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EPISODE 116 of a Daily Dose of Greatness Quest with Trevor Crane


Today’s show was shot at one of the most beautiful locations I’ve ever been in for an  EVENT. I just spent the last few days in Newport Beach, CA at a MASTERMIND for  business owners and marketers.
Right at sunset, overlooking a gorgeous ocean, (and after a few glasses of wine), I pulled  out my camera to talk to you about MASTERMINDS and a story about my  GRANDFATHER. 

Before my grandfather passed away, at age 92, he sent me a letter. In this letter, I  discovered what I consider to be the,​ 3 secrets to a living a great quality life​.

The 3 P’s:

1. PEOPLE – ​hanging out with amazing people
2. PASSION – ​doing things that you are passionate about
3. PRESENT – ​being present in the moment

Let’s get into it!


“Who you hang out with, is who you become.” – Trevor Crane

Who you hang out with is who you become

*Okay, I’m probably not the FIRST person to say this. ​BUT I AM NOW!!!

Now you’ve probably heard this before…  I don’t care.

I have a question for you to ask and answer TODAY: 


Do you hang out with ​PEOPLE​ that INSPIRE and CHALLENGE you to become a better  person?

To become a better ​business owner?

A better ​marketer?

A better ​leader?

A better ​parent?

Are you doing the things that you are ​PASSIONATE​ about?

Are you ​PRESENT​ in the moment?

Or does your mind tend to ​wander​?

And you often are at work, wishing you were with your family.  

(Or on vacation.) 
And when you’re with your family, you’re thinking you should be at work.  

Or somewhere else?

Maybe… it’s time to ​up​level your game?

Uplevel your game


Uplevel your game.

Consider the ​people​ you hang out with. CHOOSE to only hang with ​amazing​ people.

Consider the things that you spend your time doing. CHOOSE to only do ​awesome​ stuff  you’re ​passionate​ about.

CHOOSE to be present. In the moment.  

When you’re with your family, don’t think of work.

When you’re at work, give it all you’ve got. 


When you’re making love to your wife, or husband, (or farm-animal); do you  simultaneously watch a football game and eat a sandwich at the same time? 

I hope not. 

(And if you think that would be “cool,” you’re probably a guy.) 


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Hey guys. Welcome to another daily dose of greatness quest. Today I am in  California. Today’s a video episode of our podcast and I’m out at a mastermind event.  

So the topic for today is MASTERMIND and how important it is that you hang out  with people that are playing the game at a higher level than you. 


Alright, so last night my wife and I took a trip to California. We’ve got a red eye.  We spent all night traveling and work this gorgeous resort overlooking the ocean. If you  look behind me, we’ve got a big group of people that are in this mastermind group that  we joined to help us improve our marketing and our monetizing.  

And I’m trying to figure out if I can walk through this group right now and talk. I’m going to do it even if there’s some background noise, so bear with me. 

So years ago, my grandfather passed away and he was 92 when he died. Before he  died, I asked him to send me the beard Yeah, and he’s just like so years ago. Before my  grandfather passed away, I sent him he and I were corresponding via letter. He was  laying in bed and not sure he’s ever going to get out of it again. 
And I was asking him questions about his magic moments like what were the  magic moments of his life that he was looking back in remembering and in his last letter  he ever sent to me I learned what I thought was a secret to living a great quality of life  and what started the greatness quest podcast and the book and me actually doing the  show. 

And what I thought I found in his last letter he wrote me before he passed away  was what I call them greatness quest, which is a journey to become your best. And  specifically, I think the best way to do that is to help you take your life and business to  the next level.
And that’s our job as leaders. That’s our job as humans that we’re here to improve the world and one of the things that is important I think necessary to help make that  happen is that you surround yourself with people who are playing the game at a high  level, but almost like I’m gonna take a drink of water and set this down. 

So the reason that’s relevant is this group is a group of entrepreneurs and  business owners who are committed to growing their business to make a difference to  change the world. And I joined this group because I knew it was a group of people that  were going to hold me to a high standard.

In my grandfather’s last letter he wrote to me, I discovered the ​3 secrets to living a great quality of life​. And those those 3 things are:

1. hanging out with amazing people
2. do things that you are passionate about
3. be present in the moment.
So one of the decisions that I made when I first actually made that I to be honest  with you, when I first got his letter, I thought it was a nice letter. I didn’t reread it in that  lesson until after he passed away. 

And it was that I recognize this pattern and all of the magic moments that he had  in his life, that there were always amazing people he’s hanging out with.  

And I recognized that time, I was not hanging out with the coolest people in the  world. I was hanging out with people that sometimes I thought sucked, and I’d heard it  before that​ you become who you hang out with.

But one of the reasons that we are here, my wife and I joined this mastermind  group so that I could join a group of people who I knew I wanted to aspire to be more like. And I wanted to go ahead and I wanted to hang out with cool people basically  straight up just like my grandfather’s magic moments in his last letter, and then do things  that you’re passionate about. 

At that time when I reread my grandfather’s letter and decided to start this  podcast ​greatness quest​, I recognize that I wasn’t always doing things I was passionate  about in every one of the magic moments in my grandfather was remembering when he  was lying on the every one of those moments was a time that he was doing something  that he loved to doing or that he was passionate about.  

