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EPISODE 121 of a Daily Dose of Greatness Quest with Trevor Crane


In today’s episode, I share strategies on how you can change from being INVISIBLE TO  INSTANT EXPERT.

So if you are going to put your message out, if you’re going to go from invisible to visible,  if you’re going to go from invisible to in demand, if you’re going to go from invisible to  becoming an instant expert,

1. You need to be in front of people.

2. You need to know who you want to be in front of

3. You need to know what you’re going to say so that they can actually hear you.

4. You need to know where they hang out.

5. when you’re talking to them, you need to give them a call to action.


What is it that you want that you don’t have?


“If you want to move to a new level in your life, you must break through your comfort  zone and practice doing things that are not comfortable.” – T. Harv Eker

If you want to move to a new level in your life, you must break through your comfort  zone and practice doing things that are not comfortable


Answer the following questions:

1. Who do you want to help?

2. Why do you care?

3. Where do your ideal clients hang out?

4. What do you want to do next?


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Welcome to another daily dose of greatness quest. This is Trevor Crane and  today’s subject is about how you can go from instant, from invisible to instant expert. 
I know you’re gonna love the show specifically I’m going to talk to you about how  my wife went from $500 a month in her air excuse me $500 in income in a year to  $500,000 in just two years.  

So if you’d like 1,000% increase, then I think you’re going to love today’s show.  


So guys, I’m excited to share with you today’s episode because for the last couple  days, I’ve been working with my wife on this talk that she’s planning on giving called  invisible to instant expert.  

And the cool thing is, was this addresses two challenges that we all have as  business owners and as marketers. Our core challenge and your core challenge is that  nobody knows who you are, it’s obscurity.  

I know Grant Cardone talks about this a lot. And he’s like, that’s our biggest  challenge is what we’re looking for us to get people’s attention. And one of the So another  way to looking at this is that you are invisible, that you want to connect with clients and  people that you that are on social media, let’s say or at or wherever they are a world and  they don’t know you exist, and how you can transition from that into becoming an  instant expert, at least to a core audience that you want to connect with.  

And I think this is really cool, Adrian, Hey, man, nice to see you. For those of you  who are listening on my podcast, or watching the video, I’m recording this live on  Facebook right now. So I’m kind of excited about this. 

I’m going to be giving you the four steps that you need to use to leverage social  media to attract ideal clients to try to find to become in demand and to to become an  instant expert instead of chasing clients. So I think you’re going to like this, I’m going to go ahead and write on this board here so I can give you the strategies.  

So in 2014, my wife and Adrian, maybe you can tell me is my text backwards  today, I tried to align it so that it’s not backwards. But anyway, in 2014, my wife lifted her  head up after having spent a lot of time connecting, working on products, and courses,  and funnels, and the hottest social media things at the time, like, hey, maybe she should  try this. And maybe she should try that.  

And I, I also was working with her and advisor during that time frame. And when  we are creating something, there’s this crazy tendency to forget to move into money  making activities, or to go ahead and even tell the world and promote what it is that  we’ve got.  

So my wife had totally fallen into this pattern. And she looked up at the end of  2014, and she’d made $500. And she recognized that all of the programs and things that  she created all the courses, all the logos, all the brands, all the all of the videos that she’d  made, she done almost no marketing, like nobody knew who she was. And thank you the  Texas fine. And by that you can read that. 

And so one of the main things and hold on she she’s got she’s going to be on stage  in Chicago. And so one of the things she said is the number one thing that you and I have  to do, and that she had to figure out to do is this, she’s got a stretch. 

So this is a rubber band, she just bought these purple rubber bands for her  exercises, you can stand up on stage and look how big this is like, and go around your  whole body. And so she’s got this exercise. And it’s called comfort zone. So I could draw a  circle of a comfort zone. I’ve been in this room for like 48 hours helping my wife with  this presentation. 

So I’ve drawn comfort zone like a million times. So this is one of the pages I have  up so ever. There’s this thing that I heard from T Harv Eker the first time now this rubber  band represents comfort zone, by the way. And and it’s that, it was a circle, he drew a  circle. And he said, everything you have right now is inside of your comfort zone. And  everything you want that you don’t have is outside of it.  

So my question for you is, while you’re watching this, or listening to this, I would  ask you: what is it that you want that you don’t have? And my wife’s example at one  stage. And one of the story she’s going to tell is that there was a time when she was struggling to get by as a financial advisor. And she had grown a lot to actually get to the  stage where she could become a good financial advisor.  

Just like I’m sure you have gone through phases where you wanted to learn  something, you wanted to become an expert at something you wanted to get good at it.  And so you practice and you got good. And then you reach a certain success level. And  she had reached a certain success level. She became a financial advisor.  

But she was only making $2,000 a month. Now, she had all this education. She was  confident she built, done all these things she had pushed and stretch herself up to her  comfort zone. She’d reached a new level of success, and then she stagnated. And $2,000 a  month is hardly stagnation that’s like hardly getting by. She lives in San Francisco at the  time, and the challenge is that doesn’t even pay the bills.  

So the strategy here is to take comfort zone and recognize that it’s our job to  stretch. And so she wanted to do and my at my question to you will was to, to consider  what is it that you want that you don’t have.  

So she wanted to make $100,000. And that was really scary for that was a big  stretch. And so in order to do that, though, she looked around and the system and the  processes that everybody had given her, her whole financial advisory team had helped  her make $2,000 a month. And they’re like, keep going, you’re doing great.  

And she’s like, I do not think this is great. I need I need to push myself now it was  uncomfortable. Because a couple of mentors that were in her business were saying, hey,  go do these things. But she done them. And she done them well, and she’d only received a  certain level of success.  

So she had to think outside the box to make that hundred grand. And what she did  is, she found a mentor. And this is scary, scary shit. Because when we hire the right  mentor, like a top coach, you’re gonna, you know, you’re going to invest some money  with them.  

And this is a scary thing because we don’t want to spend money, especially when  you don’t have it was she knew that that was something that she needed to stretch. So  long story short, is that she found the mentor somebody biggest secret for you to help  you go from invisible to instant expert is to just to remember that your job is to keep  expanding what your comfort zone and to keep stretching. 

The example my wife is going to give when she comes to this training, she’s gonna  have somebody sit on stage. And imagine if I was pulling this, this rubber band back  would feel like around your head. Like there’s some scary stuff. It’s scary to stretch. But  what happens is, when you compare this rubber band, which he wants, you stretch your  comfort zone, it never goes back to what it began.  

And so  

No. 1 is you need to stretch your comfort zone

No. 2 is you got to find a mentor.

You gotta be willing to do things that are uncomfortable. Holy crap, when people come to  me, and they’re not willing to to to be uncomfortable, like my daughter doesn’t want to  try anything that she’s never done before. She doesn’t want to feel uncomfortable. And I  get it. As adults. I think we’re worse.
And so you got to make sure you push yourself and from my wife it was pushing  yourself to invest in it was pushing herself to go ahead and do things that she wasn’t  comfortable doing well, within a short period of time. She took her fees from $200, she  thinks you should $250 at one stage. And she raised her fee and $9,000 then she within a  year she broke 100, 100 grand.  

And then she got better and better and better until she got comfortable in her  comfort zone again. And then she stagnated. She let her mentor go, she said, Hey, I can  handle this myself. And a business started doing worse. Until she lifted up her head. She  only made 500 bucks. And she’d forgotten the principles. She’d forgotten to stretch your  social forgotten to push.  

So I want to go ahead and share with you the things that you can do that she said  what she went ahead and did at that stage. She recognized it, she opened her mind to it  and said, I need to stretch myself. I need to do the things that are not comfortable.  

I’m making this video today. And I’m doing my daily podcast because it is not  comfortable. I don’t want to do it. I want to be doing something else on a Sunday. I  promise you. That’s the day I’m recording this. If you’re listening to this on replay, I want  to do something else.  

But I want to also push myself their goals that I want. There’s reasons why I’m going to do it and push myself to another standard. And then it becomes easier and  easier because my rubber band gets bigger and bigger. You got that? 

