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EPISODE 24 of a Daily Dose of Greatness Quest with Trevor Crane


Q1: What do you need to LET GO of?
Q2: What’s holding you back and the obstacles that are keeping you there?


“Believing I was a LOSER was not serving me. I need to LET GO of that shit.” – Trevor Crane

Believing I was a loser was not serving me. I need to let go of that shit.

“LET GO of what’s behind you. Replace it, like old luggage. EMBRACE what’s in front of you, & STEP INTO YOUR NEW DESTINY.” – Trevor Crane

Let go of what's behind you. Replace it, like old luggage. Embrace what's in front of you and step into your new destiny.


Here’s my CHALLENGE to you today… Answer the question:

What it is that you need to let go of?

What are the obstacles that you need to let go of? What are the beliefs, behaviors, stories, patterns or the strategies you’re using right now that you need to let go of?

LET GO of whatever that is holding you back from getting what you want.

LET GO of whatever that is causing you pain physically and professionally.


On this episode, we talk about the OBSTACLES standing in your way, and holding you back from achieving your goals.

Whatever it is that is dragging us down or holding you back and causing you pain and undue stress, you need to LET GO of it.


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I just finished a training that was phenomenal and I learned some new distinctions. And I want to share those with you today. This is a follow-up from yesterday’s episode. Because yesterday, I asked you a question about what is it that you want.

Today we’re going to talk about the OBSTACLES in your way. What’s in your path and what is it that you need to LET GO of? Really excited about this. I think you’re going to love today’s episode.


All right. Welcome back. That is the core question for today. What is it that you need to LET GO of? Now, in the past, I needed to let go of all kinds of different things in different areas of my life, whether they’re personal and professional. And I’ll talk about one and that’s my bankruptcy. It’s one that keeps coming up for me because it was a very emotional time.

It’s one that I thought I was a great big loser and I was borderline depressed during that time frame. I got very angry. I’ll put it that way. It was a more powerful emotion that I chose to experience versus depression. But I needed to let go of my beliefs around what a bankruptcy meant. See, I definitely made some mistakes and I had definitely made some wrong decisions. But I had thought a bankruptcy meant different things.

And when I set my goals on what I wanted, when I was asked the question like OK, here’s the. I knew was in bullshit. I knew there was a lot of challenges I had going on in my life. You know, about to file a bankruptcy or so! My father actually was the first one who suggested maybe I just file a bankruptcy and I was so pissed off. But then instead of just getting pissed off, it was ridiculous how mad I was at him for even just vaguely suggesting it. I had to consider what it is that I wanted.

And that’s what we talked about yesterday. What’s a big goal that you have? And then I gave you a 30-day challenge as a gift. And then if you want to join my 30-day challenge, I have a new program I’m putting out right now. And I’m studying, doing homework for my new book. And if you listen to yesterday’s show, I went ahead and gave you an invitation to join me at no cost. I’ll just work with you for 30 days. And I’ll show you the system and accountability process and I’m real excited about it.

But today, that’s not what we’re talking about. It’s the OBSTACLE. And the obstacle that’s standing on my way wasn’t clear what that was, I didn’t know exactly. I just knew I wanted money. I wanted abundance. I knew I didn’t want to be in pain. And part of my clarity was just around what I don’t want. But then I just was like, “OK, well, I want my life to be this way instead of that way”. I had to get over. Like I didn’t have to file the bankruptcy, but I had to face the fact that I owed a lot of people. And the business, my business had failed. And I was in this lawsuit with this jackass and I thought he was a jackass. I was blaming him at the time, but I needed to look at like, “OK, what did I want?” And I wanted FREEDOM. I wanted ABUNDANCE again. I wanted to have PROFIT instead of loss.

So I started looking at that and I’m like, all right, if I want to make millions of dollars again and I want to not have all these challenges I’m going through. I had to look at what I needed to let go of. What I needed to let go of was blaming this other dude. Like what were the beliefs that I had that were holding me back and cause me massive pain? And one of them was how angry I was at this guy that I felt had wronged, you know, in reality, I think he had. But that’s not the point. The point was I was so upset about it. It was causing me a massive pain in my life and it’s hard for me to even move forward.

So I had to let go of that. And I had to let go of the business that I’d worked for years on. To go ahead and build but I wanted to sell. I needed to let go of it because it was now not this beacon of light that was giving me abundance. It was an anchor that was holding me back. So I knew I wanted to have a business that I love and was giving me profit and having all these things.

But the truth was, and it was uncomfortable as hell. Either let go of the lawsuit that I had filed against this jackass. Because it was taking all this time, energy and resources in my mind space, in my heart space. And I was stressing out. My back was starting to hurt and I was starting to have challenges. I had to go back to the chiropractor to go ahead and helped me deal with some of the stress I was going through because I was in such pain. And I was, my relationship was not going well. And let’s go back to the bankruptcy. Either let go of the beliefs of the bank what this bankruptcy meant.

See, I thought it meant that if I filed a bankruptcy, that I was a loser. I thought it meant that I was a liar. I thought it meant that I was a cheat and a thief. Because in my mind, you know, if you give your word on something, your word is your bond. And you take money or you say you’re going to do something, you don’t do it, you’re a man without integrity. And I was, it was a very challenging thing for me. But see, believing that I was a loser, that was not serving me. I needed to let go of that shit. And I was on a relationship that was not healthy. I was with a woman who, she and I were not a good fit with each other. Now I had hoped it would be that way. But I needed to let go of that damn relationship, which was a tough one for me to do. I do not like to quit.

I do not like to admit that I screwed up or that I was hurting other people, but I had to let go of that story. So my question for you is what do you need to let go of? What are the obstacles? What are the beliefs? What are the behaviors? What are the stories? What are the patterns? What are the strategies you’re using right now that you need to let go of?

And I was asked this by my trainer just recently about my life, about where I’m at now. Now I’m in a place where I have abundance. And a place where I’m with an amazing woman. I’m on a place where I have a phenomenal family. I’m on a place where business is going well. But I’ve acknowledged to you, if you’ve been paying any attention to my regular podcast here, that there are goals and things that I want, that I do not have. And if I’m to be honest and give a genuine, honest authentic assessment of where I’m at compared to where I want to be, is not even close.

And so I have some pain associated to that. But you know, if I keep running the patterns, here’s what my, the reason why this came up in the training that I was just given by one of my mentors. And I’m extending that to you, is that there is a gap between where I’m at and where I need to go and it’s not all just about happy-go-lucky crap. That’s not it. It’s about being authentic about what are the obstacles in my way, so that’s where that begins. Where does that need to change? So for me, it’s some patterns that I’m running, like you’re going to hear about my podcasts. I don’t know if I’m going to do it tomorrow, but I’ve got one coming up here about one way to win. One thing to win is just about clarity of focus because one of the things I need to let go of are the variety of projects I’m working on.

My daughter’s publishing her 10th book. She’s 10 years old. She published her 10th book and I’m her publisher. We have a partnership on a kids’ book publishing program. And by the way, if you have kids and you’re wanting to get a book done for your kids, I would love to support you with that. Because my daughter, I helped inspire her to create a mission to help 100 kids become authors. So on the middle of that program, you can join us with the campaign to create that mission. You can go to superkidsbooks.com, Super Kids Books, super-kids-books-dot-com. And you can get details about that if you want to learn just about the program that my daughter has. She made a really cute video for this over a year ago. Go to superkidsbooks.com/author/ and you can get right into that workshop or program. It’s a cute little course and program we’ve got that will help your kid write a best selling book which will be really cool.

A bestselling book if they join us in our life program. But I digress. Hold on. This is what I was talking about it. I brought this up because I spent a lot of time and energy on my daughter’s new book. And when I calculate the amount of time I spent with helping her turn her artwork and making it pretty. And doing all the things that we do to market and promote this book, I was like, “You know what? That’s not an effective use of my time”.

As much as I love my daughter and as much as I want to make this happen, I chose to take on different tasks that I don’t typically do for my clients. But I did it for me because I was being analretentive and I wanted to spend a little bit of time. I was designing things. OK, I was looking on photoshop and I was moving text around and spending all this extra time on this little bullshit.

And it’s not bullshit, it’s amazing stuff. But what I recognize is I’ve got to let go of some of that perfectionism and let somebody else do it. So I’m sharing with you some of my challenges and vulnerabilities. So you have, maybe this opens up the permission for you to go ahead and acknowledge what it is that you need to let go of. I had to let go of a lot of patterns and to let go of a lot of beliefs and you know, and thank God that we do. You know, what I wanted when I was 20 is not what I wanted when I was 25. And it’s not what I wanted when I was 30 and now I’m 40, I’m over 40 and I have different desires these days. What I thought was a lot of money has changed since I was 20. There was a time when making 10 grand was like this amazing thing, So maybe making 100 bucks is going to be an amazing thing and I thought that was a lot of money.

I remember the first time I made 10 grand in a day I thought I’d died and gone to heaven. That was a very, very, very happy day. And now I have different goals. And my goals now are more around the millions. And I have this, I have a goal to make a million dollars in a month. And I want to make that every month. And that’s one of the goals that I’ve set for myself that I want to make happen. And hopefully we’ve talked about the reasons why, but there’s so many strong reasons why I want that to happen. I want to give a million dollars away in a year. These are new goals for me cause that’s, this is phase that I’m in now. What are the things that are holding me back and the obstacles that are keeping me there? I just shared with you some of mine. My challenge for you today is to consider what are yours.

Look at your body, being, balance and business. As I said, those are four key areas I’m focused on in my life with this whole warrior movement with Garrett J. White. But just look personally, professionally, pick one or two things and say, OK, what is it that you want? What is standing in your way that you need to let go of? Like set that baggage frickin down so that you can go ahead and buy new baggage. Have you ever had luggage, like, wore out and it just is like old piece of crap luggage and it doesn’t roll very well? You don’t give that shit away. Go buy some new luggage. But you gotta let go of the old if you’re going to go ahead and embrace the new.

That’s my challenge for you today: to make the day frickin magnificent. And if you like this episode, please leave me a comment on iTunes and share with me a little bit of love with a comment, if you would, and a review, that’d be phenomenal.

And go check out on my daughter’s website, superkidsbooks.com just because if you have a kid or you know a kid, if you ever been a kid you should go look at her stuff because she’s really cute and it’s pretty good program and we’re changing the world. One book at a time with kids. And yo, my daughter reached her goal of helping 100 kids become authors and even if it costs too much, it’s just a pretty cool fun program. I wrote a book about it. You can get that too.

I love you and make today magnificent and I’ll see you tomorrow.