’ll see you tomorrow.

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