So you got to find a mentor. So it’s comfort zone plus mentor that’s just at a bare  minimum. And let me give you the four steps so you can get out of here. I wanted this to  be a brief training and I think I went on too long there.  

So let me share this with you real quick. The cool thing about this as I’m going to  give it to you in steps and I think the video will show that whole thing and it isn’t just  this. Okay might have to get down here but let’s just cut off my head. 

Yeah, I’m gonna do this really fast. You’re gonna love this. So the number one  thing about leveraging social media we’re gonna go we’re going to just give you four  steps right here.

But the number one thing that you got to do and I’m reading the book ​Expert  Secrets​ right now, which is a phenomenal book. If you don’t have that book by Russell  Brunson, like holy crap, like this is just a playbook that you should totally follow along  and use you know, in order to go to instant expert.  

Let me just talk to you about that for a second, I’m going to give you these four  steps. But instant expert. Some people doubt that they have an expertise in something.  And I’ve been now helping people write books. These are a few of my books that I’ve  written where I help people craft a message and write the right book and make big  money with it. And, and put what you do best in a book. Like, I promise you, you are  great at certain things, and just the world doesn’t know about it. 
So let’s go ahead and figure out how you can go ahead and become in demand for them. So

No. 1​ is you’ve got to go ahead and answer the question: ​Who do you want to  help?

I know this seems really basic. So you might be pissed at me today and be like,  dude, like, why am I paying attention to this such a basic question who but I can’t tell you  how, how important this question is. When my wife finally decided to do some  marketing on social media to put out a message and stop doing all the things that didn’t  make her money. She went ahead and said, I want to work and drew the line in the sand and said screw instead of working with everybody. Instead of working with this business  owners. I want to work with female entrepreneurs.  

When she did that, she put out a marketing campaign on Facebook. And I think  she made $3500. And then like in a month, and she was really happy about that. And one  of the things that she needed to do to keep stretching her comfort zone is she then was  like, Okay, well, this works, how can I make it better?
So we went ahead and invested in somebody that was phenomenal at online  marketing on Facebook. And one of the first questions they asked us and one of the first  questions I asked when I’m helping somebody craft a book one of the first questions  Russell Brunson talks about in expert secrets is: ​Who are you going to help?

This is the most important thing and as my wife got more clarity around it, she  worked with these first mentors. And I think they were like $60,000 a year it was over  $5,000 a month plus a percentage of the upside. It was a huge investment that was a huge  stretch, we were really scared. But inside the first month, we realized that my wife  preferred to work with at the time financial advisors women financial advisors. 

So when she targeted her marketing on that, she made $35,000. I’m sure you can  do the math on this one, $3500 to $35,000. But she got clearer in her marketing and  messaging about who she wanted to help like, I think it is a frickin awesome thing that  most of the time people forget.  

Lisa Chastain is one of my clients. And she wrote this book called Girl Get Your  Shit Together. When she came to me and she first started working with my wife, she was  losing money every month. Because she wasn’t well, she was just even month non money  making activities and losing money for two years. She taken $100,000 out of her savings  and she’d almost tapped everything.  

And when she started working with us, she was really coachable. My wife said,  Who do you want to work with? And Lisa was like, Well, I think I really like to work with  millennial women that that have some challenges around money and whatnot. And, and  my wife was like, well, “Cool, let’s go for it.” She got clarity around it.  

And but Lisa was like, I don’t have a website. I don’t have a brand. I don’t have a  book. I don’t, I don’t even know I I’ve only worked with them a little bit. Like, I think I  want to work with them. She was just scared. But what she did is she got clear about millennial women.  

And then over the next year, well, she went out and took massive action. She  employed these four things I’m going to give you today. She went ahead and went from  losing money to make money. Then she made like $40,000 in four months.  

And then in 2017, I interviewed her because I helped her write this book. She  averaged $15,000 a month in 2017. And then she’s only getting better and better. She’s in  Oprah Magazine. She’s now written this number one best selling book. She’s been  featured as a major, she’s an Entrepreneur Magazine. She got asked to become a keynote  speaker in front of a big women’s conference. 

