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EPISODE 163 of a Daily Dose of Greatness Quest with Trevor Crane


With the recent loss of ​Burt Reynolds​, who died a few days ago and ​John McCain​, who  passed away about a week or so before that, I’ve been doing a bunch of thinking about  life and death. 
I’m finding more QUESTIONS right now, than I am answers, but today we’ll explore both.

In addition, I just can’t get the Tim McGraw song out of my head, ​Live Like You Were Dying. Great stuff we can learn from that song… and use it to take our lives to the next level. Enjoy! 


Here are 3 great questions to add to your goal-setting:
Where am I going to GO? (Think “adventure” and “experiences” you want to have.)
What am I going to GIVE? (What are you going to “create” or “contribute?”)
How do I need to GROW? (Who do you need to “become” to have the “capacity” to make  those dreams a reality?)


“Keep asking questions and the answers will get better.” – Trevor Crane

Keep asking questions and the answers will get better.


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Burt Reynolds died the other day so too John Mccain. And it’s got me thinking a lot  about our legacy, how we live our life. 

And it was in the car the other day just after I heard about a Burt Reynolds dying  and I heard that Tim McGraw song called ​Live Like You Were Dying.

That’s the subject for today’s show. 


Alright, live like you were dying. I found it crazy that when I heard about Burt  Reynolds who lived a pretty amazing life if you I’m guessing you’ve seen multiple movies  with him in it I’m guessing you know the name I don’t know how I don’t know how many  people in like the northern hemisphere would not know his name. 

And what was here’s what was crazy is I was watching him being covered on on  the news now. I’m only watching the news and looking at common TV stuff every once in  a while when I’m at a doctor’s office, dentist office if I happen to turn on a TV at a hotel,  which rarely happens anymore, but if I do, I typically flabbergasted by the commercials  because I just I don’t ever watch commercials.
And I don’t plug into common new stuff on a regular basis. That’s probably a  mistake in some degree, but I just can’t stand the negative news. And so I just don’t pay  attention to it. But as in the doctor’s office, my wife was going through some procedure  that was minor. There’s nothing to like, Oh my God, is she okay? It was all good, just  normal health type stuff. 
But I was in there and I saw them talking about Burt Reynolds, how he died at 85.  And they were celebrating his life and they said nothing except complimentary things.  And it went on for maybe two or three minutes, which I think is a long time for TV and  media stuff to be paying attention to something two minutes maybe three tops. 

And at the end of that, I mean, and they gave a couple of nice quotes that Burt  had, right. They showed a picture of him with some of the women that he’s dated. And  they showed him in some of the little snippets, like the tiniest little snippet of him in  some of his movies. 

And then they shared with it one or two quotes from him, maybe one, I think,  where he said something to the effect of, you know, nobody has when they look at his  life, like he said something about like, he lived a very fun life. Nobody would have had  more fun than he did. And that was it. 

I mean, and then then then then they just went on, they’re like, okay, now another  news and they went on to the next thing and it was crazy to me, here’s this man who’s a  jazz at 85 everybody loves and then his epitaph like what what’s what they speak about  them, obviously on what was written on this tombstone which is a whole other conversation. 

But and I know they probably covered him again and again and again I’m not  saying this was the only news coverage I’m sure was on every channel and I’m sure they  talk about it incessantly but I don’t pay attention to the head shit but but it’s just more of  like what sensational today.
What stood out to me was the fact that even a man who’s contributed and created  as much as Burt Reynolds, life just went on. I saw the newscasters they’re like all right,  well, you know, he’s dead so that’s really sad. But let’s move on. Like it’s just over like  snap your fingers and it’s gone and that just blew my mind quite frankly I mean, I this  the world seems to revolve around me right now.  

I don’t know about you, but I suspect the world revolves around you like I’m the  kind of the most important person in it. You know, I’m the it’s me and mine. Right? The  things that I’m focused on mean I can only see the world from behind these eyes and  through the senses, and that’s it. And then the day after I’m dead, I all of that is gone.  

And the only thing that lasts, and the only thing that’s left behind is what? What  do we have for Burt Reynolds? What do we have for John Mccain? 

And this is freaking me out and it’s freaking me out because it’s given me  perspective. And it’s challenging me about how I want to live the rest of my life. And I  know I’ve been talking about this a little bit on some of my most recent podcasts. And no,  this isn’t tactical shit to help you tell your story. Publish yourself, take your business to  the next level. This is just about some soul searching on how you want to live.  