And I recognize that some of the magic moments I have in my life with times us  doing the same thing. And again, I did a little self assessment. And I realized that in my  life at the time, when I realized that with my with myself, I was not often doing things. I  was passionate about everything. I was doing taxes and accounting at the time. And I  thought, this sucks. 
And if you look at the background here, I’m gonna see if I can highlight that. I  don’t know if I can or not, I’m looking at a beautiful sunset. I know you guys just might  have missed it. But I’m trying to give you the secrets of what I learned from my  grandfather and why I joined this group and why I think it’s so important that you  surround yourself with awesome people. 

I’m going to talk a bit a little bit about the limiter. We’re going to talk a little bit  about the concept of mastermind right now. Soon as I finished my little lesson.  

So number one, it was three things you’re hanging out with cool people. This  group of people is one of them. Number two do things you’re passionate about. And  number three be present. 

So I recognized the time that I looked at my read my grandfather’s letter, that  there were times I was with my wife with my kids, and I wasn’t present. I was thinking I  should be someplace else. 

I might have been at work thinking is up with my wife and might have been  running my wife thinking I should be with my kid, I might have been with my kid  thinking I should be at work. I was on vacation, thinking I should be at work I was on I  was a work thinking I should be on vacation instead of being present. 

And it wasn’t until after my grandfather passed that I realized that he  demonstrated this in his life. The last trip my grandfather ever took was a trip to come to  my wedding. 11.11.11. 

I married my wife Robin, who’s somewhere in the sea of people here. My little  mini me, son, Maverick is in this group as well. But my wife, my grandfather took a trip  across the country to go ahead and when he was 92 to travel to me, he didn’t send me a  present he showed up at my wedding and he brought me his presence. 

And again, I wasn’t smart enough to recognize this at the time my grandfather was still alive or to even say thank you in new appreciate him for it. 

But as a homage to him and is a decision that I was going to live my life in a  different way, I decided to start becoming, to just apply those principles. 

And that’s when I began the journey of greatness quest. And I began it when it  was well, not perfect. I began it when I had cold sores on my face and very bad tuft of  hair that I was trying to grow in my head at the time. It was awful if you look back to the  last episode, the first episode that I ever published your greatness quest.But it started my  journey of deciding that that’s how I was going to live my life.
And my challenge to you is to try to take that on to decide that you’re going to  hang out with amazing people. Focus on doing things that you’re passionate about. And if  you are in the moment, you’ve also fucking be in the moment. If you’re with your kids be  with your kids. If you’re with your wife, be with your wife. If you’re working frickin  work, but show up, give it everything. You gotta be present in the moment.  

And what it’s crazy. When I made that initial distinction, I decided to hang out  with people that I thought were the most successful in the fools people that I knew was I  contacted the successful people that had been successful in business or money or  whatever.  

And I started the millionaires that I knew, and I didn’t know many, but I knew a  few and I gave them a phone call. I said, Give me hang out and I talk to you. Can I meet  you? Can I interview? Can we start to become better friends? I want to hang out with you  more. I like you. I love you. And I started to meet I met my first billionaires that way.  

And I was at the airport one time when Richard Branson came down and sat next  to me at the airport within just a couple of months within 60 days of me making the  decision to apply these principles in my life. 

Hey, it’s my choice to be part of this group. And to be here with war room was a  decision that I made that I wanted to uplevel, the people that I get to hang out with.  Today, I got to hang out with Brendon Buchard, Jeff Walker. I got to hang out with  mentors of mine.  

They’re people in this group that are, people that I’ve looked up to for years as  marketers or businesses or people that are making change that I used to consider in my my invisible mentor group in my head. And now I’m getting able to connect with them,  talk to them, share a glass of wine with them, whatever it is.
And my challenge to you is to uplevel your game. This is a mastermind. It’s a  group of people that come together to try to connect and help us all grow our businesses  and what we’re most passionate about.  

And I highly advise that you if you haven’t done so already, that you find a group  that challenges you to go take your life and your business to the next level. And this isn’t  the one group I joined. 

Another one I’m wearing the bracelet right now is this Wake Up Warrior  movement with Garrett White and a group of men that are that are committed to the  same thing. And I lead to groups like this as well. One with my wife and one on my own  of where we’re committed to making a difference in our lives. 
And that’s all I got for you. I’m a couple drinks in on the wine thing here. So you  gotta bear with. I wanted to shoot a quick episode here, then make it raw and real. And  the sun just went down. So I realized he got it in now, or it wasn’t gonna happen. 
So here’s the thing. Hopefully, you’ll take me up on my challenge to consider the  people you hang out with the things that you spend your time doing. Make sure that they  are things that you’re passionate about.  

And then lastly, I’m just going to take a drink. Well, you think of the last thing  what was the last thing I just mentioned? There’s three things they’re all started with  letter P. You remember them? 

I said people, I said passion. And it’s not. Don’t think that because I’m drinking  that I can only have one glass of wine. Okay, two glasses of wine. I know it. But do you  remember? What was it? Are you present? 

Are you present with the people who care about you and love you most, that  deserve your attention. I’m sure that your wife, your husband, and your daughter and  your son, and your mom and your dad and your kids, and your clients would love to  have you show up and fucking show them that you care by being 100% there. 
Just like my grandfather did for me when he showed up for my wedding on  November 11, 2011, because the world gifted me getting married on a day that I should remember this is just one number alone. 
That’s all I got for you today. Make today magnificent. I can’t wait to see you  tomorrow. 

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