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EPISODE 115 of a Daily Dose of Greatness Quest with Trevor Crane


Today, I’ll take into my house, to show you my “memory wall.” It showcases the pictures  which used to be “dreams” of mine when I was in my 20’s and 30’s. 

Your GREAT life, is a series of the MAGIC MOMENTS that you create. 

It’s important that you INTENTIONALLY create MAGIC MOMENTS in your life. 

Today, we talk about how.


How do you make and capture magic moments? So you remember and cherish them  forever?


“Make every moment matter.” – Trevor Crane

Make every moment matter


Take on the responsibility to make magic moments happen. 

Then CAPTURE them. 

Use photos and books. 

Post online. Print them. Write and tell stories about them. 


Publish your book and story, or create a picture montage and share it with people that  you love. 
This way, those moments last forever.


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Hey guys. Welcome to another daily dose of greatness quest. Today is another  video episode and make sure you check us out on YouTube and ​trevorcrane.com​ to see  the most recent video that we’ve got for this.
Today, I’m standing in front of my bathroom, I’m going to take you into my  bathroom, not the one of my master bedroom, but one in the loft of our house where we  have our war room. And there’s movie pictures in the background here. 
But the subject for today is not bathroom. It is to make MAGIC MOMENTS. And I’m  going to take you into my bathroom and show you some pictures. Some pictures that  used to be dreams and visions when I was in my 20s and in my 30s, but they were an  idea that I had. That I wanted to create magic moments of my life with my family and  have fun and adventure. And I did it. 

And I now showcase those on a wall of my house. It’s a memory wall and I put it  in the bathroom of my are upstairs because I needed to find a place in the house. My  wife would then put them everywhere else.
So I’ve got 1000 pictures on this wall, or maybe not 1000 but about a lot. And I’m  going to show you some of them. And we’re going to talk about how to make magic moments.  

I know you’re gonna love the show. 


Okay, so welcome back. I’m about to take you in here. I just gave you the pre  frame in our intro here about what we’re going to spend today’s time on. And I’m going  to take you to the bathroom and keep my pants on. So don’t worry about it.  

And if you’re not what if you’re listening to this on audio check us out on video  because I’m gonna show you some pictures of myself and my family. Some of the fun  things we’ve done. 
And I want to give you a little formula about how you create magic moments. And  I may have talked about this on a previous episode previous episode. But I’ll give you  three steps to it right now. 

And the first thing is that you make the decision that it’s important for you to  create magic moments. 
Now, what does a magic moment to me it’s something that lasts forever. It’s a  memory that stands out, it makes something routine special. And what makes something  special? It’s first of all, that you’ve got to make the intention that you’re going to make it  happen.  

When my grandfather passed away. He was 92. And I asked him I was I was  corresponding with him by letter. And because I wanted to engage him and talk to him  and his phone calls weren’t that would weren’t that convenient at the time for us was  difficult for him to communicate. 
And I was trying to get him to refresh some of his memories he had when he had  such a rich life. And he probably he knew. And we knew that he wasn’t going to get out  of that bed that this was kind of his last hurrah. The weeks and months before his death.  And I asked him some questions.  

I asked him about this favorite memories that he had the magic moments that he  remembered. And instead of feeling upset about whether he was in pain, or the things  that he still wish that he had done in their regrets that he had, I asked him questions to  focus on his magic moments.  

And when I did that he helped me create, he ended up writing me, I asked for 10.  And he gave me more like 20, 20 of his magic moments. And they came up with a pattern,  the pattern that I recognize, and he didn’t break it down to me, didn’t say, Trevor, here’s  the pattern of how to live a great quality of life.  

But he founded the idea of greatness quest for me, which is a journey to become  your best. And he gave to me the four three part formula of what it was for him to create  magic moments. And what I noticed was the pattern for him. He was always doing things  you passionate about. He was always hanging out with amazing people. And he was  always present in the moment. 
Now what I’m talking to you today that those are the three things and that’s what  started my greatness quest podcast. In fact, if you look back and you look at the very first  episode, the very first season and the very first video I made on this I had a slight a little bit more hair really bad cough. I was trying to grow my hair at the time because I knew  is going to lose it. 

And so I just look horrible. I got a couple cold sores on my face. But I just started I  didn’t make it perfect. I just started and I shared a message from my heart. And it was  the message just gave you was the three things was purpose, choose me.  

Do things you’re passionate about with people that are cool and you love and then  be present. Like don’t don’t wish you were someplace else will be present in the moment.  You can go check that out if you like. But today I told you that step one of creating magic  moments is that you make a decision that you’re going to do it. 

You know, when I travel with my daughter. And when I do things with my  daughter on a regular day, like on a Saturday when I when I go to the grocery store.  When we go to a restaurant when I’m with my wife and we’re just having a Wednesday  day. It’s up to me to make something magic in that moment.  

Now I try to be a little funny and not always funny. I tried to be a little creative.  I’m not always that creative. I try to do something a little outrageous. I typically do  something little out of the ordinary and outrageous. I’m trying to do something different.  I’m trying to make a magic moment that will last forever.

And what I do step number two is I think you need to capture it​. Like I choose  to take a lot of photos and I post them up about my life and post them on Instagram and  post them on Facebook. I I put them up we create a little yearly journal and a little bit  behind on creating a yearly journals right now. But I’m going to correct that and put  them on my wall.  