And then on my drive home, I dropped Robyn off for a little bit and I was on my own in the car with my son and he was to help him fall asleep. If I’m driving without my  wife in the car. I was singing and not even my son really wants to hear that. But he will  fall asleep when I sing for some reason, probably to escape the warbling. 

But I was singing to Tim McGraw song is like you were dying and that I in in the in  the lyrics it says I hope one day you have the chance to live like you were dying and I’ve  been thinking about my legacy and what I what will be left behind and who will care  when I die. 

I was really it’s pretty much just my family. I mean it might be a few people that  I’ve helped and a few friends of mine that will care but there’s going to be a much  smaller group of people I mean obviously then then Burt Reynolds that are even going to  even blink care or no. 

And I’m coming back to like how I want to live the rest of my life and what it is  that I’m want to create and contribute and what it is my life is going to be about. And  some of the things that I’m grateful for about it so far, and some of the things that I’m  compelled to now go create and contribute. 

And so in creating, I’ve started researching goal setting and goal achievement and  like and and I was a book I’ve got planned and I’ve started that I’m working on right now  around goal setting and goal getting and setting and getting any goal it’s called get any  goal and I’ve got my 30 day goal setting challenge with the the gift book that I wrote. 

And honestly, like what I leave behind, I think what I’m what I recognize, like if I  was going fucking tomorrow, my seven month old son would have what I mean he’d  have, he’d have pictures of me is it and you’d have the memory and the stories that my  wife and daughter and his grandparents might tell and that’s it. Excellent tapped for the  books that I’ve written. 

And I can’t tell you how great it feels to have some books that I have written that  will be gifts for him that at some stage and my daughter can read at some stage and look  into, like, what I believed in what I thought. And, and if they want to learn more about  their dad, they can check that out. They can also check out my podcast. 

They can also check out my the interviews I’ve done on podcast when I’ve either  being interviewed or I’m doing the interviews, they can have mice. My son and my  daughter are probably the only ones that will ever care about Trevor’s life.  

At this stage, they could look back and they can see the movie that I created with Phoenix, my daughter when we did this little 20 minute movie called kitty wars. And  that’s the movie we created for her second book. That’s a big project but when it comes to  legacy, they get to that. 
That’s about it. It’s what did we create? And what did we contribute? Now? I, I  think that’s kind of it, they the other, they get the example that I’ve left so that I leave  that, you know, how did I live, they get to see whether or not I, I followed through with  what I said I was going to do or not, they get to see if I was a warrior or a warrior. 

I get to see if I was a winner or a loser that that’s what they get to see. They get to  see they get to maybe have a memory of me and how we lived every single day. 

So I’ve recently come up with four little like a code of conduct for myself with this  and I’m going to share with you that code of conduct and then challenge you today real  quickly to consider your own code of conduct and if you like mine might want to use it.  And if you want to change it then adopted to be your own.
But I’ve got a code of conduct that I didn’t create, but was given to me by Garrett, Jay White and the Warriors way and that’s the the core for that I’m focused on my body  being balanced in business every day and I’m focused on doing some things with my  discipline, that’s fine every single day.  

And that’s cool because I might, my kids can see that I either live that or didn’t live  that based on that code. But I’m also talking about this new code, these four little pieces  I’m going to give you and it’s a lesson that I learned from after my my best friend and dog  passed away years ago before I had kids. 
And I recognized that she died because I didn’t put up a fence in my yard that I  didn’t teach her about traffic, the smartest dog in the world. I could do all these Carnival  tricks and stuff so cool. She’s my best friend. She went everywhere with me. She worked  on a boat with me. 

She went up in a hot air balloon with me. She traveled on airplanes with me. She  went everywhere. And then she died right outside my house in the street hit by car, and I  was torn up about it. As you might imagine, for those of you have lost pets, and it took  me a while to process like a lesson in it, a gift in it that ended up serving me. 

And it broke my heart and it gave me freedom to recognize that my dog had made  an ultimate sacrifice and I found the gift in it from her that it that the it’s important to  love first because I had not loved first I had not taken her safety as important as it was to  me. I just didn’t do anything about it. 

And I recognize that at one point in my life in the future when I had kids that if I  just remembered the lesson that my dog gave me It was important to love first because  that was her gift to me was this unconditional love. If you’ve ever had a dog or a pet that  loves you unconditionally, for you know what I mean? 

