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EPISODE 100 of a Daily Dose of Greatness Quest with Trevor Crane


On the last day of our trip to Bahamas, I’m recording a video with Ashley Peterson. And  we talk about living your legacy, not just leaving it.  

We also talk about thinking outside the box. And doing something out of the box. 


Are you living your legacy? 


“Start living your legacy today.” – Ashley Peterson

Start living your legacy today


Think outside the box and do something outside the box.

Go off the beaten path. 


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Hey, welcome to another daily dose of greatness quest. Today is Episode 100. And  for those of you listening to this episode, instead of watching it on audio, you should go to trevorcrane.com​ and check it out on video.

Today I am in the Bahamas. Yeah, yeah, we’re having fun. We’re over a paradise  island right now. I’m here with Ashley. Say “Hi guys”. We’re having an adventure on our  own. The subject for today is living your legacy. I know you’re gonna love the show.  


So welcome back. Since you’re watching this or you’re listening to this, I’m here  with Ashley and we are wrapping up our last day of our Legacy Mastermind Retreat. Yes  so if you haven’t met actually before actually Peterson’s the CEO of our company step up  strategies Inc. Yes and we are leading our first mastermind retreat here in the Bahamas. 

The cool thing about it is that everybody came here for a mastermind our clients  so that we could all 10X our business. We were looking at actually what can you do to  grow your business.  

And today’s episode is about living your legacy. Living, not just leaving. We’ll talk  a little bit about that here in a second. But we brought about a handful of our clients and  then Robyn and myself are here. We brought our kids with us so we’ve got some cool  pictures of the fun stuff that we did before I get to the content today. We did a dolphin.  Yeah. And you’ll see I share a video of actually kissing a dolphin.  

And so we wanted to have a lot of fun. But the idea of mastermind is in one of the  come do what it takes strategically to massively grow our business. So Ashley, what are  you going to do? And where do you committed to in your business?

Ashley:​ ​So one of the things that I committed to that I’ve been talking about for  three years and have just kind of dropped the ball over and over again, is to finally getting  my book done. It’s July 2018. So by the end of the year, I’ll have a number one best selling  book out you can get it it’s going to be on productivity and profitability, and it’s going to be  really awesome.  

So we brought action on our team to help us with those things. So she is creating the systems that creates a lot of our results. She leads our marketing team on what we do  for books on Amazon. So for those of you have had the chance to work with, actually, you  know how effective she is, but what she’s really good at our systems and teams. And so  the point is, though, it didn’t we’ve, you’ve been working with us now for three years,  three years and you didn’t decide and definitively declare that you’re going to get it done  until this trip. Why this trip?

Ashley:​ ​Well, I decided after being around all of you guys and everybody else was  setting goals that it was finally time for me to set a goal and stick to it. It’s my time it’s  everybody else’s 10X in their business, it’s time for me to bring it off too.  

So the cool thing about a mastermind is that instead of just being coaching where I  coach, actually, I coach one of our clients because that’s what we do in our mentoring  program. Like, yeah, I’m the mentor because I may have already done something so that  I’m going to lead somebody to do the same thing I have done.  

The idea of a mastermind is we sit around and we say okay, what is your goal and  how can we help you. So we work together as a group. And I’m part of two other  mastermind groups right now that I pay to be a part of that our businesses that are doing  the average income is like 100 million dollars a year. Because that’s the game I want to be  playing. 
So the companies we have are trying to live up to like, the accomplishments that  my wife and I have created. So when I talk about living a legacy, the reason that I’m  shooting it here, and that is just actually and I let’s walk a little bit I can see some more  going on.  

So the reason that I wanted to call it living a legacy is I want to do something  special and have this be a video because I’m doing a daily podcast that’s all on audio and  let’s go this direction so there’s not so much sound. 

