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EPISODE 175 of a Daily Dose of Greatness Quest with Trevor Crane



What I’m finding is that these fears that we have, ​the things that scare us most, are like road signs telling us where to go​.

It is the ​voice​ inside of us. It is ​God​ inside of us. It is the ​desire​ inside of us, that is ​telling us to leap​ and to ​jump even if we don’t know how we’re going to fly to the ground… even if we fail.

So if you can find something that SCARES you… jump into it. ​Leap​.

I think what you’re going to find is that it’s not frickin as scary as you thought.
We tend to build up all kinds of bullshit that makes things much worse than they actually  are, and much more scary than it is and much harder than things actually are…

I also think that when you JUMP… you find ​liberation​ as well.  


Look into your heart and look at your life. Pick something that SCARES you.

Pick something that you don’t want to do and face it. ​JUMP IN! Jump into the pool. Jump  into the deep end. Share something with someone that you didn’t want to share. Do the  things you’ve been too scared to do. ​And don’t wait​.


What are the things that scare you?

“When you face your fear, fear goes away.” – Trevor Crane

When you face your fear, fear goes away.


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I’m scared. That’s the subject of today’s episode. And I think all too often we  pretend like we’re not scared. 

And I’ll talk to you about something I’m just discovering about myself, and I think  lives inside of all of us. I know you’ll love the show. 


All right. Yesterday I had a conversation with my inner circle team, a team of  people that work with me and my mentoring program and they’ve actually all signed up  for my epic author accelerator program. 
And every week I come and show up and coach them and we talk about some  different things that they need help with in their life and business. And typically it’s  focused all around their book and their branding and their marketing.
And lately I’ve been jumping into areas that are just so raw for me being because  I’m finding the truth inside of my fear and the truth and the power inside of the shit that  scares me most. 

And so I’m sharing this from my heart place with my team. And yesterday I was  going into the fact that I often feel scared scared about some of the things I’m doing on a  regular basis scared that my marketing isn’t going to work scared that I’m not being the  man that I should be. 

And as I was sharing that I’m scared about some of these things. A couple of  people in the group started just saying chatting me we during this conversation because  I’m I’m the one leading and I’m the one talking and communicating but then they’re able  to chat to me and I can kind of see that role. 

And while we’re, while we’re talking and what I found is that they said thank you  they said thank you for sharing with me that. That I’m not alone in in fear around this. I  mean when people put their book together and they draw a line in the sand, and they  say, this is my message, and I’m going to share it with the world, it’s a scary thing to do. 
I mean, you’re putting your wrapping a cover around something, and then you’re you’re positioning your brand around this belief and around these statements. And it  triggers a lot of fear in us a trigger triggers a lot of self doubt. 

And I find that it’s one of the coolest ways to craft a marketing message and to get  clarity around a message that makes sense to people who are going to read this message.  I mean, all too often we have an opportunity to influence people or we think we have an  opportunity to influence people with other things rather than just the written word. 

You know, we might put something out in a blog post or in an article or we might  write something or we might have these little moments of impact and we think that these  little pea touches that we have are going to influence people to them, knowing who we  are, what we stand for what we do.  

But when you’re putting your message down in a book with a specific purpose, to  solve a specific problem, or to create a particular result, like you are really defining your  protocol, you’re basically creating your course your thought processes, your your fears,  you’re putting them all down, and it feels very naked from time to time.  

But it doesn’t just begin and end with the book. That’s not it. See, we know inside  of epic author publishing, we know how important it is to market this message. And to  put it out there and all too often I think we are following and being led by our by leaders  and by mentors who are telling us that this is how you should do it.  

And this is where you should go and watch me I have done it myself. And I have  lead others. And that’s friggin awesome. And yet I think oftentimes we forget as leaders  where we’ve been the path we’ve been down. And yesterday I just started sharing how  freakin scared I have been to take certain actions.
Now sometimes when people see me take those actions and I jump in, and then I  and I, and I tackle him like a motherfucker. And I and I hit him with everything I got that  it doesn’t necessarily seem like I’m a scared guy. And oftentimes in the midst of doing my  thing, if I’m for example, sharing my podcast every single day was a scary thing for me to  do in the past. 

When I’ve led my podcasts or last five years I’ve it’s been on the back of other  people that I interview for me to do a daily podcast where the only person and the only  voice that I have to bring to you every day is me, and what it is that I think and the voice that I have that was a scary prospect. 