And so I still feel like she’s my guardian angels. So I feel like the code that I want  to live and that I want to leave for my kids is the lesson and for the for the world,  whatever, whoever cares enough, if you care about this, then you should live it too is that  love first, above and beyond all else. 

And sometimes I think I’ve forgotten that. I don’t want to forget it anymore. I want  that to be on the tip of my tongue and the forefront of my mind to love first, love  unconditionally. 

I think a great role model for that is the Dalai Lama. I heard recently that he was  asked like, what happens when somebody comes to you with a lot of anger. I come to you  with a lot of pissed off that come to you with a lot of judgment, whatever? 

And he said something to the effect of Oh, it goes when that happens, I just refuse  to accept that gift. He doesn’t hate them. He doesn’t fight them. He’s refuses to accept that  gift. What a beautiful way of looking at it.  

Okay, so love first and then the next thing I have is learn, love, simple like guy. I  don’t want to come up with simple phrases and terms and things that I can remember  shit. So it’s like one word stuffed often.
So love first and then learn. I want to learn and grow. I think that’s our capacity. I  think that’s why we’re here is to expand so I want to learn stuff that I love that because I  love the love and I love to learn so this is going to be good shit. And I thought what a  great gift to give and to an end to have a path that that that’s it’s just I think it’s beautiful.  

But there’s not just about learning not just the passive learning but the next thing  that comes next is living what I learned like tell us just a read the book but to apply what’s there and I just recently started playing tennis and this is the last week or two and  haven’t played tennis. 

Since I was pretty much 18 years old I took a class and that was about it take one  little like three month class on how to play tennis and then in the few times in my life  I’ve played it like I played it a little bit and enough to enjoy it and I haven’t didn’t play for  25 years or something like that whatever it was. 

And just a couple weeks ago I started playing again and a miserable like I really I  have some some athleticism because I played sports in the past. I’m not like the worst but  I just realized that I really like it. And I like playing sports and haven’t played sports  consistently for a long ass time.  

And so I’m out there playing and I’m like you know what i the whole purpose of  greatness quest was to become the best become my best become your best. Like, that’s  the if they’re if I had my little subtitle for greatness quest is become your best and then  it’s to take your life and business to the next level.  

But if it’s to become my best, then that means I need to learn how to be the best at  tennis. If I’m gonna play that I’m going to become the best. Maybe that’s the best at the  gym. Maybe that’s just the best for me. Whatever that is. That’s my commitment. Whatever I’m going to do, but it’s love first learn it and then live it. 

And then the last thing is delete it. So those my forwards love, learn live, lead love,  learn live, we’d love learn live lead and to look at it and challenge myself on the things  where I am not learning living or leading.  

And so one of them are quite simply is tennis because I’m like you know what it  needs to be if it’s going to be in my life if these are going to be my code than I need to do  it everywhere so I’m doubling down I’m going to take private lessons I signed up for  some group lessons really nice and doing okay you know. 

I’m getting I never even knew how to hold a racket. I never even knew how to  swing I don’t I there’s a lot of things I just don’t know about the game of tennis and it’s  kind of cute that I’m there practicing some stuff but if I’m going to be my best I’m hiring  somebody to help me become my best and I have the opportunity to do that in every area  of my life. So let’s look at body being balanced and business so let’s talk about balance at  my family first. 

So I may not have Arnold Schwarzenegger style vision. I did some research about  Mr. Arnold Schwarzenegger recently who like as it does a great talk on his five rules that  he chose to live by. Number one is vision. 

And he said when he was a young man living in Austria when he’s young boy  living in Austria living in a country that had been devastated by World War Two, he saw  a documentary on America and said I want to go to America was his first just dream and  vision and everyone looked around it like that was not even a possibility. This is in the  50s or whatever was and like, it was like the hat the second pass an impossible dream. 

And then he saw later a few years later, whatever it was, he saw bodybuilding  magazine, he decided he wanted to become like Mr. Universe and he wanted any any  saw his path in any in any event. He eventually did both obviously. 
And then he had this vision to become a movie star not just a movie star with the  best movie star and he had a vision for that, then you wanted to become a public servant and he became the Governator. 

And I’m like okay if I look at my vision. I don’t have that yet. I don’t have a vision  of becoming the best in the world. in any capacity that the world will ever know, except  for my little circle, however, and I and I’m not thrilled about that, I want bigger vision. 

But I have a real powerful vision right now. That is, it would be disrespectful to  ignore and is that if I if my commitment is to become my best, and that’s what I would  challenge you to be is to be your best. 