All because she had the courage to begin with who she wanted to work with. So  who is your best client? Who do you want to serve? And I’ll give you a little hint here, it  might be the person that is staring back at you in the mirror when you’re brushing your  teeth just a couple years ago, you know, before you’d figured this stuff out, whatever this  stuff is that you want to help them and that’s some one of the secrets that I get when I’m  helping people craft a book.  

You get to know who your audience is. So that’s number one.

No. 2. And this is also something that you got to figure out. ​Why do you care?

And there’s two parts of why: ​What are the problems that you solve or the  problems that they have, and the results that you deliver?

When my wife figured this out with one of her clients, Jessica Weaver, and I have  her book here, it’s somewhere. But I think my wife took it actually on our trip to Chicago.  And I also helped Jessica right, her book and clarify her message to her ideal client,  Jessica had started a blog.  

And before she came to us, she had like, maybe 600 views a month at a blog  within a short period of time, when not only did she get clear about the who, but she got  clear about the problems she solved, the results she delivered. And she started getting  that message to her ideal client.  

She went to 10s of thousands, it was like 16,000 people, or 30,000 people sort of  you and your blog, and just a month or two. And now she’s crafted a phenomenal brand  and business and whatnot, because she got clear about two things here. Music different pen if I can write it up here and make it stand out problems and results. 

And I’ll be more specific about this. My wife, gosh, I’m just using books, books,  books, you might notice that I like helping people write books. So my wife put on her  book like we ask an answer that question of who and what and why in a cover in all of  the copy that we put on side of it.  

So on the back of my wife’s book, we talk about the problems that her ideal client  has that women who work too hard for too little feel overwhelmed about their business  struggle to break through their financial future, then this book is for you.  

So we but we bullet pointed problem problem problem, the core problem that her  ideal client is having, and then she’s helping them in this book. It’s a female  entrepreneurs guide to attract ideal clients result, close more sales result, increase your  revenue result. And then the book is actually called Help Make More Money, Help More  People, because you can’t help more people if you don’t make more money. And so  problems and results.  

Let’s go on to number three. Once you get clarity about who you want to help, and  why they are going to care. And listen, you need to know what to say this is all about  your messaging. Okay, so it’s who why and what what are you going to say like, this is  market. I’m sorry, I didn’t want to put what I wanted to put where I’m still punch drunk.  Where do they hang out? This is market? Who do you want to market? To? Who do you  want to help? Why do they care? This is message and then where do they hang out. This  is the media. 

My wife and I just were looking last night at the some of the clients that we tell  stories about. And sometimes we find them she found them on Facebook, this camera is a  little bit so enough to bend over. Sometimes you found them on Facebook, I’m talking to  you right now on Facebook if you’re watching this live, but oftentimes, she found some of  her best clients on LinkedIn.

So ​where do your ideal clients hang out​, because that is the media and there’s  also something called a marketing triangle. And on that is like market media and  message.  

And if you please, Adrian, check out like a get just shoot me a private message  here. And I’ll give you my contact information. And then you can set up a time to talk to me. And I can see if I can help you in our mentoring program.  

But there’s something called a marketing triangle. And on the it’s market media  and message. And every time you change like one of those, you’ve got to change the  other. Like, if you change your market, you’ve got to change your message. And if you’re  going to talk to them on a different media in a different platform, there’s a different way  of talking on Twitter than on LinkedIn than on YouTube, then on Facebook, and  whatever. 
And people don’t realize that that’s the marketing triangle. I guess that’ll be  another thing that will give you that’s your market, your media and your message.  change any one of those, and you got to change everything.  

And then Adrian, if you wanted to book a call right on my calendar, I might go  ahead and let’s text message each other. And by the way, if anybody else is watching this  or listening to this and you’d like to connect with me about my mentoring program,  please just reach out to me, you can go to ​trevorcrane.com​, you can find me on social  media. 
When I’m doing a live training like this, sometimes like Adrian’s asking right now  to connect with me, I’ll just say just reach out and say hi, I probably have you watch a  webinar before we show up and listen to a video. So when we jump on the phone, I want  to make sure you get as much out of our time together as possible. So I used to just show  up on the phone with everybody, and anytime. And then we just talk a lot and and not  getting as much done.  

