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EPISODE 22 of a Daily Dose of Greatness Quest with Trevor Crane


What’s your JOB?


“You can’t live what you don’t know. And you don’t know what you can’t teach.” – Trevor Crane

You can't live what you don't know. And you don't know what you can't teach.


Here’s my CHALLENGE to you today…


What’s your JOB? 


(Damn! I know. That’s a bunch of “D” words.) 

But stay with me… 

Today, I want to focus on “DISCOVER.” 

Your job EVERY DAY… Is now to… 


There are many ways to do this. 

The one I will share here will help you LEARN. 

And then “LIVE” what you learn. 

And “MAKE A DIFFERENCE” with this new found wisdom. 

And “CHANGE THE WORLD” (and yourself) 

Again, our job EVERY DAY is to… 


DISCOVER more about your audience “prospects.” 

To DISCOVER more about your best “promotional partners.” 


SHARE your discoveries. 

Here’s a TRUTH: 

“You can’t live what you don’t know. And you don’t know what you can’t teach.” 

So TEACH what you discover to others. 


Pick your format:






(And make a DIFFERENCE.) 

(And CHANGE the world.) 

Here we go… 

STEP 1 – Share: WHAT you learn. 

STEP 2 – Share: WHY it’s relevant. 

(To you and them. And remember, THIS IS IMPORTANT, this is your chance to share your  VULNERABILITIES) 

STEP 3 – Share: HOW to apply it. 

(This is YOUR how. And THEIR how.) 

This is so freaking excellent. 

I hope you see the BRILLIANCE and the SIMPLICITY in this formula. 

I’m so excited for you. 

(And I guess a bit FEARFUL – that you won’t value or use what I just shared with you.)

Cause it sounds too easy. 

So my CHALLENGE to you to day. 

Is don’t just leave this “lesson” and say, 

“Wow. That’s nice. That’s a good thing to know. Now, I know that. Thank you Trevor.” 

That will suck. 





“You can’t live what you don’t know. And you don’t know what you can’t teach.” -​ Trevor Crane

(I heard​ ​Garrett J White​ say this actually. So I’m pretty sure I’d be a douchie-jackass for  not giving him credit. But… I think I jacked up his words a little bit… so I’m calling it my  own quote. He probably said it cooler than me.)

*Damn – now I have to go listen to him more closely… and find out. 


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How are you going to bridge the gap between knowing something in living something?  Here’s the challenge. Every teacher I’ve ever had, every lesson I’ve ever learned every  night when my father told me to do something, when a teacher I had in school told me  about something, where there’s a little part inside of me that said, “I know that!”

But then the question was, ​”Was I really living it?”

Today we’re going to talk about the one secret that’s going to help you live it and  make a difference and change the world. That’s a big expectation, but I think you’re  going to love today’s show.  


All right. Like I said, every teacher I’ve ever had, it doesn’t matter like I was a  punk ass little kid and I would say either out loud or in my own head. I know that and I  was at a Peak Potentials event is a company that I think is still around called peaks. And  it was led by T. Harv Eker for a real long time. Who’s the creator of it.  

And the first day, one of the first lessons he shared is that, uh, you know, there’s a  lot of information who’s going to share as an event called secrets of the millionaire mind  and there’s a real popular event back in the day and he would say, I’m going to share  with you things that you may have heard before, and a little voice is going to pop up  inside of you. And it’s going to say, I know that, but here’s my challenge to you, as he  asked me, I’ll ask you right now is, “You may know it, but are you living it?” 

See, because you can’t live something if you don’t know it, but I’m going to share  with you the one secret today that’s going to help you with this. I’m going to say this  again.  

You can’t live something if you don’t know it, but you can’t know it or you don’t  know it if you can’t teach it. So here’s the secret. When you discover something new or  when you’re claiming that you already know something, whatever it is, can you. And have you actually taught it to someone else and that’s the secret. See if you can learn  something new. And I actually coach a lot of my mentor, Excuse me, I coach and mentor  a lot of my new authors. They want to publish books and then they want to go out and  they want to publish a book and I want to tell their story and I challenge them in their  marketing and their branding and to share their message with the world that they  should discover new things about their book and their subject and their clients and their  prospect and do the reading for.  

So I have them interview people as a Bad-ass for my new book and they can  interview potential prospects or they can interview new peers and promotional partners  and different people that they would look up to and say, Ooh, this is something cool that  I’d like to meet. And then when you discover new things, which you’re going to find is  you might discover something and you’re going to go, oh yeah, I understand that. I know  it. Hey, he just shared it with me. She just shared it with me and now I know that and  we’ll walk away from an event. We’ll walk away from a conversation, will walk away  from an interview or you’ll walk away from a college class, whatever it is, and you’ll say,  now I know that, but if you are you living it is the question.  

How do you bridge that gap?  

And here’s what I just learned today, so I’m sharing with you a strategy I just  learned today and actually it’s a new way of sharing information with you so that you  can make a difference with your message.  

And when you discover something new or you are recognizing that there is a gap  between what you know and what you live. I’m giving you the secret to go ahead and  make a difference with that message, with that information so that you’re gonna. Apply  this whatever this is, whatever it is that you learn or discover or did you need to learn to  discover or whatever it is that you need to actually live and apply in your life. All you  gotta do is TEACH IT. And I’m going to give you a three step simple formula today so that  you can teach what you learn to other people and why do you need to do that?  