Then I have a very important commitment to my family to become the best father  ever in the world. The best father in the world to my kids, the best husband, to my wife,  the best leader in my businesses, or business or whatever I do, the best son, the best  friend that I can possibly be, which I think is such a great vision.
I don’t necessarily need to be king of the world. Don’t need to be the rock and  movie star movie star. But I can be the best to the people that I care about most. 

And so I’m excited because my new code of love, learn, live, lead. It’s something  I’ve I’ve been practicing to a certain extent. I don’t know that I had to find it in those  terms specifically. So I’m sharing with you my new epiphany. 

And now I’m excited because it feels like it’s a good path. And I found insight into what I do think can make a difference in my kids lives and what I can leave behind when  it comes to live like you were dying. 

It’s making me remember and I have that phrase now written in my journal and  as soon to grace my wall it just reminds me that I have to do this every day and and that I  want to have all these adventures so I’m going to wrap this up with one more thing and it  is how I’m currently setting goals for myself. 

And I’m in the process of improving my goal setting and goal getting path and  plan. But what I’m recognizing in Burt Reynolds and what I’m recognizing in John Mccain, the two guys that I said that are famous just recently passed is what they have created and contributed. I shared this on another podcast recently. I think those are two  core questions. 
So I think I’ve got this also this the these three sections of how to set goals and I’m  definitely setting challenges for myself in in every area of body being balanced in  business. So I’ve got a 12 week and a 12 year challenge for myself of what to accomplish in 12 weeks in in three months in a quarter and what I’m a challenge for myself of what  I’m going to accomplish in a day in a year.
And those need to be massively improved and need more progress there. So I’m  not going to get into those and brag to you about my amazing challenges and have made  this happen. Because I’m not there yet.
But those are challenges. I’ve got three questions for goals, and it is where am I  going to go? What am I going to give and how do I need to grow? 

And I learned this in some of the homework that I’ve been doing for for goal  setting is that these are some phenomenal areas to set goals and they’re ones that we can  seek and accomplish and feel great about ourselves and our and and and and they’re just  better than just money.  

Oh, I’m gonna make this amount of money in a given time that I’ve got that that’s  great. I’ve got that in my business challenge for myself on a 12 month in a 12 week and  whatever, but I love this.  

Where am I gonna go now? For me? I like adventure and I like travel. So I’m not  thinking where am I gonna go? What are they? What are the experiences that I want to have? And experiences might be a better word, but for me, I’m just, it started with the  letter G. It’s a short word. So I went with where am I going to go? 
Where am I going to go? 

And I know I’ve always wanted to go to Egypt. And I started thinking about a lot of  other places I want to go and other adventures I want to have. So this one’s a fun one. Oh  my god, this is fun. My wife and I did so much traveling this last year and had so many  cool fun adventures. I’m excited about this.  

And I’m excited about this being how I live my life. If I was to be if I was to pass in  the next 30 days or in the next 12 months, how would I live my life shit if you’re not  writing down these questions and considering them yourself.  

I really think you should. If you were to die in the next 30 days if you got a death  sentence like the idea of live like you were dying actually leads us to which Is that the  Father in the story in the song has developed cancer. 

And what did he do when he had his when he knew he was going to die? How did  he live? Anyone skydiving, he did some other cool stuff, what would you do? 

And so I am excited about this. Because this is something I want to create and  contribute this idea of how I set my goals and how to help people get goals. Like when I  leave, before I leave, I will figure this out. I’m gonna have this amazing new book this  amazing course this amazing program that will live beyond me that will help people set  and get any goal. 

And one of the areas I’m open it goes in there is this concept of where you’re going  to go and then what are you going to give this a second one because the concept of  contribution here of what are you going to create in contribute that is beyond you. 

On some of my research around this I have found a very rich man. I think he’s a  billionaire might be mistaken but he’s super cool makes a bunch of money and and he  was talking about how he sat down with the billionaire and he paid him he said can I  and he had lunch with this billionaire. 

And he was excited to ask him questions, interact, interact with him and he found  that this guy was thinking he had a vision 50 years in the future he was create he was  excited like a little kid about a vision he was creating about 50 years in the future after his death. 

That he was creating something that would make a significant contribution and  he was excited talking about it at lunch like he was an excited little kid about what he  was going to create that would be that would contribute.  

What are you going to give? 

And I know I am I’m in the process of creating some things that I want to live  beyond me. I want to I want with what I’m creating with that epic author publishing with  what we already have and how I’m improving it, and how I’m changing the way we’re  going to deliver it, how I’m changing the way we’re going to sell it.  

If you want to get a book done, I want you to know and this is I’m not trying to sell  you right now this is my vision is that I want people to know if they want a book done,  you come to Epic author publishing period. And if you want your book to be the right  book that helps you meet your mission, make some money turns into phenomenal  marketing tool, you come to Epic author publishing. 

If you want it done fast if you want to have it become your most powerful  marketing tool. If you want to feel like you have left a legacy and you’ve learned how to  become a powerful storyteller you come to Epic other publishing and you get it done and  that’s regardless of whether or not Trevor Crane is still around delete it that’s what I  want to create.  

I’m also wanted to create and contribute this goal setting and goal-getting course  and program hasn’t been done before. Sure. I’m trying to make my mark on it. I’m trying  to create and contribute something that will live beyond me. So where am I going to go  and What am I going to give? Now give for me has those two parts? What creation and  contribution? What do we have a Burt Reynolds? We can look back to his movies man.
What do we have from you not everybody’s going to be a movie star but  everybody can write a book and I am extremely happy that if I got hit by an asteroid  right now that I would have my books with with live beyond me that my courses would  live beyond me. 

And then my podcast would live least my kids, people that might care about me  would be able to tune into what it is that I think is important or was important when I was still kicking. 

So what am I going where am I going to go and how am I going What am I going to  give? And then the third one for goals is where am I going to grow? How excuse me, how  am I going to grow? Who do I need to become in order to create and contribute the  things that I want to give? And who do I need to become so that I can afford so that I can  spend the money to have the experiences that I or that I want to have? 

And so this is how do I need to grow this is back to that personal development so  this now comes back to my let love first what is it that I love and want to put my time  into and energy and passion every single day? Do I want to be a whiner or do I want to  be a winner? 

How do I want to live? And what do I need to learn? And then when I learned  what do I learn, what am I going to now live and then lead and so these all are tying in  for me and is it a well thought out perfect formula for you? I’m not as perfect as it’s going  to be. How about that? 

But I am sharing with you where I’m at in my mind space on this podcast. I’m  sharing this with you. So that I have something that I have created and contributed. I’m  sharing something. I’m sharing this with you. Because if I get hit by an asteroid in the  next couple of minutes, that this will live beyond me.  

And at least this moment, and I know I will make it better. I know I will improve  it. And I know my code will be improved. But I am creating so that I can contribute, and I  i am i’m creating the new vision for who I will be, and I want to live like I am dying. And  if I had a month left, or if this was my last year, I’d be up doing this this morning that I’m  proud of. 

I’m figuring out the answers to the questions and the important part is having the  questions because I know my answers will get better. So I’ve only begun to start to  answer these questions. This is not that now I have the answer. Oh, now I have the  answer. This is it. I found it that’s it. That’s what No. 

I don’t think that I don’t know maybe maybe maybe Arnold Schwarzenegger  figure that out. He he knew his big visions and then they didn’t shift. I think it’s in what’s  most important is to keep asking a question and the questions and then we keep finding  a new level of our answers. 

And these questions are helping challenge me to take my life and my business to  the next level. So I thought maybe they would support you and live like you were dying is  now on this repeat cycle in my subconscious, and it’s going to be one that I listened to  again today as I go out to live by this code and try to create the things that I want to  contribute and then the rest of it. 

So my challenge to you is to take on some of these questions today. I’ve got a lot of  questions today and not a lot of answers. I’ve got a lot of questions. I’ve got some hands  for me.
But my challenge to you would be to ask these questions and to come up with  some answers for yourself. To ask the questions and find the questions and discover the  questions that are the question the right questions for you. 

And if you like my code and you like some of the things that I’ve shared with you  it’s not because I’ve created them all it’s not because I I’m the guy that on on the on the  Magic Man that made this up. This is not this is not Trevor wisdom here. 

This is these are this is a combination of things that I have learned and that I am  discovering and that I am sharing. This isn’t my formula for you to have perfect success  every time. It’s just sharing with you where I’m at and how I’m choosing to live and  maybe this will help you figure out where you’re at and how you choose to live. 

With that I hope you make today magnificent and I can’t wait to see you tomorrow  on another dose of greatness quest. 

To get even more awesomeness, which means all my best stuff, download my app  by texting ​Trevor​ to ​36260​. It will show up right on your cell phone.