So you can always reach out to me and ask for help. And I love to support you. So  it’s who it’s why it’s where. And then the last thing I’ll give you and this is I don’t know  that any one of these is the most important. I do know if you don’t have all of them,  you’re screwed. The most important one I was just said not. There’s not one most  important thing, but it’s ​what do you want them to do next?

So if you are going to put messaging out if you’re going to go from invisible to  visible, if you’re going to go from invisible to in demand, if you’re going to go from  invisible to becoming an instant expert,

1. you need to be in front of people​,

2. you need to know who you want to be in front of,

3. what you’re going to say so that they can actually hear you

4. where they hang out​. And then

5. when you’re talking to them, you want to give them a call to action.

Like what do you want them to do next? Adrian’s watching this live. And and one of the  things I like to do is have is if people talk to me, I want you to talk to me, I’m gonna I  could give Adrian a link right now. I could give you a link if you’re listening to this.  

And if you look at some other podcasts, I do that from time to time. I’m like, hey, if  you want to know more about this, go here and do that. I need to know what is the next  step. But on today’s video, I didn’t want to do it, where I’m trying to be salesy, and I’m  like a trying to get you to take action.  

But there’s always this underlying action. Like, what do I want you to do next, I  hopefully want you to watch the training, get some value asked for help. Notice that I  started off today’s training, telling you about second stretching outside your comfort  zone doing something you don’t like. 

And how I myself, I actually told the story of my wife who went ahead and found  a mentor who called and asked for help the book the coaching session that said, Let Can  Can you help me stretch and get clear about what has to happen in order to grow.  

My wife did this What’s Next Step with one of her classes? Answer name is Denise.  And we actually tell all these stories in my wife’s book here. But Denise was a successful  financial advisor that came to my wife and she was doing good stuff like she’s already  making over a million dollars a year. And she was doing really, really well.  

But she went to my wife and she knew that there were things that she was missing  in trying to become in demand and get more clients and find and really grow our  business to the next level that she wanted to. And she said, What do I need to do?  

So what she realized that she was getting some people to go to her website, but she  didn’t know what to tell them to do next. So my wife helped her craft a one minute video.  And it wasn’t just an idea. We didn’t. My wife doesn’t sit down with someone and I don’t  come like we don’t just talk about ideas. Ideas are cheap. Ideas are crap, everybody’s got them and nobody does shit. So what we what what implementation and execution is  worshiped.  

So my wife helped her craft the message, make the video put it on our website  look blown. blows me away like you actually did it. Like it wasn’t just yeah, I should put  video on my website, what you just say? What should the message be? What are the  problems and results that I address? They’re all these questions that give us reasons not  to get it done.  

But my wife just did it at an event. And a one minute video made Denise $6  million $6 million because it it captured an audience of someone who said, Oh my gosh,  this is me. Denise is talking right to me. She’s addressing my problems. She’s talking  about results. I want Denise put the message out on a media that were connected. And  then she told them what to do next. 
And she closed $6 million cuz she sold her business. Okay, so that’s it, you go from  instant expert or invisible instant expert, you need to figure out how to clarify your  message. So that you can attract your ideal client. And you need to put that message in  front of them. And there’s a lot of cool ways that you can do that. These days with  spending money on marketing or doing no money on marketing. It’s just getting clarity  about it.  

And if you like today’s show, and you go to iTunes, if you’re watching, listening to  some podcasts, and give us some love. If you’re on YouTube, make sure you subscribe.  And if you would like to get some help in our mentoring program and getting a book  done in clarifying your message.  

If you just want to talk or chat or whatnot, then chat me but if you but if you have  a real genuine question, and you actually want some help chat me and asked to connect  and then we’ll go ahead and I’ll find out how to help you bridge the gap between where  you are and where you want to go. And that’s all I got for you today. 

Thank you very much, Adrian. That was awesome. And I want to know a little bit  more about your business the challenges you got going on, but chat me privately here  and we can go ahead and talk about it. And then we should be talking later this week.  Okay, that was awesome.  

Thank you for your participation today, brother and everybody else. Make today magnificent. And I can’t wait to talk to you soon.
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