The reason I wanted to call it living a legacy and do a video is we’re in the friggin  Bahamas. And while we went on an amazing dolphin tour, and right now we’re shooting  this video in a resort is kind of like Disneyland. Everywhere you look it’s gorgeous.  There. These water parks, there’s aquarium. Ash has never been here before, so I wanted  to show it to her. 
And one of my goals when I was growing up and started traveling is I wanted to share those experiences with my friends and family and clients. So this is like a dream  come true for me. Because at one point I started an adventure tours company and I  would take people out on these amazing adventure tours when I started in just personal development.  

And I started in helping via consultant and coach and now I have a publishing  company. I wanted to bring my clients on these retreats because it’s so much fun. And we  get to connect in a different way to do different things and think outside the box.  

So why do you only see me and Ashley here today? 

So we went on the dolphin encounter, which was a coordinated tour with how  many people on a boat 100 there? Yeah, there. There was so much 200 people on a boat.  We’re at a resort right now. And by the way, we’re not staying at the Atlantis casino.  We’re just crashing it. I told ash that I wanted her to see it.
Now check this out. I didn’t plan this but there’s a sign over here that says FOR  YOUR SAFETY PLEASE DO NOT ATTEMPT TO CLIMB ON THE ROCKS. Guess what we’re  going to do? And guess what my challenges for you? 

See, I think that the coolest thing about going on a retreat like this or the  adventure that actually an eye on and it’s not just to break the rules but is to do  something outside of the box. To create the results that you want to create, you need to  be willing to go outside the box.  

So instead of just going to the all inclusive resort that we have at the Malaya  which is on the beach down here which is really awesome. I took actually down to the  fish market and to where all the local fishermen are the catch all the fish and the conch  and stuff and I shared I wanted to have a cold beer with with the whole team yeah one of  my wife to come who’s been there with me before I wanted our kids to come I wanted  our clients to come but they’ll build out they’ll build out because they just retired and  they had a big day and whatnot.  

But Ash, would you get? So from all the things that you’re going to remember?  Forget hermit crab. And there’s a little hermit crab and take him home. No, he’s he’s  gonna go back. They asked for I’m pretty sure on the beach presses critter in there.  

So of all the things that you’re going to remember why was going to the fish market and and walking through and meeting the crazy drunks that talk to us or having  them serve up cracker con conch fresh in front of you and cook it up. Why is that going  to stand out to you more?

Ashley:​ ​Well, what stands out to me about that is just being able to really interact  with the natives and get a better idea of the way of life around here. It’s just so different  than everything. I’m used to everything I’ve been exposed to before. And it just kind of  opens your eyes to what’s out in the world and to really experience things outside the box  or off the beaten path and so that’s definitely going to be the part to me about this whole  trip that stands out. 

Okay, so now no here because you’re going to write a book, which is a lot about  your legacy and what would happen to leave a legacy, but it’s also about living one. And  the reason why I like my daily podcast and now this idea of doing it on video as well. I’m  like living a life without limits and sharing it with you is that I believe you can live it and  it starts today. 

It doesn’t mean you have to finish your book today. Right? And it doesn’t mean  that you have to have a ticket into the Atlantis to be able to see it or go to the beach. And  if they put up a sign that says, don’t climb on these rocks for your own safety. You know,  I get it rules are in place. If my daughter watch this, she totally she would plan on those  rocks. I get it.  

But my challenge to you is to think outside the box and to do something outside  the box instead of crossing instead of going back after the dolphin tour on the tour bus  which would have been amazing. There’s nothing wrong with that. But I said who wants  to walk across the bridge which was like 20 minutes 2020 minute walk to walk across the  bridge to go have experience and find and see the local people doing cool things like who  wants to do that with me and everybody bailed out except for Ash. 

And now my wife has done it with me before so that’s cool but my challenge to  you is to try to do something outside of the box try to think outside the lines because the  way that we help people with their books and the way Ash is going to get her book done  is not traditional. So she said she’s going to get her book done but the first assignment is  not to frickin pick up a pen and start writing your book. 

So what’s the first thing you’re going to do? I’m actually curious. 

