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EPISODE 44 of a Daily Dose of Greatness Quest with Trevor Crane


Would you rather drive a luxury car? Or save and invest your money? Or both?


“Who’s got my money?” – Grant Cardone

Who’s got my money?

“If I’m given a choice between A, B or C… I always choose D – all of the above.” – Trevor Crane

If I’m given a choice between A, B or C... I always choose D - all of the above.

“I want it all.” – Trevor Crane

I want it all.


What’s a creative way you can get what you want … and get paid as well?

Share your ideas with me in Social Media.


Today, I share you a LUXURY CAR HACK that will help you get a luxury car and still keep your money. I also give away some other useful hacks that will help you save money and be successful in marketing.

Hack #1: Go to swapalease.com to find the luxury car you want and avoid having to pay dealers fees and taxes.

And, when you lease your car you can write off 100% of it.

Hack #2: To be successful in anything, find a mentor and hire them.


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Hallelujah, brothers and sisters. We’re gonna talk today about how you can drive a luxury car and still save your money.

I don’t know why I decided to talk like a preacher today, but this is Trevor Crane and bringing you another daily dose of greatness quest. I’m going to give you a hack about how you can drive a luxury car and still save your money.

You’re going to love today’s show.


Alright. I just flew out of Tampa this morning, crack of dawn. And then flew into West Palm Beach to pick up my new car. So I’m on the drive right now back from West Palm Beach to Tampa. And unfortunately, that’s about a 250-mile drive which I kind of didn’t look at the map to kind of realize.

So I’m gonna come to you today with this amazing session. Because for the last 5 years, maybe more, my wife and I have upgraded to driving luxury cars but not having to pay all of the normal dealer fees and commit to paying all the normal attempts that jack-up when you buy a vehicle.

Now, the truth is, I’m not a car guy. There’s a lot of people that are like way into cars man. And like classic cars a lot, Lamborghinis and all kinds of cool stuff. And I think that stuff is cool. But every full car I’ve ever bought, after a while it was just my car. It’s like a vehicle to get me from here to there. So I may not be connecting with everybody with that message.

But the truth is, my wife and I decided to move in from our Honda at one stage to our Hyundai. Hohoo! We updated to a Hyundai! And we were pretty excited because we had gone and we had driven some luxury cars. We went to Mercedes. We went to BMW. We went to, run around and we drove some different luxury cars And both of us really didn’t care.

We thought that the Hyundai Sonata that we liked had all the bells and whistles that we wanted. And I really wasn’t thinking about the perception of people looking at me driving that car. I was excited getting that new car. It seemed to be the one that we liked and that’s when we bought.

Now, I didn’t recognize what people would think when they saw me driving that car. So I had a couple of potential clients who saw me driving my cheaper car. In fact, we had kept the Honda for a little while because it was a hybrid. It got great mileage. And we didn’t really care. We had a second vehicle.

And I had a couple of people that could have hired me, but they chose not to. And I didn’t find out until later, part of the reason is that I’m driving up in a piece of shit. Now, it wasn’t necessarily a piece of shit. I had shaved 30 grand for the Sonata. We bought it. We’re the type of people that just, we had made, we had enough money we could buy what we wanted to buy. We got a good interest rate on it.

And then after about a year, we thought we want to move on. So we went to sell that car. And I think my wife actually wrecked the car. She was okay, but she destroyed the car. And it got to a point that it was time for us get a new one. We’re looking at our next car purchase, we started looking at something called swap-a-lease. So if you want to get to hack right away, go to swapalease.com.

That’s the hack. The hack about how to drive a luxury car is this. This is a place where people are basically, they committed to driving cars, whether that it’s a Ford or friggin’ Tesla. It doesn’t matter. You can get just about any car on there.

And there’s all bunch of people that are on a lease. Maybe it’s a 1-year lease, 2-year lease, 3-year lease, typically. And then somewhere in the middle of their contract, they want out. And what I didn’t realize is that you can pick up a car like this and not have to pay dealer taxes and fees.

So you would rent or lease a brand new car. By the way, that’s another hack in on itself is to lease your car. Because when you lease your car, you know, 100% right off in your business then you don’t really have to deal with all the baloney that you have to if you’re going to try it out and do mileage and a variety of things when you’re driving your car if you just buy it for your personal use. And then you’re trying to write it off and treat the car as an expense. Now we just 100% use that car as a write off with our business because we lease it and we lease it for our business and whatnot.

Now, so first of all, that’s 100% right off. So now we don’t, our car cost is now 100% tax deductible. And when you pick up a car in the same state. Now this may change based on state to state. And I think, if you take a car from California and you move it to Florida or whatever and then you might have to pay a state tax when you do that.

And listen, I don’t know exactly how that works. But I do know that when I was living in New Jersey, and we moved into a BMW sedan. We’re real happy with the one we have got. And we moved into a much nicer car with almost, with a smaller monthly fee than it cost us for the Sonata. So now we’re driving a $40,000 – $50,000 car and we’re paying less monthly than we were for a brand new car that we bought. This not, maybe it wasn’t brand new as the one someone got.

So here’s the hack guys, if you’re not yet driving the car you want, you might want to look into this. And there’s a lot of people that will step up and go into the dealer and go ride their brand new car. If you’re that kind of person, that’s awesome.

However, like what Green Cardone, I was talking about just recently in here. This dude, if you follow him at all, even though he doesn’t shut the hell up. He’s on social media everywhere all the time. And he was talking about always being broke like stain broke. And then when he was younger and before he had a lot of money, he would make money and then save it.

And he saved it until he had a certain lump sum that he could invest in real estate or something that would give him his goal at the time was a 20% return. And so he just went he’s 26,27, 28, 29 years old. He didn’t go buy luxury cars. He wasn’t trying to drive around in luxury vehicles. He wasn’t flying on, you know, custom jets and shit like that. He wasn’t spending money on suits and all kinds of baloney. He was working and hustling and making money and then stashing it away. And then he talked about being broke because he didn’t go spend that money. It was in the bank and it was there. And I don’t remember what he calls ‘em. But he’s like he saved his money, basically didn’t let anybody take it out for any reason.

So here’s the thing, instead of me going out and buying Rolls, or instead of me going to get a new Tesla, which is the new car one I want. I wanted that Tesla and I just opted not to. Because the truth is, I was going to be out of cash, is gonna lose more cash come out of pocket for that Tesla. By the time I paid for dealer’s fees and finance that damn thing is going to be 20-30 grand out of cash this year, in this year.

And instead I moved into, I’m driving an Infinity right now, to brand new 2018 Infinity. I picked it up on swap-a-lease. The guy that was getting rid of the Infinity gave me almost a $2,000 incentive. So he paid me to take-over payments on the vehicle.

Now, I could have gotten an Audi. I could have gotten a, you know, Range Rover. I could have gotten a lot of different vehicles. But I chose to get one that had 7 seats in it because we have a new baby. And we, you know, we already have an 11-year old daughter and a 3-month old son. And we just wanted more space when the in-laws or the outlaws come into town. .We wanted to give them a chance to be in the vehicle with us. And a sedan wasn’t gonna do it now with the stroller and all that baloney.

So we went ahead and we moved them into a luxury vehicle. I mean Infinity is nice. And we could have gotten, could have spent more money. I could have spent a grand a month more or spend a whole lot more and gotten a Maserati. I could have gotten a Porsche. I could have gotten a whole bunch of things. But the truth was, I want to hold on to my cash.

My wife and I don’t care of much. We do want to be in a nice vehicle. We do want people to see that person, we want to drive the vehicle that, you know, people perceive as being a nice vehicle, a luxury vehicle. And that’s an important thing I didn’t recognize in my brand for a while or or give a shit about. But now I do, and we’re very cognizant of it.

But we ended up choosing a vehicle that we liked, that was a good price with everything we wanted in a car. And then we got paid to take-over the payments, no taxes no fees. And he wrote, I think he gave me 1500 dollars cash today to drive away with the car. Instead of you going in to buy a new car or to lease a new car. And I guess my, I tried to do a daily question and a daily quote and a challenge every day.

So here’s my question for you today. What kind of car do you want to drive? And would you rather have money? And when you learn, would you rather have more money for investing or would you rather have your luxury car? I’d rather have both. It’s already got that question or not. Yeah, but you know, figure it out. I’ll post it in the show notes.

The question is, I know I want it all. I want to have it all. I want the car, the money the gold watch, the girl, everything. And so, I try to find a way to have it all. I didn’t want to have one or the other, but I do know I like to buy and lease intelligently 100% right off on this vehicle. I got paid to drive up the driveway with a brand-new car.

So anyway, that’s my challenge for us to try to find a creative way that you can get what you want and get paid as well. That’s one of my goal. I’m in the process of interviewing a lot of amazing people that I can go ahead and learn from. And hire them to do social media and help me with more of my marketing.

This is the hack, by the way, on how I become more successful with my marketing. I find people that are doing it already. And then I hire them. If you want it but hasn’t gotten to it yet, make sure you hire somebody to help you. Go get it. I hope you can get stuff all the time. And so that’s the hack.

And this my challenge to you is to try to find out some way that you can have what you want to get paid to, you know.

Alright so that’s it for today. I hope you’re having an amazing day. Enjoy this, the swapalease.com. I think I paid $50 or $100 or stuff like that and I got access to this website for forever. And now I can shop cars on there. And they’ll send you notifications for me to check out the new Maserati, the new things.

And if you drive a luxury car maybe move into a lease for 6-8 months. And then you can get that out of your system so you can then go drive the car that you think is more appropriate for you and your business, your brand and all that.

And if you want to figure out a way to have it all, then let me know. I will see what I can do to help you because you’re not knowing how to make money right now. You gotta get your money.

Once Grant Cardone say “Where’s my money?” That’s his battlecry as he calls it, “Where’s my money?”. “Who’s got my money?” Oh, that’s really the battlecry. “Who’s got my money?”

Well, there’s a lot of people out there that I’m sure can help, major products and services and you want some help with that. Give me your both. Shoot me a private message like this. Make sure you give me a review, share this with somebody that you love.

And I’ll see you tomorrow on another daily dose of greatness quest.

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