Trevor Crane grew up poor and struggled when he left college.

He couldn’t seem to figure it out for himself.

That’s when he put his ego aside…

humbled himself…

and asked for one simple thing…


With the aid of a mentor he was on his way to making his first million.

Then 2 million.

When he finally took action on the advice he’s sharing in this podcast…

it had been 20 years coming.

His goals grew and spread to his daughter.

At only 7 years old she took the advice Trevor had failed to take himself for so long, and now she’s 10…

staring down a 7-figure future.

SO stop what you’re doing, take the 20 something minutes to listen to this podcast.

Then take ACTION.

But only if you want to add another zero to your income this year.

(Download podcast here.)

In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • Add an extra zero to your income in the next year. (Both Trevor and his wife did as soon as they created this one element).
  • How to “business” like a 7 year old. The massive action of Trevor’s daughter should destroy your excuses. Do it now!
  • Free book offer lays it all out. The questions you need to answer and even when to start marketing.
  • Ideas are great but THIS is where it’s at. One strategy separates the successful from everyone else.
  • The #1 secret of getting the most from a mentor. This one quality allowed Trevor to skyrocket his income.

Learn How To Write A Book & Grow Your Business: