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How to attract people who can’t wait
to buy your stuff.

EPISODE 39 of a Daily Dose of Greatness Quest with Trevor Crane


Are you having problems attracting leads and turning them into sales?


“Be Batman in a business suit.” – Trevor Crane

Be Batman in a business suit.

“The bigger the problem, the bigger the payoff.” – Trevor Crane

The bigger the problem, the bigger the payoff.


  1. Identify who you want to help because you can’t help everybody.
  2. Research: their big problem Find out their big concern, their big itch, their big problem.
  3. Help them.

*Remember, the bigger the problem, the bigger the pay-off.


Today, I talk about a simple strategy that will help you attract more leads than you can handle from people who want to buy your stuff. Hint: The bigger the problem, the bigger the payoff. Find your prospects biggest problems and help solve them.


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How do you get LEADS and close SALES? And how about some really good leads, like amazing leads that can’t wait to buy your stuff?

That’s the strategy we’re going to talk about today…


Alright. So the other day, my daughter broke her arm. And she was running apparently full speed out on the playground and she tripped on something. And then scrawled just completely, just face planted. She scraped her knees. She scraped her hip. She scraped up the palms of her hands, her elbows even and she broke her wrist.

And the school called me. And I actually didn’t pick up the phone. I was on another call. So the school called her mom. And her mom actually picked her up, took her to the hospital and bandage her up. And now she’s wearing this cast that is gigantic. It’s bigger than her. I didn’t even know her arm was this big, big blue cast. And it’s really cool because it’s waterproof apparently, which didn’t used to be the way cast were back in the day. But she could jump in the pool swimming with it, all kinds of stuff.

The challenge with this cast, other than the fact that it is now her new weapon. And it has beaten me in the face, in the arm, in the eye, in my man parts. This cast is a pain in the ass, but for my poor daughter, it itches. So she’s got her whole arm in a cast, man. Whole elbow like up to her, almost through her armpit all the way down to wrist and covering over her hand. And she can’t itch herself. So the doctors actually told her, “Don’t stick anything in there.” They didn’t want to get anything caught and they didn’t want her to cut herself. They didn’t want to put something sharper that will get irritated inside. And I know this is insane. My poor daughter, like especially Cassie gets sweat and sweats and different things. Like she was itching, she was in tears about how bad her arm itch, and yet she couldn’t scratch it.

So here’s I think is what you’re looking for. If you’re trying to identify new clients, one of the coolest things, like my daughter would have done ANYTHING to stop this. Stop her arm from itching. When people have an itch, they want to scratch it.

So our job when we’re trying to find new clients is not to try to come find some new cool thing that we can say to people. We want to find those people that have such a burning desire. Such an amazing pain in this case, that both my daughter and myself and her mom, we want, would have done anything, paid any money to go ahead and find somebody that could alleviate this pain, to be able to scratch this itch.

So here’s what we’re oftentimes looking for. And I follow a lot of marketing guys. I follow a lot of mentors to try to help me improve my messaging and my marketing. And one of the most powerful things you can do is find BIG PROBLEMS.

So I’m more feel like when I hear a problem, I get excited. I get excited because this is an opportunity for me to help or serve. I actually tried to condition my mind so that when I have a problem in my own life. I recognize that the bigger the problem I have, the bigger the payoff and benefit and then they get down the line.

The bigger the problem with my clients and I actually start to get almost giddy and excited. Because when they have a challenge, even when I am having a challenge of personal or professional one. I know that on the back end of it, even though it may suck you know it’s actually like a breakup.

It sucks to have somebody put a new roof on your house and screw it up. I’m gonna have to do it again, which is just happened to me recently and actually they were fixing the roof and they didn’t do it right. Now they’re coming back to fix it. Yeah, a big pain in the ass but see, on the back end of that, there’s so many blessings. They’re redoing my house right now. And there are so many cool things that are happening because of this roof issue. For example, I get to use it today in an example. But bigger the problem, the bigger the payoff. I feel like I’m more like Batman in business suit you know that I’m out there looking for problems.

So what you want to do in your research or find the people that you want to help and serve and then find out what their biggest problems are so that you can then go solve them.

See, all too often, I find people who are going through a challenging time themselves and their, they lost their job or they want to do a new business and then they’re all focused on their new big idea on “Hey this is going to be really great. I’m going to go ahead and help and serve in all these ways.” But they’re not focused on an ideal client that they want to work with. They don’t know who they’re necessarily helping because they want to help everybody. They wish someone would have helped them and now they want to help everybody.

You want to help everybody, you’re basically telling the world that you’re looking to help nobody. And like what problems you solve? “Well I solve all problems.” That’s basically saying you don’t solve any problems. There’s a phrase and it’s called “A jack of all trades is a master of none.”

So what you want do is identify who you want to help. And then what problems they’re going through. Man, this attracts attention. So if you find people who are thirsty, it’s easy to sell them water. If you find people who have an itch, then they will pay anything for that scratch. So, the bigger the problem, the bigger the payoff.

Here’s my challenge for you today because we’re going to keep this brief. In order to go ahead and do phenomenal marketing so that you can create amazing leads where you find people who want to buy your stuff. The key is not about how amazing your stuff is. It needs to be amazing. You need to create amazing results, it does need that. But what you want to find are people out there who have a big problem, have something that they need to solve. The bigger the problem, the bigger the payoff.

So go out there and do a little bit of research. That’s my action plan for you today. Find out the big problem that exists out there with a company, an organization, a group, some type of demographic. Find out their big concern. their big itch, their big problem. And then see, they are currently today pissed off and itching and wishing somebody can help them scratch that itch. And then it’s really not much of a sales process at that stage because they’re just so desperate.

Here’s what happened with my daughter. I got her a hanger and I folded it. And she was, my daughter wants to follow the rules so she didn’t want to stick this hanger inside the cast because the doctor told her not to and a mom told her not to. And so we folded the hanger in half so it didn’t have a sharp edge. And now this new wire hanger is her best friend. Didn’t cost anything, took a little bit of creativeness to go ahead and figure out how to itch inside that cast, but my daughter now is satiated.

You want to find people who are dying and desperate to be with a problem that you can go out and help and serve. And then LEADS AND SALES aren’t a problem because you just got to get your message in front of them. I hope that’s helpful for you today.

Here’s my challenge to you – go out, find a big problem that you can help answer. Make a whole list of them, of the different problems that are out there. And then you can go ahead and find cool ways that you can either solve those problems for them, maybe be the conduit. Sometimes it helps them find the resource that can solve those problems.

That’s all I have for you today.

Remember, if you’re getting some value from our podcast here. Make sure that you share this with someone that you like and love and care about so they get the same results. And then please make sure that you go to iTunes and comment and like and share this with people, oh I’ve said that.

Make today magnificent and make sure you go take your action step today.

All right. Have a great one.

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