And I typically have my friends and family and the things that we do. I try to  capture them with pictures. And I’m sure you do too. I’m sure you capture them all on  your phone, but friend them and put them on your wall and capture it and put them into  a book and publish them.  

So the first book I actually ever wrote was one I wrote for my daughter when we  were a strange, not a strange, but she was too and I was separated from her mom. And I  knew I was going to be away from her for a while.  

So I put pictures of our time that we spent together on this little vacation we had into a book and I wrote a little story few pages, 20 pages or something like that about in  search for the most beautiful girl in the world. And I put pictures in it. It was like a little  book I got online for one of those photo site top sites where you put some some pictures  and wrote a little story. 
And she remembers the memories that we created. Still to this day, when she’s  two three years old. She She still has those memories because we refresh them because  we told it into a story because we capture those moments in such a way that would last  forever both by taking pictures which is step number two.

Step number three is to publish them​. Put them into a book we do a young a  yearly yearbook for our family have a picture montage of all the cool stuff we’ve done  and then I post as much as I can online more for me than for you more for my family  than for you more for my daughter than for you more so than the last forever then for  you and I want to give it to you too. I’m doing these videos because I want to connect  with you.  

And I want to help more people and I want our quality of life for this living  without limits. This trying to become the best at whatever we do to be an inspiration to  some people that sometimes think they can’t and I oftentimes am fearful and think that I  can’t let me take you into my office, my second office, my third office into the bathroom  here and I’ll check this out. I’m going to show you I just looked at this. Hold on.  

Okay, lighting may not be perfect here. But what I’ve got up on the wall is a  picture of my own that I have a montage of some of my watersports business. This is a  picture of my third pair sailboat. At one stage in my life. It was a dream to become a boat  captain and have a water sports business. But and then this was like the pinnacle. I was  making some videos. 

Excuse me. I was taking some pictures at the time because we had expanded our  water sports business to be a multiple locations. And you can see there’s this bright  yellow Paris sailboat at the Ritz Carlton. That’s a picture of the Ritz Carlton there and  some of my friends and clients that came out to pose for brochures.  

We did kayak trips and scuba trips and these little kayaking adventures that were  around my business that was started off as a pair cell. But business became this venture  and it lasts forever. Because in my house, it’s in my bathroom.

And right above our kitchen sink. Here I’ve got pictures of my little infant son  with these little I’m now needing to do pictures smaller and smaller because we’ve got so  many memories to put up. And what do we have here.  

When I go when I went to go visit my sister in Alaska, I took a picture with the  whole family. This is pre Maverick proof priests five year old five month old baby but  these are this is my daughter and my sister and her husband and my wife and my two  nephews and we make funny faces my thing when we took pictures is oftentimes we will  capture funny faces here’s my brother in law and my daughter when she was like five  and then here’s my wife and I dress up for disco night.  

So what we do is we try to be more outrageous and create a memory and of  course you can post cool pictures of this is my brother in law’s wedding. If you can see  that a little bit of a player and and our family. But there’s my yellow smiley face  parachute.  

So I am publishing I’m not just taking the picture, but I’m putting them up I went  to on a trip to Alaska and this is my daughter a hole and I holding these crabs that we  went ahead and we take the trip. But we also post the picture.  

There’s a helicopter trip that I took with my my family when we went shooting  guns with my buddy Tyler and his wife. When we went to Mexico to this to this Zoo that  they had like normal was the goodness like this. This a camel It was like we’re 12 inches  from this camel. Ah. With his mouth open.  

There’s a giraffe that took a carrot out of my mouth and licked my face. He kissed  me. I think we touched tons. There’s a picture of that my daughter being a crazy freak at  my sister’s wedding. dressing up like a cat because she loves cats. Here’s my point the  real okay. And hold on the first time my wife daughter and I swam with dolphins.
So here’s my challenge to you. Make it a responsibility of yours to make magic  moments. So then, and then help them last forever. Print the picture, post them up. Publish your book and story and your picture montage and share it with people that you love.  

Share with the people that are the most special to you. So those moments last  forever. And even if your wife doesn’t want you to put up all the pictures in the house find a location that you can put them up make a dream memory wall.  

Before any of these things happened, they were nothing but a dream. I was broke.  I was didn’t have the water sports business wasn’t sure I was ever going to be able to pay  back in debt that I have had. 

I didn’t know how to become a parasail boat captain, didn’t know how to become  a scuba instructor lived in Arizona and I was it was hot and there was a desert and I  decided that I liked the water they wanted to learn how to swim I knew how to swim I  want to learn how to become a scuba instructor. 

I wanted to have a phenomenal frickin life I started to create the vision for some  of the memories I’ve got on this wall when I was in my 20s before I had the right girl only  share with you one more picture who still with me I’m going to give you a picture when I  used to have some some frickin apps right there’s a picture someone asked this question  we recently they’re like what’s a Is there a time you climbed a mountain stands out to  you.  

This is a picture of me on top of a mountain you can see it it’s not phenomenal  here but my abs or chiseled ABS I’m standing on top of a mountain with my hand up in  the air chiseled abs overlooking this beautiful ocean off the coast to Haiti when I used to  be a scuba instructor working for Royal Caribbean cruise lines. 

Make today magnificent. Take on the challenge of making every moment matter.  Make it magical. Make a memory. 

I hope you got some value out of this. And I can’t wait to see you tomorrow on  another daily dose of greatness quest. 

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