Well, yeah, I think you probably care about other people, so you want to make a  difference. I think you’d probably want to change the world or I wouldn’t be using that language I use in the whole conversation around greatness quest. Does he want to  become more? That’s a, that’s the whole mission of greatness quest is to become your  best and it’s who you become and that you should give more, have more, do more. All of  that stuff. I’m, I’m a firm believer that you deserve more. But then also I want you to, um,  to, to just not just make a difference in your message and I think your message matters. 
That’s why I help people publish books, but I want you to have a better quality of life. I  want you to enjoy yourself, but I want you to live some of the shit that you say that you  already know and that you should be doing.  

I already know that that’s, that is one of the phrases that helps keep poor people.  Poor. I know that. So instead, let’s go ahead and I’ll say this again. “You can’t live  something if you don’t know it and you can’t know it if you don’t know how to teach it.”  OK?  

So let’s teach you today how to teach it. So there’s a simple three step formula  about how to teach something. So hope you got us so far. Like if there’s something that  you’re not living and you say, I already know what I should be doing, I should be. If  you’re overweight, you want to be like a, Oh that’s my baby in the background. I’m  holding my baby right next to. I just got out of the Jacuzzi by the way. That’s one of the  things I do in the morning, which is kind of cool.  

And my baby just woke up and he’s right here in my arms. He’s a little Maverick  and you know, we’re talking to our April morning, beautiful April morning in Tampa,  Florida. Hold on just being real with you about where I’m at right now, but here’s the  thing, while I got my babies, little hands in my hands, I can share with you something  that I learned today and I can share with you in this context. It is what, why and how. So  this is your simple three step formula about how you can teach something so that you  can finally start living what you say that you know, or you can learn something like I  have my new authors go out and learn something new from one of their clients or  potential clients. Learn something new from one of the leaders in the industry or that  whatever they want to learn from somebody who’s a leader or a legend that you want to  interview.  

You can do so in this really cool way where you discover something, and now this  is how you share with the world. So here you’re. The first thing you gotta do is tell people  what it is. You got to go ahead and you’re going to teach something. You got to say, here’s  what it is. This is what I just discovered today like I’m doing with you today. I said, today  we’re going to bridge the gap between you knowing something and you live living it, and  I gave you the distinction. I said, the gap is the difference is that they will help you bridge  that gap is to teach it and I’m giving you the how to do it. The what, why and how. See  the why. I gave you seconds what it is. I talked about the bridging the gap between  knowing it and living it and then I talked to you about why this is important.  

I shared with you the story about how I have never frickin listened to my, my  mentors or maybe I just had this phrase in my head saying, I already know that and I  shared with you my own experience of recognizing that that phrase was making me poor  and that someone else had shared with you. I’m sharing with you my discovery and I’m  sharing with you why this is relevant to me and I’m sharing with you why I believe it’s  relevant for you. It’s relevant to you because I think you can make a difference with your  message. I relevant to you because I think you can change the world that’s relevant to  you because I think you want more in your life. I want you to become more. That’s the  why. So I shared with you the what should we do, the why, and I’m going to share with  you the how now the how I just described that just described through the series of  stories, my own challenges and learnings and how I’m going to apply this in my life.  

I’m demonstrating it with you by now, sharing it with you live and real and raw.  While I am living my life. You know, I’m now creating this podcast while I’m sitting by  my Jacuzzi holding my baby. I am not letting my life get in the way. Instead, I am now,  might be a little baby. Maverick is able to hear my words. I don’t think he understands a  little two month old doesn’t understand my words, but hopefully you do and you’ve  learned the three steps to the how you share with somebody like I’m now giving you a  how, how I’m going to apply it by now teaching with this new principal about how to  teach people what, why and how. I gave you a three-step formula. Keep somebody what  it is, why it’s relevant to them, and then how you going to apply it in your life or and or  how somebody else should apply it in their life. 

And notice on the daily dose of greatness quest. I’m giving you a quote of the  day… ​Bless my baby juice​. And a quote of the day.

I give you a question of the day that I hope you ask and then answer. And then I  am giving you a call to action of some sort.  

Like, “Write it down!” or “Share it with somebody else.!”  

I’m giving you a challenge of the day and so my challenge for you is to take what  you learned from me today or yeah, take something that you learned from today’s  podcast and share it with another human and you can share it with them. Live like I’m  doing a jump on facebook live if you want. I guess this is not live. This is a recorded  podcast. That’s not true. You can share with him in audio format. That’s one way that you  can share with people.  

You can share an audio, you can sue somebody, a voicemail message. You can use  a tool like voxer or whatever it is and share that with somebody and you can share it  with anybody. Share with a friend, a spouse. I’m one of your clients, one of your  members of your team. Share something because you can’t live it if you don’t know it  and you don’t know it. If you can’t teach it and just gave you the three step formula to  teaching it, you tell them what it is, why it’s relevant, and then what and then how to  take action with it and you’re challenged today. Again, is to share this with somebody, to  teach it to them, write down what you learned, go ahead and get clear about it so that  you know to teach it to somebody else and it’ll take you to a new level of mastery and it’ll  help you bridge the gap between knowing it and live in it.  

Dude, I think that was a good show you make today frickin magnificent, and if you  liked the show, please share it with someone else. Go on Itunes, Gimme a like a thumbs  up a comment. Tell, tell somebody else in the way of like I give to you.  

Please give this to somebody else because we have a little bit of reciprocity going  on here. Hopefully, hopefully you’re enjoying this and you’ll share it with somebody and  we can change the world and go out there and teach people so that you can go ahead and  master what you want to live in your life, but not all right, because that was the. That was for the baby and for you.  

If you call Baloney or bullshit on this, I’m not going to do doing that. I will see you  tomorrow on another daily dose of greatness quest and make it a magnificent. 

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