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EPISODE 40 of a Daily Dose of Greatness Quest with Trevor Crane


Curious about joining our team? We’re hiring.


“Your message matters.” – Trevor Crane

Your message matters.

“It takes a team. Nothing great was ever created alone.” – Trevor Crane

It takes a team. Nothing great was ever created alone.


There are 2-ways to join our team…

Option 1: We are hiring.
Go to trevorcrane.com/team and you can look at the details of the different positions that we’re currently hiring for. Enroll in either apprenticeship or leadership position.

Option 2: Join my book launch team.
This comes with a ton of free bonuses and cool stuff. Text message my name Trevor to 36260 to download my app. And on my app is a JOIN MY BOOK LAUNCH TEAM.


Today, I ask you to JOIN OUR TEAM.

We’re growing and we need your help. And we’re looking to add new people to our BOOK LAUNCH TEAM. No whiners or excuse makers.


Get a FREE COPY of my book, HIGH PAYING CLIENTS at: trevorcrane.com/freebook


Trevor Crane is best known for 2 bestselling books, High Paying Clients and Big Money With Your Book… without selling a single copy.

If you want to become IRRESISTIBLE to your ideal target client, and massively grow your leads sales and revenue, Trevor can help you craft a book that becomes your most powerful marketing tool, in 90-days or less. For details visit: EpicAuthor.com


Today, I want to invite you to JOIN MY TEAM and I’ve got two cool ways for you to do that. For details, stay tuned.


All right, I’ve got two cool invitations for you today. One is absolutely WE ARE HIRING. My wife and I have a couple different companies. One of them is called Step Up Strategies. And that is a business where we consult business owners, coaches, consultants, things like that. We work on that business together and under that umbrella, we also have a publishing company called Epic Author Publishing.

And you probably hear me talking about this most, more than anything lately because when my wife and I wrote our first books within the next 12 months we 10X our income. If you haven’t heard that yet, then like, holy moly, like, that’s all I talk about.

I was just blown away by the power of a book in marketing. And I believe that your message matters. I believe that everybody has a book in them. And so, I’m passionate about this because I think that a book can help you meet your mission. I think it is one of the greatest positioning tools you can possibly have. And we need to hire people for both our companies.

My wife also has a company. She primarily works with female entrepreneurs and a lot of financial advisors. And her company is called Crane Financial. These names don’t matter as much as the fact that WE’RE HIRING.

So if you would like to potentially join our team, you can do so in such a way where you can join our mission. And our mission is to help people build their ideal business so they can live their ideal life. This is what we try to practice every single day and we don’t ask that you just follow us. We want you to walk with us, to stand side by side and help us lead and help others.

And we want you to live your ideal business and ideal life. To carve out your brand inside of what you do that’s amazing with our team. Now that’s one choice. Let your potential join our team. And to do that, you can just go to trevorcrane.com/team and you can look at the details of the different positions that we’re currently hiring for.

And you can, by the way, you can enroll in either apprenticeship or leadership position. We have both available. So if you don’t know what you, if you’re not great at this new thing that you want to get into just yet, that’s okay. We have an apprenticeship position.

And when you fill out the application, you’re going to answer a few questions. You know, we will support you with that. You know, you can go ahead and we will help you. Even if you may not be good at something, good or great at something yet but you’re just passionate about it, no problem. We can totally hook you up. And if you want to apply for a leadership position, that’s on there as well.

Now that’s step one or the first option to join our team. And I’m going on in just a little bit, but I want to give you the second option and that is to join my book launch team.

Our book launch team for my new book is called GET ANY GOAL and I’ve got about 200 people in that book launch team, currently. And all that means is that I’m inviting you to read my new book as it comes out. And I’m going to be using you as a sounding board for just case studies and results. I want to go ahead and share the new insights that I get with what I’m learning. About how to set the most amazing goals and how to get the most amazing goals and interviews viewing some of the most amazing people I can find. The most amazing people on the planet that had created amazing results in the past.

I love you to be part of that team. The team of people that support me and making sure that when this book comes out, it showcases results. It’s not all about me, it’s about potentially you, creating amazing results.

If you’d like to join my book launch team, you should get my app because all you gotta do is text message my name Trevor to 36260. And then you can download my app. And on my app is a join my book launch team. I guess that’s exactly what it is, join my book launch team.

And you join my book launch team and I actually asked you to a little bit more as I share information with you. I want you to give me feedback. Yeah, love for you to go ahead and not just read my content but share with me what you think of it. And maybe contribute a little bit more by giving me a review.

You know, when the book actually comes out, if you would agree to review my book, that would be amazing. Those are really important when you publish a book is that you have people that have said that it’s a good book.

One of my first books I put out, I didn’t focus on. And I didn’t focus on getting reviews and I’m very proud of this book. I get compliments all the time about how this book is a powerful book. It’s called HIGH PAYING CLIENTS. It’s one of the things that I do best in the world is helping people attract and close high paying clients.

I had a craft and offer that people want to buy this for a decent amount of money big money, typically. And then how to make that sale really fast. And I put all those secrets and strategies into the book HIGH PAYING CLIENTS.

