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EPISODE 179 of a Daily Dose of Greatness Quest with Trevor Crane


I had a really cool experience to share with you. ​(Well… calling it “cool” is relative.)

I made set a BIG GOAL that scared me so much that… ​I nearly pooped my pants this morning.


Have you ever done something or committed to something that scared you so much you  felt like, “pooping on your pants?”

“Every now and then you need to set a goal that scares the shit out of you.” – Trevor Crane

Every now and then you need to set a goal that scares the shit out of you.


Set a goal that scares the ​shit​ out of you.


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I nearly pooped my pants this morning. That’s the subject of today’s show. And  how pooping your pants or the feeling of almost move in your pants is very similar to  really good goal setting. I had a really cool experience.  

I’m here in Clearwater Beach this morning in today’s video episode. So if you  haven’t, if you’re listening to this on audio, make sure you go check out the video you’re  going to see a really great full moon over the ocean. Here in Clearwater, Florida voted  the number one beach in the country, I believe.  

All right, talk to you a bit.

So welcome back. I’m having a real hard time finding a beautiful place for you to  see the beach and for there to be enough light in my face we can capture today but that’s  about as good as I can do it right now because there’s a somebody below.  

There’s blowers here on the beach because they want to make the beach real  pretty in the morning and I guess what when I was out here at 4am, or just after 5am  doing my workout, nobody was here. 

Now that it’s like at 6am, I’ve got too much noise. So the subject for today was  about how I almost pooped my pants. 

Now the interesting thing about this feeling about what I just went through, and I  had to walk from about here to that hotel needing to go to the bathroom really, really  badly. And I know this is totally disgusting, but stay with me. 

I was up this morning talking to myself thinking about the new goals. I haven’t tried to challenge myself and I came up with a goal that scares the shit out of me. 

And I was just asking myself questions about whether or not I really wanted to get  this done. And then I made this decision I said, you know what, I’m gonna do it. I’m  gonna do it. Even if I fail and fuck that. I didn’t actually want to talk about the failure  part. I’m scared of failing. I’m scared of looking stupid. 

I have these resistance stories. This showed up for me that make me feel like I  don’t want to get it done that I don’t want to make the declaration that I don’t want to  talk to you about it right now.
And so the thing is, as I started to listen to what myself on what I was scared of  when I came to this commitment and I’m gonna make the public commitment today that  I’m going to get this done is that I created this big goal in my head and the next thing that  happened was I physically felt like I was going to shit my pants.  

Now in this case, this is a reality because I was out this morning exercising and  running before I am I got I got all this background noise we’ve got another street  machine that’s coming up here I gotta move away from. 

I’m gonna go down to the beach even though you’re not going to see me as well. I  don’t care I want to have the sound better.  

So I made this decision that I’m going to get it on and I’m going to do this. I’m  gonna, I’m going to set this goal, I’m going to make it a public declaration and I’m going  to make it happen. 

And the next thing that happened was I felt like I was going to shit my pants. Now  I had to do this walk to that hotel with the feeling like I was gonna poop myself.  

Now, what happened for me was very interesting. When’s the last time you had to  go to the bathroom that badly? Like, what are the physical sensations that go through  you like, for me, it was very interesting because I think it actually parallels the fear that  comes up for me when I have to make this declaration to you and tell you that I’m going  to go for the goal.  

So what happened with the pooping myself sensation? So here’s the thing. I  couldn’t run to the bathroom because if I was to run frantically to the restroom I would  have definitely definitely shit my pants. 

And so what happened is they turned all of my energy and attention to walking  with absolute purpose physical like one step after the other just very direct and and I and I didn’t care about walls or or whether or not I was walking on the on the sidewalk path. 
All I did was focus on just one step in front of the other intern to get to my destination and I knew that I could go back to my hotel room and use the restroom but I  also thought that there might be a rest I found a detour so my first detour I went to was a  public restroom restroom on the beach. I thought it’s 5:30 in the morning now they must  have a they must have a restroom open. I was wrong.  

So although I was walking with purpose, and I knew exactly what I was wanted  and I was physically sick to my stomach turn this around physically sick to my stomach  and and I don’t know if you ever felt this way like like I got cold I’m here in Florida it’s  sweaty, it’s hot I just finished a two or three mile run and I’m hot and then next thing I  know I’m getting the shivers and I put in my shirt on because I’m getting cold. 

This is a similar sensation to what I feel about having to commit to the big goal  that I’m going to follow through with and make happen no matter what. 

And it’s scary for me to even say that right now. It’s easier for me to talk to you  about shooting my pants and it is to guide and even tell you what the goal was. But I  wasn’t done yet because the public restroom didn’t work.  

So then I go into the Hilton over there and I’m like, well there must be a restroom  on the first level. In fact I knew there was one by the swimming pool so I took my second  detour. That was wrong. The doors again really locked.  

So I got the two restrooms that were locked. So on the path to getting to my goal in  this case, just being able to go to the bathroom, I rushed up the elevator I got to my room  but I had to take two detours that took me in the wrong direction that slowed me down  and I eventually made it and I did not put my pants. You’re welcome. 