Ashley:​ ​Well, my first thing is my declaration my second thing is to interview people  who I think I can help and find out what their real problems. 

So check that out. So we’re giving you an insight into book publishing here that I  think is a little bit outside the box which is one of the things we challenge our clients to  do is like to get a result that is going to be epic don’t follow the herd like there’s a herd of  people that could be sitting in those frickin lawn chairs right there.  

There’s a herd of people that are back at the the all inclusive resort and they are  eating their meal included and they didn’t have three beers under the bridge and talk to  a whole bunch of very weird, crazy, fun, nice loving people and have an amazing  experience and to learn all the cool stuff that you did about fishing and fishermen, and  what it’s like to live in the Bahamas. 
The first thing about getting your book done in this context is that she says she’s  gonna declare it to the world. It starts off with Mark kid team. Like we instead of writing  a great book, and then marketing it and then hoping you make some money with it. And  then was the last thing meet your mission. That’s what they’re like.  

I’m gonna write a book, which is what most people think I’m going to go on the  tour that’s great. Once I’ve written a great book and everybody loves it, then I’m going to  do some amazing marketing for it. Yeah, okay, so that’s cool. Now they do marketing for  a book that they never tested.  

So thinking outside the box was to come up with a system that actually helped  actually meet her mission which starts today with her sharing it as a part of my podcast  guest being a podcast guest today.  

But also now she said step two was to go out and talk to people. She’s gonna start  marketing her message. And we already know she’s great at what she does. She told you  as her book is going to be about profitability and productivity. Do you want that? Do you  want some systems in your life? That helped give you more time? Maybe? Yes, maybe?  No, probably. Yes. But are we using the right words and language for it? I don’t know. 
So we’re thinking outside the box. Now. That’s an insight on or I shouldn’t go on  more about the book stuff just gone crazy. You’re gonna go crazy. But this is about the  challenge for you today. Run episode number 100. 100. Yeah.  

And I would challenge you to think outside the box. I’ll probably put some video  snippets in here showing us doing some of the cool things with the dolphins actually  kissing him or getting slapped in the face because she didn’t dance enough with dolphin.  Yeah, but think outside the box and do something outside the box. Go off the beaten path.  

And don’t just stay in the little box world where you have a box lunch or an  bought you eat breakfast. Just out of the box, I love this phrase, you eat breakfast out of a  box you you look into a box, you talk into a box, you watch a box, you get into a car a box  and drive to another box a building you work in your cubicle or box and then everything  comes from a frickin box.  

Instead of following inside the box go outside the lines and do something even if  the sign tells you not to. It’s in fact it’s like for me if somebody tells me me exactly  Challenge accepted you know if somebody tells me not to do something it’s almost like I  have to frickin do it. 

Now, that’s my personality, maybe. But I’ve just been if everybody’s running one  direction. I typically want to go the other way. I don’t know the right way for you. But I  would challenge you to think outside the box. Anything else?

Ashley: ​Yeah. start living your legacy. Live your legacy.

So that’ll be the day the quote the quote of the day you start living your legacy  that’s an Ashley Peterson quote. start living your legacy today. How about that? The last  little piece here before we’re gone. If you liked our show and you like the greatness quest  show, please go to iTunes and give us some love. We have not been asking for a lot of  reviews. And if you don’t ask for something, you don’t get it.  

And one of my marketing guy said Trevor, what the hell Why are you not asking  people to review your show so please go review the show. Oh, gotta be careful if you  don’t watch yourself these rocks will kill you for your own safety to stay off those rocks.  So and then what’s the last thing I was just look at the beach like how awesome that is. 

And that’s it. So go move something. Do something outside the box. I can’t wait to  see it on episode one on one. I’m gonna share with you something else. Awesome. I’m not  sure what it is yet. I’m walking in circles care about you love you. 

I can’t wait you to take your life and business to the next level and make today magnificent. Thank you, Ashley Peterson. 

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