People will read that book and then apply the principles, treat it like a workbook and go get the end results. It’s freakin awesome. But when I first published that book, I didn’t focus on reviews. And my formatting sucks. I made a mistake and I formatted the book poorly.

And when the ebook went out on Amazon, I had some people, some haters and trolls, went out and said my book sucks. And they gave it a one star review as a punch in the nuts. And there was one-star review and I panicked. And then, there was another one-star review saying that this book sucks.

And you know what? You’re always going to get haters, you know. You’re gonna, if you do anything, you draw a line in the sand. And you say this is what I stand for. This is what I believe. Somebody’s going to say it sucks. Yeah, this is gonna happen.

You know, I heard years ago that you’re never truly successful until someone you don’t know doesn’t like you. And that was the case of this. But you know, now I’ve got, I think there’s almost 100 reviews on my book on Amazon and most of them are favorable. There’s still some people out there who think it sucks.

So I don’t know if you’re one of them, probably not, because you’re listening to me right now. You probably don’t think myself sucks but I don’t know.

But here’s the thing. I’m asking you to join my book launch team, regardless. Again, download my app, click a little button to join my book launch team. I’ll add you to my Facebook group and I’ll give you cool stuff over the year and while I’m writing this book.

You’ll be the first one to get access to this book. I’ll send you a free copy of it. I just ask that you read it, you review it. And you know what? Would you rave about it? And there’s with my three R’s, read, review and rave about the book. If you like it, then share it with people. You know, help me when I go to actually publish or something, to help promote it.

And by the way, if you want to publish your own book, why not be involved in the book launch team? To go ahead and learn some of the strategies that I use to build a team to help me get this shit done. See, nothing truly great was ever created alone. I don’t believe in the self-made millionaire. That I did it all myself. That’s bull, you know.

What happens is, it takes a team to do something phenomenal. And I’m inviting you to be part of our team, our growing team. Whether that is inside of one of our companies and whether it’s in an apprentice position or a leadership position.

Then please, just join trevorcrane.com/team and you can look at that or you just go to trevorcrane.com and there’s a button up at the top to go ahead and find details about the positions we’re hiring for.

Reach out to us on social media, myself or my wife Robyn Crane and let us know like what you’re passionate about and how we can support you. And definitely join the book launch team, please. That would be amazing. And I will share with you a lot of cool things. Like one of our, two of our staff, our team right now who are integral part of our team started off in an apprentice position.

One of our clients’, excuse me, team member’s name is Jay. And I think he’s been working with me for over five years now, maybe six. And he started off working for us before he spoke frickin English. He was from the Philippines. And he kind of tricked me when he started working for me. He had somebody else speaking English for him and he was doing all the work and he figured out English. It took a year or so for him to actually confide in me and let me know that he had someone else talking for him at the very beginning. But he was doing all the work on the back end. He has been an invaluable resource for us. He started from scratch.

And then Ashley Peterson has been one of the most, the best hires we’ve ever made. And she’s an integral part of our team and helps us with the publishing of all our authors. And does so much as a project manager on our team. She started off not understanding any of the technology and any of the marketing and any of the strategies. She just had a desire to be around people, like my wife and myself, and wanted to be part of the vision that we have, which once again is to build an ideal business for everybody that works on our team and every one of our clients so that WE can, YOU can, THEY can have and live an ideal life.

And one last thing though, there is a video on the join our team part. And I stand in my office and I curse a little bit and I talk to you and maybe scare you off of joining our team. Well I do that intentionally because this is not a team for everyone. This is a team, we’re looking for a specific characteristics of people that are willing to do whatever it takes. That are service-based. That are focused on creating phenomenal results. That are more attached to the vision of what we have as a company, and what we stand for than they are to anything about their personal ego or anything else.

We are not looking for quitters. We’re not looking for whiners. We are not looking for people who are going to make excuses and have want to play somebody else’s tune and tambourine. That is not the case. This may not be a fit for all of you. I guarantee it is not a fit for most of the people that are going to hear my voice right now.

Everybody can come to the book launch team. Yay! I don’t care what the deal is, come to that and
join us.

And that’s my challenge for you today. Pick one or the two both of them, pick one or both of them and JOIN THE TEAM, please. We need your help. We’re not going to get to them, touch the multiple millions of people that we need to connect with and change lives without your help. You’re an invaluable member of our team right now. You just may not know it yet.

So please join. Get the app, go to trevorcrane.com/team. And make sure you share this doggone podcast to somebody else that you know love and care about. And if you haven’t given me a comment or a like and a thumbs up on iTunes, c’mon, man, help a brother out. You know, give me some love. That’s important. That’s important stuff.

And I can’t wait to share my new book with you GET ANY GOAL. And make sure you get that. And you do that straightaway.

Make today magnificent. I’ll talk to you tomorrow.

To get even more awesomeness, which means all my best stuff, download my app by texting “Trevor” to 36260. It will show up right on your cell phone.

Just text message the word “Trevor” to 36260.