But what happened was the sensation again I’m just talking about physically what happened When’s the last time you had to go that badly like what it felt like to get all that  shit out? 
It was awesome and I know that we’re not supposed to talk about this literally but  to just dump all that shit out felt frickin great. My my queasiness went away. My my cold  sweats went away and I immediately felt better.  

The reason I’m sharing this with you today is I don’t I’m having this feeling that  when you set a big goal, it just might scare the shit out of you. And that might be the exact thing. 

And I now know that it’s entirely possible. I’m going to go through all kinds of  uncomfortable discomfort, cold sweats, fear, sick to my stomach, want to shoot myself  while I go after my goal. So what’s my goal?
My goal is in the next 90 days to make a million dollars. And I started a podcast  year and a half ago, I think, maybe, yeah, about that with a friend of mine named Jess,  Toddfield, and the subject was raised to seven figures. 

And he and I didn’t didn’t say that we were currently making seven figures in our  business. We’re close or at least that’s where we said that we were close there’s a cop bad  cop beach cop right there well happened is, after doing about 10 of these episodes or  something like that, I stopped recording them, and I stopped recording them.  

And I didn’t publish them yet, because I recognized I didn’t want to start  publishing something that I wasn’t currently committed to doing. Like I gave it lip  service, but I didn’t make the kind of commitment I’m making right now.
So here’s the thing. I just had a coaching call with some of my mentors recently  and they they wanted to know exactly where I was financially. And I’ll admit to you that  I didn’t have any idea. 

Ever since I found my bankruptcy. I haven’t been counting my money. It was  scary to look at the reality scary for a long time to look at a debt that was piling up and a  $2.2 million bankruptcy made me feel bad. That’s a story I’ve been telling myself and I  didn’t that money didn’t matter and I didn’t want to look at it.  

And I don’t get emotional about money, which is total bullshit. I get totally  emotional about money. I get so emotional about money. I don’t even have the courage  to look at it.  

So before I jumped on this coaching call with my mentor, I asked my wife who  counts our money, how much money I’ve made this year. And I honestly had no idea. So  did a little math.  

And this isn’t specific. I don’t know exactly, because I haven’t looked at the  numbers because this is one of my admissions to you. But I’ve only made 130, $5,000 this year. That’s nine months into the year. 

I think my wife and I did better last year then we’re doing this year, but that is not  a number that I’m inspired by. That’s not a number that I’m proud of. 

And at the same time, as I as I started setting a goal this morning for me that I’m  committed to make it a million dollars in the next 12 months. I thought what a cool story  it would be for me and for my family and what it would do for just my belief about  anything is possible.
If I was to do it in the next 90 days now, just so we’re clear, I’ve never made it  million dollars in here. I’ve made a million dollars over a couple years, I’ve made enough  money in a month that if I continue to make that I made a million dollars.But this year, I’m sitting at 130, 5000. 

Now my wife has her own income. And by the way, she makes more money than  it currently. And so this is that scary feeling of being very direct about where I’m at 100%  and what I’m committed to making and I have no idea how I’m gonna make generate a  million dollars in the next 90 days. I just know that I will grow like a motherfucker in the  process of trying to make that goal happen. 

And I’m excited by it. And it scares me to death. I don’t want to admit to you the  facts of where I’m at. I don’t want to admit to them to myself I didn’t want to  acknowledge the fact that I wasn’t counting my money or looking at the reality of where  things were. 

I’m not proud of the number that I made. I mean, there was a time in my life  when that would be a very happy number to make hundred and 35,000. But that’s not  anywhere close to where I want to be. 

And I asked a follow up question because this is not just about the money. My son  is almost eight months old now. I think I will be will be soon and my daughter’s 11 and I  want to instill a belief in them that they can do anything.
And what I realized is that they’ll never frickin believe me if I’m not committed to  make to believing in myself that I can do. And so that’s it. I’m on my race to seven  figures. I don’t know how many I have. Some mentors I can work with. And I can finally draw the line in the sand and say, I’m committed to making that happen. 

And we’ll see what the where the journey takes us. And I know that this walk to  the restroom, this frantic, wasn’t frantic It was very direct because I didn’t get to the  bathroom. That would have been an ugly story. 
So I know that there’s going to be parts of that in my future over the next three  months that it’s going to be scary and I’ll be queasy and get cold sweats. 

But you know what, this morning I had success I made it right now what I’m going  to do is I’m gonna strip off all my clothes I might keep my under things on I’m gonna go  swimming in that ocean underneath that full moon and I’m sorry that I couldn’t have  better light for you this morning. Although it looks like it’s nine. 

And I’m also I’m not gonna apologize about the shitty context to today’s episode  because my challenge for you would be to try to set a goal that scares the shit out of you. 

And that’s what I’m doing and we’ll see what happens. Make it a magnificent and I’ll talk to you tomorrow.
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