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EPISODE 75 of a Daily Dose of Greatness Quest with Trevor Crane


“Life is too short to let FEAR make BIG decisions for you.” – Trevor Crane

Life is too short to let FEAR make BIG decisions for you.


Stop waiting. Just fucking do it! You’re ready. 

Do what? ​Everything​. Everything you already you know you should be fucking doing. 


Especially do the shit that SCARES YOU MOST. ​What the ​F*UCK​ are you waiting for? 


Today, I talk about not letting FEAR stop you from doing what you’re supposed to be doing.  You already know what to do. ​JUST F*CKING DO IT. 


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On a short meditation that I had this morning, a voice actually came to me almost  screaming at me with the phrase, ​JUST FUCKING DO IT.

So today we’re going to talk about ​JUST FUCKING DO IT​. And what the hell are  you waiting for? 
I know you’re gonna love this show.  


So in this case, when I talk about meditation, what I’m really talking about is that I  was closing my eyes taking a deep breath while I was sitting on the toilet. Yes, that’s  when I found the moment that I could go ahead and focus on my meditation. And what I  basically seeking is just a moment of silence, sometimes it’s five minutes, sometimes it’s  10. Sometimes I’ll meditate or seek that silence for as much of an hour.  

But what I try to do is stop the stop my head, stop what’s going on in my head. Get  myself out of being distracted by all the noise that’s going on. And instead of me,  constantly talking, I practice listening. And then this one moment that I’m sitting in on  my throne, so to speak, in my meditation, not a minute or two went by and then I heard  the yell. It was like this yell like, Dude, what are you waiting for? You JUST FUCKING DO  IT. Like, you already know what you need to do. And what the hell are you waiting for?  

So that’s my power question for you today is, what in the are you waiting for?  Because if I’m getting this message, maybe you’re getting a message, something similar  like this as well, like, what are you waiting for? And if there’s something that you’re  waiting for, then whatever the hell that is. Just figure it out. Because maybe you’re  getting a call to action I’m talking to you today. And my call to action to you is JUST FUCKING DO IT.
That’s my challenge for you know, I don’t know what it is that you need to do.  Now, I had to follow I’d ask that same question to myself. I’m like, well, do what and they  answered the came to me was just everything like, you know what you need to do,  Trevor. I’ve got lists all over the place with ideas. My office is full of white big sticky tabs,  excuse me. whiteboard sheets. I have journals full of notes. I have those small three by three colorful, sticky tabs that I take notes and get ideas for all the time. But really, what  my my voice was telling me to do is to do this stuff that’s most important that’s going to  be most impactful, and especially the things that are scaring me the most, which is a  whole nother question of like, what are you scared of?  

And I would like to think that I’m not scared of anything, which is complete and  utter. I mean, like, I’ll jump off them off out of an airplane, I’ll go, I’ll do all the adventure  stuff. I’ll go snow skiing or snowboarding, I’ll go scuba diving, I’ll do a variety of fun  things that I think are adventurous. But some of the stuff that scares me most is is the  marketing the things about marketing the things where if I put money and time and  energy and of investing in my brand in my business at the next level, that for some  reason, I’m gonna it up that I’m gonna waste my time I’m gonna waste my money.  

And I’m not proud to admit that I would like to think and it might seem to you like  I’m somebody who’s not scared to say certain things. And I’m not scared to put myself  out there. And I’m not scared to say whatever I say on this podcast, or to say whatever I  put out in social media and you name it. But the truth is, is I do overthink that I am  hypersensitive to what my brand actually represents. In the messages that I put out  there.  

And sure, I’ll shoot a video of myself in a T shirt. I’ll do one without a shirt, I’ll do  one and I’m running down the street. Like that stuff is I’ve gotten over like being scared  of it. I think it’s the next level marketing for me. And so when I was looking at the new  webinar, I’ve got to do in the new video, I’ve got to create in a variety of the things what  my eye my like, what’s most important, and most impactful, and Trevor do that stuff.  

First, I looked at like, what those things are for me, and it is the new Instagram  marketing guy. I’m working with the the new I’ve got two people helping me with my  Facebook ads and also YouTube. And really it was to answer their questions and to do  the things that I’ve been putting off doing and just be just just communicate quick and  fast and just fucking do it. And get off the toilet and stop more meditation, stop the  planning and just take action and find a way to get it done.  

So that’s my call to action today. For me, that’s what is the scariest to me. And is it  scary? I don’t know that it’s really scary. But there is absolutely something that has held  me back in expanding my brand and my reach in my marketing to reach hundreds of thousands and millions of people. I’ve definitely touched hundreds. And I’ve definitely  touched thousands, which is some point I guess was a challenge for me. 
Now, that’s not really the challenge is to get to the hundreds of thousands and  millions of people and to grow as a leader and as a marketer to the stage where I can go  ahead and and own that. And so hopefully you’re going to see that here soon. And I’m  going to walk my talk and demonstrate that in my business and in my life. And if you  thought I was more successful than I’m like, act at talking to you about right now?  Fucking awesome. And if you didn’t, you’re like, dude, when are you going to pony up  and play at the next level of your brand? Well, then you’re there with me.  

And and I’m calling you out. Because I know that you have the same type of  awesomeness. We all have greatness in us. And we all have this untapped greatness that  we have yet to unleash. So I’m actively seeking out my next level mentors to help me take  that to the next level. And I’ve hired several that I’m working with. And then I’m doing  my best to go give them what they need, and do what I need to do and push myself and JUST FUCKING DO IT.  

So that’s all I got for you today. Except I want to give you the quote of the day. “Life is too short to let fear make big decisions for you.” So that again, life is too short to let fear make big decisions for you.  

And tomorrow I want to talk to you about fear again, but more about how scared  people scare the fucking shit out of me. This has come up roll a lot lately for for me and I  want to talk about this because I think scared people are freaking dangerous. And I think  scared people, people living in fear, make poor decisions. And I want to make sure you  and I are not making our big decisions based in that fear. I know you’re gonna love the  show tomorrow.  

I hope you got some value today. And I can’t wait to see you tomorrow on  another daily dose of greatness quest.  

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