I put it off for almost a year, came up with the idea thought it was a nice idea,  never committed to it for a long time. It was hard for me to get my head around how I  was going to commit to that. And it was freaking scary.  

It was scary when I went to the gym and I finally like signed up for tennis lessons.  I don’t know why I chose tennis to be something scary for me. But anything that was out  of the norm, anything that was something that I wasn’t used to doing, it scared me. 

And yesterday I just shared some of those fears with my team and they said thank  you. Thank you for telling me that that that it’s natural to feel uncomfortable. And in fact,  it means that I’m getting closer to what I should actually be talking about and sharing.

What I’m finding is that these fears that we have, ​the things that scare us​ are the  things they’re like ​road signs telling us where to go​. It is the voice inside of us. It is God  inside of us. It is the desire inside of us that is telling us to leap and to jump, even if we  don’t know how we’re going to fly to the ground, even if we fail. 

And so all I want to share with you today is just a little bit of raw honesty about  how I have I have found and I am finding that the things that scared me most are the  things that I think I need to be doing now.
And I don’t know if this is true for you. And I don’t know if this is a universal  truth. I mean, I don’t I’m not saying that you should put yourself in danger, but I am  finding complete and utter power in this willingness to access the the power behind the  fear and so I’ve just I’ve had nothing but positive experiences.  

But this lately as I embrace things that scare me, I embrace what I share on social  media and I’m finding that the more raw and the more scary it is and the more naked I  am about what it is that I put out there, the more love and acceptance and and  connection that I’m building with people. 

So my challenge for you is to look into your heart and look at your life and look at  the things that are scaring you the things that you don’t want to do the things that you  wish you didn’t have to do and pick something pick something that scares you. Pick  something that you don’t want to do and just jump in. 

Jump into the pool. Jump into the deep end. Share something with someone that  you didn’t want to share. Do the thing that scares you. 
And I was listening to Mel Robbins the other day she i think is the most in demand  female speaker on the planet. When I watch YouTube videos, um, she’s often one of the  women that will pop up to be a thought leader and share what she thinks and feels. And  she wrote a new book recently called the ​Five Second Rule.

And I love a lot of the things that Mel Robbins talks about. She wrote the foreword  for my wife’s fifth book or fourth number one best selling book and it’s called the ​Five Second Rule. And I haven’t read the book, my wife read at least part of it because I know  she’s got the book but I said Kim did and I kind of got the gist we probably should jump  in and read the whole thing.
But the gist is you when your heart tells you, you gotta jump out of bed and then  we hit and then and you hit the snooze button because you just are exhausted and you’d  rather sleep or your heart tells you that you should start that entrepreneurial venture or  whatever it is, you feel this poll to go do something. 
What is imperative is that you jump within five seconds. And if you wait longer  than that, if you pause longer than that, then you’re not going to take action. 

And I actually really like this rule. I was thinking it was kind of lame and I kind of  kind of when I first heard it, I was like, Okay, I get it, but I didn’t actually do it. So just  starting like two days ago, I just started just doing it like within as soon as I’m having the  feeling of doing something or like getting out of bed like I just described, like I just take  action I just do it before my unconscious mind comes up with excuses and reasons why I shouldn’t.

So I would advise you to trust your intuition and it just jump into the fear. And I  don’t know if you’d like to check out the book, The five second rule or not, or if you just  like me would go ahead and go, I kind of get the gist. And you know, we do need to pick  where we’re going to put our focus and attention.
I think actually will commit to reading that book at one stage and maybe I’ll do it  sooner than later. I’m not saying that’s my what my five second rule right now is that I’ve got to go read that book right the second that’s not it, but I do see the power in going into  and jumping into more of the doctrine and content that people provide.
I’ll cover that on another episode. I just wanted to give you this one thing is that  I’m scared to do a whole bunch of shit and I’m not proud to say it but I find I’m finding  that ​the thing that scares me is the thing that’s going to liberate me.

So if you can find something that scares you, jump into it. Try it out. I think what  you’re going to find is that it’s not frickin as scary as you thought. And you can build up  this whole kinds of bullshit that made it much worse than it is and much more scary than  it is and much harder than it is. And then if you jump, just jump in. I think you’re going  to find liberation as well. 
That’s all I got for you today. I’ll talk to you tomorrow on another daily dose of greatness quest.

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